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  Monday 7/17/17

It's a busy week!  Today the handyman Richard came by around 8:15, so I set the alarm for 7 in order to have time for breakfast and to straighten the place up a little more. Last night I cleaned the bathrooms and did some other stuff. Also, our friend and financial advisor Beth is coming on Wednesday. The place is a bit messy and dirty from the puppy.

nice clean showerAnyway, he came by and fixed a bunch of stuff. Originally, he was going to take the bird bath out back away, but I found someone on Facebook to take that. They came and got it on Sunday.  Funny because someone else first said they wanted it, but then they didn't come by... but several people were willing to come get it (I was giving it away). So it all worked out well. I haven't decided yet if I want to get rid of the fountain as well. It's pretty, but it just collects gross sludgy water, too, like the bird bath. At first the puppy was ignoring it, but now she tries to drink out of that, too. I bought a cover for it on Amazon, so when it arrives, I'll clean out the fountain one last time and put the cover on it, so I no longer have to worry about it! UGH.

Richard cleaned the mold out of my shower and re-caulked it. He did this last year, too. It's the type of shower that is somewhat airtight, so I guess that's why it gets moldy so easily. I'm going to try to remember to leave the door open after I shower, to air it out (and perhaps put the fan on as well), to see if that helps.  In our other full bath, there were two shower curtain rods, and one had fallen down, and I couldn't get it to stay up, so he fixed that, too. He also fixed my closet door in the music room (It wasn't closing right. Some little plastic thing at the top needed replacing).  The two doors that go to the hallway have these stoppers that are supposed to prevent them from hitting the wall, but they weren't working, so he moved those, so hopefully that will fix it. We'll probably need him to come back sometime and fill in the little dents in the walls there, too.  The chain on the back door was put in wrong...the chain was really hard to unhook sometimes because it stretched too far, so he moved that and now it works great.  The French doors to the sunroom were really hard to shut, so he fixed that (after a few days, it's back to being hard to shut...I guess the heat does that). A little knob on the door to the kitchen fell off and wouldn't screw back in, so he glued that on for me. Finally, he helped me put a light bulb up in the kitchen. I would have had David do that, but we ran out of time before he left.  Turns out one of the lights is broken because it doesn't work now, even with the new bulb. I think all of the lights in there are messed up, to be honest, and need to be looked at by an electrician.

He did all those things for me and charged only $60. And he had to go all the way home and back, to get some caulk and bleach, which he didn't charge me anything for. Took him about 5 hours. So that was a great price!Brandy

Brandy and I went for a short walk while Richard was here, and then another one later in the evening. She gets a bit annoying if she doesn't get enough exercise.  She's only 4 months old, so she can't go for longer than a mile at a time, so we have to break it up.

I tried to stay awake, but we did have a little nap as well.

I did a better job all day of watching her and making sure she went out often to go to the bathroom, but I guess I fell down on the job later in the evening because she pooped on the floor again - twice! And both places were within my field of vision. I don't know how I missed that.  At least one of them was on the floor, so it was easy to clean up, and the other one was on the darker rug, so it won't be easy to see if the stain doesn't come out completely.

Sometimes she even lets me know when she needs to go out, so I found that to be very promising...but either she didn't let me know later on, or she did, and I didn't see it.  SIGH.

David is still in India. He said it rained a lot today, so he wasn't able to get out much. Also, even though he's in a city, there are no sidewalks, so he doesn't want to walk around too much and risk getting run over. Sounds like his work there is going well, though. He said he's learning a lot. He said he had good Indian food on the plane from Abu Dhabi and then also had good Korean food once he got to India, although it was very spicy.

I watched a DVD of a TV show season, so that took most of the last two days. I did laundry, and worked on my site, but not much else.  I was a little sick today with my usual gluten problems, but not too bad.

I finally got around to sorting through things in my fridge. I threw out a lot of rotted stuff, and then I cut up veggies so I can have more salads and healthy snacks. I had Mama Mary's gluten-free pizza for breakfast. They're not low carb, though.

I was really itching all day from mosquito bites. Too much standing outside, waiting for the dog to do her business. I should only wear long sleeve shirts or pants, but I get tired of changing, and it's so hot to be out there like that.  But now I have lots of bites, on top of the other scrapes, scabs and scars I already have on my legs!   I've been using lots of Benadryl gel. I had a hard time sleeping last night because of the itching. Also, my spine was giving me pain and a little spasming. I had changed my laptop desk so that it doesn't fall over so easily. Unfortunately, that also makes it so that it's not quite close enough to my lap. So I strain a little when I type. I took a second allergy pill and an Aleve. Eventually I got to sleep.

