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  Monday 3/20/17

I got up around 11:30 and had breakfast...  David came home for lunch, so I made him a sandwich. SAU has Spring Break this week, but he still has to go in to work until Thursday. However, the food places on campus are closed, so he doesn't have many options.

I got very sick again, as I often do from eating gluten... so I took a nap in the afternoon.

I got a weird spam call. They tried to make it sound like was a real person who said, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. There's too much static. I'm going to have to call you back." I don't know what the purpose of this call was, since they never called me back. Perhaps they expected me to call them back, but I didn't. It sounded a bit like a recording, not a real person. I looked online, and sure enough, some other people were complaining about this exact same type of call.

I had a lot of plans today, but most of them didn't get done, sadly. I did work on my site, mostly, and blogging. Not much else.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to do more, like the laundry, dishes, unpacking, and perhaps some singing. We'll see!

I watched some of the DVD's I've had sitting here for a while...I'm way behind on everything.  At least I'm mostly caught up on school work! I have to start preparing a couple of other things, though.

  Tuesday 3/21/17

I got a lot done today. I did laundry, unpacked,  and straightened up a little around the house. I got a lot done on my site.

It stays light longer now, so we went for a short walk after David had dinner. For some reason I was just full of energy. I even ran a little. I would have run more but was not wearing the right bra (the sports bras were in the wash).  It was a gorgeous Spring day, and there were so many beautiful flowers and trees. The colors were just so beautiful and vibrant. The grass is back on our lawn!

I've been sleeping in a lot, since it's Spring Break and I don't have to get up early! Yay! I'll try to get up earlier on the weekend to prepare for Monday. I'm enjoying school, but I'm not enjoying getting up so early in the morning.

It looks like David might be going on a work trip to India in July. Also, our friend Peter might come visit, either in May or September. Exciting!

We're meeting up with our friend and financial consultant Beth next Friday. Time to get the house cleaned again!

  Wednesday 3/22/17

I got even more done today.... lots of stuff around the house and on my site.

I tried to do some singing, but the allergies were just not helping, so I gave up.

We might be getting a dog this Friday. I can't wait!

I ordered Domino's pizza for dinner. I always get it loaded with veggies and then only eat a few pieces at a time. That way it's slightly more healthy. I also order salads.

We went for another walk around the neighborhood afterwards.

Twitter once again blocked one of my posts with the same error message as last weekend, this time on my personal Twitter, not my work one. So aggravating.

I spent most of the rest of the evening watching TV and doing some work.

I made some chocolate chip ice cream, too. I had trouble sleeping because of allergies.

The days kind of blur together if I'm not going out very much.

  Thursday 3/23/17

I woke up around noon, very stuffed up, and then after I got up and went back to bed, my stomach was hurting a lot. I took some medicine, and then I got really sick from the usual reasons.

David's been coming home for lunch, and I make him a sandwich. The food places on campus are closed this week. Today it was grilled cheese.

When he came home from work later, we went out to dinner at Antigua's, the Mexican place near SAU. We had some wine and good food. I didn't have too much of an appetite, so I just ate some and brought the rest home.

Today was not a very productive day like the previous two days. Ah, well. I've been sneezing a lot as well as having the gluten allergies. It's Spring, so that makes sense. When we came home, I noticed that our entire porch was covered in pollen!  It WAS a white porch, but now it's yellow.

I did at least straighten up the living room, which is helpful. I might end up doing the dishes before I go to bed. That's about all I can manage.

David has tomorrow off, so I hope we can do some things, like go to the post office, go to the grocery store etc.

I spent a lot of time online with my friend Jan to figure out why Twitter keeps blocking my posts. I think they didn't like the new popup ads I had on my site. One was particularly annoying.  Thing is, none of the ads are harmful, just deceptive.  Deceptive ads have been around since the 90's. I don't get why all of these companies are clamping down on them. They're the only ones that make any money if you have a smaller site. I took the ad off, but Twitter is still blocking links to my site.  I've emailed them a few times and gotten no reply. It's very frustrating. I tried Hootsuite, hoping that would work, but Twitter was still able to block me. I told my followers just to find us on Facebook until things improve.

