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  Monday 3/6/17

Last night I went to bed around 9:30 because I was so tired (only 7 hours' sleep the night before, and I made myself stay up instead of napping). Then I woke up around 1:30am, itching a lot. I put Benadryl gel on my legs and back, but I still couldn't get back to sleep. I tried twice before I finally gave up.

Lately I've been eating some great frozen dinners (what we used to call "TV dinners"! I still call them that...) from Atkins. They're low carb and seem to be gluten free. They have a sausage and egg scramble I like, so it's great for breakfast. I sprinkle some cheese on it as well. They also have a really delicious meatloaf (more like Salisbury steak) and a crustless chicken pot pie that I love. Sure beats cooking!  They're the only ones I know of that are both gluten free and low carb. I like the brand EVO as well, but they're not low carb.

I want to test the Atkins dinners with my NIMA gluten tester, but either I ran out of the capsules, or I can't find where I put them. I ordered some more in the meantime.

I got a lot of work done, at least, even though I've been very tired. I had the usual day at school, but I was having trouble staying awake.  My voice lesson did wake me up quite a bit, thankfully, but being in the other class started putting me to sleep again (I was just very tired - no commentary implied here on the class!). My voice lesson started a little late, so we went over by about 15 minutes.  I didn't have time to even get a soda before class. Fortunately I had water, and I had bought a Snickers bar in case I needed it later, which I did end up needing (for low blood sugar). That woke me up a little. We had a little break between the two classes, so I hurried over to get lunch in-between. That was nice.

One thing about being in a small school, in a small town. I was able to leave my laptop and other stuff there in the classroom while I ran over to get lunch. Many of the people in the first class are also in the second class, like me, and the professor hangs around as well. Otherwise I would not have left all of my stuff, like my $1200 laptop!  I'm not usually that trusting. I don't get it when I see these college women go into the restroom stall and leave their purse or electronics sitting outside.  But I was fairly certain that someone in the class would have said something if anyone touched my stuff.

Anyway, I had less than a half hour to dash over there, eat, and come back, and it worked.  I knew I wouldn't have time to go there afterwards. David always has lots of meetings, so his schedule is pretty tight.

I got another A on my last presentation, which was all about the karaoke app Sing! Karaoke by Smule. Yay! I still say too many "ums" and "you know's" etc. Oh, well. I'm working on a paper now. I'm almost done -- just have to finish it up. It's short about 500 words! LOL!

Things have just been really hectic the past few weeks, so I wasn't very good at keeping up the blog. I hope to keep it up this week a little better!

  Tuesday 3/7/17

I woke up after 12:30pm, and I was sick a lot, all afternoon and evening. I'm going to refrain from eating any more of the Atkins frozen dinners until I can test them to make sure they're safe. Something is sure making me sick.

I did quite a lot of work on my site today because I was too sick to do much else. I also did a lot of time-wasting on social media, listening to music and watching TV.

What else did I accomplish today? I got a new iPod Shuffle, so I organized my iTunes a little in the past two days. I hadn't done too much with it since I got the new computer back in November. I had two other Shuffles, a Nano and a shuffle, but I think I lost one Shuffle while traveling, and possibly the Nano as well. The Nano is not working, so I need to call Apple to see if they can help me fix it. I just haven't had the time. I found the other Shuffle after I had bought this one. Oops! Anyway, I wanted ONE that I could take with me on our trip.

I straightened around the house a bit today. I bought some pink velvet hangers online, so I put those in to substitute for a lot of other types I had. I used to buy them at Ross, but now I have to buy them online.  David picked up his dry cleaning, too, so I also took those out of the plastic bags and used some of the bags in my closet (I have a lot of dresses that I rarely wear, so I like to use the dry cleaning plastic bags to protect them from dust).

I called in some prescriptions....we need to pick them up early Thursday. Hopefully they'll be ready! I also did the dishes finally. I got Domino's gluten free pizza for dinner, plus a few salads.

I forgot to mention that the neighbor's daughter came by over the weekend (I'd never met her before). She has some sort of Trak phone and was having trouble getting her voice mail. I guess her mom, Mary, sent her to me since I know about computers and phones. However, I just told her to call the support number on the back. That's what I would do! I know nothing about Trakphones, but even so. I know my way around a smart phone pretty well, but if anything goes wrong, I call the Verizon support number.  That's pretty much true of most electronics. If there's no support number, then I can look online, but calling for support, otherwise, is the best thing to do.

