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  Monday 8/7/17

I was sick a lot during the day with my usual problems, and then I had a nap in the afternoon.

I've been a little discouraged lately about my site... traffic is not what it used to be. I already knew that because not as many people watch TV, either daytime or primetime, and I have a lot more competition now than when I started.  The harder part is finding volunteers because there are fewer of those, too - especially anyone who can help in FrontPage or Expression Web. Then Gisele had to cut back her hours, as I mentioned previously. I had hoped to go to San Diego Comic-Con next year and maybe get a table so I can help advertise the site, but apparently they're almost impossible to get. I get a lot fewer interviews than I used to, too.  It's all very disappointing! But I will persevere. I don't do the site for profit (if I did, I would have quit a long time ago). All I can do is keep working on it, keep trying to improve it, add more content, and hope people visit!

It's hard to find people who are willing to give up their time for nothing, especially when it's not for charity or some worthy cause.  Finding people who are also reliable or have skills is even harder! I'm not even picky about how well people write or whether they have a lot of fancy skills, either.

I still need to meet with the business people at SAU, but I guess they're waiting to get a new director for the place that I need to go to, so I have to wait until that happens. I think, anyway. Meanwhile, I'll keep working on my Mass Communication/ Mass Media degree and hope that will help me figure out what else I can do to improve my site.

Part of me is dreading going back to school, but part of me is excited!  Last semester was a lot of hard work, but fun. This Fall I will be taking one additional class, so I hope I can handle the work load. I'm taking Basic Digital Photography, Intro to Mass Comm and Principles of Marketing as well as voice lessons.  I can't believe class starts so soon! I did nothing useful this summer.

Last night I made some root beer-flavored, sugar free ice cream. It's delicious! I just used a little root beer extract from the grocery store. I was very surprised to learn that Equal and Splenda both have malitol. That's a sugar alcohol that they often use in sugar free chocolate. It makes you sick if you eat too much of it. I hope that's not why I get sick so much because it's really hard for me to live without diet or sugar free products. I can only cut out so much from my diet!

For dinner tonight, I made some barbecued chicken. I had put "chicken thighs" on the grocery list, meaning regular ones, but David got boneless, skinless instead (because he's used to getting me chicken breasts that way, I guess). I was going to make a Mexican dish that my friend Kathy gave me, but he'd had Mexican the past two days, so he said he'd rather have barbecue. I only had the leftover sugar free barbecue to use. It came out really good! Better than I would have thought. I also made some frozen green beans that were really good.

I did the laundry and dishes... it was not a very interesting day. I did a lot of work on my site, as always.  Now the kitchen is messy again...it never ends!

  Tuesday 8/8/17

Today was an eventful day, but not a very good one. I had to wake up at 9 because the pest control guy was coming between 10 and 12. I spent the hour straightening up the house before he got there.  Then I dozed in my chair for a while. He got there a little after 12. He had taken his son to the doctor, so he apologized for being late. He's a very nice guy that I always enjoy chatting with.  There wasn't as much time to chat, since Brandy was so hyper due to his visit. He didn't mind and enjoyed petting her.

After he left, I went back to sleep for a while!

David brought home McDonald's for dinner. My blood sugar was a little low, so I gobbled it down. I should have tested it to make sure it was gluten free. It's supposed to be, yet I keep getting sick after eating it.

After dinner, as usual, we went for a walk with Brandy about 7:30. The weather was nice...not too hot or humid. We were almost done, and I decided to run a little with her because she has so much energy. I was trying to wear her out, and I figured it was good exercise as well, for me.  I've run with her a few times before, but not for very long. We ran up the little hill, and it was fine. We were having fun, so I started running down the hill with her (which I've done many times). We were going way too fast, though, and I lost balance, so I went down. I turned at the last second and fell on my right side, rather than flat on my face. I hit my right knee and then also my right shoulder, and my right elbow, and part of my right palm, and part of the right side of my head. The knee was the worst. It was bleeding. My shoulder got a very bad road burn.

