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  Monday 1/23/17

I had no sleep at all last night (because I slept too much during the day), so today was interesting! LOL!!

When I couldn't sleep, I started binge-watching "Gilmore Girls!" I didn't watch it when it was first on. I've seen an episode or two in re-runs, here and there. At first I didn't like it, but then when I saw more episodes, I realized it was pretty good. So now I'm watching the whole thing, start to finish.  Thank goodness for Netflix!

I also did the laundry and dishes....not very exciting :)

The right side of my neck, shoulder and armpit area was really hurting, so today I took 2 Aleve and ended up taking 2 muscle relaxers (one in the morning and one later on in the afternoon).  I almost never take 1, let alone 2.  That's how bad it was. I didn't drink any coffee, either, because I figured it was stupid to drink coffee if I've taken a muscle relaxer.  However, it was FREEZING in the morning, and I didn't wear thick enough clothes, so I did have a hot chocolate at the little cafe place on campus. It was yummy. I also had more egg-sausage-biscuits, which I shouldn't have, but I was hungry.

I avoided going to the bookstore because they have some yummy snacks there, and I didn't want to buy anything else to mess up my diet. Instead, I went over to the library. They open at 7:30, so that's convenient for me. I sat down to watch more "Gilmore Girls" on my laptop. I was really tired, though, and my legs were hurting. I don't talk about it much, but I have Restless Leg Syndrome.  So, that means sometimes my legs ache, and they have this feeling that they have to move. It's really irritating, especially if you're trying to sleep.  I had it bad at the library, so I moved to a couch near the window and stretched my legs as best as I could. I was so tired, so I really didn't care if anyone saw me or what they thought. Fortunately, there aren't too many people around that time of day.

After that, it was almost time for me to leave to go to my first voice lesson at 9:30.  When I got there, she had another student and asked me if it was ok to switch my time to 10 because this student was supposed to have an hour lesson (she comes at 9). So I said, sure, and asked where the practice rooms were. They just have a few, near her office, so I went to one and tried warming up. However, either because of being so tired, or allergies, or both...my voice was just shot. I tried singing, and it kept cracking and being hoarse, no matter what I did, so I just gave up after awhile.  My throat was also very dry, even though I'd been to the water fountain. I guess I need to bring water with me, too.

Then I went to the lesson and met my new teacher, Susan.  She seems very nice. She watched some of my videos online for a few minutes. Then we talked about why I was taking lessons (since it's not my major and I've taken them before). I want to learn to breathe and support my voice better and work on my high notes.  Apparently, if you're a major, then it's a more rigorous process you have to go through and there are certain songs or curriculum, and you have to sing for finals and all that. I guess I don't have to.  We went through the exercises and chatted a lot. I'm supposed to do the exercises and pick out a few songs I want to work on.

After that, I went over to Bruce Center and got lunch quickly before class. We're starting our projects this week, but one of the women who was supposed to do hers had a relative die, so she wasn't there.  So we just had the one project presentation, and then he let us out early. I was a little surprised at how brief it was and that no one asked questions afterwards (I thought there was a Q&A).  So now I'm pretty confident that mine will be fine and probably get an A.  Not that I was too worried, anyway. I mean, I did go to college 30 years ago. I'm a much more confident person than I was then.  Public speaking is no big deal at all. I can sing in public, teach classes, give speeches...no biggie. I didn't know Power Point until last week, but that was pretty easy to learn.

The second class also let out early, so I went back to Bruce and got a snack. It wasn't all that healthy, though.  I left my bag behind the desk outside David's office and just brought my purse. Then when I went all the way over there and stood in line...I realized my wallet was not in my purse. I had to go all the way back there to Overstreet and get it. ACK! Normally I would not have the time, but David had a meeting. 

When I sat down to eat my snack, there was a group of people nearby (I don't know if they were students, or if some of them worked at the fast food places there).  One of them had her daughter, a really cute little toddler, who was just running around and around our tables. Occasionally,m her mom got up to make sure she didn't run away too far. She was so funny! She would go by my table and sort of stop, and look up at me with big eyes, so I smiled and said, "Hi!" and then she would take off again.

So after I got my snack and soda, I walked back to Bruce and got my bag, and then I walked to our car to wait for David. He didn't take long, which is a good thing because I was pretty exhausted.  After he took me home, I just went right to bed. I only slept about 4 hours...then later I went to bed pretty early, around 11pm. I didn't do too much work at home... I did water my plants and just barely worked on my site a little.

