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  Monday 8/14/17

I got up early for a change, but it was raining, so I went back to bed. I couldn't walk Brandy, so that was that. I should have stayed up, anyway. Ah, well. I woke up around 10:15.

breakfastI cooked up 2 eggs, over medium, and microwaved some leftover bacon, and toasted a piece of Mikey's bread, for breakfast.

After that, I started picking up around the house because the dog trainer, Steve, was coming by at 1:30. Thankfully, I had just enough time to pick up, start the laundry, do the dishes, brush my teeth and take a shower. Whew!

The dog trainer is named Steve Stroebele.  Before he came, I took Brandy out with me to get the mail. Usually she comes out and goes right back in with me, but of course she chose today to run off to the side and sniff flowers. I had a really hard time getting her to come back in with me, and of course Steve drove up just then and witnessed my pathetic attempts to corral her. I will not be taking her out again with me without a leash, that's for sure! At least not until she has learned to obey me.

He came in and Brandy loved him, of course. First of all, she loves everyone. Secondly, he had a pocketful of hot dogs! So he won her over pretty easily. We chatted a lot, and he showed me some stuff about how to train her. He was there for two hours, but it went fast.  He said I was doing almost everything right and seemed to be on the right track. Part of what I wanted from him was that kind of assurance.

My biggest concern has been, why is Brandy still peeing inside when she knows she's supposed to go outside, and is this normal? Well, the answer is that she's peeing inside because I'm not doing a good enough job of making sure she goes out regularly, and that she's really going when she goes out. As I mentioned before, it's really hot and humid outside, and the mosquitoes are really bad here, and they love me. So I either have to suffer in the heat by wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants, or I have to use the bug spray, which smells nasty (and I may be allergic to it). I got a different bug spray that doesn't smell quite as bad as OFF, but it's still not a good smell, and way too strong. I'm not thrilled with either choice, but they're better than the alternative, which is that she keeps peeing inside randomly.

I was looking on Amazon to see what they have. They do have some clothing made from mosquito netting, but it's not cheap. A dress would be much better. I might try one of the Hawaiian beach cover-up/Muu-muu things I have in my closet and see if that helps. They're not long sleeve, though.

muu muuThe only other things he suggested I change: 1) He thinks we should get a crate, to get her used to it, in case we ever travel with her, etc. I don't know if we'll do this or not.  We don't plan to travel with her on any airplane.  2) He said I shouldn't leave the food out. I've read this many times online, too. I guess it makes sense that the dog should know that you are the source of the food and that she has to eat it as soon as you put it out. It's just another thing for me to remember, to pick up the food after 10 or 15 minutes.

Anyway, he taught me some great things. It's hard to remember them all, although I did take notes. We need to remember to call Brandy by her name and always to reward and praise her when she does things right, and to remember to have her sit whenever she goes in or out of doors. (Still working on that!)

He also suggested we always have one of the leashes on her, so that we can use it to control her better. I like the idea, but he said that the cheap nylon leash was better for that in case she chews it, but she can get out of that one too easily. She's smart! She just wriggles out of it. But fortunately I do have an older plastic leash that I think will be better for that.  At least with the leash, I can make her go where I want to go and also make her go out with me regularly. i might have to spray the leash with the bitter apple spray to keep her from chewing on it, but we'll see....Brandy sitting

He says to teach her a new command each week. This week will be SIT.  I had already sort of started reinforcing that with her, and also training her to stay. She's learned both pretty well, but it's difficult for her to remember when she's distracted or excited.  One thing that she's learned, which is GREAT, is that I don't want her going into the back master bathroom (because she likes to pee on that rug). She generally stays out of there now because I keep picking her up and putting her out of there, and lately I've been using STAY with her and she generally stays in the bedroom.

He also gave me a folder with a bunch of print-outs of dog training stuff, so I've been reading that as well.

We chatted about the sunroom, since I'll probably put Brandy in there while I'm at SAU. He thought that was a good idea but gave me some tips about how to dog-proof the room. He suggested rolling up the rug, and moving some plants etc. and also he said that I didn't need to leave her water while I was gone and that it would probably be more likely to make her pee. I never thought of that! I thought you always had to leave them water, but I guess it makes sense since she goes all night, sleeping, without water.  As long as I give her food and water after I get up, and leave her time to go outside before we leave for SAU, then it should work out.

I didn't eat lunch in a timely fashion, and my blood sugar was pretty low by the time David brought home dinner from McDonald's. I was really falling asleep. Not dangerously so, just very tired.  I was going to re-test the McD's cheeseburger for gluten, but I can't find my NIMA. I hope I didn't do something stupid like throw it away.