David helped me up and we walked the short way home. I cleaned out all the cuts and scrapes and put a big band-aid on the knee.  UGH! Next time I will be more careful. I hope it doesn't hurt too bad tomorrow. At least it did tire Brandy out pretty well.

As usual, I stayed up way too late.

  Wednesday 8/9/17

I usually wake up sometime in the morning, go to the restroom while Brandy goes out, and then go back to sleep. Then Brandy wakes me up a few hours later, whining.  I haven't had the energy to do much today besides watch TV.  Just tired and sore. I did take a shower. I stupidly took the Band-Aid off my knee, and that really hurt. Then I washed it in the shower. Felt good but...still sore.Syfy

Syfy sent me a nice package...I had complained on Twitter that I never get to go to Comic-Con, so they sent me a Comic-Con goodies bag with some nice carry bags, some pins etc. Very cool.

I haven't had much energy to play with her today, though, and I can tell she's bored. Hopefully,  David can take her on his walk later. My knee is not up to it today.  (He did take her out later on.)

I called Yolanda to see if she could come clean next week. The puppy is making it smell bad in here! :) She's coming on Friday...

Today I'm very hungry but have no energy. I was hoping to go to bed early, but after I ate dinner, I felt better. I made some blueberry ice cream. It's really good!

Brandy was doing very well the past few days, but she did have an "accident" on the hallway carpet tonight... UGH. I really don't know why she still does that. She goes out often and even lets me know when she has to go out.

Before bed, I went out back with her. I bought a new kind of mosquito repellant from something called The Honest Company. It seems to work well, so far, and doesn't smell so horrible like Off!  It's very strong smelling but not as bad. I just wish they made one that I could spray on all over and not have to then wash it off right away because the smell is so strong.

I went to bed before midnight, but I woke up around 3 in the morning. I was very itchy, and coughing, so I kept waking up.  My skin on my legs this year is a mess. It's covered in scars, scratches, scrapes, scabs and mosquito bites. UGH!  I took a second hydroxyzine around 2am and even that didn't help. It usually knocks me out! Maybe I'll get back to bed at some point. It doesn't help that it's so hot, and that I have to sleep on my left side now because of the pain on my right shoulder.  We have a/c, but it's hard to get it on the right setting for sleeping where it doesn't get too cold.

  Thursday 8/10/17

Today would have been my mom's 91st birthday! She died when she was 45...I wish we had better photos of her.

I went back to bed a few hours later and then slept until after noon... I was still tired after that!

For breakfast, I had two eggs, some bacon and one small slice of gluten free blueberry pound cake. Then I also had some sugar free blueberry ice cream, with whipped cream. Yum!

I went for a walk with the puppy about 2:40 even though it was very hot out. She really needed it! We just do a smaller walk during the day...it's her exploring walk rather than for exercise. First we go around the front and side yard, and I let her go wherever (but still on the leash), and then we walk a little bit around the neighborhood, mostly staying around the areas that are more woodsy and don't seem to be owned by anyone. I mean, I'm sure someone does own them, but they're not lawns, they're just grass next to a lot of trees, not anywhere near people's houses. We don't actually go into the woods because there's no path or anything. It wouldn't be safe for either of us. However, I let her walk on the grass and sniff around, and we wander up and down a little bit before we return. When the weather is cooler, like if we go in the morning, then we do the regular walk for exercise after that. Today we didn't because it was very hot and humid out. It was around 90 and 75% humidity! I used the bug spray, though, and it worked well.

David brought me home Burger King for lunch. I got a Whopper with cheese and bacon (I don't eat the bread) and I always get small fries, then I just take a few and give him the rest. I say "lunch" because it was my second meal of the day, but it was around 6:30. I also had him bring me a salad, which I will have later on for dinner (probably around midnight). I take my pills with that.

My injuries are healing up. I was able to walk the puppy twice today with no problem. I had a shower after the evening walk, so I took off the Band-Aid again, washed the knee, and put on a new Band-Aid. It wasn't so painful this time, so that's good. It looks better, too.

