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  Monday 11/14/16

I had trouble getting up early this morning. Probably because I was sick a bit last night (from the usual gluten problems). It's been cold today. I don't know what it was outside, but our thermostat inside said 70, which I haven't seen before here, so it probably means that it was in the 40's at least, outside. I was having trouble finding a site online that gave me the temperatures for earlier in the day, but apparently wunderground.com does do it, so that's good. I guess most people only want the forecast. It got down to the 30's in the middle of the night last night. It was already in the 60's, I guess, when I got up, but it sure felt cold. I turned the heat on for a while.

Looks like I got admitted into SAU for the Spring semester. I haven't received the formal letter yet, but I found out via email.  I'm trying to figure out how much the fees are. I get free tuition, but I have to pay fees. It may be $50 per credit hour plus another $18 per semester, which would be around $600 per semester, but I'm not sure yet. I'm waiting for some people to call or email me back. I don't even know how yet many classes I'll be taking. Normally, the way they set it up is that you take most of your general studies courses the first two years and then take the major courses more in the last two years. I already took the general studies courses, so it's just a matter of whether I can take more classes or if they all have prerequisites. We'll see. I'm hoping maybe I can take a couple of business classes as well, or maybe even minor in business.

Since I've been sick, I'm not going to go next door with cookies as I'd planned. Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight we might be going to the jazz concert at SAU. That should be fun!

I have been really good about exercising, but I'm taking the day off. For one thing, I walked a lot on the weekend, somewhere between 4 and 5 miles.  Also, I'm just not feeling up to it today.

I'm a little concerned about taking courses and my gluten allergy problems. I guess I'll just have to be really really careful what I eat. More so than I already am. Maybe just eat very little and only at home. I didn't really have this problem too much back when I was going to college. Only occasionally. It got worse over the years. I'll have to sit in the back, near the door, and hope I can hear what the professors are saying.

Tonight we went to a jazz concert at the university. It was great! I enjoyed it a lot. I had fun. They had a visiting guest saxophone player, a professor from Wyoming.

I ended up staying up way too late, working, until almost 3am.

  Tuesday 11/15/16

I woke up around noon. I was sick again, although not as much as yesterday.

I could have easily just stayed in bed or my PJ's, but I forced myself to take a shower and, after checking the mail and eating breakfast, I took the cookies over to the neighbor's house.  Her name is Mary. She's funny and we laughed a lot. She's quite a character. We chatted for 4 hours! She's originally from Arizona but has lived here since the 70's. She's in her 70's and has 6 kids. Her husband is her second husband, and they've only been married a little over a year. She loves to talk, that's for sure! But she was entertaining and it's not like I didn't get plenty of chance to talk, too. She's had an interesting life, and we have some things in common.

It's funny because their house is so huge, I had assumed that they were wealthy, but they're not. She got it at a really good price, and it's got the same number of bedrooms as we do. It's just 2 story and much larger. He fixes and builds things, so that might come in handy.

I had asked her if she knew someone that could clean my house, so she recommended this woman, Yolanda.  She doesn't speak a lot of English, but she understands it pretty well, and she brings her daughter with her sometimes to translate. So that's cool! Hopefully she can come right after Thanksgiving.

I did the laundry and dishes, and worked on my site, but otherwise I didn't get any exercise yesterday.

My corn plant is definitely dying. I guess planting it into a bigger container didn't help. Some of the leaves are very brown. I gave it a little more water to see if that helps, but my guess is that it won't. My ficus isn't looking too good, either. I need to plant that one into a bigger pot for sure.

I started my Christmas cards. I had some personalized ones made, so it makes it a lot easier. I also ordered some holiday stamps, and some new business cards, which hopefully will be here soon.

I stayed up a bit late doing laundry. I was really exhausted and stayed up until 1:30.

I had some delicious soup for dinner. It was Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Kickin' Crab & Corn Chowder. Now, when I bought it in the store, I had looked at the ingredients rather quickly, and the printing was very small and hard to read. Usually on labels it'll say "contains: wheat" or whatever, after the ingredients list. This one didn't, so I assumed it was safe.  Turns out, I was wrong. I looked it up tonight, and only a few of their organic soups are gluten free. After I had it, and then some ice cream, I was very stuffed up and coughing.  I'll probably be sick the next two days. I took a Benadryl just in case.

