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  Monday 11/21/16

I woke up around 8 am, which means I got almost 12 hours of sleep. I thought maybe I was sick, but I'm feeling much better today. I got up, had breakfast, and did a little work, but then I went back to sleep for a few hours.

I did more work and had a conference call interview around 4pm. Then I did the dishes. After David came home, I started the laundry. We only have one day left, and then we're going to Shreveport for the Thanksgiving holiday! Yay!

I had a lot more work to do the past few days, due to my friend Gisele being on vacation (she helps me run the site) and some other things.

I ended up staying up really late, mostly from itching. I had a horrible night.

  Tuesday 11/22/16

I got up around 2:30pm, so that was way too late. My sleep schedule is all messed up again! Hopefully I can get it back on track. I don't like getting up so late, especially now that it gets dark so early. It gets dark about 5pm.

Our neighbors have already decorated for Christmas. They have some wooden cut-outs on their lawn of reindeer and then a sleigh with a Christmas bear, and it has lights and wreaths. It's very nice. Richard, the husband, carved it all himself. I see they have a big tree up in the window, too. We'll be getting one later. Hopefully they will still have some after Black Friday!

I've been kind of down-in-the-dumps today, but I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. Just missing Hawaii because we had such a nice holiday season there, especially last year.  I'll get over it. I never stay depressed too long. It's just not in my personality.  Plus, my life is pretty good. I can't complain!

I have a lot to do tonight... not just on my site, but around the house, and to get ready for our trip. I have to pack still, among other things.

  Wednesday 11/23/16

I tried to go to sleep, but I just wasn't able to, for a long time. I made a big breakfast for both of us. Usually David doesn't want breakfast, but surprisingly, he agreed to it. I made us bacon and eggs, toast for him and fried corn tortilla for me.  I packed and took a shower, and then I went to sleep for a few hours.

After packing the car, we drove to Shreveport/Bossier City, which is about 90 minutes away. We left around 10am.  We stayed at the Diamond Jacks Hotel and Casino. It's one of the cheapest of the 5 casinos there, and it wasn't too expensive. All of the others were ridiculous. Basically, there are two casinos in Shreveport: El Dorado and Sam's Town. They are big and nice. Across the bridge/river, in Bossier City is Margaritavilla, another nice and big one. There's a big outdoor mall there as well, with other restaurants and stores.  Diamond Jacks is also in Bossier City, but not that close to any of those other casinos. It's a few blocks from another smaller casino, Boomtown.  Then a ways farther is Horseshoe. Now, you could walk to Horseshoe or some of these others, but it's quite a walk.  So we just take cabs for the most part, but they're not very expensive cab rides.

We had hoped to have lunch at our hotel, but the buffet is only open for dinner, and the only other restaurant is a little fast-food-type place.  So we walked over to Boomtown and had lunch at their buffet. It was okay, nothing too special, but not bad.  We played there for a while and then went back to our hotel. We were tired, especially me, and so we had naps.  Later, we went over to Margaritaville.  It was kind of disappointing because last time we found this little bar/restaurant that had great food, and then there is an outdoor bar near there that is right on the river and very pretty at night.  The whole thing is closed down for renovations. I hope they're not going to get rid of them.  We went to this steak place and just sat at the bar and ate light meals. I had a great duck salad. David said his sashimi was really bad.    We just had a little more fun, walked around, and turned in for the night.

I stayed up pretty late working.  I didn't want to, but the allergies were bad again. I finally got to sleep around 5 am.

  Thursday 11/24/16

I got up around noon, and we went over to the El Dorado Hotel and Casino, to their great buffet. However, there was a really long line. We should have gone much earlier, or later.  So instead we went to the coffee shop. I just had their bacon, eggs and hash browns skillet, which wasn't very good. David had the Thanksgiving meal.  At least I did get their delicious flourless chocolate decadence cake.  They have a great bakery there. Usually they have some really good Asian food, but apparently you can only order that at dinner. We are just not having a lot of luck this trip so far on anything!

