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  Monday 3/13/17

It's been a long week!  This morning, in our Comfort Inn room in Little Rock, I slept in (I'd stayed up late the night before).  David had a conference call, but I slept through it.  Then he has another conference, so we're driving to a nearby town called Conway, which is about 45 minutes away, population around 65,000. We checked out of our room and drove there to the Fairfield Inn & Suites.  We passed a place called Toad Suck Park. Not kidding!

Toad Suck Park sign

We had lunch at the Outback next door. I love the Outback and haven't been there in a long time. They have a good gluten-free menu. I had steak, veggies, and some mashed potatoes (didn't eat most of those). I also took some of their chocolate cake dessert, Chocolate Thunder from Down Under, back to our hotel room. We checked in. I ironed some of his work clothes and then took a nap.  He went out later to this afternoon event. Later, I watched some TV while I worked.

He had a dinner meeting, but he came back after, and we went back to the Outback so I could eat dinner. It's right next door, and it's way too cold and windy to go anywhere else. I had their Alice Springs chicken this time. Delicious!  Then we went back to the room for a while. I worked on my site and then eventually, he went to sleep. I wasn't tired yet. I kept watching TV on my laptop. I'm trying to finish watching "The Gilmore Girls," but I'm still on the first season. UPDATE: I stayed up until almost 5 am and did make it to the 2nd season. Yay!

The pillows in this room are not very firm, so I hurt my back sitting on the bed too much. I had to take a muscle relaxer because I woke up in the morning in agony. 

  Tuesday 3/14/17

I woke up after noon and felt a little better. The hot shower helped my back a lot. The shower here is good - it gets really hot.

David had his conference most of the day. I spent some time working and watching TV. The usual!  Our hotel has no restaurant or bar, but the Outback is nearby.  I didn't feel like walking over there by myself in the cold. They do sell some snacks by the front desk, so I got quite a few there and ate that for "breakfast."

This town has some great delivery food choices.  They have something called Meal on the Fly and Chef Shuttle. Both will bring you food from a variety of places. It's similar to what we had in Lubbock and Honolulu. I sure wish we had that in our town. I was looking over the list online to see what I wanted to order later, but David texted me just then to say he'd be home soon.   He rested a while and I finished up some work. Then we went to the Outback again. It's still very cold out there, so I didn't feel like walking anywhere, and he didn't want to drive. Also, I have a slight cut on the bottom of my foot, so it hurts to walk.

Fortunately, I do love the Outback and its gluten-free menu, so I don't mind going there often! I had the chicken dish that I had yesterday. It's really yummy.  No dessert today. I'm trying to be better about that sort of thing.  We had a nice dinner. He went to sleep when we got back. I worked more on my site and then also did a test for my Trends in Modern Media class. I have another paper to write, but I think I'll start that one tomorrow. Whew!

Tomorrow is going to be a tough day because there's no way I can go to bed too early, and we're leaving around 7 to drive back to Magnolia. We're going straight to SAU, so I'll be pretty tired. I stupidly forgot to bring my roller backpack with me, so I'm going to have to lug my laptop around. It's so funny that my tablet is called a "2 in 1" because you can touch the screen and fold it back (not using the keyboard), but to me it can't be a tablet when it's so darned heavy.  They should make it so I can actually take the keyboard OFF. That would be great.  Then it would be lighter.  We have a Samsung tablet, and it's great, but I can't do too much of my work on it. I need Windows for that. I mean, if I had to, I could use the tablet for some things, but it would really hurt my productivity if that's all I had all of the time. 

I went to sleep about 1am but then woke up two hours later, itching and sneezing.  Yuck. I stayed up and did some more work and never did get back to bed.

  Wednesday 3/15/17

Wow, what a day! We left Conway around 6 am. I'd only had 2 hours' sleep. It was cold, too.  The drive was fine. We talked and the time went pretty quickly, even though I was very tired.

We went straight to SAU - we arrived around 9am. I went to Reynolds as usual and had breakfast. I tried their omelet bar for the first time. It was pretty good. Breakfast is cheaper between 9 and 10, too! Wow! I had no idea. I also had some yogurt and fruit.  Nice healthy breakfast!