My only problem is that I have to sit on the floor to do my transcripts for my site because the computer and all the other equipment is on a very low table. Normally, being right handed, I would get up by kneeling down on my right knee, or crouching, and then pushing up with my right hand. I can't do any of that yet, and it hurts to bend my knee, so I have to sort of roll on the left side, and push up with my right hand in a fist.  Both going down on the floor and getting up is a bit painful.  Better than yesterday, though!

We had sugar free Popsicles after the walk. They sure help us cool off. I started the laundry and did the dishes...

Brandy still hasn't had more than 2 days without an accident, but I'm persevering. This guy Steve was supposed to call me...he's a dog trainer recommended by someone we know. I didn't hear from him, so I went to message him again, and then I realized, I gave him the wrong phone number! I type badly with my phone, so I had put a 2 where a 1 should be. So I apologized and told him the right number. Hopefully he will call me tomorrow! I want to ask him if Brandy still peeing indoors is normal or if there's anything else we can do about it.

I'm pretty confident about the training, though. I was on Rover.com's Facebook page. They had a dog trainer woman on there live yesterday. I wasn't there for it, but I had left some questions, which she answered, about training, and she talked about a lot of issues and showed us some tips. She trains dogs for TV, etc. I had also watched some YouTube videos by this guy Zak George, so I was using his info as well. I worked a little today with Brandy on training her to stay and it worked pretty well. I will keep at it.

I'm going to have to start picking things up around the house in a few minutes, even though it's late. I've been putting it off, but the maids are coming tomorrow. Normally I only call them when we're going to have company, but having the puppy here has made the place a bit dirtier and stinkier than usual!  We'll have to have it done again in about a month before our friend Peter comes to visit, too....

  Friday 8/11/17

I ended up staying up all night. I had a lot of picking up to do, and laundry. Then I had about 2 hours left to sleep, and I was afraid I would sleep through the alarm, so I just got up and had breakfast.

I noticed this morning that the windows were all fogged up and the humidity was 98%! Yet it wasn't raining.

I dozed in my chair until the maids got here. Yolanda brought her son this time. He seemed very nice and was able to translate for me. They did a great job, as always, and it took over 5 hours.

They even got the tape off the floor! Back when we had company, I told David to put tape on these two rugs so they wouldn't slip any more.  Well, we had to re-arrange the furniture and one of the rugs, when we got Brandy, so I can keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't do her business on the rugs. So, after I moved the rug, the tape was stuck on the floor, and I couldn't get it off. I had bought some mineral spirits and a putty knife to get it up, but they went ahead and got it up for me, which was very nice!

I had been falling asleep the whole time they were here. Around 11 I did take Brandy out for a walk. It was still very humid - about 80% humidity.  She enjoyed meeting Yolanda and her son, who were petting her. Mostly I kept her in the bedroom or on a leash.  I just didn't want her to be bothering them while they were cleaning, or getting into their cleaning liquids. She'll lick anything!

The guys came by to mow the lawn, too. They bring three guys and only charge $45! Although we used to have a local teenager mow it for only $25, but these guys do a more professional job.

After they left, I had lunch, and then I cleared off the bed and went to sleep for a few hours! I'll probably be going to bed early, too.

I've been working with Brandy the past two days on sit and stay. She's getting it!

After David came home and had dinner, we all went out for a walk again. It was a bit cooler because it had rained.

One thing that's bothering me is that sometimes Brandy seems too scared to go out in the backyard at night. During the day, she has no trouble. I even put on all the lights for her! Tonight I wanted to go to bed before midnight, for a change, and I knew she hadn't gone out since dinnertime. She would not go out, even when I plied her with a treat, so I had to get dressed, put the leash on her and literally drag her outside.  I felt bad doing that, but I know she would have to go, and I hate picking it up indoors. She finally did go poop, but not the other kind, and I knew she had drank a lot of water. I was wrangling with her while she tried to run back indoors, and we knocked over my big pot with the citrus lemon tree. I was very annoyed. I brought her back in, all the way back to our bedroom.  Then I put some of the dirt back in and gave it more water. I hope it's okay!  Then I stepped in a wet spot on the rug, right inside the living room, so either she had already gone before we went out, or she went while I was dragging her back to the bedroom. So annoying! She's driving me a little crazy...Now I'm still very tired, but I'm also a little bit keyed up, due to being so annoyed. Grrr! She's lucky she's cute!