We played a little there and next door at Sam's Town. Then we walked down to this little bar (the only one open outside of the casinos, during the holiday) called Fatty Arbuckle's that we'd visited before. They were just opening. The bartender there was really nice (he may have been the owner, not sure).  We had a nice time chatting with him, and he even gave David a free glass of scotch!  David called his mom and sister to say Happy Thanksgiving. We heard from his other sister earlier, too, on the phone. I was spending a lot of time today, too, taking photos and posting them, and wishing other friends and family members Happy Thanksgiving.

We went back to our room after that, and he had a nap. I couldn't sleep, so I'm working on my site. I'm hoping we can go to karaoke later tonight. I don't know if it will happen, the way my luck has been!

Last night I was looking at various karaoke places here, and not having much luck. Sam's Town has live band karaoke most Thursdays, but not for the next two weeks. We missed it last time, too.  That's a real bummer because live band karaoke is fantastic. Well, hopefully we can do that another time.

We went out to the buffet at our hotel, which was terrible! It didn't have many choices and was very poor quality. I always load up first at the salad bar, to be healthier. Well, something smelled weird when I was putting the food on my plate, and then when I went to eat it, something definitely tasted spoiled, so I didn't eat any more, and I told the waitress about it. I think it was either the cheese or the dressing. The rest of the food didn't smell or taste spoiled, but it just wasn't very good. The meat was all over-cooked or dried out.  And none of the buffets here even tell you what the food is, let alone mark it for gluten.

We took a cab over to a bar called The Korner Lounge. The guy at Fatty Arbuckle's had told us that it was the second oldest bar in Louisiana! It's not in the best area, but the bar itself is safe (we were told). It's a pretty tiny place.  The cab took quite a while; they were pretty busy due to the holidays. When we got to the bar, they were all watching the LSU game, so the karaoke didn't start until after that. We were told it started at 9, but it didn't start until after 10, so that was pretty disappointing.  David doesn't like to stay up late, so I only got to sing one song. Funnily enough, after the game, most of the people left. There were only about 10 people there by the time I got up to sing, including the bartender, the KJ, and us.  They were a nice group of people and liked my song. I got to hear a few of them sing until our cab came to pick us up.

I worked for a while after we got back. Our internet was not doing well, so I called the hotel and then their tech support number. It took about a half hour on the phone, but eventually he got it working.

  Friday 11/25/16

Our first day and a half was pretty disappointing, but Friday made up for it. We had lunch over at the El Dorado buffet. It wasn't crowded this time, and it was pretty good. Afterwards, we played a little, and I actually won for a change! I hadn't even been playing that much this whole trip. We sometimes sit at the bar and play poker machines (and then they gave you free drinks). I was playing a type of draw poker, where it deals one hand, and then you choose the ones to keep, and then it deals them for three different hands. I was doing ok, just having fun, and then I hit some special one, where if you get a particular combination, you win 800 quarters! So that was cool, to win $200. Then we walked over to this bar that we'd heard about that is supposed to have a large selection of craft beers, called "The Noble Savage."  It was very bright out, so it was kind of hard to find it, and we walked past it without realizing it. We stopped in this one building so that I could use the restroom and we could check the map. Then I found out that it didn't open until 5, so we walked back to the casinos. We briefly topped in a place called the Blind Tiger for a drink.

We played at Sam's Town, and then it was David's turn to win. He won $300 on a slot machine.  Then a little while later, we walked back to the Noble Savage, but first we stopped at a pub called Fully Stacked and had drinks to kill time because the other one wasn't quite open.  I was a little bit hungry at that point, so we ordered some bacon cheese fries. They were good, but we only ate about half.  I took a lot of photos around the town as we walked through, too.

