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  Monday 3/27/17

Little RockWe're here in Little Rock, as you may recall, once again. My husband has another meeting here. We went out to breakfast at the Marriott hotel, which is right near our hotel, the Doubletree. They have good food. I had an asparagus and gruyere omelet, which was very good. They had some gluten free toast as well.

I went back to sleep for a little while. I set the clock and woke up around 1pm. They let us check out late, at 2. David had already taken the big suitcase down to the car for me, and I just had two small bags, plus my purse. I went down and checked out, and then I was on my laptop in the lobby for a little while. I really wasn't hungry due to the big breakfast.  He came back about 3, and we hit the road back home.

We stopped in a little town called Cado Valley and ate at this barbecue place called Fat Boy'sFat Boys Fine Food. It lived up to its name, too. The waitress assured me that there was no flour in the food, but who knows...? It was very good. I had brisket with barbecue sauce, cole slaw and green beans. These were fantastic green beans. Maybe the best I ever had.

We stopped for gas in a small town named Willisville (population 152). The gas station had a little store called Odell and Paula's Willisville Mall. They had a lot of stuff, but no soda fountain, sadly.

I'd had plenty of sleep, so I just spent most of the rest of the day working on my site and just watching TV. I did get to bed pretty early, though. We got back around 7pm. I had to water my plants and all that.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Sunday I got a voice mail from my neighbor, Mary, and a text that said "call me." I guess after the storm on Friday, she lost her phone, internet and TV.  She was wondering if we'd had problems, but I hadn't noticed any other than that very short problem with the power being out Friday night. I hope she got it fixed!

I forgot to bring my NIMA gluten tester on our trip. I tried to test the leftover barbecue, but I guess it was too hard because I tried 3 times and just couldn't get it to work. I had some but then threw the rest away.

  Tuesday 3/28/17

I woke up from a spam call, and then I got very sick (from the usual reasons) and was pretty sick all day. It was worse than usual but not like, the worst ever. I stayed in bed most the day and didn't get too much done. I don't know if it was the barbecue or the breakfast, or something from the previous few days.  Thankfully, it's not usually this bad.

I felt a little better later on and was able to do some work and finish last week's laundry (that I started before we left).

I have a presentation due, and I've been working on that, so I finished it. I ended up staying up pretty late finishing that and doing some other work. I decided to try to take the tablet instead of my laptop, so I could carry a bag instead of using the big one on wheels. It's just so cumbersome and makes me look like some old granny ;)

I went to bed around 1:30, which is kind of early for me. I did sleep, but not very well. I woke up many times during the night itching.

  Wednesday 3/29/17

omeletAs usual, I got up at 6am. We leave about ten till 7.  Way too early. I had an omelet in the cafeteria. The guy there makes them pretty well done, which I like. Most professional omelets I've had seem pretty underdone. I don't know if it's safe for me to eat or not, though. I need to test that. Next time!

As usual, I went to the library afterwards. I tried doing some work on the tablet instead of lugging my laptop around. It was difficult because for some reason, apps keep closing on me. Also, when my page was loading in the browser, it wasn't always working. I don't know if it's because the tablet is old, or if that's just something that happens with tablets. I haven't used it all that often.  I'll have to ask David if he's had that problem.  The battery doesn't last that long, either.  I can be at school from 7am to 3 in the afternoon before my laptop runs down.  The tablet ran out during class. That's only about 5 hours. I was going to charge it in class, but I think I lost the plug at the library.

I went back to Reynolds and got some snacks and another soda. Then I went to Overstreet, where my classes are. I was sick again and even had to duck out of the second class in the middle. Not as bad as yesterday, though. It was nice being back in class. At least I had my phone to play with when I was bored.  Our professor lets us use our devices during class, but when someone is giving a presentation, I kind of feel that this is rude. I try not to use the device unless the person is a really really bad or boring speaker or the presentation goes on a long time. Frankly, I don't like it when they're on their devices while I give mine, either, but the professor allows it. I like the classes, but not that aspect of it.

