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  Monday 6/19/17

I woke up around 6:30am and couldn't get back to sleep!new (fake) plant in our bathroom

I did quite a bit of work, but I was very tired. I also watched some TV.  The woman from the insurance company, Felicity, was scheduled to come up at noon, so I ate my breakfast by 8am, since she said that it was best if I don't eat 4 hours before she took my blood. Then, she called to ask if it was OK that she come by earlier, so I said OK. It was 10:35 when she came by, but it was about 11:45 by the time she took my blood, so I guess it was fine.

I was very sick before she came...I think my body is having a hard time adjusting to the doubling of my Metformin. UGH.

I spent quite a bit of time straightening up the house before she got here, too.

She was here for about an hour, and the exam was fairly easy. She asked me a lot of questions about my medical health and prescriptions.  She took my blood pressure three times while she was here. I guess they get an average that way and can tell if there's any spikes.  She had trouble finding a vein in either of my arms, so it took awhile for her to get the blood. I told her I would have made a very bad junkie!  She seemed very nice. I asked, and it turns out she's not a nurse, but a phlebotomist (that's a person who takes blood). I also had to give her a urine sample, and then she had to use a portable EKG machine to get my electrical waves. I hadn't finished cleaning before she arrived, so I had to rush to make up the bed and pick up a few things before I would let her see the bedroom. It was way too messy!  The EKG was pretty easy. I just lie down on the bed, and she put some round stickers on my chest, and attached some wires (just like you see on TV). It only took a minute or two. I almost fell asleep! I was very tired and took a nap after she left.

I found out that the reason my new blood sugar monitor was probably showing 40 points higher than my old one is that I was using old, expired strips! I had no idea they expired.  Hopefully that fixed it and solved the mystery. So far, so good.

I did the laundry today and did a lot more work later on. I might have to go to bed early again tonight. So sleepy!

  Tuesday 6/20/17

I slept 13 hours...UGH. I woke up around 3am itching badly, so I took a second allergy pill, hydroxyzine, which really zonked me out. I usually take it once at night, but I can actually take it every 6 hours if I need to. The first one doesn't make me drowsy, but the second one usually does.

This is the only day this week that I don't have to get up early for something....Yay!

I spent most of the day getting the house ready for tomorrow...when the maids are coming, and then the next day when Susan will be here. If she gets here! There's a big storm heading south, apparently, that might delay her. I hope not!  She's only here 5 days as it is.

I ordered a birthday present for David, but it came broken, so I have to send it back :( It's okay, I got him something else.

Susan was asking about us doing karaoke (for fun, at home) while she's here. I don't have a karaoke machine any more. I hope to get one, one of these days. I'm picky now because a good one costs at least $400.  Anyway, I showed her sites on YouTube and SingSnap where we can sing, but she was asking about having a microphone, and reverb, so I've been looking into that.

At first I was going to buy a mic with echo on it (I used to have a mic like that with one of myamp karaoke machines, years ago, but it was not high tech like the new ones). But then, after talking to someone on karaokescene.com, I realized that I have a guitar amp, and I plugged my microphone into it, and guess what -- it has reverb! So that problem is solved. I'll also hook my laptop up to the TV so that we can put the karaoke on the bigger screen and all see it at once, and also, we'll have better and louder sound. That should all work out nicely. Now, I'm sure there's some way to hook the TV into the guitar amp as well, for even better sound, but it's not necessary. Also, the TV is on the wall, and I don't have any way to get behind it to find out if it has outgoing audio. I had to pay someone to mount it on the wall, so....I'm not messing that up.  Hopefully that will all work and we'll have a couple of good fun nights of karaoke.

I made some low fat, sugar free, low calorie coffee ice cream, too. I'll also be making some sugar free vanilla, and perhaps caramel. I haven't decided yet.

I've got a lot of things I want to do, and not enough time to do them!

  Saturday 7/1/17music room

Wow, I really fell behind on this blog. I have no excuse. We just were busy having lots of fun with Susan's visit, and then I was catching up on work after she left.

