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  Monday 6/5/17

We're still in San Diego, visiting...David and Susan went to visit my MIL again at her facility. I was tired and slept in.  He called me to wake me up so that I could start getting our stuff ready for our trip to Vegas. I packed the smaller suitcase with the clothes and stuff I wanted. I tidied up the guest bedroom there while I went.  Then I had breakfast and did a little work on my computer.

planeSusan and David returned a while later, after having lunch. John came up, too, so we said hi and all chatted.  Then we finished getting ready, and they drove us to the airport so we would fly to Vegas.

Checking in was very easy, and then we had a few hours to kill. I chatted with the nurse at the Urgent Care office again, and she assured me that my numbers still not being very low was normal and that my kidneys were doing well. Good to know!

We were in one of the little Southwest terminals, and it was very crowded. We sat at a small table in the bar/restaurant there. I did some work on my laptop. The flight was very short, only an hour. We had a whole row to ourselves on the plane. I just listened to music again on my ipod.

We played a little slots while we waited for our luggage. David won, and I lost. That's pretty much how it was for most of our trip! Well, at least one of us was winning.

After we got our bags, we took a cab over to Circus Circus and checked in there.  On the way there, our cab almost got hit by an ambulance! I guess the sun was shining in the ambulance's turn signal, so he didn't see it. He thought they were going straight, or turning the other way, or something. He swerved really fast to avoid getting it. He did a great job of driving there. DavidMe, David, Joe and Eileen at karaoke said it wasn't that close of a call, but it sure seemed it to me, and the cab driver was pretty shaken up, too. He was very apologetic. Poor guy!

David went to play more while I got got ready. We did karaoke after dinner, so I changed, put in my contacts and put on makeup, to look nice on stage.

My SIL Eileen and her husband, Joe, arrived about 8pm. She had to get off work first. David played while I waited outside the buffet. I was very hungry at that point.  The Circus Circus buffet was pretty good. None of the items were marked as gluten free, so hopefully I won't get too sick. That's the problem with going to cheaper places - they're less likely to have gluten free items marked or even know what gluten is. I ate salad, and some meat, and enchiladas (that were very good).  I'm still not eating a whole lot. We had a fun time with them.

Then we went over to the karaoke bar, which is called Vince Neil's Tatuado.  The KJ was a lot of fun.  The singers were fine, and we had a great time (it was a bit too loud). I even got David to sing, and he did great.  Eileen is an amazing singer, but she didn't feel like it.  We all had a good time and stayed there pretty late. The place only does karaoke until midnight, so we probably left close to that time.  Then we walked around a little more in Circus Circus and Slots-A-Fun.  Then they left. We did just a little more gambling and then went back to our room.

I was hoping we would have karaoke tomorrow night, too, but they apparently want to go downtown instead. Too bad. I stayed up a bit later because I was having a hard time sleeping.

  Tuesday 6/6/17

I got up around 9 and we got ready. We met them at the Starbucks, then they drove us to Arizona Charlie's in their nice new car. They like the buffet there. It was ok. They had more salad Circus Circus signoptions than the other place and they had a delicious chicken. They did have some sugar free pies, too.  We all enjoyed ourselves once again.  We played there a while before going back.  They dropped us off at the New York New York Casino.  David and I played there for a while. I also bought a small hurricane flavored daiquiri, but I just had a little bit and threw the rest away, since it has way too much sugar.  Then we went to the Nine Fine Irishman pub for a little while. I was getting really sleepy.

My blood sugar when I got up this morning was 118, which is the first time it's been normal since I started testing again.  Then, after eating, it was 256, which is way too high. I have no idea what I ate at the buffet that made it go so high. I think itEileen and me with Snapchat was too soon for the daiquiri to have affected it. 

I was so tired that I went to the restroom to splash water on my face. Then I said to myself, well, might as well go to the bathroom while I'm here. Then I noticed, wait, there's a urinal! I suddenly realized that I was in the men's restroom by accident! Agggghhh! I have nightmares like that.  So I just went next door to the women's restroom. They shouldn't put them so close together.  Fortunately, I was the only person in them.

We walked over to the Walgreen's down the street to buy a couple of things, and then we stopped briefly at another Irish place on the Strip.  Then we walked down to Planet Hollywood to get a cab. I wish we weren't so tired because I love the shops there. It was really hot out, like 108. However, they do really over-air-condition the casinos, hotels and restaurants, so the warmth actually feels nice, assuming you don't walk too far or long in it.

