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  The last two weeks I was super busy and didn't even get a chance to post the last blog until Friday! Wow!

Although Monday 2/20 was Presidents Day, we didn't get it off. It's a federal holiday, but I guess they give the states and schools the choice of whether to make it a holiday or not.

Mondays are always tough because I usually sleep too much on the weekend and then have a very tough time getting up early again. My voice lesson went very well, even though I haven't practiced a lot, due to being sick and having allergies.

It rained a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday. Otherwise ,we had really great weather...sunny and warm. Some days, it was warmer here than in Honolulu! (Same thing for the next week, too, oddly)

  Tuesday 2/21 I was very diligent about getting work done. I practiced my music and even recorded some songs. I used the treadmill - walked and ran for a half an hour while watching TV. I did a lot of work around the house, too. 

Later, I worked on my presentation for my Trends in Media class Wednesday on Star Wars. I had done a little bit but still had to pull it all together. You would think it would be easy, but there was just so much information out there on the Web, and so many movies, that it was hard to narrow it down.

I've come to the conclusion that I hate doing media or power point presentations. I would much rather take a test or write a paper. I hate doing outlines.

The toughest part of going back to school, for me, has been time management. It seems like, every week, there's something new due. UGH.  With work and everything, it's tough. The coursework itself is not very hard, and he grades very easily, but it still takes time. I want to work on the singing every day, but finding time and energy for it can be really tough.

Something else that's tough for me.... you know, I've been a geek my whole life. One "geek quality" is wanting to correct people when they say something that's inaccurate. I'm sure you all know what I mean.  When I was younger, I didn't do this as much simply because I didn't know anything. As I got older and learned more, I became an expert on certain topics, such as TV, music, internet stuff...  Social media lets you correct people when they post something that's not true. I'm sure it annoys some people that I do this (and I'm hardly the only one who does it). I'm also sure I do it some in real life as well. I apologize if I'm too annoying in this regard. Anyway, in school it's really hard.... you can't correct your professor or one of the other students when they say something wrong. Drives me crazy.

I got to bed really late Tuesday night. I was working on my project, and then my computer started having the same problem again, where my browsers were not working. I had to do another system restore...it was late, so I went to bed. In the morning, it was done. I got an error message saying that the system restore didn't work, yet the browsers did work after that, so something did work!

My presentation was about the marketing of Star Wars, "Expanding a Popular Brand," which was very interesting.  You can see it here. I think it's cool-looking and worth reading. Some of the videos and articles on there are pretty fun.

  I was very tired Wednesday morning 2/22, so I was hoping that would help me be less nervous for my presentation. It really didn't. I brought in some Star Wars toys and other items to show, along with my presentation. The other people in the class probably didn't care, but I hope it helped my grade. He likes creativity. It went okay.

Last week I had ordered some additional artwork and other things to hang on the wall in a few places. In our living room, there is a little bare area that I felt looked too empty. In the sunroom, there's an area where there are two big nail holes, so I wanted to cover those up. I bought a nice clock for the dining room. I had ordered another decorative mirror, so I hung that in the dining room. I'd had a metal decorative thing in there, and I felt it didn't look that great because the color was too much like the wallpaper in there, so I moved it to the kitchen dining area. It's green, too, so it looks better in there (matches the rest of the kitchen). I put a shadow box with leaf shapes in the living room. In the sunroom, I put a nice little Chinese print.  I bought an Asian scroll for the laundry room. It has a big space there over the sink. There was a hook there already, so it desperately needed something to fill the space. I also bought this beautiful Asian tapestry, which I ironed and then put on the wall in there.

I think that's pretty much all of the artwork or wall hangings I will get for the "public" areas of our house. Perhaps I will get one more thing for the dining room, but otherwise, I think I'm done. I do need more in the bedrooms, but that's not important for now.

I repotted some of my plants, too. A couple had gotten too big for their pots. Some were new and in ugly pots, too.  It went pretty well. I'm not a big fan of having to touch dirt, but you do what you have to. At least it's not outdoors, so it's not full of bugs. 

  Thursday 2/23, around noon, this woman Beth came to our place. She's a financial advisor and is going to help us figure out our retirement money (not that either of us is planning to retire soon; she offered, so we're just seeing what we have).  She's married to one of the deans. Very nice lady. I had met her once before at a football game. She was living in Dallas with one of their kids until recently, but now she's here.

Anyway, that's part of the reason I got the house cleaned and all the rest. When people come over, I move some things around. For instance, there's a standing lamp that I usually have right behind the couch, to use as light. That's because a lot of the ceiling lights are out right now and we haven't gotten around to replacing them. We got a ladder but didn't get around to using it yet.  It has some kind of plastic band on the sides that we have to figure out how to get off.  Also, some of the lights are not normal bulbs, so we have to get up there and get one to figure it out.  Also, I move the computers and my desk out of the way etc.  Many little things like that for "company." 