Wednesday, 6/21 - Yolanda came by to clean the house. She brought her granddaughter, Anna, who's six. She's a real cutie. I could tell she was bored and had lots of energy because she was running all over the place (not causing trouble - just burning off energy). I showed her my bears, but she wasn't interested. I took out my jump rope (I bought it for exercise, but I never use it). I was surprised that she hadn't used one before! I tied one end to a chair and swung it back and forth, so she could jump back and forth over it. We had some fun and talked about her school and whatnot. Such a bright little girl, too.  We showed each other photos on our phones.  Then, eventflowersually, I got the bright idea to put cartoons on TV for her, which kept her engaged for quite a while. I think her Abuela was happy to see her occupied for a while...

It suddenly occurred to me, earlier, that I had never told Yolanda that it was okay for her to use the restroom! I felt terrible for not thinking of this. I did tell her this time, and I think she understood. Plus, I didn't want to make her poor granddaughter wait if she had to go.  They were there over 5 hours. I said to her, "Mi baņo es su baņo"...

Linda has been sick, so she came by in the afternoon, instead of the morning, to take me to Wal-mart. We also went to the UPS drop-off place, and she drove me through fast food to get lunch. I rushed through Wal-Mart really quick, but I managed to get just about everything I needed. I was rushing because I knew Yolanda was almost done, and I didn't want to keep her waiting. She'd already been there so long!

Her daughter was there, too, when I got back, helping her finish up. Yolanda reminded the little girl to thank me, so she rushed over and gave me a hug! Awww!  She is adorable.

I was very tired when they left. I think I cleared everything off the bed and took a nap.  I spent the rest of the evening getting the house ready, putting stuff back, doing dishes and laundry, etc. I was exhausted.guest bedroom

Thursday, 6/22 - The furniture delivery guys dropped off the new bed for the guest room, so that was good. I made the bed. The room looks really nice now.

I spent a lot of the past two days getting as much done as I could on my site or other little things around the house that I'd wanted to get done.

We had been worried about the storms preventing Susan's arrival, but it all worked out. Her flight was a little late, but she got in by around 7pm.  We were all starving by the time she came, so we all went out to dinner at the barbecue restaurant, Backyard Barbecue.  I usually get the pulled pork, but I got the rib plate this time. I didn't realize how massive ribs plateit is! I took it home and had leftovers for two days. It was really good, though.... Maybe the best BBQ I've ever had. I've had it all over, too! Texas, Alabama, Southern California, Kansas City...

It was fun showing our house and yard to Susan, and catching up with her. We had a great time. I know David enjoyed spending time with lots of time with her.  Probably more than we ever get in San Diego because we're always running around there, seeing everyone.

ice creamWe sat around our sun room chatting for a long while, and I brought out the ice cream, too. I love having visitors! It may not be Hawaii, but it's still nice to have people visit.

Friday, 6/23 - We drove to Little Rock for a short trip. We had lunch at our favorite restaurant there, Brave New Restaurant (we went there last year for our anniversary).  It's always really good, and it's right on the river, which is so pretty. We took a lot of photos.  The food is just outstanding there.  Then we went to the Arkansas State Capitol because Susan wanted to go. We'd been there before,Susan and me outside Brave New Restaurant but not for a while.  We took many more photos, and I bought some stuff in the gift shop.  Then we checked in to our rooms at the Comfort Inn and had a nap. Later, we took a cab to the downtown area by the river. We had dinner at Cache, which I always love because of their many gluten free dishes. We kept Susan well-fed! LOL!  We walked around a bit, took some photos, visited some bars and had fun.  Around 9, we went to DamGoode Pizza, which has the karaoke. It was packed with people, including many kids. I guess they are there more in the summer time.

us at CapitolThe whole city was crowded...they had a big Taikwando competition there. A doorman told me that this brought 15,000 people into the city. No wonder we couldn't find a good hotel room there. We have stayed at the Comfort Inn before, though, and it's fine. It was cheap, too :)

Anyway, I did get to sing two songs, and Susan even recorded one of them for me, which was nice!  We would have stayed longer, but it was too loud and crowded.  We couldn't even talk to each other.  I only got the second song because I went up to tell the KJ that he should pull my second song because they want to leave, so he told me it was OK and that I would be coming up soon. So that was nice of him!  However, I did kind of mess up my second song a bit. I haven't done it in a long time, so I kind of forgot how the middle part went. Oops! Oh, well.

