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  Monday July 3

KFCDavid had 5 days in a row off! He doesn't have to go in until Wednesday. It's been nice. We've had a very relaxing holiday weekend.

I really wanted to go check out the "Sparks in the Park" celebration, but David wasn't in the mood, so we didn't. We were going to eat at the barbecue place, but it was closed, so we went next door to KFC instead. This is a healthy meal for me, but not so much for him. I take off the skin.

We went to the discount store, hoping to find a cheap grill, but they had none.

The gluten-free magazine I subscribe to tasted all sorts of gluten free breads. They had just a few that are also low carb. One I had before and didn't like. Another one cost a huge amount for postage.  So I ordered this one, Mikey's.  We'll see how it tastes!

We didn't really do anything interesting during the holiday.

  Tuesday July 4

We look at the Wal-Mart grill prices again, but they were too much. $50 for a cheap little grill. Yuk.  Then I was going to use my George Foreman Grill, but I didn't realize that I was missing watermelonthe parts that come with it. I decided just to fry burgers instead. We just had fried cheeseburgers, with bacon and fried onions, and low fat chips. Then watermelon for dessert. It was all good! We ate at the table together, like a real family, for a change. LOL!  Later on, I made strawberry shortcake as well.  I used a burger recipe from Bobby Flay that worked pretty well. I guess he sort of chars them on the outside.  We rarely have this much meat and fat, since we're both dieting. We tend to eat turkey, chicken or fish, or if we do have a burger, I'll just have a few of the McDonald's little ones, without the bread. These were big thick burgers.  Yum! I love grilled or fried onions (I like them very well done, almost burnt). I ate too many and gave myself a stomach ache!My 4th of July shirt

I haven't been very good at keeping up with the blog, so I'm always playing catch-up lately. So that's why you may not find many good details.

We did do a lot of walking for exercise over the holiday weekend.  We've been watching the Padres a lot, too, and they've actually been winning a lot (for a change!).

I don't normally watch live TV (anything that's not on my DVR), but tonight I watched the Macy's Fireworks show on NBC, and then part of1776 the musical "1776." It's one of my favorites, and I happened to see that it was on. I was having fun watching it and singing along.

I really missed fireworks and all of the patriotic hoopla this year. I love fireworks. We usually see them at one baseball game, at least.  We used to see them a lot in Hawaii, too.  Hopefully we can next year!  We heard a lot of them outside, too, from our neighbors. It went on for quite a few days, actually.

  Wednesday July 5

Spider-man Homecoming posterLately, it's been tough to get my mind to work or to do any of the things I wanted to do. First school was over. Then we had a vacation to San Diego and Vegas. Then Susan came out to visit, and we went to Little Rock. Then it was the 4th. No wonder I can't concentrate! I haven't been doing a great job on my diet, either.

David went back to work today. Awwww!

"Spider-Man Homecoming" will be out soon...wish I could see it! I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

  Thursday July 6

I don't know anything that happened on this day! Probably a lot of working on my site, watching TV shows and playing around with Snapchat and other social media.

Oh, I had planned to get a dog tomorrow, but David has to work. He usually has Fridays off, but this time, he took Monday off so that he would have 5 days off straight.  So we can't really do any of the usual Friday errand things, or get a dog...

  Friday July 7

Wow, this was a terrible day. First of all,  I was very tired. I only had about 3 hours' sleep.  Then, I couldn't find my glasses at all when I got up.  I had a 10:30 appointment with the eye doctor! Fortunately, my glasses were not needed for that. The doctor just did the regular eye test again, and the puff test for glaucoma.  Then he ordered the new glasses, so they'll be in, in about a week. I can't wait!

While I was waiting at the doctor's office, my ears felt plugged up, as they often do, so I popped them. Then I suddenly felt this horrible sensation whenever I opened my mouth wide. Like a grinding or scraping sensation.  It was very uncomfortable. So I had David take me over to the urgent care. Well, it was only 11:15, and the urgent care doctor wasn't getting there until 1pm.  So then, David brought me to the campus. I had hoped to have lunch there, but most of the regular eating places were closed. That figures! I went to Reynolds and got snacks at the bookstore. They had no liquids, though. I walked over to the library and used their water fountain. I basically killed time at the library, playing on the phone, until it was time to leave. I went to the urgent care appointment. The doctor seemed very nice and examined me. He agreed with the previous diagnosis that I have TMD or TMJ.  He suggested a steroid that would make it less uncomfortable.  Oh, good - more pills! Just what I need.