I got a 23 on one of my exams (I think that's a B but not sure). The professor didn't like one of the answers I gave. I thought it was a very good and clever answer. Oh, well. No big deal. I'm sure it won't affect my grade that much. I think I got 24 on the other exam, and on the paper (out of 25).  I'm giving my presentation on Friday. Hopefully, I won't be so tired then.Al Jean

I was so tired that I skipped going to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I just went home and went to sleep. Fortunately, the phone woke me up a few hours later because I'd forgotten that I had an interview with the Simpsons Executive Producer, Al Jean. Whoops! I got through the call quickly, though.

It rained a lot, but in a short time, this afternoon.

I had asked one of our friends here for a recommendation for someone to cut our lawn because the kid we usually use, Isaiah, doesn't seem to be around any more. His phone is disconnected, and he hasn't posted on Instagram since December, and hasn't responded to my message there. Too bad. He was really cheap. So I called these other people...it's a family business, so I was talking to the mom. She said her husband would be by tomorrow to give me an estimate. All I want is to have the lawn cut and trim the hedges. I would have more done, but David doesn't want to spend the money.  Well, her son, who's the one that does the mowing, came by a few hours later. That was a bit disconcerting, but not a big deal. He went ahead and mowed our lawn and did a great job.  Isaiah charged $25 and this guy charges $45. Not a huge difference, and this guy is much faster. Plus, he mowed even though we had rain today.

I've noticed with the blogging that if I'm busy having fun or traveling, I have a hard time keeping up with the blog.  But then if my life is boring, I have plenty of time to blog! :) I was so busy with traveling, that I tried to keep up with the blog, but a lot of last week's was written later on, trying to remember what happened. That's never as good. My memory sucks.

I forgot to get Yolanda to come clean this week, so I'm going to have to try to clean it tomorrow. Blah!

I had an Atkins frozen dinner - meatloaf! Hoping it's safe. I tried to test it, but then I forgot to check back to see the result, like a dummy. I tried to run it again but got an error.  They should make it so you can check back if you missed it.

  Thursday 3/30/17

I got up around 1pm, too late! I had a hard time waking up and getting motivated, at first.  Then I spent most of the day cleaning the house. I cleaned everything except for the bedrooms and the master bathroom. I was really tired afterwards, but I still was not sleepy, so I didn't get to sleep at all. I watched a lot of TV later on.  Not a very exciting day for blogging, but I did work hard.

I noticed that my Meyer lemon tree is starting to sprout lemons! Yay! So far they are just tiny little green berries. I bought it as an indoor plant, but it's really an outdoor plant. I put it outside to get lemons because it needs pollen for that (Duh, ever heard of the birds and bees?).

Most of my plants are doing well, but my two bamboo plants each have a yellow stalk, which is apparently a sign that the water I used was not good for them. I guess you're supposed to use filtered water, not tap water. I do use quite a lot of bottled water on my plants, but sometimes tap water is a lot easier.  The bamboo plants are weird because the one I had in Hawaii just was stuck in pebbles, and the woman I bought it from just said, keep the water filled above the rocks.  The little one I bought here didn't come with rocks. I had to buy them. The other one came with dirt. I have no idea why some use dirt and some don't.

  Friday 3/31/17

I tried to sleep but couldn't. We went into the university as usual, around 7 am. I had a huge breakfast at the cafeteria in Reynolds.

I heard a bird outside making a very distinct sound, like it was singing "pretty pretty tweet!"

It was a lot cooler this morning than I expected, but it did get warmer later in the day.

I went to the library as usual. I had left a power charger there on Monday, but nobody turned it in. Oh, well.

I bought my laptop in this time, but instead of using my cart with the handle, I just brought it in a regular computer bag. I was supposed to meet with someone in the business center, but I had to cancel. Hopefully I can re-schedule for another day.