The Noble Savage was okay, nothing special. They played good oldies music, though. We took a cab from there over to Margaritaville. We decided not to bother having a nap today. It's very beautifully decorated for Christmas. Well, all of the casinos are, really, especially the bigger/nicer ones.  David won almost $200 more!  So it was a very good day. It's nice to win a little so you don't feel like a total sucker.

We stopped at the same restaurant, Jimmy's, and had some more food. I had the same duck salad as Wednesday, and it was still excellent. David had a cup of gumbo.  They didn't have any desserts that sounded good, that I could eat (who puts flour in chocolate mousse? Boo! Hiss!), so we went back over to the same parrot-themed bar and I had a great pumpkin drink called a Pumpkin Dream. It has Kahlua Pumpkin Spice liqueur, RumChata and milk. We went back to our hotel, played briefly there, had lots of un, and had some more drinks.  We were both super tired by the time we got back to our room, even though it was only about 9pm.

  Saturday 11/26/16

I woke up around midnight and worked a lot on my site. I got back to sleep around 6am. David woke me up about 10, so we got ready to leave.  We were going to stop at this restaurant called Another Broken Egg that is supposed to have gluten free pancakes, but when we got there, there was a 45 minute wait.  Instead, we went over to Whole Foods, where we were going anyway, and had lunch there at their salad bar. (Well, they have hot food, too.) Then we did some shopping. I just mainly wanted to get some gluten free frozen fish and a pumpkin pie. I got a few other snacks to take back with us, too.  We also stopped at this liquor store I had read about called Tony's. It's been around since 1964. They have a daiquiri bar there, including some cool flavors like eggnog and pumpkin. I tried the eggnog one and it was really good. I bought some regular non-alcoholic eggnog to bring home, too.

After we came back, we got the mail and other stuff. I got an early birthday gift from my SIL Susan and her husband, John, so that was nice. It's a new ice cream maker that makes 4 quarts. My old one only makes 1 quart. A little while later, I took down all of the Thanksgiving decorations and put them back in their boxes.

I have to say that it's nice to have room again. Although I loved Hawaii, our apartment was way too small and cramped. It's nice to be able to have room for boxes and put all of my decorations away in separate boxes.  Also, it's very nice that we're not moving for a few years, at least, so I don't have to wrap everything up so carefully.

David thinks he saw a mouse in our kitchen (he wasn't sure), so that kind of freaked me out for the rest of the evening. I'm not really afraid of mice, but I think if one ran out at me or over my foot, I'd scream in surprise.

I did more work on my site, but then I went to bed really early, about 9pm. I was just exhausted. Too much fun!

  Sunday 11/27/16

I woke up around 12 hours later, and then I had lunch and went back to sleep for a few more hours. Boy, I was tired!

I did a lot of work on my site (which is usually what happens on Sunday), and did the laundry, and did a little bit of unpacking as well as putting away the Thanksgiving decorations and cleaning up a little. I swept the kitchen and put down some mouse traps. We got this type that capture the mouse and then poison it, I guess. I wanted something that didn't kill them, but this was all the store had.

We went to Brookshires for a few groceries, and then stopped briefly at McDonald's for lunch/dinner. I got some extra salads, so I could eat them tomorrow. I found some soup I could eat, so that's good. Wal-Mart usually just has Campbell's, and not much else. Neither store has a good selection of organic soups. They just have a couple of organic broths.  Brookshires has their own brand of soups, and most of them were not gluten free. I must have read the ingredients for 5 different types until I found their New England Clam Chowder, which surprisingly, doesn't have wheat in it. So I bought two of those.

I've been enjoying the gluten free pumpkin pie way too much! I had bought gluten free fish sticks, and they taste good, but they're really not that much like fish sticks. The insides are all mushy.

After all of the stuff I had to do, I wanted to go to bed early, but I just had too much to do, and I wasn't that tired. In fact, I tried to go to sleep around 5am and still couldn't. I didn't go to sleep until after 10am.

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! I hope to be able to clean my house soon and put up Christmas decorations. I can't wait! I always love Christmas.

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