  Wednesday 11/16/16

I woke up about 5am, itching horribly and with a slightly upset stomach.  "Itching" doesn't even really describe it. It's more like, my entire body feels like it wants to jump out of the skin. I took some more hydroxyzine and a Pepcid, and I put Benadryl cream all over my back, legs and arms. Eventually I was able to get back to sleep. UGH.  When I woke up, I had some pretty horrible scratches on my left leg, and I can't find any Neosporin.

The alarm went off at 9. I made the bed and did a few other things to straighten up around the house. Then I went back to sleep on the couch. Around 11, Yolanda, the new cleaning lady, came by with her daughter to look around the place. We settled on a price and a date. Later, I realized that the date wouldn't work because we'll be out of town, so I had to call her back to let her know. She'll have to call me back again when she figures out which day she can come. I hope it won't be too far into December because I really want it cleaned before I put up the Christmas decorations.

After that, I just did work, email, etc. I have a meeting on Friday with a Mass Comm professor to discuss what classes I'll be taking. That's exciting!

Although I didn't feel like it, I forced myself to get back on the treadmill.  I took a few days off, so it's always rough to get back to it after taking a break.

My new laptop arrived, so that made me very happy. I made myself wait before opening it or setting it up, though. First I wanted to get my Christmas cards finished. I'm still waiting on a few addresses and such, but otherwise I'm mostly done. It was easy this year! I got the pre-printed ones, so all I had to do was address them. I also put in my new holiday business cards, which I also got today. I sealed most of them and put stickers on some. I'm waiting for more stickers to arrive that I ordered.  Then I'll mail them the weekend after Thanksgiving.

After that, I had to go through my older laptop and save everything, and move some stuff around, to prepare it for David's use. I couldn't completely set it up for him yet because he was asleep, and I didn't know his Windows password.  I really hate how you have to login with Windows for everything. I always fix my new one up so that it skips the login altogether.

In the evening, I cooked up some thin pork chops. I used a good recipe for seared pork chops, where you dredge them in flour. I used oat flour and used my own herbs and spices, plus parmesan. They came out really good. Earlier in the day, I made some gluten free biscuits from a package mix I had.

I ended up staying up until about 2:30 am, and then I was itching a lot again. It wasn't quite as bad as last night, but it still made it hard to sleep.

  Thursday 11/17/16

I decided to sleep in and woke up around noon.

The weather has been pretty nice, not too cold. It's supposed to get down to 33 tonight, though!

Looks like we're not going to San Diego for Christmas. That's too bad.  It's possible we might go somewhere closer and cheaper. I think we're going to Shreveport for Thanksgiving. That should be fun! They have a Whole Foods there now, so I can hopefully bring back some good stuff. I'll have to remember to take a cooler.

I got a lot done today, even though I got up late. I did the dishes, went on the treadmill, practiced the guitar for the first time in many months, watched a lot of TV, set up David's laptop, did a lot of setting up and installing on my own, and more.

I had some chicken that I had to use up, so I cooked it in the same way that I cooked the pork chops. Of course, skinless chicken breasts aren't as good as pork chops, but they were good. I had some chopped up in a salad and I'll be eating that for a few meals.

David had a dinner at work, so he didn't get home until 7:30.

I'm really enjoying the new laptop. It has a 17" inch screen. My old one was only 15". It makes a huge difference, believe it or not!

I went to bed about 12:30, but I just couldn't sleep, so I got up again and did some work. I ended up staying up past 3:30am!

  Friday 11/18/16

I woke up one minute before the alarm went off. Don't you hate that?  I'd had David set the alarm for 10 because I knew I'd be very tired -- too tired to try to get up at 9.

I finished off the pork chops and biscuits for breakfast and did a little work on my site. I was sick from that soup I ate on Tuesday. I know it seems weird, but digestion takes up to 3 days. That's how it works for me - I eat something with gluten and 3 days later, I'm very sick. I mean, I was sick with itching etc. already but this is different.  It wasn't TOO bad, fortunately.

David picked me up about 1 and we went back to SAU. I had a meeting with Professor Teppert, who is the person who teaches most of the Mass Comm classes. We had a nice chat (well, mostly he talked and I listened) that lasted 2 hours. Nice guy. When I got there, it was a few minutes early, but his class let out late, too. I was thinking, hmm, is the class over? I guess I'll just wait here....

