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  Monday 2/13/17

I had a really hard time last night. Even though I went to bed at 2, and I was tired....but I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned, and ITCHED a lot, for a few hours, until I finally got to sleep. It was horrible. I decided not go to my classes today.  My allergies were just really bad the past few days. I've had a sore throat off and on. I think it's just allergies, not a cold, but I'm not sure.

I woke up around 9, got some breakfast, and worked on my site.  After I woke up more later, I felt a little better, so I finally finished putting all of the Christmas decorations away. That's a weight off my shoulders.  The pest control guy is coming tomorrow, and I really didn't want him to see all that mess. I picked up around the house, too. It took all day. Most of it was just wrapping ornaments in bubble wrap. I'm so glad to be done.

The toilet in our master bathroom is leaking a little, so I called a couple of plumbers...they'll probably call me back tomorrow.  We're having the house cleaned on Friday afternoon. I also have a conference call interview with Jimmy Smits at 1:30, so that'll be fun.

In the evening, I cooked us dinner, did a little more cleaning, watched some TV, and worked on my site . I was very tired, but I went to sleep around 11:30. My back was hurting a lot, though, so I took some Aleve.

  Tuesday 2/14/17

I got up at 7:30, took my shower, then straightened up the bedroom, started the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms a little bit, took the box of Christmas cards out to the garage, and turned on a lot of lights.  Then I had my coconut cereal for breakfast. Oh, I also filled the birdseed feeder and took it back outside.

The pest control guy came a little after 9 and did his regular spraying routine. He searched for mouse evidence and still only found it in the same kitchen cabinet.  I had bought a humane trap, so he set that up for me. I hope it works!

Later, I had lunch. I made egg salad yesterday, and I've been enjoying it on these gluten-free bagels I bought. I prefer onion bagels, but they don't make those, I guess. Still, they're excellent.  Oh, I also found some low-carb and gluten-free donuts online, so I ordered a half-dozen. They're very expensive, so I hope they're good.

We were going to go to a concert tonight, but it's not what we thought it was, so we're not going. I guess we're just going to order some pizza and have a quiet night. I got him a card and some cookies, and I'm sure he'll get me some stuff, too. He usually waits until the last minute!

I made some low carb mocha ice cream...making it a slightly different recipe this time. More chocolate and more coffee! It's pretty yummy.

For some reason, my stomach has been grumbling (not in a "I'm hungry" kind of way) and making lots of sounds. I took some medicine, but so far, it hasn't helped. Part of me really wants to go lie down for awhile...

Oh, I'm very excited because I just noticed that my lemon tree has sprouted some flowers! That means it's doing well. Hopefully, one day I will get lemons as well. Neat! Honestly, I don't really care, as long as it's thriving and look pretty. I'm hoping to get some more plants this weekend to replace some of the dying and dead ones. SIGH. I'm very sad about my ficus dying.

The cleaning ladies were supposed to come on Friday, but then one of them called to say that they'll be here tomorrow, Thursday. It was after she hung up that I realized, tomorrow is Wednesday! I called back and left a message. Hopefully they'll figure it out. Yep, she just called me back and said Thursday, for sure.

Our plans tonight changed, which was a surprise! We went to the Tokyo restaurant. We probably won't go back there. That's too bad.  They did have great wine, soup and rice (trying to stay positive here). It was good to go out, though, to celebrate Valentine's Day. I had more food at home later. We had a nice evening at home.

I was very tired, but I couldn't get to sleep early, and I had lots of itching again.

  Wednesday 2/15/17

I woke up at 6, as usual, and took a shower. I had breakfast here, instead of at SAU - one of my Atkins frozen meals. I didn't want to be tempted later to eat something on campus that might not be gluten free. I had some sugar free hot chocolate at the coffee place I go to there. Then I went over to the library. I was very tired.  Then I was sick from something I ate (probably what I ate on Sunday). I ended up falling asleep at the library. I never do that. I felt pretty awful all morning. It was kind of cold, too, but it got warmer later on.

I went back over to Reynolds and got some snacks at the bookstore, and another soda; then I went to class. Class is always fun. I got my grade back for my second presentation, in the second class, and again I got a 23 out of 25 (presumably an A).  I worked on my paper for the second class during the two classes. I felt much better once I got through the first class.

Afterwards, I went over to Chick-Fil-a for lunch and took the food to our car. David had a meeting until around 2. I just ate and then checked stuff on my phone until he came out.

At home, I did a little work and then went to sleep for a few hours.  David brought me McDonald's for dinner, which was great. At least I know I'm not allergic to their cheeseburgers, since I did test them.

The house looks back to normal, aside from not having as many plants as I did a few months ago!

I just did work after that, on my site and on schoolwork, for the rest of the evening, and watched TV. I stayed up until about 2 am.  I'm very happy that I finished my paper!

  Thursday 2/16/17

I woke up at 10 and started getting the house ready for the house cleaners. It took me about 2 hours, but it's worth it. I like to take everything off all of the surfaces so they can clean easily, and that way I don't have to worry about them knocking over my stuff, or breaking it, or misplacing it, and also, I make sure it all gets cleaned and dried before I put my stuff back. I put some of the stuff on my bed and the rest in closets and cupboards. After they leave, I wipe each thing before I put it back.

