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  Monday 4/3/17

I'm very tired this morning. I only got 3 hours' sleep last night. I just wasn't tired enough to sleep more. I made myself breakfast at home, so I wouldn't get poisoned, but UGH, I wasn't even hungry yet. My stomach was not happy about eating.

We went to the university as usual this morning at 10 till 7. It's in the 60's today and supposed to be rainy, off and on. I wore my SAU sweatshirt, which is fairly heavy and has a hood.

I'm too tired to really do any work this morning, so I've mostly just been fooling around with Snapchat on my phone. I also briefly fell asleep on the couch here in the library. I wasn't trying to, and I just woke myself up snoring. I hope it wasn't too loud!

Now I have to walk over to Brinson and somehow find the energy to warm up my voice before my lessons. Well, the teacher's previous student had a flat tire, so I just warmed up a little and then started my lesson early. I kind of had a make-up lesson that way, which is good. I missed a few because of traveling. It was a good lesson, but it's clear that I need to practice more.

I stopped afterwards and got a soda at Reynolds. It's chilly out--a little windy. It was tough to stay awake in class, especially the second one. My head kept falling and I kept jerking it up. Glad I didn't snore! LOL! It's a very small class, so that would have been really embarrassing.

I just went home after that. I was a little sick before going to sleep. I slept 4 hours! I was still very tired and didn't do too much. I ended up going to bed pretty early and slept a long time. Too long.

  Tuesday 4/4/17

I woke up around 11:15. I had breakfast and then went back to bed. I woke up around two hours later when a spammer called to inform me that I won the Publishers' Clearing House sweepstakes. It was quite an intricate scam. Normally I would have just hung up, but I do enter a lot of sweepstakes, and my memory is bad, so I kept listening, just in case it was real. It wasn't, of course. At some point the guy said that I had to have a check ready to put in a code so I could pay $1500 for the remaining taxes. I said, the IRS doesn't work that way. You just keep track of your taxes and then tell them about it when tax time comes.  The guy argued with me so I said, OK, where can I read about that online? CLICK!  LOL! I filled out a form on the FTC website to let them know about the scam.  PCH doesn't phone you let you know you won, of course. They surprise you on your doorstep. I forgot about that!

I got a lot done today, despite being tired. I washed the bedclothes and finished some other laundry as well. I dusted our bedroom. I did quite a lot on my site. I did the dishes (still have another load to do). I made sure the plants had water. I think that was it, but it was enough.

I tried to go to bed around 10:30 but only slept a couple of hours before I woke up again, itching.  I'm going to try again soon.

Well, I tried, but it didn't work....ah, well. Another day of being tired and having trouble staying awake.

  Wednesday 4/5/17

I woke up with a sore throat, so I just stayed home. I slept in late and just took it easy all day. I hated missing class again, but it was nice to have a day off, too. Plus I was probably contageious.

I did nothing worthwhile today. I mostly just watched TV and slept.

Later on, I did run some more dishes, but that was pretty easy.

I went to bed about 1 and slept for 13 hours!

  Thursday 4/6/17

I woke up around 2. A new ladybug welcome mat I ordered arrived. I got a letter from the IRS but it was nothing. That's a relief!

I had a very weird dream. Partly I was watching it and partly I was in it. Somehow Superman's consciousness had switched with the Flash's. Superman's body was badly damaged, so he died.  However, Superman was relieved, and his girlfriend didn't seem to mind, either. She had two little kids who Superman had just met.  Then it morphed into a dream about how we were over at some friends' house having dinner.  Dreams are so weird.

It's been kind of cold the past two days...in the 40's in the early morning, then in the 60's, and then it goes up to the 70's in the afternoon. I'm not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow...that's too cold!

David has a dinner thing tonight. I'm not going. I plan to take it easy today. Besides, it's just too difficult with the gluten allergies, when dealing with waiters etc. especially at one of these dinners. Too bad he has to go to that because it means we're missing the choir concert tonight.

We're having a dinner party at the end of the month, so I'm excited about that. It'll be about 20 people. It's for one of the deans who's leaving. All of the deans and vice presidents and president are invited. I love planning the food for this type of thing. 

I might have someone to drive me places occasionally, which would be great (especially if they can take me to school so I don't have to go so early!). I found them through care.com  I got some other referrals from there for a house cleaner and for the woman who does the weeding for us. I called our State Farm rep; waiting for them to call me back. I want to make sure that it's not risky to pay some stranger to give me a ride. The people from care.com don't have a taxi license or anything like that. I doubt she would have extra rideshare insurance. I already did view her driving history, which care.com provided. I also need to make sure she has registration and her own insurance. 

I heard back from them and it sounds like all is good...I'm covered as long as the driver has good insurance.

The person from care.com, Linda, says she does have registration and insurance, so I just have to get it from her. I'll probably phone her over the weekend so we can get started.

I had hoped to have more energy to do stuff around the house today, but I didn't.

I was very sick again from gluten. I'm annoyed about that, though, because I haven't eaten out since Sunday. That means something I'm eating at home has gluten in it, even though it's marked as "gluten free." Well, I guess I'll have to test everything from now on. NIMA, the people who make my gluten tester, said that 1/3 of all products marked "gluten free" are not, so I guess that makes sense. I hate to have to test everything...those test capsules are $6 a piece. But I hate spending half the day in the bathroom, too.

