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  Monday 1/30/17

I had set my clock for 6am but woke up at 5:30am and couldn't get back to sleep, even though I'd only had about 3 -4 hours of sleep! Oy! Probably because I slept SO much yesterday.

Last week I tried binge-watching "The Gilmore Girls," but I didn't finish. Hopefully I can get back to it. I've got to watch or delete more stuff off my DVR first because it's like 77% full. That's not good because it's a huge DVR.

I woke up, and as usual, went to sit in front of my laptop. And it was completely frozen! That is not good. I was not happy at all that my brand new laptop would freeze up like that. I hope it's a fluke. Suddenly the flash drive I was using would no longer work, and neither would Expression Web. I had to reinstall the latter. Argh.

I bought a new purse at the bookstore. It was time. My new one, by Vera Bradley, is slightly bigger than my old one, so I can fit more stuff in it. I bought my last one at the HPU bookstore a few years ago. I take it everywhere, so it gets pretty worn. The only drawback is that it is harder to fit into my backpack...

After spending some time this morning at the library and all that, I went to Brinson about 9 so I could warm up and go over my exercises and songs. I haven't been very good about doing them... but I had to warm up before my lesson, at least.  The teacher, Susan, didn't seem to mind too much that I hadn't been practicing. I have to buckle down and do the exercises or else I will never improve. It's just been so tough getting my sleep schedule to some kind of normal one. I'm always either at school, or sleeping, or just very sleepy. It's hard to find any energy to do vocal exercises that way.  I've really never been good at them, either. I'm fine at learning songs, but not so much the exercises and that kind of thing. I think that's why I enjoyed guitar so much. I could be lazy and still practice. You know, you're sitting down, so it's much easier (you have to stand when you're singing - to get good sound and breath support).  Working out the chords on a guitar while you're learning a song is much easier physically. Except for your fingers! I mean, I did use my whole body but not in the same way. It didn't really require energy the way singing does.  It's just a lot more fun, too, I guess. But anyway, I do want to improve my breathing and support, and get to be better at singing, so I need to do this.

The lesson went well...we chatted a bit and went over some exercises. It's only a half hour lesson, so it doesn't last very long.  She had lots of students cancel due to having colds and flu. I hope I don't catch anything!

Susan had given me a list of four people to contact about accompanying me on the piano. Apparently at this college, you have to pay someone to do that. That's never been the case in any of the other universities we've been at! Either the voice teacher played, or they had a student accompanist (but the voice student didn't pay). I called one of the woman and left a message, but I didn't hear back. Then I emailed all four. Well, Susan suddenly remembered in our lesson that one of the people on the list is a faculty member and not someone that I should contact for the lessons! Whoops! So I had to let him know via email that I didn't know...  I heard back from the other three via email. Just waiting to hear for sure from one of them.  One can't do it and the other two said they could.

I'm working on show tunes, since I want to sing higher. My first three songs are "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?" (Maybe I can get a good recording of that before St. Patrick's Day?) "Till There Was You," which I was working on previously in voice lessons at Columbus State, 4 years ago; and "Stranger in Paradise." So that should be fun.

After that, I just went to Reynolds and got a soda before class.  We're doing presentations still in the first class, and now we've started them in the second class, too. They're pretty interesting. For the first class, we had to choose a TV show or network. For the second class, we had to choose a product from CES 2017.

After class, I had time to go grab some lunch, so I got extra, to take home for later. That was great. I had a nap after that. I slept way too much.

I had a nice chat with my next door neighbor on the phone. She actually called while I was in class, so I called her later.  She's now my Facebook friend.

It's been quite warm this week. It was in the 50's when I went in to SAU, and later, it went up to the 70's. Crazy!

The evenings are pretty boring, usually. He comes home around 6:30, and I make dinner. Then we sit around on the couch, with our laptops. I'm usually working, and he's relaxing until he goes to bed. So exciting!

