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I don't know where the week went! I really don't.

Monday I spent some time singing Christmas songs and posting them on Singsnap and some other places.

I've been making a lot of Christmas cookies so that we can give them to David's administrative assistants. I'll give some to the neighbors, too. I'll make more this weekend after I get more ingredients.

I finally posted all of my October photos on Facebook. Yay!

I discovered that I have a secret pantry!  Behind the rack where I keep the spices, flour etc. there are some hidden shelves. If you open both doors all the way and slide out the rack, you can see it. Very strange! Also, not a very convenient place to store things.

The neighbors next door (the only neighbors we have in our cul-de-sac) decided to cut down all of the trees on their property and didn't tell us about it beforehand! Goodbye to half the forest near our house. It's been very noisy, too. Here are some photos that show you before and after.

Area between our two houses:

Area on the other side of the neighbors' house:

They haven't finished yet, either. They plan to cut them ALL down. Thank goodness they don't own the other lot on the other side of our house. They're cutting them down because they're tired of dealing with them. I can understand that, but they should leave SOME of the trees and should have let us know....

Our stupid washing machine died...the guy came out to look at it and it would cost almost $400 to fix. A new one is about $500-600, so it's not really worth it. What a terrible time for it to happen, though. So Saturday we'll have to go buy a new one at the Sears Homestore (we don't have a real Sears, just the type that sells appliances) and then go to the laundromat.

I had the college woman, Brianna, come out to weed and rake our leaves. She's really nice and was shocked to see them cutting down all of the trees. She did me a big favor, too, which I'll reveal next week ;) Shhhh! It's a Christmas secret!

David had to go out to dinner Wednesday night with a job candidate. At least he brought me home take-out! I got a fajita salad.

I'm finally back on an early schedule as of Thursday. I went to bed super early Wednesday night and then slept for about 10 hours. That didn't last long and now I'm back to sleep a few hours late at night and a few in the afternoon...some kind of weird split shift.

I haven't seen the mouse lately. Thank goodness! (See below)

Sunday it's supposed to get really cold...high of 34 degrees, low of 19. Brrrr!

I'm finally registered in my classes for the Spring semester. It's kind of exciting! I hope it's not too much for me. Now I really have to get my sleeping back on track. Classes start January 11th! I'm still waiting to hear back about possibly taking guitar or voice lessons.

I don't know what happened to the Christmas magnets that I usually put up. I went looking for them in the boxes where I store the Christmas boxes, bubble wrap, unused items etc. and didn't see them (although I only looked through about half before I got too tired). I did find a small box of Christmas ornaments that I somehow missed the first time, so I put those up. I bought a few Christmas magnets online from Amazon and put those up instead.

Later, I saw the mouse again, a few times. That darn thing! I guess we'll have to get the sticky traps from the pest control guy. I hate doing that. Maybe I'll try some stuff on the net I read about first. Apparently mice don't like strong smells like spicy peppers or cloves, or aluminum foil, or dryer sheets.

I've just been so busy making cookies and other things. I think I'm finally done with making cookies. I might made myself some chocolate-and-peppermit-coated pretzels.  I like the kind that Glutino makes, but they're not available any more, apparently.

We finally made reservations at the Crowne Plaza, so we'll drive to Dallas Thursday morning and come back Monday.  It should be fun. We're going to a hockey game the first night. I'm sure there will be karaoke one night, possibly a movie. I'm hoping that we can also go to this nearby town called Grapevine. We'll see! We have 4 nights, and no casinos, so...there's plenty of time. I also made dinner reservations at this place called Pyramid Restaurant. I thought they had a buffet, but apparently it's just a regular brunch with a prix fixe menu, so I'm waiting to hear back if it's gluten free or not.

Saturday we went to the Sears and bought a new washer (about $500), and they'll be delivering it Monday afternoon, 12/26. They're supposed to deliver after 2pm, but we'll probably call to make sure they don't bring it early, before we come home. 

We had a lot of rain Friday and Saturday. Saturday it actually got up to 78 degrees! It was nice during the day. I wore a short sleeve shirt and some knee-length pants.  Then it dropped 40 degrees! Sunday morning it was around 29. I was hoping for snow, but no such luck. Then it was in the low 30's all day and later dropped down to 20.  Brrrr! Way too cold for me.

Saturday we spent about 45 minutes at the laundromat washing clothes. I had a nice chat with a woman there who lives in another small town called Waldo. Apparently the laundromat here is nicer than the one in Waldo. I can't imagine that because this one is not very nice. There was water all over the floor, some of the machines didn't work, the sink was filthy and most of the machines were filthy, too.  UGH.  Fortunately, it was not very crowded there, so I was able to wash four loads of laundry and then come home to dry them. I just did one short load in the dryer, and I finished the rest later.

After that, we went to lunch at the Mexican restaurant near our house, El Compadre. It's always pretty good.  Then we went to Wal-Mart and did our shopping.  Sunday, I went to the Dollar Tree store and then Walgreens to get some more Christmas decorations. I wasn't able to find the Kleenex holiday boxes, or the holiday soap. I sure miss the Longs drugstores we had in Hawaii. They had all that stuff.

I got a nice email from my foster mom, Marianne. She's definitely had a terrible year. I hope things improve for her and I hope her holiday season is not too bad.

I'm still enjoying my new laptop. There are only a couple of glitches. One is that sometimes when I'm in Firefox, it somehow jumps over to touch-screen mode and won't let me use the touchpad any more. I have to close and restart it or even reboot. Doesn't happen too often, thank goodness.

Not much else going on. Just work!  Three more days until we leave for Christmas. Yay! Have a great Christmas, Hannukah or whatever!

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