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  Monday 12/5/16

I woke up around 11, and I was pretty sick all day from the usual gluten allergies. I didn't get too much done, aside from work on my site.

In the evening, we went to a party that a guy in the Psychology department was having. Unfortunately, it's cold and rainy, so I guess he didn't get a great turnout.  It was nice to meet him and his wife, and the other people there, and try their food and meet their adorable little dog and one of their cats as well as see their Christmas decorations. It was very nice driving there, in fact, in the dark, and seeing all of the lights up everywhere.

We only stayed about an hour or so and then David had to do something briefly in his office. His office was overly-warm because he forgot to turn off the heat.  The decorations on campus also look beautiful. So many lights!

After that, we went to the Percussion Ensemble concert. It was really good. It's a shame we missed the choral one last week.

I took the Christmas tree out of the box and put it together. It has three big pieces and colorful lights attached. The lights have some nice controls so you make the lights fade in and out, or blink, etc. I fluffed a lot of the branches, but then I got tired. It was close to bedtime at that point.

I was hoping to do more with my Christmas tree, but I just ran out of time. I had watched a lot of TV and worked on my site. I ended up staying up way too late!

  Tuesday 12/6/16

I didn't wake up until about 3:30pm and then I spent two hours on the phone with Fedex and UPS, so that was NOT FUN! It was very aggravating. I just wanted to pick up the tablet from the Austin cab company (where we left it last week), but getting them to take both a label and box to them was impossible, apparently. I think we finally got it worked out with UPS, though. Knock on wood! UPS is supposed to pick it up tomorrow morning.

We got some Christmas presents from our friend Barbara today....

I finally forced myself to decorate more. I've just been so busy! I got most of the tree decorated, but I'm still unpacking decorations. I know I have more ornaments to uncover.

I saw the mouse! Last week, David saw a mouse in the kitchen, and it ran under the sink (or somewhere near there). I just had the same thing happened. I didn't scream, or even say, "Eek! A mouse!" or jump up on a chair like they do in cartoons. I just said, "Oh, THERE'S the mouse!" I just saw it very briefly. It runs fast! It somehow has eluded our traps so far. We'll get you yet, Jerry! Too bad we don't have a Tom to catch him.

I figured out today that I bought about 30 plants since we moved here in June, and about half of them are still alive. I guess that's not too bad...?? LOL! I've been worrying about whether the corn plant and the plumeria are dead or not (most of the leaves have dropped off), but according to the web, they do lose their leaves in the winter and go dormant, so maybe that's all it is....???

I think I'm just going to take a couple of class in the Spring, not a full schedule. I'm going to take two that the media professor recommended. One is called Internet Communications (Gee, I would think I'd get an A in that one pretty easily, don't you think???) and the other is Trends in Modern Media. I might take a third class in the music department. Unfortunately, the choir is at the same time as the Trends class. I was going to take a business class, but it doesn't look like the ones I want are offered until Fall.

I had emailed the business school, and they said that they have a Small Business Technology and Development Center which could help me with my site, so I need to go in and talk to them.

I had so much sleep that I didn't go to bed until about 9am the next morning.

  Saturday 12/10/16

I was up for a while and then went back to sleep! (Yes, I just skipped 3 days!)

Wednesday we DID get the tablet back, and it appears to work. UPS did not give them a box as I had arranged. The tablet was in a zipped-up holder (not meant for tablest - it has a notebook - the paper kind- and some other things inside), so they just taped the label onto that. I'm pretty annoyed and plan to email UPS about that. We're very lucky it reached us in one piece.

I've been so busy all week. I put up a lot of Christmas decorations inside and out, and put batteries in a lot of things, and put away all of the stuff that I didn't use, as well as lots of bubble wrap, and many little boxes, back in the big boxes, and then I had to put them all back in the garage. It took quite a long time and many days of work. It was worth it!

It's been very cold all week but warming up a little bit this weekend. We had a few nights that got down into freezing temperatures.  I've been sick quite often from the usual allergies as well.

I saw the mouse a few times and put out traps, but so far he hasn't taken the bait, and I haven't seen him again.

I ran out of one of my prescriptions, Lisinopril, and I called it in. First, last weekend, I went to pick it up, and the pharmacy had no record of it. Apparently my doctor here had never called it in (it's one I've been on for years, and I haven't needed it refilled until now).  So then I called the doctor's office, and they said they'd call it in, along with another one I forgot I needed, Glipizide. Well, David went to pick it up Wednesday and the pharmacy gave him Glipizide and Metformin (I have plenty of that one already), but no Lisinopril. So then I phoned the doctor's office and they had no record of the Lisinopril and didn't know the dosage. So I was going to have to phone Kaiser Honolulu to get that information, since I no longer had it.  Then the nurse called me back and said she found it. Thank goodness! But then I wasn't able to pick it up until Saturday.  What a mess. You'd think that one of these people would have told me, when I called it in the first time, that they had no record of it!