Wednesday afternoon after I got home from SAU, I took a 3 hour nap. I was still tired but ended up staying up pretty late to do laundry and other stuff.  Then Thursday morning I got up at 10 and spent the next 2 hours, almost non-stop, fixing up the house (last minute stuff) and making lunch. I had cut up some veggies and made some more ice cream.

I made a sort of lemon-caramel half-ice cream and half-frozen yogurt thing. It came out pretty good. I wanted to make salted caramel ice cream, but instead of making the caramel, I wanted to use the salted caramel yogurt whips that I had in the fridge. Well, I only had half the amount of cream, and two of the yogurts were lemon meringue. But it worked, anyway. :) It came out good.

I made ham, turkey and cheese sandwiches on wheat and white bread, with lettuce, and I cut them into smaller, bite-sized sandwiches. I had dip for the veggies, and two kinds of crackers to munch on.

Anyway, it turned out to be a good idea because she hadn't eaten lunch yet.  They were probably hungrier than I was because I had grabbed something to eat earlier for breakfast. I did eat, though (just not the sandwiches).

It was a good meeting; she just asked us some questions and then she'll get back to us.  David had to leave at 1, so she stuck around a while and we chatted as I showed her around the house. We had a nice chat about houses, gardening etc.

We'll meet up again about the finances and we'll probably also have a party for all the deans in April, so we'll see her and her husband here again sometime.

I was very tired after she left, but I had an interview in the afternoon, so I couldn't take a nap. It went fine. Then we had a band concert at 7:30, so David came and got me at 6:15. We stopped at McDonald's for dinner. I was starving at that point.  The concert was good, but I was so tired. It was hard to stay awake. Also, it was a hot day (it got up to 80), so they had the a/c on too high. I was freezing because I didn't bring a sweater.  After we got home, I crashed about 10. I was exhausted and fell to sleep pretty quickly.

  Friday 2/24 I got up at 6 and was still tired. I even dozed a little on the couch in the library at SAU.  Classes went fine. I came home around 2 and had a 3 hour nap.

Don't forget to check out my photos on Instagram!

It's been such a hectic, busy and tiring week. I feel like I'm behind on everything...

Friday night I stayed up quite late, trying to catch up on many things on my site. David woke me about 11:30 and I made him lunch. Then we went to Wal-Mart to get my prescriptions and groceries. He drove me through Wendy's afterwards.

  Saturday 2/25 and Sunday 2/26 afternoon, we went for walks around the neighborhood.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent working on my site and household stuff, and watching TV. The usual!

The next week was also very busy, so I haven't had time to post this or update the new one. I've just been crazy busy. I don't know how I'm going to handle full time next Fall, honestly. Time management is just really bad.

I can't believe it's March already!

  Sunday 2/26 I didn't watch the Oscars...as usual, I DVR'ed it. I managed to avoid spoilers and watched it Tuesday night 2/28. It was kind of boring, anyway, aside from the goof up at the end. I haven't seen most of the movies, so I didn't care all that much about who won. I wish they'd nominated "Deadpool." That was definitely the best movie I saw all year.

A belated Happy Birthday to my brother David! I sent him an e-card. I hope he got it.

I feel like I'm spending all of my time either sleeping or in class! It's been a very busy week. I don't know how I'll manage my time next Fall.

I'm doing pretty well in my voice lessons...I still need to practice more, though. Finding time is really difficult for me.  I'm still having a hard time with the early morning hours three days a week, too.

  Tuesday I met with an advisor, Hannah about what classes I'll have to take in the future.  We're still ironing that out. I don't have to take any of the General Ed courses, since I already got my degree, but there are some non-Mass Comm classes required for the degree, such as World Lit I and II, beginning speech and some other English and possibly language classes, that we're not sure about. My British Literature class from SUNY Stony Brook may count for one of the World Lit classes. I might have already taken Speech 1, but I'm not sure. I sent them my transcripts, but whomever scanned them in did so badly, so we were having a hard time looking at them.  She's going to print them out and take a look for me. It's not really an issue until next Spring, though.

I got a new Amazon Visa card that's really cool-looking (dark grey, and the numbers are on the back). Same number, so that's convenient, but unfortunately, the code on the back has changed. It was very easy before - 111!  Can't beat that.  Looks like I'll be getting a new Mastercard, too. It was the only one left that wasn't a rewards card, so now it will be.