Both of us have been sneezing a lot from allergies, and I itch a lot as well. I stayed up until about 1, I think. I got most of my presentation done for my Internet Communication class. I just have to go through and put in links and double-check everything, then figure out what I want to say while I'm presenting the slides.

  Tuesday 1/31/17

I was supposed to have a conference call interview this morning with Queen Latifah, but it got canceled. Bummer. I woke up around noon. I was really tired all day, though. I didn't get much done. I ended up going back to sleep around 9pm.

I think I did manage to pick up around the house today...it's all kind of a blur lately. I'm either sleeping, at SAU, or working, and often I'm just really tired.

I ate the rest of my cauliflower pizza today. I put chicken sausage on it, along with the pepperoni. It didn't really work. It just made it soggier for no good reason. I ordered some more of the pizza crust, though.

  Wednesday 2/1/17

Can you believe it's already February? Wow! That month went fast.

Because I went to bed so early, I woke up around 2:30 am. I had breakfast around 5:30. It was another fairly warm day. In the morning, it was in the 70's. I thought it might rain for a minute there. It got very windy and cloudy, but then it went back to being nice. Later on in the evening, it did rain a lot.

I've started putting the Christmas decorations away! Yay!

I took some photos on the quad because for once, I wasn't rushing around to avoid the cold.  They have this neat thing here where they engrave your name in a brick when you graduate. All over the quad, it has the years, like 2011, etc. and bricks which each graduate's name on it. That's pretty cool! Hopefully I will have one someday. Maybe it will say 2019, or 2020. I wish Stony Brook did that. I would love to go back there and find my brick.

I just got a soda at Reynolds and then spent most of the morning in the library. They have fairly comfy couches. However, it can be pretty noisy there, between the construction noise outside, and the people who work there (and sometimes the students). I got an early lunch around 10:30.

Class was fine...uneventful.

I paid my class fees. Tuition here is free for me because of David's job. There was some confusion about how much I was supposed to pay, but we got it sorted out.

I still haven't gotten around to getting my ID card. I should do that. I'm just lazy.  Also, I have a bunch of DVD's to send out via the mail, so I need to get those ready, so I can send them on Friday at the post office at school.

I was sick in the afternoon, after I got home, from the usual gluten problems. I haven't used the NIMA test kit yet. It only has 3 tests in it, so it's only going to do me a little bit of good, anyway. I need to test everything I eat, so I can figure out what's making me sick all the time. My allergies have been so bad lately that my nose is all rough, like I've had a cold. I've been putting lotion on it, but it's still pretty bad. UGH.

I wanted to take a nap, but I just laid down for a while and didn't sleep. I went to bed around 10:30, so that was good.

Last Fall I paid a girl to buy a bunch of flowers for me and plant them in front. Most of them died, but a few remain. There's one really beautiful yellow pansy that is still hanging in there, and a few others.  There are some green plants that look nice, which may or may not be weeds. I haven't done much to make the place look nice lately. I need to go in the back and fix one of the big wooden adirondack chairs; it flipped over during one of our storms.  (I got David to do this on Sunday!) Also, the bird seed feeder is almost empty. We still have a fountain and bird bath out back that are filled with sludgy water, and I need to empty those out and get covers for them, to keep out the insects and water.

Looks like March will be busy for us. We're having some people over from David's work. I don't know when yet. First I need to get the place cleaned. It's so dirty. I'll need to buy more plants and some other stuff. We'll see!

I was looking online for stuff for Valentine's Day. I was looking for low carb stuff. There used to be an online bakery called A Bountiful Harvest that had some yummy low carb and gluten free stuff, but I guess they're out of business now. The stuff is usually really expensive, so it's probably hard for them to make and stay in business, especially when you add in shipping costs.

I'm still killing my plants. My ficus is not looking good. They're supposed to be easy to take care of, but not for me, apparently! I probably watered it too much.

