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  Monday 1/9/17

I wanted to get up early, but when the alarm rang, I went back to sleep. I didn't get up until after noon. :(

We have this very old digital scale (from 2002!) that I rarely use, so I forget which button to push to use it (it only has 3 buttons, so it's not that hard! LOL!). I have the manual somewhere, and also digital copies, but I couldn't find it. I had to go online and figure out which scale it is and which manual worked. Eventually I thought to type the brand name in my email and found an older email where I had emailed the company about it and they'd send me a digital copy.  This all took way too long! I was starving by the time I finally weighed myself. It's 175. I didn't gain any weight on our trip, at least.

I bought a DVD called "Hollywoodland." I don't think I ever heard of this movie before I happened across it the other day. It's about George Reeves and the making of the original TV show "The Adventures of Superman," but it's more than that. It stars Ben Affleck. Apparently it was originally called "Up Up and Away," but that name is trademarked by DC, who wouldn't give them the rights, I guess. I hope it's good!

I rarely watch anything more than once nowadays. I would love to have time to re-watch all of the Harry Potter movies, and all of the Star Trek series. I just never have much time. I would feel too guilty doing that instead of watching something I should be watching for my work, or one of the many series or movies on my DVR.  The reason I was thinking about this is that my SIL, who doesn't have a DVR or DVD player, was watching old Elvis movies yesterday (Elvis' birthday) that she's seen many times before. I would love to do that, too, but I just have no time. I could watch them streaming On Demand, probably. I have many of them on DVD, somewhere. Ah, well.

I spent some time sick this morning as well... probably ate something this weekend with gluten in it. I sure hope that NIMA gets here soon. That's the gluten test they came out with. You can instantly test whether a dish has gluten in it or not.  I guess they have more demand for it than they're able to sale. They came out with it in the Fall and I'm still waiting. I had pre-ordered it about a year ago.

I spent most of the afternoon working on my site and reading on social media, as well as tidying up the house a bit.

In the evening, I made dinner and he watched some of the National Championship game before he went to bed. Sadly, Alabama lost. :( I don't care at all about football, but he used to work there for 8 years, and he loves the team, so I cheer for them as well. It was a pretty good place to work, and they paid him well, and treated him well. I'm not too fond of the town, but we made some friends there. If the football team wins, it's good for the university and the people who work there. They played well this year, and it sounds like the two teams were pretty evenly matched.

I worked a lot on my site, and I did the dishes.

I tried to got bed about 4am, but I was very itchy and couldn't sleep, so I got up and did more work. Then I went back to sleep, finally.

  Tuesday 1/10/17

I woke up around 11, which is good. Better than noon! It seems that it takes me a few hours to wake up and do much. I checked the mail about noon, but it still wasn't here, which is odd. They usually come pretty early. The weather is nice outside...in the 70's. It snowed 4 days ago! Hard to believe. It's very windy out and my allergies this morning are bad (very watery eyes).

Otherwise, a little less sick today... thankfully!

I took a shower and then found out that David had taken my shampoo and not returned it, so I had to wash my hair with liquid soap instead. Grrr!

After a week and 4 emails, I finally heard back from the company that sold me the Lucky Bamboo plant I bought. Turns out it doesn't come with the small decorative rocks or pebbles. However, they did offer to send me some, so that's good. Otherwise I was going to have to look around at Wal-Mart of buy some at Amazon for about $8.

I'm starting back to school tomorrow to get my 2nd B.A.! Am I crazy or what? It's been 30 years since I got my first degree. I actually did try another time to go full time back to school, at Alabama, but I wasn't really ready, and I was easily discouraged. I quit after one day. This time I'm more ready, I think.

Obviously things have changed a lot since I last went to school...mostly because of technology.  Here are things that I know have changed:

1. Registration is done online (sort of)  I was in a big school last time, but this time it's a very small school, so I don't know if they do it the same way now in a big school.  Here, you have to get the instructors' permission to sign up for their class.  I assume that in the large schools they do it mostly online.  I sure hated standing in those long lines, so that's a plus.

2. A lot of the instructional materials are now online. Many professors don't even use books, depending on the class. They were already moving toward that when I was ISU in the late 80's. A lot of professors would Xerox reading materials and the students would pick those up for free or a very small sum.

The funny thing is, I would have thought that by now most students are taking notes using tablets, phones or laptops, or just recording the lectures. Apparently they still use paper and pen/pencil.  How 20th century of them. I guess some professors don't like to be recorded or are concerned that if a student has a device instead, they'll use it for email, social media etc.

3.  Of course everyone has email, laptops, phones, tablets etc.  Just like in the real world. They all walk around campus looking at their phones. That part I don't get because I can't see my phone very well when I'm outside, with the glare of the sun.  Plus I'm usually wearing sunglasses.

