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  Monday 7/31/17

This is our last day in Omaha. I slept in way too late. I had hoped to go back to the Old Market and take some photos, do some shopping, etc., but I ran out of time. Bummer! We did have breakfast at the hotel restaurant, and it was pretty good. Well, it was more like lunch by that time. I had a great salad.

We took the shuttle to the airport. I really hate to leave Omaha! It's a nice city and we didn't see too much of it. We probably would have, if we'd had a rental car and a little more time. Ah, well.

airplane selfieWhen we went through security, we were shocked to find out that I had TSA Pre-Chek but David didn't. Usually we both have it, so that was weird. So I went through, taking the laptop, and I got to wait for him for a little bit on the other side.

The airport has a lot more stuff outside of security, as it turns out, than it does inside.  We stopped in this one little restaurant/bar first. They had a Cold Stone Creamery next door, so I just had a little more ice cream before leaving Omaha :) David had some real food because he hadn't eaten much at the earlier place.  Unfortunately, they didn't have a good gift shop in our terminal, just a gift area. I bought a few souvenirs and snacks there.

I did something really stupid. We were waiting to board the plane, and I wanted to get something out of my bag. I stuck my boarding pass in my mouth (which I've done MANY times before). I didn't realize my lips were super dry. By the time I took it out of my mouth, it was stuck. To make things worse, I ripped the paper off my lips. Very painful and bleeding. Yes, I was bleeding when we boarded the plane. Ouch! It was much better the next day.

Once we got on board, we were in first class (we had paid a little extra to upgrade).  This time, they did serve us drinks before take off. That turned out to be a good idea because there was a long delay of our flight. Apparently some of the de-icing equipment was not working right.  Then they just decided to fly around the area with the ice, apparently, so we did finally take off. It took a long time. Thank goodness we had comfy seats and drinks.

After we landed at DFW, we went to TGIFriday's for dinner. It was the only place in our terminal to eat. Thankfully, they now do have many gluten free selections. Yay! I had a great turkeyturkey burger burger. A little later, I sampled some frozen yogurt from a chain called Red Mango. I just got a little bit, with some strawberries. It was great.

Our short flight back to Texarkana was not very comfortable... but it didn't take too long.  It was late by the time we arrived. This time we did stay at the Wyndham. We got the airport shuttle back to the hotel, along with our plane's flight crew.

They checked us into room 420. The desk clerk explained that there is no room number because the frat boys keep stealing it! LOL! You can read about 420 here if you're not sure what it means!

Usually, I'm hot and want to blast the air, and David is too cold. Tonight it was the opposite! I had to move my laptop over to the bed, far away from the a/c.

The internet was very slow and not good in our hotel. I spent a lot of time during our trip working on my site as. I didn't get to sleep until about 3 am.

  Tuesday 8/1/17

The next day, we went over to Denny's across the street for breakfast. It's always good there, especially for me with their gluten free breakfast.  We drove back home but first picked up Brandy at the vet place.  She was very excited and peed all over the vet's outer office. There Denny'swas no one else there, thank goodness.  After we got her home, I made her go out back, but she was too excited and didn't do anything. Then I made the mistake of letting her back inside. So she pooped on the carpet. SIGH. It seems like she forgot all of her house breaking training... Well, lesson learned. Next time we will do this differently.

Back to my uneventful life ;) I just worked and not much else. David brought me McDonald's for dinner. It was hot and muggy, and I had him walk Brandy later on, so I wouldn't have to.  It rained part of the day, and Brandy got pretty wet on her walk. Too bad because the vet also gave her a bath! That didn't last long.

I did a little bit of unpacking and getting the laundry ready, but not much else.

  Wednesday 8/2/17

We're back on our regular schedule today, so Brandy did much better.  As long as I take her out often, she seems to do okay.

I'm trying to find a local dog trainer, but so far I've had no luck. I've been calling around as well as looking online. I got this woman Crystal's number from the animal hospital. They gave me two numbers. The first one was disconnected. The second one, a drunk or crazy woman answered, "HELLLOOOOO!" I asked for Crystal and the person yelled, "F**k you, bitch!" so I hung up. I called the animal hospital back. The woman there spoke with her husband and called me back, saying that was the correct number and to try again, and she also said she even spoke with Crystal, who has no clue as to what happened. So I called back and I got man this time. He said a regular hello, so I asked for Crystal. Then, nothing, just muffled voices in the background. I gave up and hung up. I tried again and it  went to a voice mail message saying that the mail box hasn't been set up yet. I called the animal hospital woman back again, so she's going to try to get her again and give her my number. Sheesh!! Hope it works out because literally I haven't found anyone else.

