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  Monday 5/8/17

Today is a busy day...

I got up at 9am for a one-on-one call with an actress at 10 am. This is the one that twice called and I was not able to speak with her.  Well, she didn't call me this time, so I guess we're sort of Miller Pest Controleven :) She might answer the questions via email, though, so that works out okay. I was tired, though, and went back to sleep on the couch. (She did send me the answers a few days later! Yay!)

At around 1pm, the pest control guy came by. He's always fun to chat with.  I was also happy to give him the leftover soda we had from our party! He took it back to his office and said the guys who work there would drink it. Yay! I really hate wasting things, especially food.

After he left, I called Beth, our financial manager/friend, and she came over. She had someMe playing guitar medical questions to ask me, for some life insurance thing we're doing. She's helping us figure out our savings and retirement, and we're also buying more insurance.

I took some time this afternoon to do some singing and recording. I even picked up the guitar and practiced that for a change. I hope to keep up both for the summer.

  Tuesday 5/9/17

I woke up with a stomach ache. I had some really spicy salsa and chips last night. Later, I was very sick from something I ate (the usual gluten problems).

I did more singing later on. I slept a lot, too. It's nice to have free time to spend on whatever I want. I didn't realize how much I missed that.

I spent some time outdoors taking photos and refilling the bird feeders.

I checked my student site today and found that my grades are in! I got all A's... Yay! Not a shock, but still nice to have the validation.

I stayed up way too late working on my site...

  Wednesday 5/10/17

I was supposed to meet up with one of my volunteers today on chat, but I was just way too tired and postponed until tomorrow... I got up around 2:30 pm!

Sonny, played by Maurice BenardI had a wonderful dream. See, I have a recurring dream where I played a minor bit part on "General Hospital" years ago. So sometimes I dream that I get to go back on the show. Last night's dream was the very best dream about it I've ever had. The writers had chosen to bring my character back and give me a romantic storyline with Sonny!  It was so real...sad to wake up :)

I had a bit of a downer day. Seems like a lot of stuff went wrong.  Someone that I thought was a possible friend really let me down. She's a very strange person, so I don't know why that upset me. Then someone that is usually sympathetic was not.  Then my laptop froze up. All these annoying things were going wrong today. I did order pizza and that helped. I tested it and it was all gluten-free. I'm trying to test everything now.

It was just kind of a wasted day....watched a lot of TV and not much else. I was feeling very tired but didn't go to sleep early.

David made reservations for us to go to San Diego. We're going there June 2nd and coming back June 10. We'll stay with my SIL Susan and BIL John for some time of it and probably stay in downtown San Diego for some of it.  It'll be fun to see everyone!  We're also flying to Vegas for a few days to see my other SIL and BIL.  I can't wait! We might stay at Harrah's.

  Thursday 5/11/17

I woke up today around 10:40 and didn't meet up with my volunteer...I guess because I didn't confirm it, she didn't know to show up. Well, hopefully we'll both show up tomorrow! LOL!

I went back to sleep....woke up late again. Ah, well.

I didn't do much today besides work on my site and watch TV. I should have spent some time singing and recording, at least!

We went to the Mexican restaurant by the school, Antiqua's, for dinner. It's always pretty good. I forgot that David has Fridays off during the summer. Well, he still goes in because he has a lot of work, but he's not required to be there.

I put out more bird food (leftover nuts and seeds I had) and put fresh water out for the birds. I took a few good pics of them. The cardinals here are so beautiful. You can see all of my pics on my Instagram

We're having a big thunderstorm tonight! Which is not that unusual around here.

I called the Wal-Mart pharmacy and my doctor still didn't call in my prescriptions! I phoned her office again (third time at least in the past few weeks) and told them I really need my allergy medicine.  The person who answered got permission to phone in my hydroxyzine, which is the one I take at night that helps me with the coughing and itching.  The doctor still hasn't okayed the Sudafed, though. We might go down there and talk to her about it tomorrow.

I got a lot of work done on my site this week...