I took quite a few photos around campus today because it was nice weather and they have many beautiful flowers. Check it out on my Instagram .

I had my class presentation today. It went okay, but my voice was shaking the whole time, from nervousness. Being tired didn't help.

The professor had a really bad migraine, so the second class was canceled. I went over to Bruce Hall to have lunch, which was great. Then I went to the car and was going to nap there while I waited for David, but it was way too warm to do that. I went inside and waited in the hallway near the vending machines, but then David came by, so I went to his office. We left there around 1:45.

We got home and then our friend Beth came by.  She's looking at our financial records to hep us plan for the future. I had bought some snacks at the student store, too. There was no time to go to the real store.  After the meeting, Beth and I chatted for about an hour. She's very nice!

I went to bed for just a few hours.  Later, we had dinner and then I watched "Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find them" after David went to sleep. I loved it!

My laptop has been doing this one annoying thing ever since I got it. It happens a few times a month, at least. Suddenly, if I tap on the trackpad, nothing happens. I can right-click, and I can move the cursor, but no tapping works. The only fix is to use the touch screen or to reboot the computer. Last time I spoke with Dell tech support on the phone, the woman said to phone her if it happened again. It has happened many times, but tonight I finally said, let's go ahead and call her... but she said, leave a message and someone would call within the hour. They didn't! But I phoned back the Dell regular support line, and then they transferred me to someone else. I pay for good support, so I get the really good tech support. The guy went into my laptop remotely and updated all of my application driver, especially the trackpad driver. It took quite a long time! Then finally it was done. I hope it's fixed!

  Saturday 4/1/17

I got up around 11:30, and we went to lunch at Backyard Barbecue. It was delicious. Later on, I tested the barbecue to be sure, and it was gluten-free, so that's a relief.

Afterwards, we went to grocery shopping at the Wal-Mart. I stupidly left my phone there, so we had to back to get it later! Good thing some honest person found it and turned it in to the lost-and-found.

I wasn't feeling well today, so I didn't do much besides work on the computer. We listened to music and watched TV. I had a long nap, so I ended up staying up way too late. Again!

  Sunday 4/2/17

I got up really late, around 2:30. I was having some weird dreams, including one about bringing Elvis back to life. It was really strange!

For the past few days, I've been trying to do better about taking my allergy medicine, since the allergies have been so bad. I put a reminder on my laptop to take my Flonase every morning, which has helped. I try to remember to take my hydroxyzine earlier, so I can take it again before I go to bed (I can take it every 6 hours). It helps a lot with the coughing and itching.  At the very least, if I end up taking two, it knocks me out so I can sleep better.

We had severe thunderstorms, with lots of rain and thunder. It let up around 4pm, so we went back to Wal-Mart. I needed to get the information about all of our prescriptions this year, for our taxes. I tried to do it online, but it kept giving me an error message. I need to call Kaiser tomorrow and see if I can get the information from our time in Hawaii last year, too. It may be too late for that, though. If I can't do it over the phone, we probably won't want to bother waiting for it.

We had more rain, but it wasn't nearly as bad after 4pm as it had been all day.

I did the laundry, finally finished unpacking, straightened up the master bathroom and bedroom, and made ice cream.

I keep trying to make good chocolate chip ice cream. If you put the chocolate chips in the ice cream, they are quite hard and not integrated very well into the vanilla ice cream. This time I tried chopping them up with the food processor, to see if that helped, but it really didn't. I found a page online that tells you how to melt the chocolate chips, add water, spread it on parchment paper on a sheet, then freeze it. Then you chop it up, and the texture works way better. I'll try that next time. I was hoping to avoid all that work!

I got quite a lot done, but I was very tired around 8:30. I stayed up until about 10:30, then slept for 3 hours. I had dreams about "Once Upon a Time," which I was watching tonight. I was itching and couldn't get back to sleep after 1:30. I tried but couldn't sleep.  The usual! At least I did get a lot of work done. Have a great week!

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