I'm still having a hard time organizing myself and getting stuff done in an orderly fashion. It doesn't seem to matter whether I have a printed list or one on my computer...I forget stuff!

I just found out tonight that there's a sci-fi convention in Shreveport this weekend, Geek'd Con. That's about 90 minutes from us. I doubt I can get David to go, but I'll try... he doesn't like last minute stuff, for one thing. Also, school starts next week, so he's probably busy. We already have a dinner Friday night, so we would go to the con Saturday and just back on Sunday.

Brandy ran over my feet today and nicked my foot with her sharp nails! I have a wound! LOL!

I was very tired but had a really hard time sleeping due to pain and itching. I didn't get to sleep until after 6.

  Tuesday 8/15/17

I woke up around noon when my phone got a spam call. I took Brandy right out. She has gone out twice since then, which is good. She's been pretty regular about wanting to go out.

I've been sick with the usual problems....worse than usual. I guess, no more eating out without testing first, even if it's the same food over and over. If I can find my NIMA tester! I couldn't find it yesterday in the drawer where I usually keep it. I looked all over today, too.

I forgot to mention, I think it was last weekend, when we went to Wal-Mart to get our groceries, they were out of a LOT of stuff that we normally get. That was weird. I hope that was just some weird anomaly, like they didn't get their regular deliveries or something. It was pretty annoying. There are only two good grocery stores in our town, and Wal-Mart is the cheaper of the two and usually has more stuff as well.

I called the advising center at SAU again to ask about this hold on my computer student account. I had called about a month ago and someone said they would take care of it. The woman today forwarded me to the Registrar's office. They didn't know why because it's not their hold. But I spoke to a very nice man who made more calls and figured out that it was due to some forms that needed signing by a certain administration person, who's on vacation. Hopefully once he returns and signs the forms, then that will be fixed. It has something to do with my transcripts from previous schools and the equivalencies for the new major. I also asked the advising center about some of the classes that had been in question from my transcripts, because my previous advisor took a job somewhere else. They forwarded me to another person and I got their voice mail. Hopefully it will all be sorted out! 

I've been writing down when I take the dog out, to keep track, to make sure I take her out often. She's been asking me to go out every hour like clockwork! Wow! I just have to make sure to keep taking her out.  So far, so good! It was just such a hard time, since I spent a lot of it in the bathroom.

For breakfast I had the rest of the leftover bacon and a small gluten free piece of tart. Later, I had some sugar free ice cream. For lunch, I had some of the MIkey's bread with peanut butter and jelly. That was not bad.

I made BBQ chicken thighs for dinner, with corn. I forgot to get anything green or healthy to go with the chicken, so frozen corn was all I had. Oops! I also did the laundry.

I took out one of my Hawaii beach covers, kind of like a muu-muu, and it works pretty well for covering me up when I go outside (to avoid the mosquitoes) but without making it too hot. I just have to spray my forearms.

David took Brandy out for me, for her walk. I was just too tired. I even laid down for a little nap. I felt better after that.

Brandy had no accidents today! Apparently the key is just taking her out about every hour. Hopefully that will keep working!

I went to bed about 3:15 and had no trouble sleeping, for a change!

  Wednesday 8/16/17

I woke up around 10:30. I just had a KIND bar for breakfast. I took Brandy for a short walk around 1. It was very hot out, but she didn't seem to mind! We did some work on the SIT command, too. Next week we work more on STAY.

I put the laundry away and did work on my site. Nothing too exciting! I was very tired most of the day.

I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich again about 2, and then some sugar free strawberry ice cream.

I had a short little nap a little bit later, for just about 10 minutes.

David came home. I cleaned up the kitchen and made him dinner. Later, we went for our usual evening walk.  David walks a lot faster than I do, and he goes around two or three times, so really, we don't walk together. Brandy and I walk separately from him. 

No accidents for two days, yay!

I had a hard time getting to sleep again. My back and legs were hurting a lot. I hate taking pain medicine unless I have to. I finally did, though.

  Thursday 8/17/17

I slept in until about 10:30. Then I went back to sleep for a nap around 1 and slept a few more hours. Seriously, I need someone to wake me up around 9 am and keep me awake all day, every day!

I had an Atkins egg, sausage and cheese entree for breakfast. 

The new Thor movie looks good. Besides Thor, it has the Hulk and Doctor Strange! But I read in Entertainment Weekly that they cut Thor's hair and pulverize his hammer, so that doesn't sound good.... Here's a Trailer.

David brought home McDonald's. I'm trying to avoid getting sick, so I just asked him to bring me two small salads and a Diet Pepsi. I took the salads (basically just lettuce) and added my own meat, cheese, nuts and dressing. That was my lunch.