  Thursday 2/2/17

I woke up around 3am. I'll probably go back to sleep in a little while. I've just had some terrible itching and that wakes me up sometimes.

I watched some TV and then did go back to sleep about 5am. Unfortunately, then I slept it until after noon. UGH. I hate doing that. I mean, I'm really tired, so that's why I do it, but then it puts so much more pressure on me to get other things done. I need to do laundry, dishes, put away the decorations, do work on my site, do my homework etc.  ACK! I've got 10,000 things to do and seldom have the energy to do most of it. I feel very overwhelmed and stressed out.

I had bought some gluten free bread on the weekend (which I shouldn't do) and I've been having half turkey sandwiches. I wish I could eat nothing but that every meal, frankly. Not that good for me, plus I end up eating other unhealthy things on top of it.

Enough negativity! I'm all dressed up (a bit) because we're going to see the play "Dial M for Murder" at the university tonight. Should be great fun!

We stopped at McDonald's for dinner and then went to the play. It was pretty cold out, and windy. Brrr! They did a good job with the play. They even had some British accents, which I thought were mostly pretty good. The kid who played the main guy was played by the same actor as "Our Town" that we saw last semester. He's very good and reminds me of Grant Gustin, who plays "The Flash." I believe we saw the female lead actress in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" that they also did. She was Woodstock.

It's funny because in the movie, the husband is played by Ray Milland, and I believe he's supposed to be an older man...I think they did that purposely because the woman has cheated on her husband, which I'm sure at that time was seen as much worse than nowadays, but because she was so beautiful (Grace Kelly) and her husband was much older and not as attractive, I think it made her affair a little more forgivable. Plus, the writer that she has the affair with is Bob Cummings, who's also very attractive. In this version at SAU, the husband is not older and is very handsome, so it gives it a very different dynamic.

It was opening night, so the only hitch was that one of the paintings fell off the wall. Hopefully it will go on fine the rest of the nights!

We got home around 10pm, and we were both very tired. I went to bed not too much longer after that. I was surprised at how tired I was, since I'd had lots of sleep. I just had some food, with my pills, watched a little TV and went to sleep.

  Friday 2/3/17

I expected to wake up too early, but I actually slept through until 4am. I must have been pretty tired!

I had a bunch of DVD's to mail out for my site's monthly contest, so I got those ready.  Then I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen up, and then I worked a little on my site and watched some DVD. I had a lot of energy for a change. I also had some breakfast - a turkey and cheese quesadilla.

We went in around 7 as usual. It was in the 30's, so I wore layers. I wore nylons under my jeans, and I wore a t-shirt under my knit top (the top is almost a sweater), and then also I wore a quilted jacket and brought my hat and gloves. It was very cold!

Of course, once I got into Reynolds, it wasn't that cold...at first.  I got a soda and just went to sit down in one of the comfortable chairs.  Well, the doors are nearby, so every time someone went in or out, there was a cold draft. It got to be too much, so I moved back near to the coffee place and ordered a coffee to get warm. I figured I could use the caffeine, too. I did work on my site and then went to the bookstore briefly when they opened at 9.  The woman there was the one that was so sick last week, so I chatted with her about that. She looks much better.  Then a little later, I went to the post office there, which opens at 10. I could only mail about half of my packages because apparently they don't do international mail there! I never heard of such a thing.  My bag of mail had torn a little, but I was able to use their stapler to fix it up.  Thankfully, the bag wasn't heavy, since I had to lug it around the rest of day along with my usual backpack.

I recognized the student worker at the post office as the girl who starred in the play last night! So that was funny. I'm like, "Wait, are you in that play?" LOL!  I told her that she did a good job and we enjoyed it. I particularly liked her British accent. She was happy to hear it and said they worked a lot on the accents.

Then I got a sandwich and some fruit before heading over to Overstreet, where my classes are. I brought my power cords today and plugged in my laptop and phone. I got there pretty early, while the other class was still going on, but as soon as they let out, I went in and got settled.  The class before ours is a drama class, so the professor there is also the director of the play last night, and some of his students are in the play as well.