I still haven't heard back from the local trainer guy that was referred to me, so I guess I'll have to text him again tomorrow.

I went to bed just after midnight, so that wasn't too bad.

  Saturday 8/12/17

I woke up around 9:30 but then went back to bed for a while.  David went to work for a little and stopped at the pharmacy for me on the way home. Then he and I went to lunch at Backyard Barbecue. By the time we went, though, it was afternoon and the place was packed, with a long line. He was very hungry, so we went next door to KFC instead. That turned out to be a bad choice. Usually it's very good, but what we had today was very overcooked and dried out.

We stopped at Brookshire's (the more upscale grocery store) to get a few things, including Carb Smart ice cream bars, which I had when I got home. Yum!

I'm still tired, but I'm struggling to stay awake! I decided to do the dishes, so that woke me up a little. I was thinking of taking Brandy to the SAU duck pond for a short walk, while David does the longer walk (it's in the shade), but I forgot that there's no open restrooms, which I need to have nearby. I was already sick some earlier, so...don't really want to take a chance.

I finally heard from the dog trainer, Steve, and he's coming over on Monday to help me train Brandy! He's not cheap, but then again, there are no other dog trainers in the area, that I could find, that will come to your house, so... he can set whatever price he wants, I guess! He recommends 4 sessions, but we'll see if I need all four.

I'm still putting my knick-knacks, photos etc. back around the house...I put them away when the maids come, to make it easier for them to clean the surfaces. I'm slow putting it all back today.

I'm really trying to go back to my diet and to eat low carb, but it's difficult because the new medicine I'm taking brings my blood sugar down very low. I take it with breakfast, and before  lunchtime, my blood sugar has gotten very low, which is not good. I've been eating more carbs to compensate, but I don't want to have to do that.

Looks like it might rain...hope we can get our walk in!

I couldn't convince David to go out again for dinner, so for my second meal today, I had a couple of turkey sticks, some cheese and peanut butter, and another ice cream bar.

David likes to flip around on the TV and watches mostly sports or news. Sometimes he ends up on some weird thing and we get hooked on it, like an old movie or something. Today it was some documentary about the mafia in the late 60's. It was very interesting, actually.

Brandy and I went for our evening walk around 7:30. There was no rain, just a few dark clouds. 6 hours later and still no storm! I guess now they're saying it will be around 8 am tomorrow.

We mostly watched TV or listened to music, and chatted, and played with Brandy.

Later on, I made a salad for dinner.

  Sunday 8/13/17

I woke up around 10. I was very tired. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I was kind of sick with the usual problems, as well.

We went to Antigua's for lunch, but they were very crowded (parking lot was full!), so we went to the other one, El Compadre, because it's seldom crowded. Their food is way better than the other one, IMHO. I usually get the Huevos con chorizo, but I've had that a lot, so instead I got the tamales. They were so delicious! My new favorite.  Tamales can be really dry, so what many Mexican restaurants around here do is put a cheese sauce over them.  This was more like a meat and cheese sauce. Very yummy.

Then we went to Wal-Mart to do our weekly shopping...glad to have food in the house again!

For lunch, I just had an Atkins meat loaf dinner, I believe. Later on, I had the leftover salad from the previous night, for dinner. I had some Carb Smart ice cream bars as well.

I worked a lot on my site as usual...Saturdays and Sundays are very busy now.

78 days until Halloween! I can't wait for the cooler weather.

Don't forget to check out all my photos on Instagram!

Have a great week...

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