Oh, I got a nice Princess Leia mug that I ordered online, so that was great. It will go into my Princess Leia collection. :) I ordered a T shirt, too, but that hasn't come yet.

  Tuesday 1/24/17

I had hoped to get up at a decent hour but instead slept in until after 2pm again. I slept like 16 hours. Yikes!

My SIL called and woke me up. She got a new phone, so I've been helping her with it. I did a little work on my site, too.  I worked on my presentation a little. Tomorrow I'll be going up to give it for my first class. Exciting! I'm all ready, but I'll probably be very tired again. I'll have caffeine this time.

I kind of wasted most of the day... not sure where it went! I put away the laundry, did some cooking. I made some more low carb eggnog ice cream, using up the rest of my eggnog. I was going to use my new, larger ice cream maker that my SIL gave me for my birthday, but I forgot that you have to freeze part of it first.  I will save that for making more mocha ice cream...we'll want lots of that. So I used the smaller one again and just made eggnog for me (David doesn't like it).

Oh, we got no regular mail today, but I did get a backpack on wheels that I bought on Amazon. I like to take my laptop to school, but it's huge and very heavy.  So now I don't have to hurt my back/spine lugging that around as well as my notebook, purse, et al.

I spent an hour or so working on my slideshow presentation for tomorrow.

I just realized I haven't done any of my vocal exercises yet. Oops! I left myself a note to do them tomorrow for sure.

  Wednesday 1/25/17

I'm still very annoyed with myself for not getting my haircut on the weekend. I have my presentation today and it looks terrible. UGH.  I had a hard time finding something to wear. I wanted to wear a red shirt with my new jeans (red to match the Netflix logo that I'm doing my presentation on), but most of my red shirts are either too worn, or too warm for the weather we're having today (in the 60's), or too tight (look bad on me).  I finally settled on a sort of peasant-blouse thing. Not ideal but looks better than the others I tried.  Ah, well. If I were more ambitious, I would have put on makeup.  Too tired from no sleep!

Instead of going to the coffee cafe, I went to the library. I'll probably go get coffee around 10, so that way the caffeine won't wear off before my class. I'll probably try to rush over to Bruce Center to get lunch, too.  My schedule is so screwed up. I skipped "breakfast" because I had "dinner" at 4 am. LOL!

I've been working on my site. I was so tired and out of it yesterday that I forgot a bunch of things I usually like to get done. My brain is weird sometimes. I do work when I've had no sleep, but do very little work when I've had a lot!

I just hope I don't mess up my presentation too bad because I'm just SO tired.

Well, things didn't go as planned. I went over to Reynolds and got coffee (it was very good, too!) and then got a soda because I realized I wouldn't have time to run over to Bruce to get lunch as well, before class. I wasn't that hungry, anyway.

I was a little bit nervous when I got to class, but not too bad. Actually, my stomach was giving me a hard time, due to the usual gluten problems, but I took some medicine that helped that.  This one woman went up and gave her presentation, about some reality show I never heard of ("Nightwatch" on A&E).  Then it was my turn. I've never used Power Point before last week, so it was a little bit weird using it in front of everyone. I was doing okay, though.  These are a bunch of kids in their 20's, so I have a lot more public speaking experience (not to mention singing). I introduced myself and jokingly said I was a bit older than all of them, except for the professor (to which he jokingly said, "Hey! Don't rub it in!") and I went through the first few slides with little problem. I had some notes, but I kind of ignored them. Things went very well. I even told a pretty cool story about a friend of mine that used to get Netflix DVD's through the mail, copy them and send them back.  Then I was looking for some video clips that I had put in, and I suddenly realized - this was not the new version that I had worked so hard on last night! This was the old copy (the rough draft).  This really freaked me out. I got more nervous, and my voice was shaking. UGH.  It was horrible. Also, my presentation was already too long, so I made it worse.

His syllabus says "at least 8-10 slides" so I figured, that's the minimum, and I can do more. I had 16 slides. Way too much, as it turned out.  But he said it was fine the way it was.  Anyway, right after I finished, I felt really horrible, like I had completely bombed and bored them all to death. I was just humiliated.  I felt a little better later. The professor said it was fine. I was just so annoyed that the right one wasn't there when I worked so hard on it and had found these great videos.  Hopefully I'll get at least a B on it. Otherwise, I'll feel really stupid.