There's a bar next to the Planet Hollywood that has live band karaoke, but unfortunately, it's only oNew York New York casino entrancen Fridays and Saturdays.  The 2nd Irish bar we went to, Rock & Reilly's, said they will probably have karaoke soon as well.

We saw people dressed up as Darth Vader and Chewbacca on one of the bridges there...I can't imagine dressing like that in this heat. I felt bad for all of the people outside being paid to hand out flyers, etc.

We took a cab back to our room and had a nap.  Three hours later, I woke up and felt really awful. I thought I might be having bathroom issues again, but that wasn't it. My blood sugar was really low. I tested it, and it was 75! That was the lowest I've ever had, that I know of. So I scarfed down a bag of chocolate and that helped.  Having low blood sugar is adowntown Vegas really horrible feeling. Now we're worried that the Victoza is making my blood sugar too low. I'm going to have to phone the doctor again tomorrow.  They're probably sick of hearing from me!

We met Eileen and Joe again downstairs, around 8, after a little more playing.  We all went over to the downtown area. It was really crowded! We couldn't believe it, especially on a Tuesday. We parked near Main Street Station, so we went in there and then walked around to the various casinos.  It was really loud in the main downtown area under the Fremont Street Canopy.  There were many street entertainers out there, including another Chewbacca, a pirate, many scantily-clad women and a "statue" man painted gold. There was a band playing as well.

David and I were getting hungry, so we walked around, looking for a place to eat. We finally settled on the Claim Jumper in the Golden Nugget. Now, I've only been to the one in La Mesa, which has a fantastic salad bad (or at least it did many years ago when we went). This one had no salad bad, so that was disappointing. They had a very small list of gluten free items, with no salad. I just had a steak, which came with mashed potatoes and some veggies. I just had about half the steak, a spoonful of potatoes and some of the veggies. I tell ya - no appetite!

We walked around and played, having fun.

Last night I was showing Eileen the Snapchat app, so we were having fun making funny faces on my phone. Tonight we made a special video for a mutual friend of ours, Susie, who's on Facebook. Eileen's not on social media, so it was fun to do this with her.

Eventually, David got tired, so they took us back to Circus Circus.  We just played a little more before going to our room. I hope I can win something tomorrow!

My blood sugar is back to normal right now, so that's good. Hopefully it won't come down too far tomorrow...

  Wednesday 6/7/17

This was a long day! I got up around 9am. I called my doctor's office and left a message, but they never called me back. :( My blood sugar was 105 this morning. After eating breakfast, it was over 200 again.  Later, it went down to 186. I wasn't eating low carb today, so I didn't have too-low blood sugar.

David paid a little extra, so they would let us stay in the hotel until 3pm.  We had breakfast downstairs in the little deli. I had a breakfast that came with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns. I also got a fruit cup. I didn't eat the toast, only had one piece of bacon and two bites of hash browns. I only had a little bit of the fruit.  Then we met Eileen and Joe at Starbucks. I got a small white chocolate mocha, but I only had a little bit of it. I only bought it because I was freezing. Circus Circus is always cold. I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, shorts and sandals. Some of the cold may have been from the low blood sugar.

I met a nice woman from Colorado when I was in line at the Starbucks. We had a nice chat about our diets, etc.

I went back upstairs to change into shoes with socks, and grab my sweater.  Eileen and Joe drove us over to the Treasure Island. I wanted to see the Avengers exhibit there.  We played a bit while they watched. We also played the horses, so they bet on some of them, too. We had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Eileen had to go to work at 1pm.

David and I checked out the Avengers thing. It looks interesting, but it was $40 apiece, so we didn't want to spend the money. They had some neat graphics, statues etc. in the gift shop, so I took lots of photos of that and bought a few things at the gift shop. I will definitely want to go back there!

My brother Stephen's birthday is on Saturday, and we're seeing him tomorrow, so I got him a t-shirt. Then it turned out that I got the wrong size. Oops! It's a child size, so I gave it to Susan. She's small, so it fit her.

We had a lot of time to kill. We took a cab over to the New York New York again and played there for a while, and he had the fish and chips at the Nine Fine Irishmen. My stomach wasn't feeling well, so I wasn't hungry. After that, we took a cab back to our hotel. I wish we had more time here!

I stopped at the gift shop back at our hotel and bought some souvenirs, including some T-shirts because we didn't pack enough shirts for the trip.