I suggested to Mary that if any of them come by, it might be a good idea to call first because we might be asleep, or in the bathroom, or way in the back room where we won't hear the doorbell. Also, since I rarely get visitors, I'm usually not wearing pants. I just would hate to have them walk over here for nothing, or be standing there, waiting for me, thinking I'm ignoring them.  Luckily, when her daughter came by, David was sitting here, fully dressed, and could answer the door. But I had to go find some shorts to throw on.  Unless it's pretty cold, I don't wear pants. Sometimes I'll remember to have some shorts nearby in case the doorbell rings, but I don't always remember.  Also, sometimes one or both of us is napping (especially on the weekend), so we probably wouldn't get up if the doorbell rang, if we even heard it. I hope she didn't think I was saying not to come over because that's not what I meant at all. I like getting visitors! I just don't get too many.

Speaking of Mary, my good friend Mary that I've known since junior high might be spending some time in Hawaii. That would be so great! Sounds like she might go to Hilo on the Big Island.

I'm trying very hard to be more organized. It's not easy, especially since I sleep such weird hours. And when I'm sick, my brain just sort of goes off on its own and forgets everything.  At least I did manage to get my taxes done for my site, and I did also double-check to make sure the accounting guy got them. I got some packages ready for mailing tomorrow.  The school has a small post office.

  Wednesday 3/8/17

I ended up going to bed about 4 am, and then I got up around 6:10. I was so very tired! Thank goodness we're going out of town tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about my sleep schedule until next Tuesday.

Today is International Women's Day, and a lot of women are wearing red and staying home in protest, "A Day without Women." I didn't know any of this, and I wore a blue shirt to school today. I could have stayed home in protest! Darn it. Does it count as protesting if you sleep in?

On school days, if I want to shower, eat breakfast, and brush my teeth, I have to get up at 5:45. Otherwise, I don't have enough time. So I went to the cafeteria in Reynolds, hoping to try their omelette bar, but the guy who makes them wasn't there today. Darn it! I had some eggs and their really awful turkey bacon, some fruit and yogurt.

Then I waited for the bookstore to open at 8, but it didn't open on time. I was about to leave when they opened. I had to get some new earbuds and some other stuff, including snacks.

My phone said it was 39 degrees this morning, so I wore my hat, scarf, and gloves, and a heavy coat, but it was more like 42. I wish I hadn't brought it all...too much to carry.

Before we left the house, there were some weird noises outside. I looked out and couldn't find anything, but there were some beautiful birds in our backyard.  One was some sort of large red-breasted bird, and another one was a beautiful cardinal. I didn't have time to take a photo, unfortunately.

I was fine when I got to the library, but just very tired. I dozed off a little while sitting up. I went back to Reynolds to mail a couple of packages and then got very sick again. It was quite unexpected because I was feeling fine before that.

I got another soda and then went early to my classroom. I should have gone to get lunch, but I didn't feel like rushing over there and back.

Classes went well, but unfortunately, there was not time to run over to get lunch afterwards. It's OK...I'll just eat leftover pizza when I get home! Then I will crash for sure. So tired.

So that's what I did...I slept about 4 or 5 hours. First I had to call the pharmacy to get make sure my prescriptions were ready. Then I had to make a short call to our insurance company for some information that David wanted.

My eyes are still bothering me a lot, so I'm going to try to mostly stay off the computer as much as possible tonight and maybe tomorrow. I'll just write in this blog and whatever else that's essential.

I found there's a drawback to having all of our lightbulbs back in the living room. Certain lights reflect in the TV, making it hard to watch! So I have to turn them off if I watch TV.  Bummer.

We're going on a trip tomorrow and will be gone almost a week. I just deleted a bunch of shows from my DVR that I planned on maybe watching someday but never got around to it. There just aren't enough hours in the day. My DVR was up to about 85%, so I wanted to make sure it didn't fill up while I was gone and not be able to record the shows I do like and watch.

I'm going to try to go to bed about 1 and see if that works.

  Thursday 3/9/17

The alarm went off around 9, but I went back to sleep for a little while. I woke up before 11am and had breakfast, and then I started packing, doing the dishes and some laundry, watered the plants, etc.  David came home while I was eating and brought my prescriptions that he'd picked up. Then he went back to work. He had a big meeting and then came home a little after 2. We drove to Little Rock, which is about 2 1/2 hours away. We stopped at a rest stop along the way, so I could use the restroom. It was surprisingly clean.

We were pretty tired when we checked in to our Comfort Inn, but also hungry. We put our luggage in the room (which was easy, since we were on the first floor) and called a cab. I had some wine while we waited.  We went to Cache, a place we usually like. It has a lot of gluten free foods. We each had one of their specials, which were great. I had the sea bass, which came with chorizo, and spinach, and garbanzo beans. The fish was not as good as some places make it, but it wasn't terrible, and the rest was wonderful.. It was very spicy, though. They always bring some awesome gluten free bread as well. I had wine, too. I stuffed myself.  David loved his meal, too. Then we walked around and stopped in some other places for drinks etc. and stopped at this little store I like.