It's definitely weird going back to take classes again. I feel very old, although I know I don't look as old as I am.  I know I need to get more in shape. Just walking up and down the stairs was a bit of a trial.  Plus it was rainy, so I was worried about slipping. I know I was not this cautious back in the early 80's when I first went to college! Then again, I would NOT have taken the stairs back then, either, only the elevator.

I found out that I can take pretty much any of the classes I want, no prerequisites needed, so I have to decided whether I want to go full or part-time. Also, as I thought, the fees about $50 per credit.

When I went to get the mail around noon, it was warm and humid outside. I was concerned that I might be too warm, wearing this long sleeve shirt. I kept it on, though. By the time I came out of the meeting, it was cold and rainy! I should have brought a sweater. Go figure.

David was having a meeting in his office, but he left me an umbrella. I walked over to Bruce Center to get some lunch, but it already stopped raining, for the most part.  They only have 3 places to eat, and one of them was closed. I ate at Chik-Fil-A because I love their food, and their grilled chicken sandwiches are gluten free if you eat them without the bun. I really didn't want to eat at Subway.

I wanted to go to the book store, but I didn't know what building it was in, and it was too cold to walk around, so I just went back to David's office. He was gone but came back. He found another room for me to do my work in.  But now I feel like taking a nap!  No couch in here, unfortunately. Not that I should take a nap, but I wish I could.

I managed to stay awake...we left about 5:30, and then we stopped at Burger King on the way home for dinner. Not a very healthy dinner!

I did quite a bit of work today on my site. I also did some more work on my holiday cards.  Also, I suddenly remembered that we were going to the post office tomorrow, so I had to get a bunch of packages ready.

I replanted my ficus, into a bigger pot, so hopefully it won't die! I also practiced guitar again. I'm trying to remember to practice every day again.

I wanted to go to bed early, but by the time I got all of the packages ready, it was 1:30am.

  Saturday 11/19/16

It was tough to wake up at 9:30 this morning. I was SO tired. I took a shower and then got ready. We went to the post office so I could mail my packages. David went to the dry cleaners while I did that. I had a few packages and cards to mail to other countries, so I had to get customs forms for the packages and make those out. Fortunately, it wasn't too crowded, so I didn't have to stand in a very long line.  In fact, there was no line at all when I got there.

We stopped at the university for about a half hour after that, so he could do something. I brought my laptop and did some work. Then we went to lunch at Antigua's Grill, one of the Mexican restaurants we like here. I had the flautas, which were very good.

After we came home, I was very tired, so I took a nap. That's such a bad idea.

I didn't do anything all that interesting today, otherwise. I just worked on my site... I stayed up a bit late.

  Sunday 11/20/16

I woke up around 11:30am, got dressed and did a little work. David came home about an hour later, and we went to Taco Bell for lunch. Then we came back home for a little while.

Around 1:45, we went over to SAU for a musical the students put on, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." I can't remember if I saw it before or not. Some of it seemed familiar...but then again, it's based on the "Peanuts" comic strip, and it's basically a series of vignettes based on that. I found out that it was also done as an animated special, so I may have seen that. Anyway, it was very entertaining. I grew up watching the Peanuts specials and reading the comic strip (as I'm sure most people did), so it was fun and nostalgic. The students did a great job. They're very talented, especially the woman who played Lucy.

I've had a sore throat since last night, and I'm very congested, so I kind of feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I can't really tell yet.

It doesn't look like we're going to San Diego this year for Christmas (I know I said that before, but it's more certain now). It's just so expensive.  We're both pretty disappointed about it, though. We had hoped to, but we're trying to stay within our budget. I hope we can go somewhere at least. I don't know because all of the flights I looked into were pretty expensive. Unless we drive somewhere, like Memphis. That's kind of up to him, since he has to drive it.

I had a lot of work to do on my site, but I was also very tired. I went to bed really early, about 8:30. No exercise this weekend, too busy or not feeling well.

It's been pretty chilly. We've been putting the heat on a little and wearing jackets outside.

I haven't heard back yet from Yolanda, so I'll phone her on Monday, if I haven't heard from her by then.

We're going to Shreveport for Thanksgiving. It should be nice. We had fun last time.  It's like a mini-Las Vegas, so hopefully their buffets will be open for the holiday. We're staying at one of the casino hotels this time, Diamond Jacks. The others were all ridiculously expensive because we waited too long to make reservations and it's a holiday weekend.

Have a great Thanksgiving and week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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