During the day I just mostly watched TV and went on social media.  David had a dinner tonight, but I didn't go. I was invited but just didn't feel up to it.  I was considering ordering pizza, but then I realized I had some chicken to use up. I decided to try searing it, which I've never done before. It came out great. Searing is very easy as it turns out. I made a salad and added some of the chicken to it. It was very good. I have leftover chicken...not sure yet what I'll do with it.

Then I had to work on my presentation for tomorrow's Internet Communication class. It's about how actors use social media to interact with their fans. I had already written it but just had to add photos and a few other things.

I'm going to bed late again and will be tired again tomorrow. Yuk.

  Friday 4/7/17

I couldn't get to sleep at all... I wasn't tired at first, but I was pretty sleepy by the time I got in to the university.

Fridays I usually eat at the university's cafeteria (it's an all-you-can-eat). I brought my NIMA along to test the things I wasn't sure about. Their sausage patties and eggs are gluten free, for instance. I tested their tater tots, which I love. Also their strawberry yogurt. Neither one is safe as it turns out. Bummer. :( Not really much point in doing the buffet if I can only eat a few things there. I can only eat the eggs, sausage, and fruit. I haven't tried testing their omelets yet.  They don't have any cereal or toast I can eat, not to mention the donuts and waffles. It's just not worth it.

I had the presentation in my class. I went pretty well, I think. The assignment is about Unintended Use Case Scenarios - examine how Internet-based products or services are being used in environments for which they were not originally envisioned by their creators. Mine was about how celebrities use social media to interact with fans and promote their brand.

David was late tonight, too. The international students group had some kind of dinner. I didn't go because I didn't know if it was safe for me to eat or not. If he had told me ahead of time (ahem!) I probably could have found out. One of the women in my class was selling tickets to it. Those things are always great...the food is usually wonderful. Ah, well.

I took the seared chicken and made it into chicken salad. I just added mayo, cut-up celery, shredded cheese and some onion and garlic powder. I ate that all weekend, off and on.

I was playing around with Snapchat today. I couldn't figure out why I was only seeing two of the special filters (where you can add animal faces, sounds etc.).  I finally decided to update the app and that fixed it! So I had a lot more to play around with.  Just silly fun.

When I was researching my paper, I realized that I've been on Facebook since 2006 and Twitter since 2007! FB started in 2004 and Twitter in 2006, so I was a pretty early adopter of both. I still have a MySpace page, so I updated it.

  Saturday 4/8/17

We went to Antigua's for lunch. I had their brisket tacos. I tested the tortilla chips and the brisket. Both were safe. Thing is, I didn't test the salsa, the hot sauce, the corn tortillas or the cheese.  The meal would have cost me an extra $25 if I had tested all that! Each of those capsules is about $6, so I just tested the most likely culprits to have gluten.

After lunch, we went downtown and stopped in the second-hand store there. I love that place! It's huge. I bought a pretty, old pitcher, white with purple flowers; and three little Mexican-looking pots or vases. Those will go on the hearth.

I was sick a lot today...not sure from what.  It's so frustrating that even if I'm super careful, I get sick.

Later on, we went walking on the university walking trail. I took my camera and took many photos. There were many new calves out. The babies were too shy to come up to the fence. I got one of the older cows to come up and sniff my hand and lick it, and let me pet it for a minute. That was neat! It was very dog-like. I was very tired from walking. I had a little nap and then later didn't sleep much. I went back to bed very late.

I phoned Linda from care.com.  She's going to come over Tuesday so we can meet and discuss what she'll be doing.

  Sunday 4/9/17

David didn't wake me up for lunch, but we did go to the grocery store in the afternoon. I got a few cheap plants, and replacements for my birdfeeders. I have this cheap plastic birdfeeder, and the animals have broken it. Pieces fell off.  I also have the hummingbird feeder that came with the house, but the hummingbirds are not drinking from it (just the ants).  So I got some ant traps and also another hummingbird feeder.

We went walking again on the trail. It was a lot harder. I think I have a blister, for one thing. My feet were really killing me. The trail is about 2 1/2 miles.  It doesn't have big hills, but it's not flat, either. I'm so out of shape!

Somehow I ended up really hurting my right arm...it has to do with my regular spine problem. Probably from the computer. I was actually very tired and tried to sleep at a more normal time. I did get to sleep, but then I woke up and my right wrist was throbbing in pain. I tried Aleve etc. but nothing really helped, so I got up again.

It was not a really interesting weekend, but I got a lot done on my site and around the house.

I'm getting very tired of certain things online that are in reaction to hacking and spammers that are just too much and really inconvenient for me. For instance, it used to be that I used the same password for like a decade. Now I'm constantly being asked to login again and often have to change the password. This means I either have to remember another new one to use or keep a list. Either way, it's frustrating.

I mentioned before how Twitter blocks my posts. That, too, is in response to spammers and hacking.  It's crazy. Another annoying thing is how my credit card purchases often get turned down because some automated program thinks someone has stolen my card. I mean, really, it's so annoying.

The weather's been very nice this weekend. I hope that continues! No more days below 60 would be great.

I was watching a lot of TV, since my arm was hurting too much to keep working. Have a great week and a Happy Passover and Easter!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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