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  Monday 7/24/17

I'm sorry there are not PHOTOS this week! I don't know if I'll still have time to keep putting photos in...it takes a lot of extra time.  Please go to my Instagram for many great photos!

I went to bed way too late last night and then ended up sleeping past noon. Not good!

It was not a very interesting day. Brandy is still peeing sometimes in the house, and I don't know why. She's a puppy, though, so it's not very much, and easy to clean.  Resolve is my new friend ;)

I had to call in a bunch of prescriptions...I worked a lot on my site today.  I still need to do dishes and laundry. Work never ends!

I really want to go to San Diego Comic-Con next year. I told David I want to go, so we'll see how it goes with money and everything. I spent some time today filling out an application to get a table for next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Now I have a year to make sure I can buy a Comic-Con badge and also lose weight so I can wear some cool costumes :)

David brought me Burger King for dinner. Yay!

We did our nighttime walk with Brandy as usual. She really had a lot of energy today.  She drives me a little nuts sometimes! But she's a lot of fun. Good thing she sleeps a lot, too.

We went to bed about 2:30.

  Tuesday 7/25/17

I woke up around 10:30, still too late. I did a lot of work on my site. Around 1:30, I started having a horrible series of headaches. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the back of the head, repeatedly (very slowly). It was in that same area where I asked the doctor a few weeks ago why this bump on the back of my skull hurt, and he said it was the occipital bone, and it was just protruding, which it does in some people. Nothing to worry about, he said. Stop touching it and it will feel fine, he said. He was right....until now!  Now, I've had migraines before, and they seem triggered by my allergies. I only have them "once in a blue moon" and they're usually not very painful. Usually it starts with the aura (where you see a vague shape in front of your eyes), and then I get sensitive to light and sound, and a headache. I usually go to bed until it's over. This was different. I had no aura. I did have the sensitivity to light. I took two Aleve and went to bed for a few hours. I searched in Google, and it said that it could be Occipital Neuralgia, which is often mistaken for migraines. It has to do with the nerves at the top of your spine.  Now, of course, you may remember that I have two herniated disks at the top of my spine, so that may have caused this. Whatever it was, I hope I never have it again! That was really painful. I've never had a headache that was so painful that it caused me to cry out, "Ah!" and whimper in pain. Yuk. I'm not exaggerating at all.

I've been working on teaching Brandy to come when called. She's doing pretty well so far. I started today to teach her how to heal as well. That one's a little more tricky. We'll see how it goes. She hasn't been scared lately of barking dogs, so I don't have to train her out of that one after all. Sounds like it was just a one-time thing.

I got a letter in the mail today with an invitation from the honor society Sigma Alpha Pi (because of getting all A's). Yay! I don't know if I will join or not, but it's nice to be invited!

I'm very hungry today, but nothing sounds good except for things that are really bad for me. I had a good breakfast. Lean Cuisine finally makes a gluten free entree! It was pretty good, too. I used to eat Lean Cuisine all the time back in the 90's. I had a peach-mango yogurt with it, too.

I have some bird feeders out back, and the past few days I saw a beautiful woodpecker out there! I've seen so many beautiful birds out there...

I had bought some bread from this company called Mikey's. It's both gluten free and low carb. It's okay. I tried their English muffins, and they are not very good. Too bad! Oh, well.

I don't think we did anything too interesting today....just had the usual walk in the evening.

We had no accidents today! Yay!

  Wednesday 7/26/17

I was getting pretty frustrated this week because even though Brandy has been trained to go outside, she still sometimes goes indoors. It's maddening. It's not that she's still a puppy and can't control herself because she sleeps in our bedroom all night and has never once had an accident in there.  I take her out back to go often and she always gets praise and a treat when she does. She loves that. So she does most of her business out there. But sometimes, for some reason, she still goes indoors. I hope it's something she'll grow out of. It's not too bad of a cleanup job...she's just a little puppy! Resolve does a great job of cleaning it up.

I believe we went to Antigua's for dinner...I had some wine. I needed it!

Today I mostly spent time getting ready for our trip tomorrow. I had to clean the kitchen and do the laundry, and think about what to pack. I stayed up pretty late.

I bought a bell that hangs on the door. The dog rings it to let you know she needs to go out. I hadn't gotten around to training Brandy on it, but she learned already how to use it! She is so smart!

I made some strawberry ice cream. It was really good, but I put in a little too much sweetener. Fortunately, I like things very sweet :)

It was really super hot and humid today. UGH!

As usual, I fell way behind in keeping up the blog, so I'm trying to remember everything that happened!