We got back to our room pretty early, though, and went to bed around 9.

My friend Kathy had a bad day...she ended up in the ER for a while due to some thyroid thing, but she's okay now.

  Friday 3/10/17

I woke up about 1am, then went back to sleep. I woke up again around 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I did some work on my site. I still have to write my paper for class and take an exam.

We went downstairs for free breakfast around 5.  Then we took a shuttle over to the airport and flew to Washington DC.  We stopped over in Charlotte, NC very briefly. I grabbed a sandwich at Starbucks.

Instead of a normal jetway, they let us off with one of those little metal stairways. I hate those things because I'm always worried about falling, especially carrying heavy bags. Well, David did just that. He slipped on the very last step and fell, hitting his upper back on the metal stair. We helped him up, and he seemed fine, although he was in a lot of pain. He was carrying two heavy carry-on bags, so I took one of them. That wasn't good for me, either, with my spine problems.

We were pretty hungry by the time we arrived at our hotel in DC.  It was flurrying when we got here, although it didn't last too long. 

We walked over to this pub nearby called James Hoban's Irish Restaurant & Bar.  We had a really good lunch and drinks.  They were showing rugby and the place was packed. We stopped at CVS on the way back to get a few things. David had a nap before his reception, and I did some work on my site.

After he left for his reception, I went to sleep. He called later to wake me up, so I got up and dressed in slightly warmer clothes than I had on before because it's pretty cold out. I met him downstairs, and we walked over to this restaurant I found online called Scion. It's only about a block away. It was recommended by this app I use on my phone called Find Me Gluten Free. It was a good recommendation. The food was very good. I had a spicy yogurt chicken dish.  Then we briefly walked over to the Irish pub again. I had a yummy chocolate martini there. I would have preferred hot chocolate, but they didn't have that.

After we came back, he went to sleep, and I stayed up to finish my paper. I got it done, and it was over 1,000 words. Yay! It's supposed to be at least 800-1000 words.  Originally I only had about 450 words, but once I started fleshing it out a little, and finding my sources, it easily went longer.

I stayed up until about 3:30 am watching TV on my laptop.  This bed is not very comfortable for sitting up. The pillows are not very firm.

I've been trying to get him to go to Urgent Care all day, to no avail. (He doesn't like to go to doctors) Hopefully I can get him to go tomorrow. I hope there's no internal injuries or that it won't cause some kind of long-term problem.

  Saturday 3/11/17

We had a tough night. He kept waking me up because of being in pain. He got some sleep, though, so that's good, and also took a hot shower, which I'm sure helped. I got us breakfast downstairs at the overpriced buffet.

Our hotel is fine, but small. Downstairs just has a small lobby area, a breakfast buffet room, and a small bar that's open in the evenings. No gift shop and few other facilities.  The staff is very good, though, and have been very helpful.

David is going to his conference, and then hopefully will go to Urgent Care. I went back to sleep. He came back around noon, and eventually we took a cab over to Medics USA, the urgent care place. They examined him and he's fine, just has a back injury (they said it was possibly a bruised rib). He has to rest and let it heal. They just gave him Aleve. So that's quite a relief. I went next door to the pizza place while we were waiting and got a great Greek salad. We stopped at CVS to pick up some stuff and went back to our hotel. He's back at his conference for the afternoon.

I took a short nap, and then he came back. We went to this place called Firefly for dinner. It was really good. They have a huge selection of gluten-free foods. It was actually hard to choose for once because they had so many great things. We shared some Foie Gras (with gluten free toast for me!) and then I had pot roast. It was just wonderful.  If I opened a restaurant, this is the type of place I would open. It had beautiful decor, and nice bathrooms, and great food and drinks. The people who worked there were very nice, too. All it was missing was a house band, with me as singer! :)

It was really cold out, so even though we only had to walk a few blocks, it was horrible in that cold. When we got there, they hadn't quite opened yet, so we sat at the bar for a few minutes. Then I got a hot chocolate with Bailey's and they seated us at our table. They made the hot chocolate from scratch (presumably from melting chocolate) and put a cinnamon stick in it, and not only put whipped cream on the top but grated white chocolate. It was SO good! 

We went back to the Irish pub for a little while and had some fun there. They were playing some good Irish music.