My two classes went well. I was a little more awake than usual, and I'm getting to know my classmates some, so  it's fun to chat with them, and the professor, between classes. We're doing presentations so it's great to ask them about those. I wish someone had asked me about mine! LOL! But I'm far more outgoing than most of the students here.  Most of them are pretty shy.

It looks like I'm going to miss three classes in March, but fortunately, the professor is pretty cool about it as long as you make up any work and he knows ahead of time.  I already told you about our trip to DC etc. March 10-13, but it looks like we're going to Hot Springs March 17 as well. That's right before Spring Break, so we'll probably take the weekend there. It's supposed to be a nice place.

We're talking about driving somewhere next weekend, too (maybe El Dorado). That might be nice.

I did a little work and then went to sleep around 3pm. David came home around 6pm, but I kept sleeping. I woke up around 9. I was still very tired! I was a bit sick again from gluten allergies.  I had something to eat and then went back to sleep a few hours later.

  Saturday 2/4/17

I woke up at 4 am and then went back to sleep. I woke up again about 6:10, said, "David, get up! It's ten after six!" Then, "Oh, oops, it's Saturday!"  then I went back to sleep again and woke up for good about 7:30. Way too much sleep!

We went to the post office around 10:30. I had 5 packages to send to Canada. It only took me about 10 minutes to fill out the customs forms, but then it took the woman behind the counter another half hour to process them. :(

It's in the 40's today. Cold but not too bad.  Slight chance of rain tonight.

We went to lunch at Flying Burger. I had the fish tacos there. They're pretty good. I'm fairly sure they're the only gluten free fish tacos in town (possibly the only fish tacos in town at all). I ordered fries, too, which I shouldn't have. They were really good, though.

We went to the SAU trail later for a good walk... It was pretty cold, in the 40's, but we bundled up. We ran into the two biology professors that we know, that live near us, and their two big pitbulls, who are so friendly and cute. We had a nice chat. This other guy, that we kind of know (friend of a friend), ran by with his dog, too.  That's what happens in a small town! You run into everyone. We run into people all the time at Wal-Mart and other places.

I was pretty worn out after that walk.  We had dinner, and I did a little work, and I went to bed around 9pm. Super early for me, but I was exhausted.  That's good, though, if I'm getting tired early and can stay on the early schedule.

  Sunday 2/5/17

I woke up around 4am and couldn't get back to sleep (I really tried). I had a lot of energy. I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I worked a lot on my site.  Around 11, we went for lunch over at the nearby Mexican restaurant, El Compadre. I had my usual, huevos con chorizo (eggs with sausage). Then he dropped me off at Wal-mart so I could get my hair cut. The woman doing my hair was super slow, so I didn't tell her to wash my hair. I was afraid it would take another half hour if I did!  She didn't do a great job layering it, even though I asked her to.  It looks OK, I guess, just not exactly what I wanted. No biggie. It'll grow out.

We did the grocery shopping, and I was pleased to see many new gluten free frozen food dinners, including some from Atkins (which means they're also low-carb). I look forward to trying them.

I'm doing the laundry and worked on my site quite a bit.  We talked about going out walking again, but I didn't feel like it. My back has been hurting a lot this week.  I also did something today to hurt my wrist. It was really hurting when I went to bed, so I had to take some Aleve and a muscle relaxer. It was throbbing in pain, so even though I was really tired, it was tough to sleep.

I had the Atkins chicken pot pie (it has no crust), and it was pretty good. Problem is, their dinners are very small and not very filling.

I did put some of the Christmas decorations away. I hope to finish that in the next few days.

It was not as cold as yesterday...

I finally tried my NIMA gluten sensor. I tested out a little piece of McDonald's cheeseburger and it came up as safe, so that's good to know!

Have a great week!

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