We then packed up our room and got everything ready.... I laid down for about 20 minutes before I had to get up again.  We checked out and stored our bags, then we took a cab down to the Paris. Well, David told the cab driver "Paris," but he heard "Harrah's!"  So we worked our way down to the Paris, playing at Bally's etc. I really wasn't feeling that well. I was very tired. I think I just needed food.

We went to Mon Ami Gabi, my favorite restaurant.  Their lunch menu is not as great as their dinner or breakfast menu. I had a salad, and scallops. Both were fine, but I couldn't finish them. My appetite is just not very good as I keep saying...

The hostess asked us if we wanted to sit inside or outside, so we said inside. She started walking toward the outdoor area, so I said, I want to sit inside - with the air conditioning! She said, there's air conditioning in this section. Well, I don't know what was going through her tiny brain, but she put us in the sunny area, right in front of a big opening that led to the outdoor patio! The A/C was not very good there, and it got very warm while we were sitting there. Also, there was a really weird smell there that annoyed me. And lastly, the traffic noise was right there, too, which is another reason I said "indoors." We've eaten outdoors there before and it's not that much fun. Who wants to breathe in traffic fumes while they're eating? So that was really annoying.

It didn't quite spoil our meal, though. I wish I had room for dessert. Our server was very nice.

We walked back to Bally's and played some more.  David has been winning way more than me. One of us should be winning!  We played a lot before heading back to our hotel.

We got our bags about 6:15 and took a cab to the airport. We had the TSA PreCheck, so it was very easy and quick. We really had too much time to kill. On top of that, our flight was an hour late. Oh, well. I mostly listened to my iPod and charged my phone. I dozed a little as well. Later, I got some more food, at Burger King.  We got lucky and got good seats on our plane. The airline was Southwest, where there are no assigned seats. Somehow no one had taken the emergency row seats that we like (more elbow and leg room), so we got them.  Sweet! The flight was half-empty, too.

It was after 11 by the time we landed in San Diego. We just went right to our hotel, the San Diego Gaslamps Plaza Suites, which we've stayed in before (it's cheap).  Each room is named after a different author. This time we got Walt Whitman.  The rooms here are very tiny.  They have slightly more room than a cheap cruise cabin. I guess "Simplicity is the glory of expression!"  Thankfully, we're only here until the morning. Then we go back to El Cajon.

Nothing planned for tomorrow except for laundry. Perhaps we'll see my MIL again. Then we have karaoke in the evening. Yay!

  Thursday 6/8/17

I stayed up last night until about 3am, then David woke me up this morning about 9:30. We got ready and left the room about 11.  David went to get me a snack and water at the 7-11 before we took a cab back to El Cajon.

We went out to lunch with Susan at Hooley's Pub for lunch. They have some great food, but I just had a salad.  It was really good, though.

Susan went home, and we got our hair cut at Fantastic Sam's.  The woman who cut mine was really nice and let me babble on to her, but she didn't really cut it the way I wanted. I should have said something, but I just left. She did make it look good, anyway.

We called a cab and waited by the Verizon store. Just then, my brother David called me to say he was in town. We weren't sure if he was getting a ride to the karaoke tonight or not. I told him to let me know... anyway, turns out he was also at Grossmont Center! LOL!  He was inside the Food Court and we were right outside. We had been in there and hadn't even seen him. So funny.  We took him over to a motel so he could check in, and then we went back to Susan's.  David took a nap, which I should have done, too.

I just played on the computer a bit and chatted with people.  I got Stephen and Zina to agree to pick up my brother David and take him back after the karaoke, too. Mary is picking us up at 7:45, but I didn't know if she would have room for David, too, or not.

Susan and I had fun catching up, too.  She had some kind of gaming thing going on, so some of her friends came over, too. I'm just trying to stay awake now. I definitely should have had a nap.

I'll wake up once the karaoke starts, though!

Mary and her girlfriend Mika came to pick us up around 10 till 8. Mika has a really nice car. David was not feeling too well, but he came, anyway. We went to Full Circle Saloon, which was the same place we went to last year (when it was called Second Wind).  My brothers David and Stephen were there, as well as Zina. Mary's three sons all showed up, two with their girlfriends.  Unfortunately, they all had work early the next day, so they couldn't stay too long. Karl sang a karaoke song, and he also brought me a very nice couple of home made gluten free beers he made! That was so sweet of him. Jake's girlfriend, Cristina, also works for my site (as well as Jake and Karl).