We looked at the email I sent him, and somehow I sent him the old version. I don't even know how that happened. When I click to open that same file, it comes up as the newer one. It's very annoying and confusing. He agreed to put the newer one up on the website, though, so at least everyone can see the real one. So when I got home, I opened it again, saved it with a different name, in a different folder, so hopefully he got the right one.

Fortunately, the second class got let out a little early. I wanted to get food, but David wanted to take me home while he had the time in his schedule, so we went home. I made some food there and, after sending in the correct Power Point slides, went to sleep. I slept about 5 or so hours.

I was upset because I looked at the large ice cream maker I got from my SIL for my birthday, and it looked like the motor was missing! But I had forgotten that I put it over on the shelf. Oops!

Then we had dinner and watched some TV. I did more work on my site. I went to bed about 12:30am. I was very tired!

  Thursday 1/26/17

I slept about 13 hours. I woke up earlier but just put on the heat and went back to sleep.  It's been mostly in the 30's and 40's today. Right now it's 50 degrees.

I had ordered a cauliflower-based pizza crust on Amazon. I got it today and had it for lunch. It's pretty good! Both low carb and gluten-free, too, so I can eat it without guilt. I had it with some sugar-free barbecue sauce, some pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.  I also had some of my low carb eggnog ice cream. It's almost gone, so I'm going to have to get some more cream so I can make more.

I'm getting sick of looking at all of the mess in our house, but I have very little energy lately. I was sick again today from the gluten allergies. That sure doesn't help.

I got ready about 4:30 because we had a reception and dinner to go to. It was at this center downtown that we'd never been to before. It was in an old historical building that had been converted to a big rental space for parties, weddings etc.  It was all decorated, very pretty.  It was pretty cold out, so I was freezing walking from the car to the place! I had on a long skirt and nylons, so it wasn't much.  Anyway, the event had people from SAU and people from some group about higher education in Arkansas. We had some wine and chatted with people, and then we all went in to dinner. It was very lovely. We sat with some people that were in the higher education group. The gentleman next to me works at the main local paper.  The woman next to him lives near Little Rock. The other woman didn't say much, but she was too far from us to chat with.  They served salad and rolls, and then there was a short buffet with humongous steaks, mashed potatoes and green beans. I only had about a third of the steak, a few potatoes and some green beans.  Then they had a dessert buffet, but most of it had wheat. I had some fruit. It was a really healthy dinner, actually. :) It was nice to chat with people.

I met the wife of the former Provost (the guy that David took over from), and she's very grateful to have her husband home more and not working such crazy hours. I can understand! :)

Then we just did the usual, sat around, both on our computers. Later, I had some more of that pizza. I did the dishes, too. I should do them every day, but I don't.

Tomorrow I'm going to need to work some more on my presentation for the other class, and also work on my singing.

  Friday 1/27/17

As usual, I got very little sleep last night. I tried to go to bed earlier.... but it just wasn't happening.

I did a lot of work, as usual, on my site, and some on my homework for my classes.

I had coffee in the morning, and a ham sandwich (no bread) that was pretty good. I went to the library and worked for a while. I copied a song I wanted to work on, but then when I got home, I figured out that it was the wrong key, so I had to pay $5 to download it online instead.

I had lunch before class (the place I like doesn't open until 10:30, but I had enough time to eat and then walk to class).  It was really cold this morning: 29 degrees! But it warmed up quite a bit by the time I had to walk to class. We had presentations in our first class, and I had fun chatting with some of my fellow students.  The second class was fairly short. We start our presentations in there on Monday, but I'm not going to do mine until the week after. I haven't really started on it much yet.

I was exhausted when I got home, so I went to sleep for a few hours.

I did a lot of work Friday evening...the usual! I cooked up the rest of the bacon we had... not very healthy. I went to bed around 2am.

  Saturday 1/28/17

I woke up around noon when David woke me up to go to the store. I suggested we wait until tomorrow for that, since I want to clean out the fridge.  We went to the barbecue place for lunch.  It was really good, but there was way too much food. I ate too much and felt sick to my stomach afterwards.   We stopped at the other grocery store to pick up a few things.

I worked some when I got home but then took a 3 hour nap. Bad idea!