  Thursday 7/27/17

Our friend Peter is coming to visit in September! That will be great. Unfortunately, he'll only be here a few days... still, it will be nice to see him. He lives in Germany and last visited us when we were in Hawaii (2013 I think?).

For some reason, there was some kind of weird thing on my face. It was like breaking out, but not quite. It was all over the left side of my face and I had scratched it, I guess, in my sleep. It really looks horrible, like I fell on my face or something. It lasted for two or three days. Yucky!

I woke up way too early, around 8 am, and never was able to get back to sleep. I had a lot to do. After breakfast, I took Brandy for a short walk. David came home to get her around lunchtime and take her to the Magnolia Veterinary Services (where we're boarding her while we're out of town). Poor thing, she was so excited, and she thought she was going for a walk because he put the leash on her! Apparently she really hated getting in the car. Awww....

I spent the rest of the time getting ready.  David came back around 5:30. We packed up the car and left. I was very tired and knew I had forgotten something. We drove to Texarkana, where we're spending the night. We usually stay at the Wyndham, which is fine, but we like to have dinner at the only nearby eatery, Hooter's. We both like their food.  However, we have to walk across the freeway, sort of, to get there, so this time, instead, we're staying at the much-cheaper place, the Rodeway Inn. It's just a cheap motel, but it's right next to the restaurant.

I was hoping to get photos of the zebras I saw before, on the way to Texarkana, but either they moved, or weren't out, or were too far off in the distance. I saw many cows and horses, though.

I was very disappointed, though, because I thought Hooter's changed their menu. I couldn't find the blackened shrimp dish that I loved before, so I got this tiny little appetizer with 5 pieces of shrimp, 4 tortilla chips, and guacamole. I can't eat guacamole. I think it was the Shrimp and Spinach Salad that I had before (they don't call it blackened shrimp on the menu, but that's what it is). The waitress had no idea what I was asking about.  Ah, well. I'll know now for next time.

It wasn't very filling, of course.  After Davis had his wings, we walked next door to the Burger King, so I could get some more food for dinner. We took it back to the room.

Our motel was only $46, so I made sure to check the beds for bed bugs before we unpacked...it looked safe! I didn't see any of the telltale signs.

There was a grasshopper on the inside of our door, in our room! The next morning, it was in the bathtub! David picked it up using the ice bucket, and I threw him outside (the grasshopper, not David ;)

I was very tired but still stayed up to do some work. I had trouble getting to sleep because it was hot, and I was itchy. The a/c in the room was too cold to sleep with, but if you turned it off, it got very hot.

  Friday 7/28/17

We weren't sure at first, what time checkout time was, and it turns out it was 11. David had a meeting nearby, and he wasn't sure how long it would take. We just booked a second night, in case we needed it (since it was so cheap).

After his meeting, we went to the Outback for lunch. It was almost empty. I was happy to once again have a good, gluten-free menu. I love their Alice Springs Chicken, so I had that. It's very spicy and yummy.  Then he had to take the car to the dealership garage to ask them about some lights that keep coming on. They checked it, and it didn't take too long. As luck would have it, the mall was right next door, with the movie theater!  David is not too fond of movies, but he knew how much I wanted to see "Spider-man: Homecoming", so we went to see that. We got there a bit early, so we had plenty of time to sit in the theater and listen to commercials and previews. I got a soda, too....

While I was in the line for the soda, a young man that I didn't recognize said hi to me as if he knew me. I figured it was just one of those times where someone thought I looked like someone else (which happens quite often), but he really did know me. Turns out he was in one of the classes with me this past Spring. I didn't recognize him, although he did look vaguely familiar. The thing is, the professor turns off the lights, and if he was sitting behind me, I rarely saw him.  Also, if he didn't come to class that often or do that many presentations (or did his while I was out of town), then that wouldn't help, either.  Nice kid, and he even mentioned that he'd been to my site, which was very nice of him.

At first, I thought, "Wow, what are the odds?" But then again, we don't have a movie theater in our town, so Texarkana is the second-closest movie theater to Magnolia. Not that odd at all! LOL! It just felt weird since we weren't in Magnolia. I saw the same guy later. He went to see "Planet of the Apes." I told him that Spider-Man was really good but warned him not to bother to stay for the Marvel thing at the end as it wasn't worth it.

I really enjoyed the movie! It was great. Even better than "Wonder Woman." I have to admit that I didn't like the ending of that one because they killed Steve Trevor. It's like if they had a Superman movie and killed off Lois Lane! Not good. :(   "Spider-Man: Homecoming" was very entertaining and had a lot of humor.