I got a call back from the woman but missed it, so she left a message. I found out that either they gave me the wrong number twice, or I wrote it down wrong twice! LOL!

I can't believe that it's already August and it's fewer than 3 weeks before school starts again! Yikes!! I haven't done ANYTHING that I planned to do this summer. Too much traveling, work, etc.

I was sick a lot today. First I woke up with a bad pain in my back. Then I had a lot of my usual problem from gluten. UGH.Brandy

We went for our "morning" walk around 11:30 and I was surprised that it felt nice, kinda cool. It was 80 but not very humid, and it was overcast.  When we had our evening walk 8 hours later, it was much warmer and more humid.

I had left myself a piece of paper with a list of things I wanted to do when I got back from our trip, and now I can't find it. Drat! I hope I didn't accidentally throw it away. (I found it later on)

I did finally manage to do the dishes and laundry as well as work on my site. I still have so much to do, though.

I tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but I was too hot and itchy. I ended up getting up again and doing some work. Brandy opted to stay in the bedroom with David! She's so funny sometimes.  He has to completely ignore her when he comes home because otherwise she gets too excited and pees all over the place. Ah, the joys of a puppy! LOL!

  Thursday 8/3/17

I got up around 10am when Brandy was being annoying, and waking me up. I was tired all day, but I didn't have a nap.

I woke up with two new mosquito bites, which doesn't make me happy. Also, Brandy pooped on the rug again. ARGH. I guess I just have to suck it up and make sure I go out with her every hour or so, dressing in either long pants and shirt or using OFF. Otherwise I can't make sure that she does her business and I will be eaten by mosquitoes. I have to do that until she is finally completely house broken...then I can just let her out on her own and not have to go out there.

I'll probably have to leave her in the bedroom while I take classes. Either that or outside. I don't know which is okay. Probably indoors until it cools off.

Today I'm feeling very overwhelmed with everything and frazzled. I need to prioritize more. I just have too much to do. The woman who helps me run my site, Gisele, is not able to do so any more, at least, for a while, so I don't know what to do... between the puppy, and school, it's going to be tough.

We had our walk late, almost 1pm. It was not too bad. I wore a long sleeved shirt and long pants to guard against mosquitoes. It was hotter than yesterday, though.  Then we went again later on with David. Brandy and I were having fun playing fetch in the front yard. I let her run strawberry ice creamaround a little without holding on to the leash. She loves that.

I had gotten her a ltitle Kong toy and I put some peanut butter in it today...she really enjoyed that, too. The idea is that they use  it to chew etc. and it works off their energy and gives them something to do.

I finally edited photos from December and posted them in albums on Facebook. There are a lot... Most are just of Christmas decorations around our house. One album is photos from our trip to Dallas at Christmas.  There are photos of the forest being torn down near our house by the neighbors. Thankfully, they have done a good job of making the deforested areas look nicer. They do still need to get rid of more of the stumps, so they can cut back on the grass and weeds, but they have done a lot, including planting new trees and flowers.

David stopped at the store on the way home to get a few things. We'll do a full shopping on Saturday or Sunday, but we needed a few things, like more dog treats!

I went to bed way too late as usual!

  Friday 8/4/17

I got up way too late as well, around 11:30. Then I was very sick again with the usual problems. I went to lie down for a little bit, but I wasn't tired enough to sleep. I had Brandy on the bed with me briefly...but she gets too hyper up there.

It's been raining the rest of the day!

The Kong toy with peanut butter is great for occupying the puppy, but it sure STINKS!

David didn't want to go out anywhere, so we ordered Domino's.

Looks like I lost Linda, the woman who was driving me. She got another job that conflicts, and she can't be reliable. I completely understand, but it sucks... I'll see if I can find someone else now at care.com

We had a whole day with no accidents from Brandy! Yay!

I've been thinking, and I think I might leave Brandy in our sunroom while I'm at school. I just have to put some towels over the rug and move some plants. I think she will like it better there because she can look out the big windows. I've been leaving the door to the sunroom open sometimes and she likes to go in there and look out the window.Brandy outdoors

I did a lot of work today... when I wasn't sick!  We had our evening walk as usual.