  Tuesday 7/18/17

I slept in until around 10:30 today. Whoops. I was very tired and groggy. Brandy and I didn't go for our morning walk. Oh, well.

Just got my new glassesLinda came by around 2 so I could run some errands. I picked up my orthopedic inserts for my shoes, and my new glasses. Also, we went to Sonic. That was great. It was nice to get out of the house. Getting new glasses is tough...there's always some adjustment. Especially with the bifocals. Poor Linda is sick with a pretty serious illness. I hope she'll be okay.

Other than that, I haven't done much today.... I'll probably stay up too late again.

We went out for our evening walk around the neighborhood. I cut my new inserts to fit into the shoes. I had bought some new orthopedic shoes, but the back heel part goes up and down on my heel. The people I bought shoes from, Dr. Comfort, said, "Try it out with your new inserts to see if it fits any better."  But it doesn't, so I'm going to have to send those back and get either a different type of shoe or s smaller pair. I put the inserts in my older shoes and they worked fine.  I have a really high arch, so that's why I need the inserts. My feet hurt all of the time, otherwise.

After we had our evening walk, and rested, I went out back with my new Pooper Scooper, and the trash can, and picked up the dog poop. UGH.  Very smelly and gross. Glad that's done with for now.

For dinner, I cooked up some chicken and put it in a salad. It was pretty good! I sliced up the rest of the chicken breasts, and will cook some tomorrow, and probably freeze the rest.

I did some work on my site....

Oh, which reminds me. My friend Martin did me a great favor. I don't want to go into detail, but he got a ticket for something, for a friend of mine, and she is very grateful. So am I. It's related to my site. He really came through for us.

I'm still very tired. I might go to bed a little early. If I can stop itching!

I was emailing back and forth with my brother David about birthdays and such. Neither of us could remember if we ever had a birthday party growing up. I mean, we knew we didn't have a real "party" like the type where you invite other kids over, but I mean, we weren't even sure that our mom celebrated our birthdays; whether we had any cake or presents. I was only 10 when she died, so I remember very little from back then. I'm surprised he can't remember, since he's about 10 years older than me. I emailed my other two brothers, so we'll see what they say. Pat said he remembers getting at least one present, and cake, for his birthdays. I guess she just didn't make a big deal out of it, since we didn't have much money.

Beth is coming over tomorrow, so I'll probably do the rest of the cleaning before that.

  Wednesday 7/19/17

I got up pretty late, around 11. I was sick again today. I guess Sonic is not as safe as it'sTrying to get a selfie with Brandy supposed to be. I just need to make sure to remember to test everything I eat. What a pain.

I spent the morning cleaning up the house. I washed the dishes, cleaned the counters, vacuumed the living room, cleaned up the front foyer, wiped down the bathroom again, picked up stuff in our bedroom and bathroom, and made the bed. I was so exhausted.  Beth came around 2 and we talked about life insurance. How exciting! LOL!

Beth loved the puppy, and I showed her around the house more as I've now got the music room and guest room set up (well, still more to do in the music room), and the rest was clean and straightened up.

Brandy was pretty rambunctious today, probably because we didn't go on our morning walk. Also, the vacuum kind of freaks her out.  At least she seems to have stopped pooping in the house, and mostly stopped peeing.

David and I went on Skype. It sounds like his trip is going really well for his business, but otherwise, it's not been great. He hasn't left the hotel much, in part because it's been pouring rain every day.  He has to be careful where he eats, too, because of his nut allergies.  It was great to see him!

I bought a couple of cheap baby/dog gates online (only $10 each), and I put them up in the doorway that leads out to the foyer, and the one that leads from there to the dining room. The puppy mostly knows not to go over there, and she could probably knock the gates down if she tried, but at least I would hear it if she did, so she wouldn't have time to do her business there. She's a pretty good puppy most of the time and stays where I want her to. I also got a cover for the outdoor fountain, so I'll probably put that on tomorrow.

I found a good website to help me teach her how to come here when I want her to. So far, it worked well. She mostly follows me around, but sometimes she doesn't like leaving the kitchen, the bathroom, or the sunroom. She also doesn't like to be shut away from us, though, so all I really have to do is close the door and she comes running. But I'd rather just say "come here" and have her come right away without having to go through all that.

We had a pretty uneventful evening... we took a very short walk around 7:20. We didn't go too far because I still wasn't feeling that great.

I stayed up until about 3am. Too late!

  Thursday 7/20/17

I woke up around 9, and after letting the dog out for a while, we went back to sleep for a few hours. I was a little sick again after that, too, so I haven't been doing much. I got up too late to take Brandy out for the morning walk.