We went back to the motel after that and packed up. We went to the airport around 5. It's a very small airport, so you don't have to check in super early.

Here are the items I forgot to pack: My iPod, my contact lenses and my makeup. Also, I had brought a bunch of magazines to read, and at some point, I left them on the airplane, like an idiot. :(

Our flights were fine. We were able to buy a cheap upgrade to first class for the Dallas leg to Omaha.  Oh, did I forget to mention that's where we're going? We go to a different state every year for our wedding anniversary, and this year we chose Nebraska. Why not? We love cities.  Some cities may surprise you. We loved Cincinnati, for example.

First class was a little bit disappointing. For one thing, they didn't offer us any drinks until after we took off. Usually they offer them right away. Also, since it was a short flight, I guess, there was no real food, only snacks. No movie or TV, either.  Well, at least the drinks and snacks were free, and the seats were wide and comfy.  I don't normally drink much, but it WAS in the evening, and the wine was free!

We stayed at the Hilton, which is nice. We got a great rate. I guess they're opening a Marriott right nearby, too.  We just missed Paul McCartney - he was here last week. Darn!

It was pretty late when we arrived, but fortunately, the hotel bar was still open and serving food.  The restaurant there is pretty good. I had a delicious charcuterie plate, and he had some chicken fingers. They even managed to find me some gluten free bagel chips to go with the meat, cheese and Pâté.

  Saturday 7/29/17

The weather was beautiful for our whole trip - in the 70's most of the time!

Tomorrow is our 35th anniversary!  David wanted to rent a car today and drive to Lincoln, NE, to see the capitol. Well, all of the cars were booked, apparently. Worse, he called Enterprise and they said that they had a car for him, so he walked over a mile to the car rental place, only to be told that there were no cars available!!  So then he had to walk over a mile back. Since he was out walking anyway, and I was not ready to get out of bed, he walked over this big foot bridge that goes to Iowa. He took a few photos, too.

After I got up, we took a shuttle over to the Harrah's Casino in Iowa. We had lunch there at the buffet. It was not very good, and none of the food was marked gluten free, so I didn't eat much.  Then we spent a little money at the casino. I came out a few bucks ahead, which is great for me :)  We had fun, though, so that's the main thing.

Our next door neighbor, Mary, sent me a Facebook message to let me know that there was a ton of water pouring out of something near our house, so that was troubling. Eventually, we called the water company (fortunately, they have an emergency contact number), and they sent someone over there.  It was not coming from our house, fortunately. It was something from one of their pipes, so it didn't affect us. Whew! So glad the neighbor saw that, though.

We relaxed for a while in our room and then went out for an early dinner. We found a place that was supposed to have German food, among other things, (Huber Haus) so we went there, but it turned out they just had German beer and no longer served German food. They had another menu (regular bar food), and I couldn't really eat much there, so we didn't stay long. Fortunately, I found a place nearby called Leadbelly that has really good food, including a pretty big gluten free menu. I had a delicious burger with fries. Not very healthy, but it's ok :)

David had a poke bowl, which is a sushi-like thing with avocado. He said the fish was chewy, which is not great. Too bad.  Later on, we went looking for a karaoke place in the tourist area called Old Market, which is somewhat near our hotel.  We asked around but couldn't find one nearby that was having it tonight. So we took a cab over to this karaoke bar called Alderman's. There was almost no one there when we walked in at 9:30, and the karaoke hadn't started yet (it was supposed to start at 9).  It started to pick up, though. It turned out to be the perfect karaoke in many ways because the place got fairly full, but there were only about 8 singers.  We got to sing a lot that way, yet we still had a good audience.

The people there were very warm, friendly and welcoming. The best singer in there was this really big guy who was dressed up a bit like Prince, and he did mostly Prince songs, very well. Prince is hard to do.  He had his own mic stand and everything, and danced around a lot, and flirted with the ladies. He was great. He was sitting with two young women, and they liked to sing but didn't want to sing by themselves, so they asked me to join them! They kept picking songs I knew, so I got to sing twice as much! It was great. I first sang "The Warrior" by Scandal, then "Nobody" by Sylvia with them, then "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer, and then "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar with them, then "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt, and then lastly, "I Love Rock and Roll" with them. It was very fun. We were only there two hours, but we got in a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, my phone battery had died, so we only got a few photos, from David's crappy phone... You can see them at Instagram. I'm pretty sure that we did have some snacks and drinks at our hotel bar again. I think David got chicken wings with barbecue sauce, and I ate the celery sticks and carrots that came with that, plus we shared the chips. It was one dish, but quite enough snack for two of us.