4. Everyone logs on to the university server and has their own email address, and the professors mail syllabi and other things to them.  Like working at a job, I guess?  Then later if you leave the university, you can still login, I think, for certain things (like ordering transcripts).

5. They sell food in more places, and you can eat in the library (at least in some parts of the library). The food is better, too, and there are more healthy options.

That's all I can think of for now.

I've been doing a lot of work on my site. I ended up going to bed about 1 am.

  Wednesday 1/11/17

I set the alarm for 6. Man, was that tough. I got up, took a shower (I found some hotel shampoo to use until we get more at the store!), and had something to eat.

I was going to use a backpack to put my laptop and other stuff in, but the laptop doesn't quite fit (it's fairly large), so I had to switch everything to my laptop bag. It's kind of heavy and a lot harder to carry.

I brushed my teeth and then after I got ready, we left about 7am. It was still dark out!  Not cold, thankfully. It was in the 70's today, although there was quite a lot of wind, which kept it from being warm. It was like a nice Fall day! Except...it's January....LOL!

I sat in David's office for a little while (in the building called Overstreet), then I walked across the quad over to Reynolds, where they have the Student Center, the bookstore and some food places. They have a little Starbucks-like place there, but I just had a diet Pepsi and some fruit. I probably should have had the caffeine because I needed it. The ladies working there were very nice.

 I went to the bookstore at 8 when they opened. It's not a bad little bookstore. They had more things than I thought. In some ways, it was better than the one at HPU. I got a few things, but not too much because I didn't want to carry it around. There were 3 people in line in front of me, but it took 20 minutes. Only one of them was buying books. Again, the people working there were very nice.

I went over to the library and sat there for awhile. They always have the most comfortable chairs and couches. I sat right near the door in a very comfortable little loveseat. Around 9am I went over to Bruce Center, which is where they have some fast food places. Unfortunately, Chick-Fil-A doesn't open until 10:30, and the other grill place was shutting down after breakfast. I had an early lunch at Subway. The people that work there don't seem nearly as friendly as in the other places. I sat there for a little while, and then I walked back to Overstreet. My classes are on the third floor.

It's a small campus, and all of these buildings are pretty close together. I need to find this other building called Camp to get my student ID. Maybe on Friday...

My classes ran 11-1 and have the same professors. They're both Mass Media courses. The first day is always just going over the syllabus and other instructions. The classes sound interesting and not too hard. We have to do 4 or 5 position papers and presentations. One class is about media and the other is about the internet. It'll be interesting to see if I actually learn anything new, since I know so much about both already.

The professor is funny and entertaining, but I was very tired and sleepy, so it was difficult for me. Hopefully I can adjust to the earlier schedule. 

Here are 5 more things that I noticed today that are different than 30 years ago:

1. Gender neutral bathrooms - we certainly never those!

2. No blackboards...they use whiteboards now. Some professors use an online program called Blackboard, but this particular professor hates it and doesn't use it.

3. Snack machines - I don't think we had these at all on campus, that I recall. Maybe a few? I just flat out don't remember. I do know that I worked at some places that sold snacks...

4. More choices in the bookstore - I don't think we sold much more than books and school supplies (I worked briefly in the Barnes & Noble on campus back in the early 80's). Now campus book stores sell all sorts of things like snacks, food you can cook, make-up, magazines, electronics, computer accessories, and much more.

5. Comfortable class room chairs - so glad that these are around! I'm sure this depends on the school, though. I seem to recall that when I was very briefly taking classes at the University of Alabama back in the early 2000's, the chairs were NOT comfortable.

One thing that is NOT different is that students don't say hi to each other as they pass by, unless they know each other. This morning, when it was very early, I walked by this guy and said, "Good morning!" and he looked really surprised. It's just not something you do so. Sorry, faux pas! I won't do that again. One thing that does get better with age (hopefully) is your self-confidence. I was very shy back when I was a college student. Now I just talk to strangers. It's so much nicer than sitting at home. I got used to it, especially, when we were in Hawaii. People there are very friendly and talk to strangers.

I briefly chatted with a girl in the elevator today. I pressed the 1 and the basement button also lit up. I was surprised, so she said that she thinks that it goes on automatically like that. The elevator then lurched or something, so she grumbled, saying that she hates that particular elevator. I replied, "Well, it beats the stairs!" and she replied that I was correct. I bid her to have a nice day as we both walked out. That's the nice thing about getting out of the house and talking to people.

In Bruce, there's a little area between the Subway and the other fast food places, separated by doors. There are pool tables there. For some reason, the heat was on, really high, in that room. As I walked through, a girl was playing pool. I said, "Wow, it sure is hot in here!" and she agreed that it was.  I don't plan on repeating these nothing conversations every week. Just using them as examples of how nice it is to get out and walk around and chat with people, even if it's about nothing. I really miss that from Hawaii, so I'm glad to have it back, here on the campus.