We had quite a lot of rain earlier in the week. The temperature has been pretty nice...mostly in the 60's and 70's.  Wednesday it got up to 81! Very similar to the previous week. Looks like next week will be more of the same.

Besides my usual allergy problems, my right eyelid has been twitching a lot. Either it's from eye strain or dryness (and probably both). It's very annoying.

This is weird...a couple of days ago, I had over 150 Twitter followers. Now I'm down to 140. Weird! I didn't say anything unusual or offensive....  Speaking of social media... I have a fake Twitter account, and a fake Facebook account, just for posting more private stuff. Anyway, I forgot that I put in a fake birthday, March 3, so now everyone wished me a happy birthday! LOL! Whoops.

I wish I could go see "Logan" this weekend. Well, maybe when we travel next week. We'll be out of town March 9-15. First we're driving to Little Rock, then flying to DC for a conference, then flying back, then going to a nearby down for a meeting.  I would also love to see the new "Beauty & The Beast," and I'm looking forward to "Deadpool 2."  They finally released "Doctor Strange" on DVD, so I should be getting that one this week, and maybe "Suicide Squad" as well.

One of the reasons I was so busy this week is that I had a presentation today in class (Friday, 3/3).  It was on the karaoke app Sing! Karaoke by Smule. It took me forever to put that together.  You can see my power point presentation here. So far I've gotten A's on all of my papers and presentations, so that's good. This coming week will be all about writing 2 papers and preparing for an exam. Too busy!

I bought a few things for the house, including some glass water globes that are supposed to help water your plan while you're gone. Hope they work! I don't want all my plants to die while we're gone.

I've been trying to keep the house clean, since we had it cleaned a few weeks ago. We're slobs, so it's difficult! :)

  Saturday 3/4, we went to the new-ish Italian restaurant. It doesn't have much I can eat, and I've been sick a lot. I don't have a lot of confidence that any of their food is safe, but David wanted to go, so I went and just had a salad. It's their meat and cheese salad, basically. I kept some of their meat to test later. I don't trust their dressings, so I just had the meat and cheese, and took the salad home for later. It's just nice to go out. I don't have to eat a lot.

Later on, I realized I either have used up all of the NIMA gluten-tester capsules, or I put them somewhere and can't find them. Whoops!  I was a little sick, but not too much, and I don't know what it was from.  I had a lot of work to do today, so I didn't go walking. Later I took the leftover salad and added more veggies, and nuts, and more meat and cheese, and a dressing I know is safe. Then for "dinner" I had some turkey sticks and a few nuts and gluten free pretzels. I also had two little squares of chocolate, and some sugar free caramel ice cream with whipped cream. That's a pretty healthy day! I'm sure I'll be starving tomorrow.

I just feel glued to the computer, though. Too much work!!! Stress!!!

We finally go out our new ladder (we had to take some plastic things off it, which we were having trouble with before, but we got it figured out) and checked the bulbs throughout the house that were not working. Some of them are these weird shaped flood lights, so we have to buy some more of those, like about 20 of them! A few were the regular kind, so we replaced them. These are all lights that are way up on the ceiling and hard to get to.  I can see in my living room now! :)

I finally got around to contacting this woman at the business center in the university, to see if we can meet. They help set up new businesses etc. so hopefully they can help me figure out a better way to run my business.

I figured out my site's 2016 taxes tonight, which is kind of depressing. Last January I lost one of my main advertisers, Conversant. They've been going downhill for years, anyway. They used to pay me quite a lot, like over $1000 a month, but it had gotten less and less, and then they dropped me. Anyway, I hadn't had much time to investigate other opportunities, so I just put Google ads up there, to see how they did. Well, not very well. So I made far less this year on my site than in previous years. 

Then I spent a lot of the rest of the time, putting up some new ad coding for a new ad network called Propeller.  Hopefully they will pay more!  It's kind of a pain because the ads they use require you to put the ad coding in a different place than the other ads I have, which means I have to go through each page and move the coding. It's not quite as bad as it sounds, but it's bad enough. I have hundreds of thousands of pages, so it's going to take a while. I had already been spending a lot of time for the past year putting in some other coding, for site monitoring, and so now I have to backtrack a little. It's tedious and annoying.

I swear, every time I feel a little caught up, then BAM! There are ten more things I realize I should have already done.

Otherwise, over the weekend, we just watched TV and the usual stuff.

  Sunday 3/5 we went to El Compadre, the Mexican restaurant near us, for lunch, and then we went to Wal-Mart for our regular grocery shopping.  It was raining off and on all day. I had a lot of stuff to do for my site, plus I also did laundry. I was exhausted and went to bed pretty early, around 9:30.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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