I've been having some weirdly specific dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that my dad was Bernie Madoff. I was terrified that someone would recognize me and blame me for it.  We went to an electronics store to buy a stereo, and the salesman was Keith Olbermann.  He thought I looked familiar...that was very weird.  Then later, I dreamed that we were moving again, and my MIL still lived with us. Our real estate agent was Shannen Doherty.  In my dream, she was Elizabeth Taylor's daughter!  I was arguing with my MIL, and she wanted to call Shannen, but I was like, what do you need her for? I just didn't think she needed to bother her, and it was annoying me.  It was a strange dream.  Oh, but the house we moved into came with a little bulldog named Odo!  He was so cute!

We got up too late to go walking, and frankly, neither of us felt like it, either.

Oh, my brother sent me some weird souvenirs he found (he lives in Tijuana and goes to the flea market there). One was a little yellow Korean bus, and the other were some miniature wooden shoes from Holland.  He says he wants to send me his coin collection, too.

I saw the mouse again when I was walking into the kitchen. We're getting traps tomorrow!

I've done a little cleaning around the house today. I hope to find some time tomorrow to put Christmas decorations away. I'm sick of looking at them. I did a lot of work on my site as well.  I'm up late again!

I'm proud of myself because I figured out something very geeky on the computer. I was trying to move some files to a thumb drive, and it kept saying that there wasn't enough room for this one file, yet I knew there was. I looked up the solution. I had to re-format the thumb drive to be something called NTFS.  I did it...yay! Now it works.

I'm having a weird problem with DISH Network.  As most of you know, I use the soap opera dialogue to make transcripts for my site.  Well, Monday January 23 there was some kind of news interruption, so they only showed half of "General Hospital."  I can play it fine here in the living room, but when I try in the bedroom, it doesn't work. It's very bizarre because they both use the same DVR.  I tried everything I could think of to get it to work. I'm going to have to try to call DISH tomorrow. In the meantime, I recorded it in the living room onto DVD just in case, so I can use that instead.

Oh, today was Chinese New Year AKA Lunar New Year. It's the Year of the Chicken or Year of the Rooster. (Depends on who you ask)  I really miss living in Chinatown this time of year. I missed the parade, and the little festival they used to have across the street at the Chinese Cultural Center, and of course, all the great food.  I did buy a really good gluten-free Thai curry dinner at the store, but it's not the same. It was good, though.  Not too filling. I had the rest of the leftovers from lunch later on.

  Sunday 1/29/17

I ended up staying up really late. Also, I was trying to get someone on DISH this morning to help me with my problem above because using the DVD recording didn't work. I first talked to two really annoying people on the phone. The first one knew nothing and her English was terrible. The second one was telling me some crazy stuff that made no sense, but at least he did suggest unplugging the HDMI cables and plugging them in again, which helped me get rid of ONE error message I was having. However, I still couldn't play GH On Demand. In fact, I couldn't play any ABC or FOX shows On Demand! I could play all the other networks, plus movies.  The last person I spoke with told me to call back in a few days to see what happens after the DVR updates. Yeah, not helpful when I need it right now...

Then, later, after chatting online via Twitter with DISH support, I realized that I had switched the TV over to HDMI 3 (to see the DVD recorder) from HDMI1. So I went ahead and changed it back, and that fixed the problem! Apparently those On Demand channels have some kind of detection thing that won't let you play their shows and record them onto DVD. However, it worked fine in the other room, with the Joey! So it's weird. But, anyway, that did solve the problem, and I was very glad that I ended up talking to their support guy on Twitter.  He didn't directly help me, but because he asked me to reboot the DISH again, it reminded me that I was on HDMI3. Well, whatever works! :)

We went to the Wal-mart (to pick up my prescription and groceries) around 11:30. He drove me through Wendy's after that.  After eating, I went to sleep for about 7 hours. Then I did work on my site. I'm very irritated because someone who works on my site that's usually very reliable let me down by not sending me the info I need for our weekly news and schedule page. At least she should have let me know. :( So anyway, I had to start making it myself. I did a lot of it and then had to quit. Too tired.

I bought mouse traps, but I'm still not sure if I want to use them.

I still haven't put away my Christmas decorations. I hope to do that this week sometime! I still need to spend more time practicing my voice lesson exercises, too. Finding time is difficult.

I had about 3 hours sleep tonight.

It was a pretty boring day....hopefully next week will be more interesting! Hope you have a great week!

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