David's internet connection, or phone, wasn't working right, so I was only getting his texts sporadically. Sounds like he had a pretty good day, though.  Then today he went way too early to the airport, and the counters there weren't open for another hour or so. Apparently he got only the second leg of his flight's boarding pass, but then after the counter people finally showed up, he was able to get the other one and get through security. His phone worked slightly better at the airport. He does have a pretty cheap phone, too, so that may be part of the reason.  He I always have sugar free Popsicles after exercise!should have gotten a Galaxy like me. We didn't get to Skype today It rained for a while, but not too long. It was still hot and humid.

I'm so annoyed that they interrupted all the soaps today to show OJ's parole hearing!! Who cares??!!??

We went for our evening walk around 6:15. It was still very hot!

I moved the furniture a little bit more, so I could make sure to keep an eye on Brandy better. There was an area behind part of the couch that she goes behind sometimes. I'm sure I'll have to move it back at some point.  We had taped down a rug, and now I can't get the tape off the floor. I found a YouTube video that shows how to take it off. I have to get something called mineral spirits to do it.chicken sandwich

I got a lot of work done on my site today, and I did the laundry. I cooked a lot as well. I ran out of my Atkins frozen dinners, so that's why I have to cook I made bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast. The Mikey's bread makes okay toast.  Then the whole house smelled like bacon all day! Brandy liked that...she kept very close to the kitchen door after that. For lunch I made a nice salad using the leftover chicken from yesterday. I made my own honey mustard dressing.  Then for dinner, I seared a small piece of chicken and made a chicken sandwich. I grilled onions and use Mikey's English muffins. It was delicious.

Tomorrow I might order pizza...depends on whether I'm still in a cooking mood or not.

Just as I was about to go to bed, Brandy started being hyper. UGH.  But she did eventually settle down, and I was able to get to sleep.

  Friday 7/21/17

We woke up around 10 when the house phone rang. Tomorrow I really need to get up early, around 8, so we can walk. She just gets too hyper otherwise if she doesn't get two walks.

IDomino's gluten free pizza put Neosporin on my knee and Benadryl gel on my ankle, so she kept trying to lick it off. Ick!

I ordered pizza...it was lunchtime, but I hadn't eaten breakfast, so it was my breakfast. I also got a salad for later, and an extra pizza for David in case he wants some tomorrow.

David's flying home tonight! It'll be a bit late, so he'll spend the night in Texarkana and then drive home tomorrow morning. He called me when he got to Dallas. It was nice to speak with him! Now he's on a plane to Texarkana.

We had a pretty good day. I cleaned out the fountain in theour fountain backyard, which was filled with rain water, insects, plants, sticks, and who the heck knows what else. It was pretty gross. I covered it with the new cover I got. It barely fit. It should keep the rain and the dog out of it.

Today was supposedly the hottest day of the year. It got up to 104. UGH. We didn't go for our walk until after 7pm, and it was still very hot. We stopped for a minute to chat with the lady next door, Mary.

fountain with coverI made some strawberry ice cream, too. Well, I only had a tiny bit of cream left, but I also had half-and-half, so I used that plus milk. Also, I had two small strawberry yogurts, and a few strawberries, which I put into the food processor to make almost a liquid.  So with that and the Equal, it came out really good. It's not quite the texture of ice cream, but close enough.strawberry ice cream

Tonight I plan to finish the laundry, do the dishes and vacuum a couple of wet spots that Brandy left. (I always put vinegar, and baking powder on them, then they dry and you have to vacuum it)  Then hopefully I will get up early tomorrow so I can take Brandy out before it gets too hot. Then after that, David will be back!

I ended up staying up past 3am...I just wasn't that tired.

  Saturday 7/22/17

The alarm didn't go off. Drat! I woke up around 10:30 and got ready because David texted that Cane, dog at shelterhe would be home around 11. He got home and we were both very glad to see him! I'm surprised Brandy remembered him, but she seemed to.  We put her in the bedroom and then left. I had to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, which closes at noon. Then we went over to the shelter and adopted Brandy (we had been fostering her the past two weeks).  They close at 1 and don't open again until Tuesday.

Then we went to Backyard Barbecue for lunch. I had the ribs, which is a huge plate of not only porks ribs, but sausage, and two sides. I mean, it's enough leftovers for a few days. We stopped briefly at Wal-Mart to get a few things we were out of. We'll do our bigger grocery shopping tomorrow.