Then I went to the pharmacy and picked up some prescriptions before David picked me up and took me home again. It was a very bad day. At least I did find my glasses. I went back to sleep.

We were too tired to go out to dinner...

  Saturday July 8

We went to lunch at Backyard Barbecue. They weren't serving the ribs yet, so I just had the beef brisket. Their ribs are the best, though.

We then went to the shelter to look for a dog. Now, we wanted a young dog, not a puppy - one who's house-trained. I wanted a small lapdog, but I knew that might not happen (small dogs are very popular). They keep most of their dogs in the dogruns/kennels, and then they have a few smaller dogs and cats that run around. One that was running around was this little mutt brandy. She's 4 months old and followed us around the whole time we were there. There was also a much smaller black puppy that was SO cute, and an old sweet poodle, and another dog that was kind of scared. As we walked around and looked at all of the dogs, most of them very big, little Brandy kept following us around. I fell in love right away!

They didn't know if she was house broken or not, or what exactly her background is. They think she may be part corgi and part bassett, but they're not sure. We went home to talk about it some more, and to get the blanket for the backseat, and to grab our check book (they don't take credit cards).  David would have preferred to wait until next month, but he's not the one taking care of her....she's my dog.  Bugs was his dog, even though he and I spent more time together, due to David's working.

They said we can just foster her, and that way, we can decide if we want to keep her or not (not that I plan to give her back).  Also, they're charging half price this month, so that made things easier.

We took Brandy home and left her in one of the bathrooms while we ran out to Wal-mart to get her food, a bed, toys, etc.  We found out that she's not house-broken, but I did a lot of research online and found out that it's not all that hard to house-train a dog.


Regular meals at regular times (don't leave food out all day)

Consistency and follow-through is needed every day.

Take her outside (backyard) on leash: in morning, every 2-4 hours, after meals and before bed

Take her to the same spot outside every time and tell her to "go potty". Stay with her. Praise her or give her treat if she does it.

If you catch her going in the house, say "No!" or "Outside" (not angry) and drag her outside to finish. Praise her when she's finished.

Pick up water dish 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Keep her in crate or small room at night or while you're away. Keep her on leash or keep close eye on her if you're home.

Never yell at her or rub her nose in it or say "bad dog" - praise and reward, not punishment


She did go a little bit when we got her home, in excitement. Otherwise, she's been peeing outside, so that's great. However, she doesn't know yet to do her other business outside.  She's quick, too. I had no idea how quick a puppy can be.  We have to keep constant watch on her. We started shutting all the doors, shutting off most of the areas of the house, to limit her area.

I don't take her outside on a leash...that's too difficult. I just let her go out and I watch her, and if she does go, then we give her a treat and praise her.  The hard part is watching her all the time, and also making sure to take her out right before bedtime, and the next morning, before she gets a chance to go.

We did get a crate on Sunday, but it's a small cloth one, and I don't know if she will want to stay in it. She doesn't go in there very often, even though we put her food in there, and I've been putting treats in there.  She's been sleeping in her dog bed, and I put towels all over the bedroom rug. So far, she hasn't gone at all in the bedroom. Maybe we've been lucky? I don't know...

She's a very sweet dog, though, and really likes to please. She makes us laugh because she's so funny. Puppies are just great. They have so much energy!

  Sunday July 9

We went to our nearby Mexican restaurant, El Compadre, for lunch. We had some other errands to run, too. We're making sure to walk the dog a lot, too. It's going to be twice a day from now on because she can't walk more than a mile at a time.

It's pretty funny how ignorant we are about puppies...I should have done more research into them. Well, we didn't know... I spent a lot of time online today learning about using crates, and how to teach the dog commands and tricks, and of course about teaching potty training.

Puppies have a lot of energy, and they like to investigate everything, and chew on anything, so you have to keep everything off the floor and make sure they don't get into the trash, or chew on your feet or shoes.  But they are so funny and cute, so it's worth it. Still, it's exhausting!

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have a hard time already, managing my time. Why did I think I had time to have a dog - a puppy no less? But somehow I will find time because it's great having a dog. I guess someone people have kids the same way! For me, dogs are more fun.

Our place is kind of a mess, but it's okay. That's to be expected with a dog. There are toys all over, and the rugs are askew, and doors are closed all over, and chairs are moved into weird places.  All for this tiny little dog! :) But she's worth it.

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