We also stopped at the big bridge that goes over the river there because it has pretty lights that turn different colors. Susan got some pretty good photos of that.  We were going to stop at this one little place, Prost, since it was quiet, but they actually wouldn't let me in because I had leftover bread in my bag! Can you believe that? I was shocked. So instead, we stopped at the Marriott's little bar/restaurant and had a snack and some drinks, and to use their facilities.David and I with ladybugs

The next day, Saturday, 6/24, we checked out of our hotel and had lunch at Dizzy's, another place that we like that has great food. I had this wonderful Creole dish there.  Then we went to the Clinton Presidential Library. We hadn't been there since it opened, 13 years ago!  They had a special display about "Xtreme Bugs!"  We had fun seeing everything, taking photos etc.  We stopped at my favorite gluten free bakery there, too, Dempsey's, and got many great things.  Then we drove home in the afternoon.  I think we just had munchies in the evening. My memory is terrible!

It was Susan's birthday, so we just let her decide what to do for the rest of the day, mostly. David's birthday card

Sunday, 6/25 - We went over to SAU to show Susan where David works and take a short little tour of the campus.  Then we went to lunch at the Japanese restaurant, Tokyo. It was David's birthday, so he picked it. Susan and I had part of the buffet, and he had sushi. I think we went to Wal-Mart after that, to get a few things.

I set up the karaoke, and we had fun playing around with that. Most of the nights here at home, we also went out for a walk around the neighborhood. In the mornings, Susan and David went over to the SAU trail to walk, but I don't get up that early.

None of us was very hungry or wanted to go out for dinner, so I just made a bunch of little appetizers (which is fun for me, anyway). I had some leftover cheese pastry-wrapped olives that were frozen, from our party back in April, and I also made the beef-wrapped cream cheese, and I had cut up some veggies (with dip), and we had popcorn, so it was all good. Plus ice cream and pastries for dessert.

SAUMonday, 6/26 - David went to work as usual. Susan and I drove over to SAU so she could go to the bookstore. Then we drove downtown to The Square. I had hoped to have lunch at a restaurant there called My Kitchen Table, and then we were going to walk around The Square and look at the shops, etc. Especially the antique store. Well, so much for best laid plans... it turned out that this restaurant is a cafeteria with a pretty small menu. There was literally nothing either of us could eat. Everything was breaded, and it was all chicken and pork. We stood in line for quite a while before we figured it out, too. It was a long, slow line, and they had very little air conditioning. That was awful.  So we just left. There's only one other restaurant downtown, and it has peanut shells on the floor, so Susan can't go in there.  It was really hot, anyway. Honestly, it was the first super hot day while Susan was there. It had been raining hard the day she came, and after that, theBrisket tacos weather was very nice.  The antique store was closed. I don't know why because it was supposed to be open at 10, and we were there well after noon. So I just said, let's leave The Square. I was starving. So we drove to Antigua's, one of our favorite Mexican places, and had lunch there. We both enjoyed it.  It's not as good, I'm sure, as what Susan is used to, since she lives in San Diego.  She likes food a lot spicier than I do, too. But it's good, at least. I always get the brisket tacos there.

After that, she stopped by the pharmacy so I could pick up some prescriptions. Then she stopped by the Flying Burger, which is near our house, so I could get a soda. I brought my credit cards, no cash, so they just let me have the soda for free. That was nice! I guess the cashier didn't feel like bothering with the card just to get a soda.  Then Susan and I drove home. We had to sort of find our way around town because, since I don't drive, I don't really know where everything is. I have a general idea, but that's it. We were using Google maps and that kind of thing.  We took a few wrong turns but ended up in the right places.

Susan and I did some more karaoke at home, so that was fun! I can do that every day! ;)

I also showed her my guitars and we had a little fun with those.  She used to play, and she remembered how to play pretty easily.

Later on, we just had Domino's for dinner. I got a free pizza, for all of the previous pizzas I ordered from them.  I always ordered the gluten free ones as well, for myself.  We just sat around and talked. It was a lot of fun. I was sad to see her go because it was all so much fun.

Tuesday 6/27 - She left early, but after David left for work, so he woke me up, and I stayed up to let her out.

I started a new medication for my diabetes, Jardiance.  I've been kind of sick off and on all week, but it's getting better. It's definitely helping to regulate my blood sugar. I would really like to stop taking all of the medication. I take about 12 pills a day now. It's crazy! Some are vitamins...  The medicine makes you very thirsty, too, so that's the only problem.