  Sunday 7/30/17

David goes walking most mornings while I sleep in...

We didn't want to have a very heavy lunch, since we wanted to save room for our anniversary dinner at the fish place! We found a New Orleans-style restaurant...a chain, actually... called Jazz, a Louisiana Kitchen. It was really good. It was very spicy, so that kept us from eating too much. I just love eating gluten free food at restaurants that have good menus for me.  I had a Creole dish with crawfish and dirty rice. It was wonderful!

It was a neat place, too, with an aquarium and lots of funny signs.  Afterwards, we stopped at this ice cream place I had seen the previous evening. It just has soft serve, different flavors, and gluten free. That really hit the spot after the spicy food. We walked around the Old Market area a little and also stopped in the Irish bar. Last night it was packed and noisy, but it was empty today.  They have a kind of crummy sound system, which is too bad because they play a lot of great oldies, including some obscure or live recordings of people like The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel, among others.

We went back to the hotel for a little nap... one of the few things I don't like about this hotel is that they don't have a real gift shop. They have a mini-Starbucks place with a few things for sale. They really need a real gift shop. I stopped to get a couple of bottles of water and it took forever while I waited for the one guy behind the counter to make coffee drinks for a group of four.

Later on, we went looking for a cab, and there was none around, nor any valet. There was a cab parked down the street a bit, so I went inside and asked the woman there (who I think was the valet) to get us a cab. She asked where we were going, so I told her. By the way, I was wearing a dress, so it was clear that I was GOING OUT.  She went out, saw the cab down the street, pointed to it, and said, "There's a cab over there you can get!"  I was pretty annoyed by that because of course, it's her job to go get it for us. Usually a valet will whistle or something to call it over. I don't know why the cab wasn't parked in the hotel area, anyway. Other than that woman, the people there were very nice.

For dinner, we went to this place called Shuck's Downtown Fish House and Oyster Bar. Now, this is not a fancy place, and not a type of place we would normally go for our anniversary. However, they have an extensive gluten free menu of fried fish and other stuff, so it was a no-brainer.  I rarely get to eat any fried fish, except for the place here called Chicken Express, which is not very good.

We took the cab there, and the cab driver was a real character. He said he was an artist, and he insisted that Omaha and other Midwestern cities had more innovative art than places like New York (not that we asked him). He really was chatty but also kind of full of himself and his opinions. He was amusing.  He approved of our choice of food, though.

The food was outstanding. It was very fresh, for one thing. The waitress, who was pregnant, was really nice (another chatty one).  They bread their fish with a super thin coating, which is great. Not only was it delicious, but not all that filling, surprisingly! I thought I would be stuffed, and there was a lot of food, but I ate it all with no problem. I had clam strips first, and then their haddock fish and chips, which are so good. David had some different kind of fried catfish, which he said was great. I sure wish we could have that place here!  It was a great meal.  They don't take reservations, and they're only open until 8, so we went there pretty early, but it was not too crowded, and we didn't have to wait, so that was good. I think there are at least 3 of them in the city, so that may be why.

We called that same guy to come pick us up, since he had given us his card and was reliable. He dropped us off, at our request, back at the Old Market. I was going to have ice cream at the same place as before, but he took us to an even better place called Ted & Wally's, which makes homemade ice cream. There was actually a line! Normally, I would not stand in line for ice cream, but this was very good. I only ate a little bit, since I'd already had ice cream earlier in the day.  The cab driver told us that Paul McCartney liked to eat the ice cream there, but I couldn't verify that anywhere online. Perhaps he did stop there last week when he was in town, since they do have vegan ice cream! Also, Warren Buffet is from there, and apparently he and Paul McCartney do sometimes hang out in Omaha.

We walked around the Old Market some more and stopped in some other places.  It was a very fun anniversary, and we enjoyed it. Omaha is great! I'm not sure it's worth going out of your way for, and not sure if we'll ever come back, but I'm glad we did go there. I wish we lived there (although, it's pretty cold in the Winter).

We stopped again later at our hotel bar. I wasn't going to eat anything, but David had a snack, so I ordered their flourless chocolate cake. It was very small, but to die for. Yum! Too much sugar for one day, though!

We were tired and turned in pretty early. I tried to sleep but woke up around 3:30 am with some heartburn (all that over-eating.). I did some much-needed work on my site.

Hope you have a great week!

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