I was very tired and tried to go to bed around 1, but my legs were itching very badly, especially where I have mosquito bites. I got up again, read a magazine, then eventually went back to sleep.

I got a recommendation from a friend of ours here, for a dog trainer, but so far I just get his voice mail, and he hasn't called back. :(  He's probably very busy, especially if he's one of the few dog trainers in the whole area.

  Saturday 8/5/17

David woke me up around 10:30.  He went to get his hair cut while Brandy and I had breakfast. I put her outside quite a bit, too.  We put her in the bedroom while we left to go run errands.

We dropped off a Fedex package at the bank (they have a drop off outside). These are papers for my new life insurance.  Then I had another package to take to the UPS drop off, which is at the electronics store. I had wanted to go to the post office, too, but we didn't get there before they closed. We also went to the vet's place and picked up Brandy's toys, which we had forgotten last week.

We had lunch at McDonald's. I wasn't very hungry, since I'd had leftover pizza for breakfast.  I really wanted to get a hot fudge sundae, but their ice cream machine was broken AGAIN!

After we got home and ate, I gave Brandy her bag of toys. She seemed very happy to have them back! Spoiled mutt ;)

I was taking some time today to enter sweepstakes. I really want to enter them regularly, but it takes time...I plan to make time for it. I would love to win money for us, and my site, or win a trip. If you enter regularly, you do win more. I used to win all the time back in the 90's when we lived in Riverside, and I had more free time.  Of course, back then it was mostly entering by post card or index card.  I did win a couple of early web sweeps.  There are just so many now, on the Web. Yocatfishu could make it a full time job entering sweepstakes.... It's great for retired people, I guess. The rest of us are too busy.

I fell behind again, keeping up the blog. Well, at least I made it to Saturday!  Brandy had a couple of accident-free days in a row, so that's progress.  As I mentioned, I had been letting her go into the sun room more because she loves sitting in there, looking out the window. So of course she had to pee on the floor in there, two days in a row!

Saturday night we had dinner at Flying Burger. I love their spicy grilled catfish. They used to have chocolate shakes, but I guess they got rid of their shake machine. Too bad! I was really in the mood for some real ice cream today, but these places kept letting me down...LOL! #FirstWorldProblems I guess! I had to "make do" with my own sugar free strawberry ice cream. I made a milk shake with it and it was delicious.

We listened to the Casey Kasem hits from the SiriusXM 70's channel on DISH as we often do. It airs here about 11am in the morning, so I record it onto DVD so we can listen to it later at our leisure.  DISH doesn't allow you to record it to the Hopper DVR (they used to allow it on their old DVR, but I guess Sirius didn't like that or something, so they changed it for the newer one).

I've just been working a lot on my site and trying to keep up with everything. Gisele, who helps me a lot with my site, is too busy now to do a lot of the things she normally has done. Her daughter had a baby; the daughter and husband moved in with Gisele, and Gisele is helping them take care of their baby as well as cooking and cleaning.  Good for them, bad for me! But of course, I do understand. It just means more work for me, which means other things I normally do aren't getting done because there are only so many hours in the day.

  Sunday 8/6/17

Nothing too interesting going on today... we went to the Wal-Mart. I got my hair trimmed, and we did the grocery shopping. I got lucky because there was no one there, so it didn't take too long to get the hair cut.  The woman who did it was very nice, and we mostly chatted about dogs.

I've been recording shows for my brother and his wife to DVD and digital because we like a lotnew haircut of the same shows, and he doesn't have a good internet connection, and no cable. I have a lot of the shows I like on DVR, so I just record them for him to DVD and then I can delete them. Lately my DVR has been like 85% full, even with my deleting stuff. When I finish, hopefully in the next month, then all I'll have left is soaps, which are easy to watch and dispense with.  Right now I'm finishing up with Gotham, and then all I have left for him is Westworld (which I haven't seen yet except for the first few episodes).  Then I just have a few primetime shows for myself that I'm behind on.  I've also been downloading a few shows online from a friend's site. I've also always got a few DVD's or other shows to watch, for my site. It's endless!

We went to lunch at El Compadre, as we often do.  Later, David had a dinner work thing. I spent most of the day working on my site. Sunday is my busiest day.

I hope you have a great week!

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