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  Monday July 10

I woke up around 12:30pm. I was so tired. David had taken Brandy, our new puppy, out earlier before he left for work, but I did it again. I got up and did this and that...and the dog, unbeknownst to me, was leaving little presents around the house. UGH. So gross. I have learned that you have to watch her every second. We really can't let her out of our sights. I closed off all the areas of the house I could, and I rearranged our sectional so that I can see the whole room now.

We went for a little walk, just nearby, so she could investigate, smell new things, etc. I read that's good for puppies. I wish we had a park to walk to (or a dog park, even better).

We played, and went outside, and we had fun.  She's a good dog...very sweet. She just has a lot of energy, so it's hard for me to keep up! The time today just flew by. I'm not going to get much work done for now.

There are so many different schools of thought about how to train puppies...it can be really confusing. Some of them I just flat out don't want to do. We don't have a good crate yet. We bought a little cloth one, and it's not big enough, so she won't go in it. We need to fix that. Using a crate makes things so much easier.  What I won't do is keep her on a leash the whole time. We just restrict her area and watch her, for now. At least she's very good at going to sleep when she's worn out!

I'm concerned that she might have allergies because her eyes always have gross stuff in the corners, and she scratches and bites herself a lot. Also, she snores quite loudly. The shelter isn't open until Tuesday, and I don't know if we're allowed to take her to the vet unless it's an emergency, since we're fostering her.

It doesn't help that I was sick quite a lot today with my usual problems...

I was very tired and went to bed relatively early.

  Tuesday July 11

I woke up around 6:30 am when David was getting ready to leave for work. I was very itchy, and then I was sick some more. After a while, I had breakfast, and then I took the dog out for a short walk about 9:15. It wasn't too hot yet, thankfully.

I was even more sick after that. It was not a fun day. I felt bad for the little puppy because it's hard for me to pay much attention to her when I'm in the bathroom. She does go in there with me, but I won't let her sniff around the trash or tub, so she can't do much but sit there. She tries to nibble on my feet, though! She has a lot of energy, like puppies do, and she likes to gnaw on things.  I try to tire her out as much as possible taking her for walks, and playing outside and inside.

She had a ton of energy this morning and was running back and forth out in the back yard and also a bit inside the house. It's great that she can play with her toys by herself. She's pretty funny to watch. I post many photos and videos on Instagram

We had a nap for a few hours...

She did do a lot of her business outside today, which is great!  She left us some presents on the front door welcome mat, which I didn't see until after we got back from our walk. Funny thing is, I could smell it, but I didn't see it. So we must have both walked right through it. Very gross!  Fairly easy to clean, though. I washed it out and put it out in the sun to dry, and then washed the floor there. The joys of having a puppy! LOL!

A big dog came rushing out (a pitbull, I think). barking at us, during the walk, but I think it just wanted to say hi. I picked Brandy up, and she peed on me. She was pretty scared. The owner came running out, apologizing. She had been working in her garage, with her kid nearby as well. I told her, it's okay, although I was thinking "Hey, put a leash on that dog, lady!"  She was probably scared I would report her for not having a leash.  We all let our dogs out a little in the yard without a leash, though. But if you have one that might be aggressive, it's not a good idea. I needed a shower badly!

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed last night and this morning, but part of that was due to being so sick.  After recovering a bit and having a shower, I feel so much better!

I've been using vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle, and some baking soda, on the stained rugs. It mostly works!

After David came home in the evening, we had McDonald's. I had a salad, and that was great for a change. Lately I haven't had any energy to do much in the kitchen. I have a sink full of dishes, too.

Having David here gave me time to take the shower. Then he walked her a bit, so I was able to put some laundry away and vacuum up some of the baking soda. I usually let it sit for a day. She came home for some of that. The vacuum scares her!

David's watching the All-Star Game while I try to relax more. Then I need to do the dishes.

Well, I felt a little dizzy so I tested my blood sugar and it was 87! Which is a little low for me... I've been taking these steroid pills for the past week, for my TMD/TMJ problem, and they made my blood sugar go up for just a few days. Now it's back to jumping down low again! I had half a gluten free cookie, so I'll go do the dishes in a little while.

I went to bed around 2:30. Too late!

  Wednesday July 12

I took a second allergy pill last night, so I slept in way too much. I got up sometime early this morning to take the dog out, and then went back to bed.

The dog has been pretty energetic, but we haven't had any little accidents, so that's great! Yay! I'm just so tired and groggy still. Hard to find the energy to play with her, or do anything else. We didn't go for our walk today, but we'll do one later tonight with David.