David unpacked and had a long nap. I'm sure he's very tired! Such a long trip and for such a short time.... glad I didn't go, although parts of sound fun. Apparently there was a lot of karaoke in the places he saw! Darn it.  He had a good time traveling to a new place, but he was mostly working.BBQ ribs, sausage, beans and cole slaw

This afternoon, I did work and played with the dog while he napped. Brandy was being very hyper and had another accident on the rug. I think I'm just going to put her out whenever she's really hyper, just in case. Also, I think I'm going to put more towels on the floor. I need rugs to protect my rugs! LOL!

I did the laundry and dishes...We had our evening walk.... too hot!magnets

David brought me back some nice souvenirs. He said that he had trouble finding any post cards or many other souvenirs other than that what he brought. I got some magnets, a shot glass, a couple of swizzle sticks, some soap, and some business cards.

I've been trying to make sure to get certain things done, especially on my site. I had some to do lists and checklists, but they weren't working. I've now got it down to ONE list.  The problem, of course, is that I have more things I want to do than I have time for. So we'll see if it helps!new schedule

There are certain things about Facebook that just annoy the heck out of me. I'm sure we all have our own nitpicks.  1) When people that I barely know, chat with me on Messenger, and they ask me about myself, then I give them the link to my bio.  Then two minutes later ask me something that's right there in my bio!  2) Another annoying thing is people who post something and then tag all their friends. Don't tag me unless you post a photo of me! We will see your post when you post it. You don't have to tag us.  3) Now, I really wish people would make more comments on my posts, but I understand people are busy. Sometimes people make comments, and I guess they don't have anything real to say, so they say something completely obvious or your post was rhetorical and they answer it anyway. I want to say, "No sh*t!" to them, but I don't. That would be rude   4)  I don't care much about privacy, and my life is pretty much an open book. But sometimes people give uninvited criticism or advice. I don't mind it too much, but then some people will just argue with you about your own life! I really feel like saying, hey, lady, mind your own damn business and stop telling me what to do... I'm 55, for gosh sakes. I'm open to helpful advice, but I don't need people to give me any life lessons. 5) I don't expect everyone to have perfect spelling/punctuation/grammar, but I wish people would try more. It's very hard to understand what some people are even trying to say.  6)  Sometimes people who are not very bright will post a total non sequitur on a post.  Otherwise, I enjoy Facebook...

  Sunday 7/23/17

David and I went to lunch (well, breakfast for me) at El Compadre. It was good as always. I always have the Huevos con Chorizo. Very yummy! It's hard for me to eat at Mexican places, though, because of the tortilla chips. I try not to eat very many, but it's hard.

Then we went to Wal-Mart to get groceries. Nothing too exciting!  I love to make sugar free ice cream, and I like to experiment with different flavors. I've used sugar free pudding and yogurt as flavors. I bought some more of those as well as some flavor extracts. I got root beer and caramel flavoring. Yum!

Since I'm diabetic, I don't want to use just regular flavorings like fruit or chocolate. Also, I don't like how frozen fruit works in ice cream. It comes out too hard. So using a flavoring works better.

I made mocha ice cream because David loves coffee flavor. I think next I'll make root beer flavor. It should taste like a root beer float!

I forgot to get the mineral spirits...oops! Also, I got Resolve carpet cleaner, and that has really come in handy with cleaning up after Brandy.

We went for our nighttime walk around 7. David went with us, and then he walked it again. We can only do it once because the puppy is too young.

Sunday's always a busy day for me because of my site! So I mostly worked on that.

I've been itching a lot more this week than usual because of the mosquito bites and the healing of the big sore on my knee where I fell last week.

I'm very glad that San Diego Comic Con is over. Just about everyone I know in San Diego goes to it, and many people that I follow on social media, and I hate having to read about how much fun they're all having. I'm hoping to go next year, but we'll see. I would like to have a little table there to advertise my site, but I don't know if that will work or not yet. I guess if nothing else, I can just stand around in a costume and pass out flyers!

It was not a very interesting day, I'm afraid! I got a lot done and went to bed around 2am.

In retrospect, I shouldn't have gotten a puppy. I had no idea how much work it would be to get her house broken and to train her for other things. She has so much energy! I'm probably too old to deal with her. I'm not sorry we got her, but in a way...I wish I hadn't gone with my first impulse and had waited to get an older dog. I just don't have the time or energy to deal with her properly. It's going to be hard on her when I go back to school....I hope not too hard.  I have to go in all five days this semester, but only for part of the day. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays I'll be there 11-1, and Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll be there 12:30-2.  I'll also have voice lessons one of those days.  Those hours have to be flexible because David takes me home whenever he can, so some days I'll be there later than 1 or 2. I guess we'll put the dog in the bedroom, or outside.  Probably in the bedroom until it gets cooler. 

Don't get me wrong - she's a joy about 98% of the time!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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