In the meantime, I was working with the ad provider to have them get rid of the one really annoying ad, and that took a while back and forth. Now I want to test out the ad, but it's not coming up at all for me, so I don't know why. I took off the ad blockers but it's still not coming up. I want to make sure there aren't any other bad ads.

  Friday 3/24/17

We did go to the post office and to lunch, but we put off everything else until Saturday.

We were going to get a dog, but it turns out that we're driving to Little Rock tomorrow - again! We're staying there until Monday afternoon. He has a few meetings. I did call to find out how much it costs to board a dog, and how much notice they need. I made a  list of what things to buy before we get one, too. I'm ready!

We went to Flying Burger for lunch. It's always good... later, I had Sonic for dinner. I always love those tater tots.

I made hummingbird nectar from a recipe on the web. I didn't even know that you could make your own! It's just sugar and water, apparently. It was raining this afternoon, so I didn't put it out yet.

We had a big storm in the evening. About midnight, the power went out, twice. Not for very long, thank goodness. It went out later for a longer period because all of the clocks were messed up.

Mostly I was just getting ready for our trip tomorrow. I did the laundry and packing, and the dishes etc.

  Saturday 3/25/17

I got up around 9 and finished packing and everything. I just had a little breakfast. I got the plants ready and put out my hummingbird feeder. David went to the grocery store for me and just got a few things.

We left around 11:30 to drive to Little Rock. Luckily, it was a clear day.  We stopped for lunch at McDonald's in Fordyce.

Our tire pressure sign keeps coming on, but we don't see anything wrong with the tire, so we're ignoring it for now. The car does drift to the right a little bit.

We're staying at the DoubleTree, which is fairly nice (not as nice as the Marriott, though! But a lot cheaper).  First we stopped at my favorite bakery, Dempsey, because it was closing at 3.  I stocked up on many goodies. They had quite a few sugar free treats as well. I didn't realize our room doesn't have a refrigerator, so I could only eat some of the cheesecake and had to throw the rest out later.  It was delicious!

After we settled in, he was expecting a work call....

We had a nap and then we went out to dinner to Dugan's Pub, which has great food. I was starving and had a steak. It was great.  I had hoped to go to karaoke, but I couldn't find a place that had it on Saturdays. We ended up going to a Dueling Piano bar, so that was a lot of fun. At least you can sing along there. They had a real mixture of songs from the 60's through today. I didn't know some of the more recent songs. There were some I'd heard and recognized, but I didn't know them well enough to sing along. This is why karaoke is better! You have the words...The band was really good. At one point, they brought in guitars and drums -- they sounded awesome.

Later on, we stopped for a snack at the Marriott. They have a great restaurant. I just had a hot dog, which came with chips and cole slaw. I had asked the waiter to make sure that nothing on it had gluten. Another guy brought it, so I assumed it was okay, but then he came back and said not to eat the chips because they were not gluten free. I had figured that out when I bit into it because they were malt vinegar chips (malt is barley).  He brought me fruit instead, and David ate my chips. He had some kind of yummy looking appetizer as well.

  Sunday 3/26/17

We went to brunch at Cache, which is a great gluten-free restaurant I like. I had a good omelet and the BEST breakfast potatoes ever, and gluten free bread. We did a little bit of walking around and had fun.

I did some shopping at this store I really like called Ten Thousand Villages. It's a chain, but this is the only one I've seen. Good thing they have a web site because this store is closing. I'm so sad about that. I bought two necklaces, a candle, and a sign that says "Live".  Everything in the store was purchased from places around the world like Indonesia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Peru, India et al.  All handmade. Usually the prices are quite high because it's not cheap junk and they pay a fair price for it.  However, since they were getting rid of everything, it was all %75 off. That was cool ... wish they had more I could buy! I love their vases and other home decor stuff.  I'll probably buy some off their site.

We took it pretty easy and had an early night. Well, he did. I stayed up late working. He has an early conference call in the morning.

Have a great week!

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