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  Monday 5/15/17

I spent most of the day sleeping and then working....it was not a very eventful day!

We went for a walk in the evening, just around the neighborhood. It was very nice and the weather was great.

I had leftover stir-fry for breakfast....

Turns out we're not going to Little Rock this weekend, after all. Bummer. David had something come up at work.

  Tuesday 5/16/17

I woke up in the afternoon. The guy who mows the lawn called to say that he'd been there to cut the grass but wasn't able to get in the backyard. He's returning around 7pm. I keep telling him to call and let me know he's coming, but he never does!

We had McDonald's for dinner. Later on I also cooked up some hamburger.  I guess I was in a cooking mood. I decided to use my crock pot that my MIL gave me years ago, to make some low carb clam chowder. I found the recipe online. I know you're supposed to leave it running while you're not home, or asleep, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. I cooked it a few hours and then put it back in the fridge. It tastes really yummy, though. I tried to make clam chowder once, a long time ago, and I didn't like how it came out.clam chowder

I got a lot done today on my site and around the house.

  Wednesday 5/17/17

I woke up pretty early, having hot flashes. They have been worse the past week or so.

I'm trying to eat healthier. I made the clam chowder yesterday, and today I put it on low again to cook, so I can have it for lunch.

For breakfast, I made myself some low carb panckes. They're always delicious.

I had the soup later on. David didn't like it, but he's a very picky eater. That's okay - more for me!

pancakesFor dinner, I just had some leftover pancakes.

I had a hard day. I just had a few hours' sleep and kept trying to get back to it. I finally did get some more sleep, but then I woke up with horrible itching.

As you may recall, I've been trying to get Sudafed for my allergies. I was told that in this area, you need to have a doctor's prescription to get it here. I had one prescription last year via my doctor (after much arguing with her), but since I don't use it that often, the prescription expired.  I had called in for a refill, but they won't refill it without my making an appointment to see the doctor. I was just there in April and had no idea, otherwise I would have asked for it then.  And worse, our insurance here is terrible. A doctor's visit is almost $100, unless I'm going in for my regular blood sugar appointmentvanilla ice cream (Preventative medicine is covered by the insurance). Today I talked to the doctor's office about it again, and they said that the Prince Pharmacy, a local one here, doesn't require a prescription.  Yet, when I sent David over there to pick it up, they told him that you had to be an established customer with them in order to get it. It's just an ongoing nightmare...

I decided to give up caffeine and alcohol for now, and cut back on dairy (haven't been too successful with the last one). I normally drink a lot of Diet Pepsi, but I'm going to try to just drink water for now. Hopefully this will all help the hot flashes and some of the other health problems.

I did make some sugar free vanilla ice cream, though. I guess I will have to re-think this no-dairy thing!

I was tired and went to bed very early, before 10pm.

  Thursday 5/18/17

I woke up around 2am, itching a lot. I took some more allergy medicine and did some work before going back to bed. I woke up again around 7:45am.  Too early! But at least I did get plenty of sleep.

I called over to the Prince Pharmacy and they tried to explain their policy, but they said it was difficult to explain.  They felt bad about my having to transfer my prescriptions over to them just to get Sudafed. Right now I'm waiting for the pharmacist to call my doctor's office. He said he would see if they can get me a prescription without having to do all this. He said that it's a state law, which is the first I heard of that. That's not what their website says. I'm pretty sure he's wrong about that.

I did some work and then went back to sleep...I woke up around 3:30.

We didn't get any mail today. Weird!

SupergirlI had some strange TV-related dreams last week that I forgot to mention. In one dream, I was hanging out with Sherlock Holmes (the one from the TV show "Elementary"). We had to go down to Tijuana to see his older brother. That turned out to be House!  Then it was Howard Stern we were visiting in Tijuana, instead.  David and I were hanging out with him. He was an old friend. Our friend Barb was there, too.

I had another dream about being Supergirl. I've dreamed for years about being Superman or Supergirl, but in this one, it was the Supergirl from the TV show. I can't remember now what it was about, unfortunately.

I'm back to testing my blood sugar starting today. I just hate doing it, but it does keep me from eating bad stuff. I'm kind of on a self-improvement kick right now.