The mouse was caught in my trap! As I suspected, it's just a tiny little field mouse. It's so cute! I felt so bad for it. I took some pics and video for Instagram. I wish I had a cage.... then I would have tried to keep it as a pet. I hope that's the only one! I called the Miller pest control guy, Michael, and he was kind enough to come get the mouse for me, and he's releasing it elsewhere, hopefully, so it doesn't come back. He's even going to clean out the trap for me and bring it back. We have a contract with them, but still, that's very nice of him. One good thing about living in a small town, I guess...

The house cleaning lady came early...she said 2, but she came about 1:15. Good thing I'm all ready for her. She brought her daughter last time, but she's alone today.  She's a very nice lady and does a great job, but it took almost 5 hours. UGH. I was very tired, and I'm sure she was more so. I felt bad for her.  It was very dirty. It hadn't been cleaned for 2 months, plus there was a lot of Christmas detritus.... It took me two hours to get the house ready for her, and then a long while after she left to wipe all of my stuff and put it back. Also, I put the bedclothes in the laundry. I was pretty exhausted and went to bed before 11.

  Friday 2/17/17

We had our usual routine this morning.... I did have an egg and bacon biscuit in the morning, and I did fall asleep for about an hour in the library. Oops! At least I was sitting up and had my laptop open, and I was facing the window, so maybe nobody noticed ;)  I was sick again all morning, but I was better by class time. I ate at Chick-Fil-A before class. Love those grilled chicken nuggets!

Our second class let out a little early, so I got home in plenty of time...I had a conference call interview with Jimmy Smits at 1:30, but I like to call in early so I make sure to get a question or two in, and also I can get off the phone early if I'm busy (which I did).

After that, I just relaxed and mostly worked on my site and watched TV. I did laundry...Also, I found a place here in town that'll board dogs, so hopefully we can go look at dogs tomorrow, and see if there's one for us to adopt! Now that our house is all clean :)

I also tried to call some plumbers, but it was too late by the time I tried. They'd all closed, being Friday afternoon.

I was taking photos of birds in our backyard when I noticed that the pergola has these beautiful yellow flowers all over the top and hanging down!  Wow! I went outside to take more photos. I didn't see any other flowers back there, though.

I sent my paper in, but I noticed something weird, that MS programs save my files in OneDrive/Personal/Documents.  The thing is, on my hard drive I can only see OneDrive/Documents, and no folder called Personal. Also, I can't find the files that are saved there. Weird. I think this is why I accidentally sent in the wrong presentation that first time.

David reminded me that we're going to be gone for almost a week in March, so we should wait on getting the dog. Aw. I'm very disappointed, but he makes sense. We'll get one at the end of March instead.

I stayed up until about midnight. I was tired!

  Saturday 2/18/17

I woke up around 10:30am.  David went to get his haircut while I worked a little. He wasn't gone very long. We went to lunch...we were going to go to the BBQ place, but they weren't opening until noon (there was a sign on their door), so we went next door to KFC instead. Then we went over to look at the dogs, just to see what kind they have and what it's like. It's sort of on the edge of town. They have lots of dogs. I think at least 30. They didn't have any really little dogs. I guess those and the puppies get adopted quickly. The big dogs are not as popular, which makes sense because they cost more to feed, and take up more room.  The dogs were all so cute and came right up to the cages to lick our fingers.

As we walked into the yard of the place, this cute little dog came out...he was not a full grown adult, but he wasn't a puppy any more, either.  I think he was a beagle mix but was speckled. He was very sweet and friendly. I fell in love! Another beagle came out after him and was also very friendly. All of the rest of the dogs were in big cages. I saw a cat, too, and got to pet it. I wish I had taken pics, but I was too busy petting.

We looked around, but after a while, the smell of dog pee got to us. On the way out, I was playing with the little beagle. He had a stack of toys that he was playing with, so I played tug of war with him and threw one of his toys for him a couple of times. He was also having fun grabbing the strap of my purse.  It was hard leaving him.  He kept watching us behind the gate as we left. :(  He's so sweet, I'm sure someone will adopt him.

I did more work on my site after we got home.  We went to the SAU men's basketball game around 2:30. It was a fairly nice day in the 60's.  It was drizzly when we left for lunch, but it was fine after that.  The game was very enjoyable.  They beat the other team by 30 points, but it was close during the first half. We saw some people we knew. I spied one of the guys from my class, too. 

We picked up some fried fish from Chicken Express. It was pretty good.

I went through the November pics and uploaded them onto Facebook. I'm so behind on that!

I should done something more productive after we got home, but I didn't.  Tomorrow I should try to do more. I ended up staying up until about 4am.

  Sunday 2/19/17

I woke up around 11:30, and we went to lunch at the Mexican place near our house.  Then we went to the grocery store. I did work after that. Typical Sunday!

I bought some new plants at the store, so that was fun. Of the 30 plants I bought last Fall, only about a third survived.

In the afternoon, we went for a walk along the University trail. The weather was really warm - in the 70's. I pet the donkey again.  I tried to pet some cows, but they shied away. We saw the president and his wife, too, driving by in a golf cart.  I was so tired after!

We just had the usual evening...I straightened up a little, and worked on my site, and we watched some TV.

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