I was a little sick today, but not nearly as bad as yesterday, so that's good.

I've been taking the dog out in back regularly, and she goes like she's supposed to... I worry about putting her out there too much because we have this sludgy old bird bath that she sometimes will drink out of. Also, there are many pine cones that she likes to chew, and apparently that's not good for her. I hope to hire someone that can clean out the bird bath and get rid of the pine cones regularly. And maybe the dog poop, too! We'll see...

We had a nice walk this evening. She's been a lot more hyper today! I wish I had some of her energy. I worry that we're not training her well, but I guess the house breaking IS working. I just have to work on everything else...that's the hard part. Finding time and energy!

I got a lot more work done today on my site. I would like to somehow try to find more time for everything.  Maybe I should keep track of what I do every day.

I did take the time to make some sugar free banana ice cream. I made it with sugar free banana pudding. It's delicious!!

I think I found someone on Facebook to come take the bird bath away on Friday, so that's great.

I went to bed about 2am, but I guess I wasn't tired enough. I woke up again and couldn't get back to sleep.

I took the dog out back and then came back in. I was not quite awake yet, I guess. I was trying to take off one of my crocs, so I was balanced on one foot. Well, I lost my footing and fell, right on my knee, on the floor of the sunroom (there's a rug there, but it's not very thick). So now I have a big scrape on my knee. I hope it doesn't hurt too much tomorrow. UGH!

Also, while I was sleeping, I really scratched my left arm badly. Now I feel like my entire left side of my body is covered in Neosporin!

I'll probably try to sleep again in just a little while...

  Thursday July 13

I did get back to sleep, and then the puppy woke me up again around 10:30am. I never did get back to sleep. I need to get up earlier anyway... it's too hot all day, otherwise.

We went out for a little walk. This big dog that lives in the house behind us and to the side started barking at us when we were around the side of our house, which scared poor Brandy so much that she wanted to just run back inside our house! But I made her continue with the walk.

We were walking by this one little area that has some kind of concrete area near the woods...don't know if it's a drainage ditch or what. Anyway, this big fat raccoon came walking out right when we walked by. Fortunately, Brandy was so busy paying attention to that big dog's bark that she didn't even see it. It turned right around and ran the other way. Smart animal!

The guys came to mow the lawn and, for some reason, they didn't mind that there was dog poop in the yard. I guess their machines just roll over it.  That's good! Hopefully that means it's just spread all over the lawn now in small bits, so I don't have to pick it up.  The puppy kept barking at them. Then when the guy came to the door, I let the puppy out, and he pet her. But she did pee on the front porch, which I had to clean up. Hopefully not on the guy. I was a bit embarrassed.

This is the second day where she did most of her business outdoors. Today was not quite as good as yesterday. She did pee a few times inside and I had to rush her outdoors to finish. That's pretty common, apparently. I was concerned when we first got up because, the past two days, she comes back in after going outside and sits down on this one particular rug, and there's a little wet spot. It didn't seem like pee. I had read about something else that comes out of her anal glands, so it might be that. But then later on, in the afternoon, she just started peeing in that exact same spot! After, I had put vinegar and baking soda on it twice, and put towels on top of it, so she wouldn't get into it, then she just pees right on top of it! Ack! I was so annoyed. I yelled at her and put her outside. I felt bad for getting mad, but I'm only human. She's just a dumb little dog with a tiny brain, and she's learning, so it's fine.  Then later on, after David took her for a short walk, when he brought her back in, she started peeing on the tile right inside the door, so I rushed her out back again.   That was partly his fault, though, for not making sure she went on the walk....

Other than that, she's been going outdoors, and there have been no more poop accidents. I have vacuumed up all of the accidents from earlier in the week, and most of them look fine. So, other than being in disarray from dog toys, askew rugs, and furniture put in odd places, the house looks normal! LOL!

I was just too tired and overwhelmed to do much today besides watch some TV and do a load of laundry. Tomorrow will be better!

There was a big (but quick) thunderstorm this afternoon, but Brandy didn't seem too scared, thankfully. David and I went to the Japanese restaurant. It wasn't as good as the last two times. It was nice to get out of the house, though, and have a glass of wine.  I put the puppy in the bedroom while we were gone. She did piddle a little. At least it was on the hardwood floor and not a rug! I put towels all over the rug in our bedroom, anyway, so it wouldn't have hurt the rug much.  I'm running out of towels, though. That's why I had to do the laundry.