David was kind enough to drive me home after my classes. We ran into his boss on the way out, and he was very nice, as always. He was thrilled to hear that I'm taking classes and getting a second B.A.  At home, I made David a quick sandwich, and I made a call to the pharmacy for him, then I went to sleep. I was SO tired. I slept until about 5:30. Too late! I should have just slept a few hours. Ah, well.

Later, after dinner, we were both sitting on the sofa, reading, and then I saw the mouse run out from underneath the couch! Right next to me, about a foot away. I let out a surprised gasp! Then the mouse ran back under. We were being so quiet, he probably didn't know we were there. "Quiet as a mouse..." LOL! Or as I like to call him, our MouseGuest. I wish he were more friendly; then I could take his picture and maybe catch him.

I did a lot tonight. I worked on my site and cooked some food. I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. I even swept the kitchen floor and cleaned out underneath the sink. I threw out all the mouse traps, since they were doing nothing. I broke down some boxes there. I finally took all the Christmas ornaments and other decorations off the tree. Tomorrow I can bring in all the boxes and start packing everything up again. I started the laundry but then forgot to finish it. I'll finish it tomorrow.

  Thursday 1/12/17

I got up around 1:30...much later than I wanted to. I was having bad itching again last night, trouble sleeping. The allergies have been bad -- lots of sneezing and time wasted in the bathroom and feeling sick.

I brought in the empty boxes from the garage, and I did the laundry and dishes. I chopped up some veggies. Aside from work on my site, I didn't get much else done today.

A year ago I had put all my Christmas decorations away, so now I feel very behind! Of course I had a much smaller place then.

It's a shame that the Chargers are leaving San Diego. Again, I don't really care about football, but they've been in San Diego my whole life. They aren't a good team, but still!

  Friday 1/13/17

I've been very bad at keeping up on the blog. Sorry!

I went in to work with David about 7 am. That's when he goes in, and he doesn't have time to come back and get me. My class is at 11.  First I go to Reynolds, which is the only place open that early. They have some food places. I go to the little coffee stand there, similar to a Starbucks. They have a good sausage egg and cheese biscuit there... and fruit, coffee, pastries, all sorts of stuff. The women who work there are very nice and chatty.

Then I go to the bookstore and get a few things, and then I head over to the library for a while. Today I first stopped by this other building, Brinson, the art building, to sign up for my voice lessons class. I was assigned this teacher, Susan Bensberg.  She only teaches on Mondays, though, so the first lesson won't be until January 23.  Brinson is cool; it has a lot of neat art stuff. 

I watched Sunday's episode of "The Simpsons" and did a few other things on my computer. Then I walked over to Bruce Center and got a soda at Subway.  Fortunately, the professor doesn't care if you bring drinks into class. I really want to eat at the Chik-Fil-A (great food and gluten free), but it doesn't open until 10:30, so that doesn't give me much time to eat. Also, I'm not usually hungry again until after class, and then David wants to take me home and get back to work.

I bought this little motion-activated video camera on Amazon (very cheap), but so far I haven't gotten it to work right. I want to film the mouse! LOL!

Anyway, after I got back home, I had an interview in the afternoon with one of the producers of "The Simpsons," so that's why I had to watch that episode. Those interviews are always fun.

I slept a lot in the afternoon, as I recall. I did a lot of work on my site, as usual. I had hoped to get the Christmas decorations put away, but I just ran out of time.

  Saturday 1/14/17

We went to lunch at Antigua's, one of the Mexican restaurants here that we like. Three girls came in and started singing and then asked us for money for some charity thing. That was really annoying.

We stopped by the Wal-Mart pharmacy to pick up my prescription, I believe.  We didn't do our regular shopping until Sunday.

In the afternoon, we went to the basketball game at SAU. It was kind of fun and something to do. I like basketball games and, you know, this is my school now! So I gotta pull for them.  They lost, unfortunately, but it was a very good game. We also ran into Trey, David's boss, again. Of course David saw other people he knew.

As always, I got a lot of work done on my site all weekend.

  Sunday 1/15/17

Aside from going to the grocery store, we did nothing much today. I did housework and worked on my site... that's about it. I was hoping we'd get some exercise this weekend on the track, but we didn't. Just being lazy.

I have tomorrow off from SAU, but David has to go into work. Poor guy!

I've been working just too much and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I need to somehow take some time off of working on my site, but I don't know how.

I've been trying to get some more help, but it's been very difficult. I really need to find a new GH update writer.  Also, it looks like Gisele will be helping me less because she's going to be helping take care of her new grandbaby.

I did eat a lot of fast food this weekend, although I did try not to eat too many fries.  I'm still eating too many carbs and not getting enough exercise. Boo!

Have a great week!

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