Fortunately, I ran into James from my second class at Reynolds right after breakfast, and he mentioned that we had a test today! OMG! I had no idea. I mean, yes, it was on the syllabus, but with all the traveling etc. I hadn't really paid that much attention. What an airhead I am. So I went to the library and spent the next few hours' there studying.  Then I went to class (didn't even have time to stop and get another soda like usual). I was so tired.  Fortunately, I got a little more time studying in the first class.

So then we had our test. I thought it was a lot harder than the one for the first class that I did a few days ago, but then I'd had a lot more sleep and time to study before that one! I think it was fine. My handwriting isn't great, but the professor said that he could read it.

I dropped off most of my stuff in David's office and then went to Chick-Fil-A as usual for lunch (love their grilled chicken nuggets and waffle fries).  I spent a little time in the library. I just had my phone so I read email, social media, etc.  Then he took me home. My plants survived, so I'm very happy about that. The little glass globe plant waterers worked well. I had forgotten to take out the trash before we left, so it did smell a little funky in our place (as my professor would say).  We got the mail. I ordered "Doctor Strange," so I'll finally get to see that.

I got my tax forms for my site in the mail that our accountant had prepared, and then I realized that today is March 15! So I phoned them, paid for their services over the phone, then scanned in my tax forms after I signed them. Well, I had to wait for the laptop to reboot and do Windows Update. Then I emailed them the forms to file for me. I went to sleep right after that and slept for 3 hours. I thought it was only 2 at first because Daylight Savings Time happened while we were gone! LOL!

I did some work after that, and made dinner.  Now I'm just watching some TV, and I'll go to bed after that. It's only 11, so it will be pretty early for me. Hopefully I can sleep through the night!

Tomorrow I have to do the laundry and watch some DVD's to review.  Friday morning we're driving to Hot Springs for a few days, so I have to start packing again, too.  David has a meeting there and then we're just taking a few days there. I hope that'll be nice. I hate to miss my classes again, especially right before Spring break, but thankfully the professor is very understanding.

I have another paper due this weekend! So I'll be working on that as well.

  Thursday 3/16/17

I woke up around 11, I think? I had a busy day, and an irritating one, but not very interesting. I did laundry and dishes. I unpacked all of our bags and then repacked some of them. I put lots of clothes away. I had to clean the inside of the dryer because a pen was left in the laundry. I also soaked some clothes and rewashed them to try to get the stains out. I had to do some ironing, which I really hate.

flowersI did some work on my site. My site's server was down for a while, so that was irritating. Fortunately, it wasn't down for very long. I took some photos outside because there are many flowers coming in. I put the Mosquito Dumps out in the fountain and bird bath to kill any mosquito larvae.

I cooked the Atkins egg and sausage scramble frozen dinner and then tested both the egg and sausage with my NIMA gluten tester; I also tested some chocolate. It all came out as gluten-free.

I got a package, but otherwise, no mail today, so that was odd.  I started to run the transcripts from the time I was gone. The PC I use for that was giving me problems. Because of all of the stuff I was doing, my neck was hurting.

I wanted to go to bed early, but I ended up staying up way too late as usual. I tried, but I was too itchy and stuffed up. Stupid allergies! I had a lot of sleep last night, too.

  Friday 3/17/17

I didn't sleep last night at all. I took a shower, had breakfast, and finished my packing. I made sure the plants had water. I did some work on my site. I finally sat in my chair and reclined for a little while, and then David came home around 9:30. We left to drive to Hot Springs, Arkansas. David had a meeting there. I slept most of the way there. I was so tired!  We're staying at the La Quinta. Everything else was booked up. They have a big parade here for St. Patrick's Day, and the racetrack is a big draw, plus they have a big music festival at the nearby national park.  The town only has about 40,000 people, but it draws a lot of tourists. 

We couldn't check in yet, so we went next door to this restaurant called the Bleu Monkey. It has a gluten free menu, but it only had about 6 items on there. I had some chicken and rice dish. It was okay.  He had his meeting and then I sat in the hotel lobby for a little while, trying to stay awake. They had a TV, so I watched a re-run of "Law & Order: SVU". I got in our room about 2:40 and just went to sleep.

