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  October 17-31, 2016

I don't know what happened...time just flew by!  I've been very busy, so I guess that's why.

My computer still freezes up a lot, and I've been trying to convince my husband that I need a new one. He's trying to budget more.  There's always that push and pull when you're married, unless you both make lots of money. He just worries because we had a lot of moving expenses. I'm entering sweepstakes this week - maybe I'll win a laptop or money for one!

I put up a few more Halloween lights and decorations, but otherwise, I'm done.  You can see the pictures on Instagram or watch these two videos: Video Clip #1 and Video Clips #2

One of my site volunteers is on vacation, so I've been trying to do some of her work as well as my own, which is one of the reasons I've been so busy.  Also, I tried to catch up a bit this week on the DVD's that were sent to me for review, so that's taken up a bit of time. Always more to do.

I've been using my ice cream maker a little more lately. I had made decadent chocolate when we had friends over a few weeks ago, and then I made some pumpkin, and then this past week I made a mocha chip. It came out ok, but I should have used chocolate slivers or chunks instead of chips. They were just too hard when frozen - made it tough to eat. I put the ice cream in the food processor, though, which helped a lot.

Now, all of a sudden, it's a little too cold for ice cream. It's 58 degrees today. That's way too cold. The past couple of days it was in the 70's and 80's but it just dropped like a rock. I miss Hawaii....LOL!

Tuesday night we watched the final debate. It was very entertaining. Then I had to watch 10 episodes of a show to prepare for some interviews. It kept me up really late, so I went to bed about 5 am. I had 3 short interviews Wednesday morning, so I had to kept up about 3 hours later. Then I had breakfast and went back to sleep around 1pm.  David called and woke me up about 4 hours later. 

Then he brought me dinner and I barely had time to take a shower etc. We went out to the SAU Fall Choral Concert. It was at a Baptist church. I've been to many churches, and I couldn't remember going to a Baptist church...but I totally forgot I did go when I was living briefly with my Aunt Hazel back in 72. Duh! Silly me to forget that.  Anyway, it was a good concert. They're a fine group. I always love any kind of music and theater performances, anyway.

I stayed up until midnight and then got up around 10:30. I was so tired from my long day.

I wrote that last week and then I just had NO time to update it. It's been crazy. Earlier last week, someone stole my Jack O'Lantern right off my front porch, and I'm still really pissed about it. I meant to get another one but just never got around to it. Oh, well...

The weather has been pretty nice, but it's hot the past few days. Crazy! I did end up making some salted caramel ice cream. It's delicious! Sugar-free, too. I just used this recipe, but instead of melting sugar, I melted Splenda. It doesn't really melt, but it turns somewhat brown and tastes a bit like caramel.  Just do it on low heat instead of medium so it doesn't burn.

Thursday night 10/27 we had to go to SAU to hear a guest speaker. We didn't really want to go, but it was for David's job. The speaker was really hard to hear and understand because he spoke very fast, used a lot of abbreviations, and took forever.  Poor David had to do a lot of traveing last week. He was in Chicago Sunday through Tuesday, and then he had to go to someplace called DeQueen on Thursday before this speaker. Then Friday we had to get up at the break of dawn and drive to Little Rock. He had some meetings and then we spent a few nice days there and drove back on Sunday.  He has to go back there on Tuesday, though! At least he's not driving that one.

It was really fun in Little Rock. They have a lot of nice restaurants. We stayed at the Marriott this time, and it's really nice. It has a Starbucks, too. The hotel employees had a pumpkin-decorating contest, and they looked pretty cool. One was made to look like BB8 from the last Star Wars movie. If you voted, it cost a dollar, and the money went to charity. When I was taking photos, there was a woman there putting one of the displays together, and she told me that did the pumpkin that had glitter all over it (she called it a "Blingkin"), so I voted for hers and for the BB8 one, but they were all good!  You can see photos of them on my Instagram page.

Friday morning David went off to his meeting and I got take-out at their restaurant, took it back to our room. It was delicious, but way too much. Then I slept a lot. I was kind of on my usual vampire schedule for a while. For dinner, we stopped at this Japanese place called Wasabi Grill. It was really good.