I've learned some things, such as: food is a great motivator. I mean, I sort of knew it already from when we had Bugs. The puppy is easily distracted with toys or treats. She doesn't know "come" or "come here" yet, but it's pretty easy to get her to go anywhere if you have a treat. Closing the door, or pretending to, also helps, because she doesn't like to be left behind!  When she barks, I find that waving a treat, or bag of treats, or even just grabbing a plastic bottle to make it crack, can get her attention, to stop her from barking. Amazing! :)  Sometimes just picking her up helps, too! She's still pretty small. Or a little nudge with my foot, but often she likes to nibble on that! I also got this bitter cherry spray that dogs don't like, so it stops her from chewing on things she shouldn't.

I happened to read the other day that it's monsoon season in Las Vegas. Apparently it just means that it's a certain type of wind. I always thought a monsoon was a kind of storm, like a typhoon. It reminded me that I was told that, when we lived in Guam, back when I was a baby, a big typhoon hit. So I started researching. It was Typhoon Karen, which hit in November 62.  After emailing two of my brothers, I verified it. I was born in Northern California. My Dad was shipped to Guam, but my mom and brothers and I couldn't go until they had housing for us, I guess. We lived there until 64. Then we moved to Spokane, Washington. My dad retired in 1965, so we moved to San Diego (so glad we did!).  We lived in Pomona briefly in 1968, when I was in kindergarten, and then we moved back to San Diego.  This mostly happened when I was very young, so I don't remember it. I vaguely remember being at the kindergarten in Pomona because it was a very nice place, and they had a bunch of little class pets like mice and other small animals. One time, I was walking to school with my mom, and she saw this very large lizard (or iguana), so she went back for it after dropping me off, and added it to the class pet collection.

Tomorrow we have a lot of stuff to do! Can you believe the month is almost half over already?

  Friday July 14

I went to bed around 2:15am and woke up around 9, so I got some pretty good sleep. We had a lot to do today.  First we went over to the shelter so I could speak with them....apparently they're very short-handed, so that's why they weren't answering the phone or calling me back. They had just opened when we went there, so there was just one lady in the back, hosing down the place. The dog kennels were all empty, so I guess they were all out back while she did that. The place always smells really bad...I can't imagine having that job.  Anyway, she answered my questions. I asked her about where Brandy came from before the shelter, so she gave me a look, like, "what do you think?"  Apparently Brandy was abandoned on the side of the road, which happens often. Poor little doggy!  She verified that Brandy'd had all her shots, but she wasn't sure exactly when she got her last flea medicine.  She said it was okay to take her to the vet.

We went to the Magnolia Veterinary Clinic next. There were about 4 or 5 other people there already with their dogs (not a huge waiting room). They were all friendly, thankfully.  David left, and I waited with the dog. I guess we're calling her Brandy for sure now. That's the name I gave to the vet!  Poor Brandy gets scared so easily and peed on the exam room floor, but they're used to that, and they cleaned it up right away.  Brandy weighs 20 pounds, which doesn't surprise me (she's very heavy for her size, to me. Not fat, just heavy). The vet said she had some fleas, so he gave her a flea pill that works right away (she kept spitting it out, and they had a good laugh over that and said that she was really smart). He cut off a little matted fur by her ear and (sorry, this part is gross) expressed her anal glands.  All of the people that worked there, and even some of the other people with their own pets, remarked on how cute and sweet she is.  After I paid, the receptionist knelt down and pet Brandy and gave her a good belly rub.  Brandy was very happy to be there and meet everyone!

We took Brandy back home and put her in the bedroom while we went out again.  We had lunch at The Flying Burger, which is usually pretty good.  Then we went to the post office so I could mail a couple of packages and check my box.  Then we went to the pharmacy, which is in the same building as Southern Medical Group, where my doctor is, and where the urgent care is. I had forgotten that I'm almost out of this one medicine, Glipizide, and my doctor is not in (and it was originally prescribed by my old doctor, and has no refills).  So the doctor's office there said I would need to see a doctor first, to get the prescription. That meant I had to come back at 2pm.  So we went home for a while.

It rained twice today. The first time was just for a little bit, but it poured a lot the second time. Of course, it started raining while we were out!  We went back, and I saw a different doctor, who interrogated me about my diabetes (I mean, really, what is with doctor sometimes? Did she think I was going to sell my medicine or something?).  And what does this sentence mean, "Wow, you were diagnosed 20 years ago and you're still not on insulin? That's amazing."  Is she saying I should be on insulin, or is she doubting something I'm saying, or what? Is that so unusual? Does no one in Arkansas control their diabetes with diet and exercise, or just pills?  Sheesh.