Thursday I got some very sad news that a good friend David died. He was old, and in poor health, but it still came as a shocking surprise. He's one of those people who always seemed full of life. He'd had a heart attack a few years ago, but I thought he was doing ok. Over Thanksgiving, he was in the ER with breathing problems. I guess he just slipped away. He was married to my foster mom, Marianne. Marianne had previously been married to Phil, my foster dad. Phil and David were roommates in college, so they all knew each other a long time. After both David and Marianne divorced, they eventually got together, and they've been very happy.   David was just such a kind, great guy.

Here's the funny thing. I didn't know him very well. I'd only met him once or twice. However, we hit it off right away because we both love movies, and musical theater, and singing.  He was a professional folk singer, so he traveled a lot around the world. He grew up in LA and had many famous friends. He knew a ton of people from all walks of life.  He directed plays and movies as well.  I'm sure there are many people touched by him that are mourning now. I was really surprised that I got so upset at his death... but I did, and I couldn't stop crying for hours. You just never know who will affect your life, or how. Here's his autobiography. I feel bad for Marianne. I know she works hard and has her work to keep her busy, but I'm sure she wasn't expecting to live alone after all this time. I can't even imagine what that's like. She was kind enough to send me Carrie Fisher's book about being Princess Leia as a gift. I was crazy about Star Wars back when I lived with Marianne and Phil.

On Friday, our washing machine died! I was washing our bedclothes, and I put in this big mattress cover that I've washed before, but it got stuck on a piece of plastic in the washer, first of all, and so some stuffing came out. Also, the topper somehow got DIRTIER after coming out of the washing machine. Anyway, I tried washing the sheets after that and the water would not drain or rinse. I was able to  squeeze the water out of them and then put them in the dryer. Hopefully they're fairly clean because we don't really have any other sheets that fit our bed, so we're using them. They seemed clean. I think I'm going to have to sew up the topper and then wait until the dryer is fixed to wash it again.  The earliest I could get someone out is Thursday, so that's annoying.

David had graduation Friday, so he didn't come home until 8:30, which is pretty late for him. I ordered pizza from Domino's. I ordered extra, so I would have some for a while. The gluten free pizza is smaller than normal sized pizza, anyway. I got two of those, plus some salads. I got a free pizza from points I had on their site, so I got one for David, too. When the woman came to deliver it, she had left the credit card receipt behind. Fortunately, I had some cash for a tip. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but not a ridiculous tip. So much for the free pizza! LOL!  She was very happy, let's put it that way. At least she did thank me profusely and complimented my Christmas decorations.

This morning, we went to Burger King for lunch. Then we stopped at the Dollar Store so I could get a few more Christmas decorations. They had some great stuff!  Then we went to Wal-mart. David got his hair cut while I did some of the shopping, and then he joined me after that to finish the shopping.  When we got home, I put everything up and put batteries in some things that I needed them for. I've been taking lots of pictures, and some videos, which you can see on my Instagram. I have to say, it looks very festive, inside and out!

I was hoping to buy a bottle of single malt scotch for a certain someone, as I often do, for the holidays, but apparently Arkansas has a law, like Alabama did, that you can't get liquor in the mail (can't order it online). No cab service here, so I can't take a cab to go buy it at the liquor store, like I did before. I don't really know anyone well enough that I would want to impose on to pick it up for me or take me to get it, either. I would ask our neighbor, but besides inviting me to go shopping sometime, she did mention that her blood pressure has been kind of messed up, and sometimes she feels faint, so I don't want to ride with her until she gets that straightened out.  I guess I'll wait until next year, unless I think of something. I really miss being able to just walk to the stores like I did in the big city. Hopefully, we'll eventually meet people and make friends, that I can rely on. Perhaps find someone to hire as a semi-regular driver.

I baked myself some cookies...now, this week, I'm going to be making some cookies for other people.

  Sunday 12/11/16

I had a lot of trouble sleeping due to pain and itching. As usual, I'm afraid.

I slept in really late. I woke up around 3:30 right after having a terrible nightmare. It was like a movie where we were investigating some corrupt or evil corporation that David worked for. There were a few of us, not just he and I. We went to this restaurant, where we had figured out people were disappearing. They had karaoke, so I went up to find out about it. I was disappointed to learn that it didn't start until at least 10:30. Then when I got back, all of my friends, including David, had disappeared! Yet, I heard their voices calling for help. It was like they had disappeared into some interdimensional vortex or something. I was very upset and calling his name. That's when he woke me up! Scary.

After I showered and had a little breakfast, We went to Brookshire's to get some more ingredients for cookies. When I came back, I made him dinner. I was grating some lemon and orange peel for cookies. I usually use the kind that come in a jar, but they didn't have any. I grated the top of my finger, which was painful and it bled quite a bit. That was annoying.

It was nicer today, in the 60's. I didn't even wear my jacket when we went out to the store. I just had on a long sleeve shirt and long pants. It might rain tonight. Then it's supposed to get cold again...not quite as cold as before, though.

I didn't do too much today besides just working on my site and the usual household chores. I finally got around to uploading the October pictures to Facebook. Firefox kept crashing....I guess the pics were too big, or there were too many, or both. So I edited and resized every single one. Tedious!

I hope this coming week is better than last! I plan to do as many Christmas activities as I can. Ho, Ho, ho!

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