He came back later, so we called a cab to go to the downtown area. Because of the holiday, the cab took an hour, and then we had to share it with 6 other people!  They were having a big parade down there.  We found an Italian restaurant and ate there. I thought it was very good; he wasn't too crazy about what he had. They didn't have a gluten-free menu, but we went over the menu, and the waitress told me that certain foods shouldn't have Us at St. Patrick's Day paradeflour. I had a caprese salad and then lamb chops with mashed potatoes and vegetables. They were delicious. Maybe the best mashed potatoes I ever had. 

All of the places were really crowded, and it was very loud outside. The parade looked fun, but too crowded. We didn't feel like standing around, looking at it. We found a place called Craft Beer Cellar. Frankly, it was the only one we could find that wasn't as close to the parade and overcrowded with people. I just needed to go to the bathroom and sit down for a bit after we walked around a lot.  It's like a little store as well as a bar. They didn't have anything I could drink except water, though. Not even diet soda, just the regular kind.  There was a family there near where we were sitting, with a little dog,  so that was neat. Also someone dressed up as Elvis.  Out in the parade area, there were lots of costumes. We saw several people on stilts and wearing funny costumes.  If we hadn't been so hungry and tired, and if it hadn't been drizzly, we probably would have watched more of the parade.  My phone died while we were at the Craft Beer place. I wish I could have gotten more photos...

Oh, I forgot that my back/neck was hurting quite a lot. I took pain pills, but it was still painful, so that's why I didn't feel like standing around, watching a parade, and we didn't stay very long downtown.

We went back to our hotel around 8:30, maybe?  We stopped in the Bleu Monkey next door first for some drinks and dessert. I guess everyone else was downtown or somewhere because it was not too crowded to get a table.

We were both pretty tired and went to bed about 10:30.

  Saturday 3/17/17

I slept about 12 hours. I was tired! Plus my back had hurt so much. I felt much better today.

We took a cab over to the Oaklawn race track. Once again, we had to share a cab with a ton of people. I sat in the front seat near the driver, so it wasn't as bad for me. The driver was very funny and entertaining.  We had rushed out so fast that we didn't realize we were short on cash (we were both very tired and groggy), but fortunately we were able to get a few bucks from someone else in the cab. Whoops!  They were a fun bunch, and some of them were from Missouri.

I've never been to a racetrack before while horses were racing. I've only been to Del Mar when they had the fair, and to Sunland Park off-season.  I've bet on horses in Vegas, too.  Anyway, it was an experience. They don't charge an entrance fee any more, but they charge quite a lot for everything else. Apparently, if you don't reserve your seat in advance, they sell out, especially on a busy day.  We stood in line to get food after we got in. Again, the whole place was too crowded. We stood in line to get sandwiches and drinks. I didn't want to slow the line down by asking about gluten, so I just got barbecue with no bread and hoped for the best.  It was really good, but way too much food.

my new hatThey have an area outside with concrete steps you can sit on for free, so we did that.  We just stayed for one race.  We bet and lost, but that's ok. We had fun, so that was the main thing. They had a small gift shop, so I bought us some hats because it was pretty sunny out there. I really like my hat, but I didn't realize until later that the front of the bill is torn. I don't know, maybe it's supposed to be that way, like torn jeans. Anyway, I like it, despite that. It has sequins on the horseshoe. It came in handy. I wanted to get a stuffed horse with the name Oaklawn on it, but they didn't have it. Very silly because they had tons of stuffed horses. They had nothing else I wanted, since most of it was just horses of one type or another.  Oh, well.  When I went to buy it, the cash register broke down. So I moved to another cash register, but the woman at the first one said that she wasn't sure if I would be charged twice. She took my phone number and said to check back later. I was getting a little irritated by that, and the fact that I was worried about getting back out there for the race, but fortunately, the cash register came back online, so I got out quicker than I thought.