We went out to the Japanese restaurant, Tokyo.  It was not good last time we went there, but we decided to give it another chance. David said the sushi was pretty good. I had the buffet. There were actually things on there that I could eat. I tested with my NIMA tester, but then I forgot that it's not very accurate with soy sauce. But then again, I didn't cough or have any reaction, so maybe it really was gluten free. I avoided most of the food because it was breaded. I just had some raw veggies, ranch dressing (they had the bottle so I could check the ingredients), some fruit, some garlic green beans, and some chicken on a stick, as well as a tiny bit of fried rice and a little chocolate pudding dessert.  They really improved their buffet, not only in quality, but in size. I was so busy testing my food, and eating it, that I forgot to take a picture of it for Instagram! LOL!

We ran into one of the college deans, Helmut, who's very nice.  We invited him to join us. He's always nice to chat with!

I wanted to take a walk around the neighborhood, but it was too late by the time we got home. David was tired...he goes to bed and gets up very early.

I didn't get to bed until 7am the next day! Just too much sleeping this week.

  Friday 5/19/17

I woke up way too late, about 4pm. We went over to the Prince Pharmacy so I could finally getgeneric Sudafed Sudafed (Yay!).  We stopped in at the clothing store down in the Square, so David could order another suit. We stopped by the post office briefly as well.  Then we went to an early dinner at Antigua's. I just had a fajita salad, which was very good. I only ate two chips! I'm being good.

After that, I changed after we got home, and we went out to the SAU trail to walk. Unfortunately, part-way through, my stomach wasn't feeling well (due to the usual gluten problems), so we had to take a short cut and walk really fast, to get home in time. There are no bathrooms nearby, and the campus is closed this time of year on Fridays, so I had to rush home. It was very painful. :(  It was a very good workout, though, since I walked way faster than usual. My face was beet red, like it usually gets if I do heavy exercise, and I was sweating all over.  It was very unpleasant. UGH. I was sick off and on all evening.

Later on, after I did work and relaxed a little, I had a big salad that I made up, and then a small bowl of sugar free ice cream.  I'm really working hard to get not only my weight down, but also grilled catfishmy blood sugar and everything. It's pretty bad right now because I had stopped testing and was eating very badly.

We picked up take-out from Flying Burger for dinner. They have really good grilled fish. It's really healthy as long as you don't eat the rice, beans and hushpuppies (which I never do).  It comes with a salad, too. It may be the only place in town I can eat healthy fish. The breaded kind isn't healthy for me. Even when it's gluten-free, it's very high in carbs.

After doing some work, I put the laptop aside and just watched some TV. It was a nice little break. I went to bed about 5am.

  Saturday 5/20/17

I woke up around 10am. About an hour later, David came home and took me to get take-out at Flying Burger. I like their grilled catfish, which is delicious and healthy. After more work, I went back to sleep for a while.Magnolia Blossome Festival down at the Square

It was raining today, so we couldn't go to the annual Magnolia Blossom Festival that they have every year downtown. Too bad! We had rain most of the day, but we did manage to get out during a lull to walk around the neighborhood, at least.

It's tough to diet when it's hot out because I always want ice cream. At least I can make the sugar free kind now, and I also love the sugar free Popsicles.

We went to Brookshire's for just a few things. We're doing the rest of the grocery shopping Me, eating a Popsicle after our walk!tomorrow. We got rotisserie chickens for dinner. I just had one piece of mine and then had some more of it later, chopped up in a salad.

We listened to music as usual... and also as usual, I stayed up very late!

  Sunday 5/21/17

We had more storms today!

David went in to work in the morning, so he brought me a chicken sandwich from McDonald's. I went back to sleep for a while, since I got up way too early.

My bMcDonald's Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwichlood sugar is still not good. I hope I don't have to start getting insulin shots. I've been going to this forum off and on for years for good advice about diabetes as well as many fine recipes.

Sunday is always a busy day for me, working on my site.

I took a break to do some housework. Also, I made some low fat, low calorie, sugar free ice cream. It's mostly for David. He loves coffee way more than I do.  It's not super low carb. I'll probably make some low carb ice cream for myself in a few days.

After that, I spent a lot of time clearing shows off my DVR. It's pretty full, and I don't want to have it too full when we go to San Diego in a few weeks!

Hope you're having a great week...

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