Unfortunately, later on, I was very sick from something I ate. You know, the problem is that I'm not as careful as I should be, particularly when we travel. I had breakfast at the two hotels without asking about gluten. I had a sandwich that I bought from the CVS (not the bread, of course). I had a couple of his fries at Firefly without asking if they were safe. I had some chocolate martinis without asking what they were made with. Any one of those things could have gluten in them.  This was a little worse than usual. I was very nauseous. Fortunately, it was not so bad that I had to go to the ER or anything. I finally did get back to sleep. UGH.

Between his hurting his back and my being sick, I didn't get to take photos like I'd planned. I forgot to even take pictures of our room or the hotel.

  Sunday 3/12/17

He got me up around 10, and I was still very tired. It was tough to get up. I did somehow manage to repack our suitcases and pack everything up, as well as take a shower.  I managed to leave my brand new iPod shuffle and earbuds in our room, though, and possibly his tablet charger.

It was still really cold when we left to go to the airport, and we weren't dressed for that cold weather any more. We did have our jackets, of course.  Thankfully, we just had to walk quickly from our hotel to the cab.

We had flown American Airlines to DC, but we flew United back. That's just how it worked out through Expedia, I guess. I usually hate United because their seats are so much smaller. After we checked our luggage, we went through security. Because he books his tickets through his work card, he doesn't get the TSA Pre-Check like I do.   I went through easily and then had to wait for him. We had about 2 hours to kill, so we went to this little restaurant there for "breakfast."  The waitress sounded Russian or something, and she was new, so she was difficult to deal with. When I asked which foods were gluten-free, she checked with her supervisor, who replied "nothing." So I told her to just bring me the "100% beef" hot dog with no bun and no fries. She brought the fries anyway. This is why I hate asking about gluten. I didn't eat the fries. I just had the hot dog with mustard and relish. I would have had two, but the hot dog plate was $11! No thanks. Fortunately I had picked up some wonderful gluten free pretzel crisps in the CVS near our hotel, so I had some of those as well. I also got a hot chocolate at the coffee place next door.

I've just been eating way too much lately, especially too much chocolate and other carbs. That needs to stop. I've been so fat lately, too. Our terminal only had a really tiny gift shop. I bought a postcard and some other stuff.

I only had a very little time to work on my laptop before we left. I'm late with everything this weekend.

Anyway, we boarded the plane without too much trouble. Then I found out that my iPod and earbuds were missing, so I just went to sleep on the plane. I was really tired. I rarely sleep much on airplanes, but I was exhausted. We both slept the whole flight.

The United pilots today at least seemed to know how to land their planes smoothly. The ones we had with American were terrible.  The flight was late, so we only had about 20 minutes to get off the plane and get to our next one. We changed planes in Chicago at O'Hare. We only stopped to go to the restroom and get a snack (and I got some more earbuds). I would have liked to have stopped at some of the great stores we passed. Too bad we didn't have more time.

They had us fly into gate A-something and then we had to rush all the way to gate F28. There were no trams or even moving walkways. It was quite a trek, and both of us with backs in pain. It was pretty horrible.  I was trying to be more careful about what I eat, so I just found some turkey and cheese Lunchables. I've had those many times, and I don't think they make me sick, so they were a safer bet than anything else I saw.  They boarded our second flight really quick, too.

This flight was about two hours long. It was a smaller plane with only a two-seat row and a one-seat row. I was in the one-seater.  David slept. I didn't even have one of those in-flight magazines. I had my backup iPod and the new earbuds. Then it turned out the iPod was out of charge. Fortunately, I had bought one of those charger things that lets you charge your electronics after they've run down. It took a long time, though.  Eventually I did get to listen to some music.  It was all songs that David liked, though. My lost Ipod had my songs. Ah, well.

After we landed in Little Rock, we got all our bags and got the free van transportation from the airport to the hotel. This is the same Comfort Inn we stayed at Thursday night. Our car is still parked there (cheaper than airport parking).  After we checked in, we went out to dinner to Dugan's Pub.  We've only eaten there a few times, but it's pretty good. The waitresses are pretty knowledgable about gluten, or they ask the cook when they're not sure. Then I left my winter hat in the cab. Geez, what a week.  I had a barbecue bacon cheeseburger and fries. It was really good.  I also had an ice cream sundae for dessert. It was delicious.

Then we went back to our hotel and David went to sleep. I did some work on my site.  His back is still bothering him. He's just taking Aleve and getting as much rest as he can. Tomorrow we're supposed to drive to this nearby town called Conway, about 40 miles away. It's got about 64,000 people, so it's a lot bigger than Magnolia. It has an Outback! Woo hoo!  It all depends on how his back feels as to whether he'll go or not.  I hope next week is better than this week!

It seems strange to me that a lot of places had their St. Patrick's Day parades and celebrations this weekend. It's next Friday! You can't have the parade the next day? So weird.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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