Since Tuesday, I've mostly been catching up on work on my site and on housework.

One of the Clinton library picturesI took many photos on our little trip, so I spent a lot of time posting them to Instagram, starting Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday, I think it was, when I went back to finish posting the rest, suddenly my Instagram stopped working. The photos posted, but then they were immediately deleted. I'm guessing it's some technical glitch because I am able to post the videos I make with the Snapchat app, but nothing else. It's very strange. Instagram has terrible customer service, so I did tell them about it, but they didn't fix it as far as I can tell. It's been very frustrating because I really love taking lots of photos and posting them on Instagram. I'm kind of addicted to it. Not having it for a few days was terrible.  Finally, on Friday, I decided to just make a new Instagram account.  Then it was tedious because I had to not only post all the rest of the photos from our trip, but add most of the same followers that I had been following before, and also let everyone know. It took up a good chunk of my day.  I did wonder if somehow they objected to something I posted, but if that's the case, why do they let me post some things but not others? And I got no warning or anything, no email, so I don't think that's it.

I had finished this blog, and I forgot to copy it before I saved it...I usually type it up in Frontpage, which crashes a lot. So I lost all that I added. Grrr! When will I learn?

I was supposed to go pick up my new orthotics from the podiatrist's office on Tuesday, but I didn't have a ride, and David was out of town all day. Hopefully I can get them soon.

June 20th was the anniversary of our moving here to Magnolia! Time sure flew by.

June 27th was the anniversary of the Harry Potter books. Hard to believe it's been 20 years!

June 30th was social media day! Ironic, since some of mine wasn't working right...

Sadly, I don't remember what happened Wednesday, June 28th, and I don't see anything in particular posted on social media. I was probably just working and recovering from all the fun as well as dealing with the Instagram mess.

My phone did a system upgrade this week, so now when someone phones me, it tells me if their number might be spam. That's convenient!

Thursday, June 29 - I went to see the eye doctor for a regular checkup. I hadn't been to one since we moved here, and probably about 6 months before that, at least. It looks like I'm getting new glasses. He wants to see me again next Friday to make sure because I just started taking the new medicine, and sometimes that will mess up your eyes for a while. I hate going to the eye doctor, getting the eye drops and all the exams. It's like torture.  The doctor was very nice, though. Not overly chatty, which was fine.

We went to Antigua's for dinner...second time in a week I went! LOL! It's OK, it's worth it.Our new license plate

Friday we went to the UPS dropoff place and to McDonald's for lunch. We also stopped by the pharmacy for some prescriptions. David got our new license plate for the car, too. It's an SAU plate. Go Muleriders!

Friday night we had a big rain- and thunder-storm here. I had put one of my plants outside in a hanging holder because it's an ivy and it's really growing.  The wind knocked it out, so I had to run out and rescue it. It's a pretty hearty plant, though. 

Storms here are pretty common, but apparently this one knocked down a lot of trees all over, and many people lost power. We were very lucky.

We watched the Padres win for a change... then for some reason, our neighbors right behind us seemed to be out mowing the lawn at 11:30 at night. I don't know how they can even see in the dark.

I can't believe it's July already! Wow!

Saturday we went to II Brothers Italian restaurant for lunch. Sunday we went to the nearby Mexican restaurant for lunch. I've eaten Mexican food three times in one week!

My old Instagram finally started working on Saturday! I was kind of pissed.  Well, c'est la vie. I picked up at least 10 or more new followers from starting the new one. LOL!

We did a lot of exercising this weekend, but it's been very hot and humid. Too much for me. It was good exercise, but I don't like feeling that miserable. I'd rather stay in and use the treadmill with the air conditioning when it's 75% humidity, thank you very much.

Me at karaoke 6/23We were discussing it all weekend and have decided to go to Omaha, Nebraska this year for our anniversary.  We go to a different state every year, and that was the one that had the cheapest flight that we haven't been to.  We only have two days, anyway, due to David's work.  It's a fairly big city (almost half a million people), so it should be fun.  We'll rent a car and drive to Lincoln, so David can see the state capitol. Years ago we drove through Nebraska and we thought it was very nice. Their rest stops were very clean and interesting, and the people were very nice.

We went to the grocery store on Sunday. I wanted to grill, but we just wanted to get a cheap grill. The cheapest one we saw was $50. I think I'll just use my George Foreman Grill.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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