The KJ there was very nice, and he had a really good singing voice. However, his sound system was not very good. There was no reverb on the mics.  The song list was hard to read and some of the pages were out of order.  We all had fun, anyway, of course. Check out the many pics on my Instagram

Unfortunately, Jamie had a plumbing problem, so he couldn't show up.  I had posted about the event on Facebook, and emailed some people, and called others, but they didn't show. Oh, well! We had fun, anyway. I didn't drink this time, but I still had fun. I sang a lot, and I got to talk to everyone, and we left after midnight, so that was fun!

  Friday 6/9/17

I woke up about 9:50 am and texted Mary. We met at the Parkway Plaza mall about 10:30. We had a great time chatting. I ate lunch at Arby's, while she had Subway, there at the food court. I love Arby's! Sadly, I can't have their onion buns or potato cakes any more, but I do love the Beef 'N Cheddar.

We just walked around the mall, chatting and catching up. We had fun. I only bought a few things, including a leather jacket with a fake fur collar (you can remove the collar, too). It's very cool looking and was marked down from $120 to $35! Mary got one, too, so now we're twins :)  Mary is such a great listener and so much fun.

I went home around 3:30. I should have had a nap, but I didn't. I chatted with David and Susan about our plans later this month to go to Little Rock (when Susan comes out to visit).  David left and went to the Padres game (they won again!).  Susan and I went to Souplantation for dinner. I love that place. They have great salads and mark everything gluten free. Tonight they even had gluten free coconut muffins! Loved that.

Susan and I also had fun chatting.  We went back to her house. I started the laundry, and then we played Beatles Rock Band. That's a video game on the PS3 where you sing along with Beatles songs. We did it once before. It's so much fun!  She did suggest that we could go to the movies and see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, since I haven't seen it, but we both would rather sing along with Beatles songs.

After that, I showed her some stuff on my laptop, and some sites, and photos etc. It was nice to hang with the women today! :)

I finished doing laundry while I typed etc. and David came home from his game. We have to get up so early tomorrow. UGH!

  Saturday 6/10/17

As usual, I stayed up too late...finishing the laundry and packing. I got a few hours' sleep and then got up around 6:30 to shower etc.

George came by around 8 as scheduled, with his family. We said goodbye to Susan and then packed up George's SUV with our luggage. We drove over to DZ Akins for breakfast. Although we had reservations, they weren't needed. It wasn't packed. It's always fun to see George, Beth and their two twins. I had an omelet, but as usual lately, I didn't have the appetite to finish it. I got gluten-free toast. I had asked about gluten-free pancakes, but they didn't have any. When I mentioned that they used to, the waitress said that they never have. Well, they sure served me pancakes before and said they were gluten-free! Huh!

We had a nice breakfast and then stopped by their bakery and gift shop. Their pasties and cookies looked great. They did have two gluten-free macaroon cookies I could eat. I found some ladybugs in their gift shop, too.  Then they drove us to the airport.

We were there a little bit early, but that's okay. We didn't want to stand in the long line at American, so we took our bags to the skycap outside instead.

We went in and sat around, having drinks, reading the paper etc. until our flight. My stomach was not feeling well again. This medicine just makes me a bit queasy all of the time, so it's not fun.

The flight was uneventful. We stopped again in Dallas. This time, we had a few hours, so we ate lunch at Cantina Laredo, the Mexican restaurant there that I love. I had the Enchiladas Veracruz, which are very good. Again, I could only eat half of them.

We arrived in Texarkana in the evening. David had phoned the hotel, the Wyndham, ahead of time, about getting a shuttle. They said to just catch the shuttle with the flight crew. Well, the flight crew doesn't have baggage, so David went outside and asked the shuttle driver to wait until we got our bags. They seemed to agree but then just took off without us! That was upsetting. We had to wait about 40 minutes for another one.

In our room, I watched some TV on the computer and did some work before going to bed.

  Sunday 6/11/17

We had breakfast at Denny's. It took a lot longer than we thought, but we managed to scarf down our food before checking out of the hotel. Then we took the shuttle over to the airport and picked up our car, then drove home. It was nice to be home again, and my plants didn't die. Yay!

We had a nice nap after we got home. I had to do some work first. We didn't really do anything else. It was a pretty uneventful Sunday. David went in to work for a little while, but otherwise....

When we came home, I had some packages waiting. Good thing we live in a small town where things rarely get stolen off the door step.

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