Later on, I had a PB&J on the low carb Mikey's bread.

We had our usual evening walk.

Third day in a row for Brandy not having an accident! Yay!

I bought this mosquito repellent that's only 30% deet and doesn't smell at all. It comes in wipes, and you just wipe your arms and legs etc.  It seems to work well!

I did the dishes and got a lot done today... but nothing very interesting. Just work on my site. I couldn't get to sleep too early...stayed up too late again.

  Friday 8/18/17

I woke up about 11:30. Brandy has been really annoying me. It's good that she knows to jump at the French doors to let me know that she needs to go out, but now she's discovered that if she jumps hard enough, she can open the doors and go out into the sunroom (where she's not allowed because I can't watch her in there)! So I had to put furniture in front of it and one of them I tied with a ribbon I had. Smart dog but annoying! I'm going to work with her to ring the bell to go out, but I have so many different things I want to teach her, and it's so time consuming.

I had two turkey sticks, some almonds and a bowl of sugar free ice cream for breakfast.

We went for a walk around the yard and neighborhood around 4:30. I had to get showered, dressed and ready for a dinner. I was going to wear a dress, but the only stockings I had, had holes in them, so I wore pants instead.

David came home around 5:45. We went to SAU for the Back to School Faculty-Staff dinner.  It's always nice to chat with everyone.  I was kind of tired, though, and not in the most sociable mood. They did have a gluten free meal for me, too, which was nice. I had a salad (hope the 1000 Island dressing was safe; I didn't ask), and then they had a steak and chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies. I just ate some of the steak and a little bit of everything else. There was also a fruit cup. They had cupcakes for dessert. I just ate the icing off mine.  The president gave a nice speech and slideshow about Dave, the man who recently passed away.  He was president of the alumni association, and it's a great loss to the school. I met him a few times at events. He was the local prosecutor as well. He had great stories and was so funny to listen to.

It was nice to see people, even though I wasn't too energetic. We took some good pics.

I went to bed about 1, which is kinda early for me.

  Saturday 8/19/17

I asked David to wake me up about 9:30.

Today I started training Brandy "go to your place," meaning, go lie down in your dog bed. Hope it works! It's a helpful command when she's being particularly annoying. This seems more urgent than teaching "stay."

David picked up the dog's flea and heartworm pills... then we went to lunch at Backyard Barbecue. I completely forgot that I'm not eating out any more until I find my tester. Whoops! Hope it doesn't make me too sick.

This will be day 5 for Brandy not having any accidents! Yay!  She's not too thrilled with her puppy chow, and I got her this new bowl that's supposed to help her eat her meals slowly, too. The dog trainer told me to buy Iams, but we haven't yet. I've been mixing cheese, turkey and/or butter into her food, which helps.

We did our usual evening walk. We've been very lucky so far that the rain hasn't come down while we wanted to go out in the evening.

I decided to make spinach chips for dinner. They came out really good, and I have leftovers.  Even David and the dog like this spinach, and neither is much of a vegetable eater! I can't give more than a tiny bit to the dog, though, because it has garlic, which isn't supposed to be good for dogs.

Otherwise, just doing a lot of work...nothing too interesting!

I ordered a little dry erase board from Amazon and I'm using that now for my daily To-Do lists. Hopefully it'll help me to remember what I have to do. I have too much!

  Sunday 8/20/17

I was sick in the morning... Then we went out to get groceries at Wal-Mart as always. A lot of the students are back today, so it was crowded, but not as bad as we expected.  I think they added more frozen "convenience foods", though, and reduced their number of frozen veggies to just two shelves. :( I wanted to buy these great frozen green beans with almond slivers that I'd found there before.  They were out of the Atkins dinners I like, too. I got myself a Udi's frozen pizza because I was in a pizza mood. It's not low carb, though.

I made the pizza but added some of the leftover spinach from last night, and more pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. It wasn't bad. 

Later on, we had our walk. It rained briefly in the afternoon...David got caught in some of it when he was out walking at SAU.  We missed it, though. It cooled everything off so it was pretty nice.

I got tired of hearing about the eclipse tomorrow! Not very exciting to me, I guess.

After living here for 14 months, I just figured out tonight that the big cupboard in the kitchen has a light switch inside it! That's the one where we keep all of our plates, cups, glasses and bowls. I found out by accident when I was putting some dishes away! So funny.

I can't believe classes are starting on Wednesday....I'm not ready!

I accomplished something this week, which is to clear off a lot of my DVR and make copies of some shows for my brother. I also watched a lot of DVD's and shows that I have to write reviews for. 

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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