  Friday 5/12/17

I couldn't sleep and stayed up until about 7:30am. That wasn't good because I had a conference12 Monkeys stars call interview at 11.  I woke up around 10:40 and called in about 5 minutes later. The call was with the "12 Monkeys" stars Amanda Schull and Aaron Stanford (the show is on Syfy). They were very good at answering questions; even though mine was not such a great one, they gave great answers.

Then we ran some errands. I had ordered some new shoes on Amazon, but they're too big, so I had to find a UPS dropoff place to send them back. We dropped off the dry cleaning and he had some forms notarized.  We had lunch at KFC, then we went to the doctor's office at UAMS. One person that helped me was a bit rude and the others were nice. They told me that since my Sudafed prescription expired last year sometime, I would need to make another appointment with the doctor to get it refilled. Never mind that I called this in over 3 weeks ago and have called back many times, and not one person could tell me that over the phone! And I even said, if the doctor doesn't want to refill this, please have her call me and tell me why.  So I wasted lots of time with all this, and had to drive over there, when I could have taken care of this weeks ago if only they'd told me that in the first place. I was pretty annoyed.  Then one of the people there Sudafedtried to tell me, by way of excuse, that Sudafed is a controlled substance. No, it's not. It can be used to MAKE a controlled substance, but it takes a bathtub full of Sudafed to make Meth. Sudafed is an OTC drug and is not a prescription drug, except in this area.  The whole thing is crazy. I understand they have a lot of meth addicts, but the fact is that the federal government already forces us to show our ID and pick it up at the pharmacy, and sign our name and give our address. That should be enough deterrent. It's bad enough they force all the rest of us to do this, because of the actions of a few. Then these local pharmacists and doctors decide on their own that we have to have a prescription, even though there's no law that says it. That really annoys me.

I didn't bother making an appointment. We're going to Little Rock next weekend, so hopefully I can buy it there. If not, we can drive a half hour to Lousiana if we need to.

Then I met with one of my volunteers online, on Facebook chat, so we could chat about some things for my site.  Then I finally was able to go back to sleep for a little while. I wanted to sleep until 6, but we had another big storm, which was very loud, so it woke me up before 5.

David went to the SAU Trail for a walk, but I was too tired. Hopefully I can go to bed earlyII Brothers restaurant tonight.

I was very tired and went to bed before 10pm!

  Saturday 5/13/17

I woke up around 3:30am, but I'll probably go back to sleep in a little while. It's in the low 50's this morning. Brrrr!

I think we went to the SAU trail for a walk today...my memory is terrible.

For weeks now I've been putting tracking code on all of the old updates, recaps and transcripts on our site. It's very tedious. I finally finished today! Yay! I still have to put the coding on many of our primetime pages, but that's the last part.

We went to the Italian restaurant, II Brothers, for lunch. I always have their salad, which is gluten free. We stopped at the liquor store, and I bought some wine ice cream. It was pretty good! But I need to stop eating stuff like merlot cherry ice creamthat.

I did a lot of work over the weekend.

It rained and thundered quite a bit today.

Saturday night we always listen to America's Top 40 from the 70's Sirius radio (old Casey Kasem).  This week was 1977. Too much crappy disco for me. I don't mind some disco, but I hate the mindless, boring repetitive stuff, like KC and the Sunshine Band.

  Sunday 5/14/17

We went to Wal-Mart and then stopped at Wendy's. They have a really good apple pecan chicken salad.

Later on, I made a good stir-fry.

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day! We sent some flowers and a card to my MIL, who's in aHappy Mother's Day! care facility. Unfortunately, it appears they no longer let residents have flowers in their rooms because some of the other residents eat them. This sucks because now about the only thing I can get her for these special occasions is a card and/or a gift certificate - which is boring! We can't get her jewelry or any other personal items that might be stolen, or candy/food for the same reason.

I also send an E-Card and a gift card to my foster mom, Marianne. She's still struggling from her husband passing away last year. That must be really awful.  I was glad to get her email, though.

I intend to do more walking/exercise. I did very little this weekend.

I'm worried one of my brothers, who has diabetes and isn't taking care of himself. I've been worried about him for a long while now, but it sounds like he's gotten worse. You can't tell people how to live, unfortunately. Most of the people in my family have a long history of loving junk food and hating exercise.  That takes a toll as you get older. Sounds like he's just given up.

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