I guess it's 25 minutes between races.  We watched our race and did not win our bets. We forgot to look at the casino until after we left.  We were getting tired again. We walked across the street to this place called Rocky's. It's mostly Italian, I guess, and pizza. I'd only had some of the barbecue at the race. It was good but just drowning in sauce. I just wanted a little bit more of something, so I ordered a hot dog. I got two so we could share, and it came with fries. They have a really delicious drink there that tastes like a cinnamon roll. I had two of those.  Then we took a cab back to our hotel and stopped for one more drink at the Bleu Monkey. I had something there called a King Kong. It has tons of different liqueurs in it, plus orange juice. Way too big and sweet. I just drank a little bit of it and left the rest.

I wasn't sleepy, but I was a little tired. He had a nap and I just wasted time on social media, mostly. I looked for a karaoke place for tonight, but the only one I could find was 17 miles away, so it would be quite an expensive cab ride. David's not too keen on karaoke to begin with, but especially if he has to go a long way or spend a lot of money. Instead, we walked over to the mall and stopped on the way for dinner at Applebee's. The mall is less than a mile away, on the same street as our hotel. I like Applebee's now that they have a gluten free menu. I got the riblets, which came with cole slaw and french fries. Not very healthy food today! I only ate a few of the ribs. They were way bigger than I thought.

The mall is a bit small here and apparently they let the stores close when they want to, so many of them were closed, even though it wasn't even 7pm.  The mall closes at 9.  We walked around a bit, and I bought a few things at FYE and Hot Topic. I didn't see too many business cards, unfortunately.

It's funny because I don't think Hot Springs is really my kind of place, yet I wished our town had a lot of things it has, like movie theaters, restaurants, malls, etc.

We stopped briefly at the Mexican restaurant at the mall called Don Juan's for some soft drinks, then we walked back and stopped again at the Bleu Monkey. It was really crowded. We sat outside, which I guess is technically the smokers' area. I got a salad to go so I had some food to take my pills with.  There was a large, very drunk crowd there having a lot of fun.

David went to bed pretty early. I'm probably staying up a little later. I have some work to do.

  Sunday 3/17/17

I ended up staying up all night! I just got going on my paper and didn't want to stop until I was finished. Whoops!  Here's my paper. We're supposed to compare some companies or sites that use social media for monitoring.

We had the free breakfast at our hotel and then packed, showered, etc.  We left about 9:30 and it's a 2-hour drive back home. I slept part of the way, and then we listened to songs on my phone for a little while... we stopped at the Mexican restaurant near our house for lunch. I wasn't in the mood for the usual dish of eggs and chorizo, so I had their taquitos. So delicious! I will have to get those again.

After we went home and took all of the bags out of the car, I went to sleep for a few hours.  Later on, we went to Wal-Mart for our grocery shopping. I got a Subway sandwich for dinner. Later on, I tested it and found out that it isn't gluten free! That really stinks. Their website claims that their turkey is gluten-free.  Now I'll be sick again tomorrow :(  That's a real bummer.

We watched some TV and I worked on my paper, then I worked on my site. I'm very upset because Twitter has some stupid bot that won't let you tweet if they think you're sending out spam. Of course, I'm NOT sending out spam! Just tweeting about my site, like I always do.  It's very annoying. I finally posted it on my site's Facebook page and then that automatically posts to the Twitter page... but I really don't like doing it that way.  I got very very angry, which is probably not healthy.

The ironic thing is that I just wrote my paper, which compares various social media companies and how good they are at helping their customers via social media, and I concluded that Twitter and Facebook are the worst.  So of course, I don't expect Twitter to help me. I even mentioned the annoying bots on Facebook. Now I know that Twitter has them, too.  UGH. UPDATE: Twitter does have a support contact form that I found, so we'll see if they actually answer or help me.

I have this week off, so that's great! I'm looking forward to our Spring Break. David only has Friday off, unfortunately.

My plants not only survived but are doing really well. The glass globes I bought that maintain the water really work well. I'm very happy about that.

Don't forget to check out my Instagram because I always take lots of photos!

Last week I finally watched "Doctor Strange" and enjoyed it. Tonight I watched "Suicide Squad." I thought it was really good. I don't know why critics hated it. Oh, well.

Some of my relatives bought a new car, so that's great! I'm happy for them.

Hope you have a great week! I went to bed around 3am.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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