I got the medication and we went to the grocery store next (Wal-Mart, actually). I got most of what was needed there. I decided not to get a crate for the dog. I think it would be cruel at this point, and she does fine alone in the bedroom while we're gone, or outside. I wanted to get a gate, too, but they didn't have any.

After we got home, and I rested a bit, I picked up the pine cones and many branches in our backyard. It was kind of gross...rotting wet tree detritus. I'm not picking up the dog poop until things are drier out there.

David has been preparing for his trip to India tomorrow. I'm sure going to miss him! At least I do have the dog to keep me company. I did the dishes....that was long overdue.

We just listened to music, read, and played with the dog for the rest of the evening. He went to bed pretty early because he has to leave tomorrow morning for the airport.  I'll probably try to get to bed somewhat early myself...perhaps midnight!

Congrats to my friend Kathy, who just finished a job where they didn't treat her well, and underpaid her. Today was her last day, and I know she's jumping for joy. She and her lovely family are moving soon to her job near Portland, where they're already buying a wonderful big house as she starts her new job, with a promotion and better pay. I hope they love it there!

Brandy is doing much better today, and so am I. We had a nice day, and it's very clear that she learns pretty easily. If I don't want her to bite something, get into something, or bark, I just spray with the bitter cherry spray.  She definitely loves treats, which can motivate her to do her business outside, and to not jump on me with her sharp claws.

Tonight she was barking a lot because she was freaked out by the large barking dogs outside.  We were just out in the backyard, and we heard a big dog barking (not that close by) and she got very scared and ran inside. I mean, she wouldn't chase the ball or ANYTHING. I read a forum where they were talking about almost the exact same problem, so I guess I'll try doing what it says. Poor little scared puppy!

I went to bed about 2:30 again...

  Saturday July 15

David woke me up around 8 am when he left. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn't, so I stayed up. I was very sick all morning with the usual problems. This is why I can't get anything done! I shouldn't have eaten at the Japanese buffet on Thursday night. I never learn...

Brandy and I went for a walk around 10... this was before I got sick. I went back to sleep for a nap about 1 and slept for 2 hours.

I've done very little so far today! I've just been texting with David. He's at the Dallas airport for 8 hours. Then he flies for over 15 hours to Abu Dhabi. He has 7 hours there and hopes that he can get out of the airport to explore a little, since he's never been there.  Then he flies over 3 hours to Hyderabad. I hope he gets to see some fun stuff and isn't just working in a hotel or something the whole time. He enjoys going to new countries. More than I do! I generally do, but I like comfort more ;)  Nothing against India, but I don't want to get shots or have to worry about malaria.

I made a cheeseburger for lunch with the Mikey's bread I bought online (it's low-carb and gluten free).  Later, I made some white chocolate ice cream (I used sugar free white chocolate pudding). Yum! I need to go through the fridge and clean it out, and cut up some veggies etc.

I've been very lazy all day. Ah, well! We didn't have our usual evening walk. I was just too tired. The puppy gets lots of playtime, though.

We had a setback...she did her business on one of the rugs. It was my fault, though, for not taking her out soon enough, and not watching her closely enough. Oh, well. We'll do better tomorrow!

I got to chat with David a little while earlier while he was still in Dallas. I miss him! Too bad for him because I know he was very bored. I love airports, myself, so I wouldn't be bored there. Especially a nice big airport like that one. He did like the International terminal, though.

I went to bed about 1:30am.

  Sunday July 16

I woke up about 9:15am. I forgot to set the clock for 8 am. Oops!

We did our usual morning routine...I took Brandy out back so she could go. Had breakfast. Went for a walk.

I'm very tired....wish there was a way to steal some of the puppy's energy! I was sick again, and then went back to sleep for a few hours. I had dreams about being in Hawaii, but then it was a weird dream, not quite a nightmare, but not pleasant, either.

David texted me when he landed in Abu Dhabi, but then something happened where he could read my texts, but I wasn't getting his. So he emailed me. He's on his way now to India.

While he was in Abu Dhabi for a 7 hour layover, he took a taxi in to see some of the city. I don't know any details yet.

After lunch, I did work on my site and watched TV, and started the laundry.

I realized that I have people coming over this week, so I better clean the house a bit. I cleaned the dining room table and vacuumed, and I cleaned the kitchen a little, did the dishes and swept in there. I'm just taking a short rest now, and then we'll go for our evening walk. I'll finish the cleaning later.

Our walk was short because she looked like she had to go to the bathroom, and I didn't feel like picking it up! We did a lot of running, though. I'm exhausted.

I vacuumed the kitchen and part of the living room. I watched some TV and then went to bed about 1am.

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