I dressed up in a Hawaiian dress that I bought about 2 years ago, in Hawaii. I never wore it anywhere there, but it made for a good costume. I wore two leis and a shell necklace, too. Unfortunately, I didn't have any flip-flops, so I just wore my regular sandals. Oh, I also had a clip-on  plumeria flower for my hair.  I brushed my hair out really big and sprayed it a lot, and wore makeup.  We went to karaoke at Damgoode Pies and they had a costume contest as well. I really didn't expect to win, or even come close, because my costume was not all that exciting, but there were only 4 of us dressed up! But I did lose to a pirate chick.  This is the first time in a while that I actually put together a costume instead of just buying one.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. There were plenty of people there, but not so many that I didn't get to sing. We were only there a few hours, and I got to sing 3 times. I even convinced David to sing with me. We had a blast.  Then we stopped at a few other places for drinks as well. This one place we went, called Revolution, was really decorated well for Halloween, and there were many people in costume. Also, it was fun but not too loud, so that was nice.

He had two meetings that day but they went well. Then he had the rest of the time off. Saturday we were both up early, so we went down to the hotel restaurant and had their buffet. It was actually not that great, but at least they did find me some gluten free bread. I think the bacon made me sick, though -- it probably had gluten in it. I got quite an intense reaction of coughing after eating it and was very sick later and the next day.

We walked over to the Dempsey's Bakery, which is free of most allergens. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything sugar-free this time. I have to remember next time to call them and see if they'll make me more sugar-free goodies.  I stocked up on gluten-free goodies for a while. I got some Halloween cupcakes and cookies, and some brownies - one espresso, two s'mores and two chocolate ones. I also got a pumpkin roll and some other things. Their goods are delicious.

Then I went back to sleep for a while and we went out later again. I wasn't too hungry because I was sickly.  Oh, this restaurant we'd gone to before, Cache, has lots of gluten free stuff. Turns out their late night bar menu has a bunch of deep fried gluten free foods, so I tried the alligator bites and they were scrumptious. I went back and had more the next day.

I hope we get to go back to Little Rock sometime before April. I found out they have a Beatles dispaly there at the Clinton Museum! I want to see that, for sure.  This past month I missed seeing both Bob Newhart and George Takei...wish we lived closer to Little Rock.

I had brought my leopard costume in case I wanted to wear it on Saturday, but it was too hot, and there was no costume contest that we saw. We were both pretty tired and didn't stay out too late.  We had a lot of fun, though, walking around, going to some bars and other places. It's nice to be in a real downtown, especially during any holiday. We saw many more costumes. They were having something Sunday evening as well, but we had to get home.  I had breakfast at the Starbucks before we left.

I was very tired Sunday, so David went to the grocery store for me. I did a lot of work the past few days, as well as having fun traveling.

I finally learned how to use a new app that lets me repost pictures on Instagram that other people posted. Yay! Not that I plan to do that a lot. They really should make it easier to share.

Today is Monday, 10/31, Halloween! I went to bed early last night, so I woke up around 6:30 am. I went to get my flu shot in the afternoon, and I also got the MMR shot. Since I'm going back to take classes in January, they require the MMR shots. I know I had them before, but I can't prove it, so I had to get them again. I had requested my records from SUNY Stony Brook, but they had no record of it. I really didn't feel like contacting all of the other schools and waiting around for them to tell me whether I got the shots there or not, so I figured it was just easier to get them again.

In a few hours, I'm going to get dressed in my leopard costume and get ready to answer the door for trick-or-treaters! I hope we have some. Otherwise, we have way too much candy.

This weather is so strange. When I got up this morning, it was 58 degrees. Now it's in the 80's! That's just too weird.

Some of my plants are not doing well. I killed one of my air plants. This is a kind where it doesn't need any soil or much sun, and you just soak it in water for a half hour once a week.  I have two, and one is thriving, and the other is dead. At least they were kind enough to send me a free replacement. Hopefully I won't kill this one!

My banana tree plant is dead, I think. This one was in poor shape when it got to me. The box said not to lie it on the side, but they did anyway, so half of it was already brown when I got it. I tended it best I could, but I think it's finally given up.  Then I've got this corn plant...another one that's supposed to be easy to care for. I think I just gave it too much water. I bought a larger pot, so I can try to replant it, but it may be too late.

I never know how the cactuses are doing because they're not like regular plants. They look exactly the same, no matter what, until suddenly they're just dead.  We'll see. Most of the others seem to be doing ok.

Tomorrow morning I have an interview for my site, and David gets to go back to Little Rock.  Then Wednesday we're going to Texarkana in the afternoon so I can go to the periodontist. I still have that little lump on my gum. It's not as big as it was, but it hasn't completely gone away, either. It's sometimes more swollen than other times.  Hopefully it will not be too much trouble for them to fix. It hurts if I put any pressure on it, or if I floss near it. If you'll recall, the dentist couldn't find anything wrong with the tooth and gave me antibiotics. That didn't really help that much, so that's why he's sent me here.  There are none in our town, so we have to go to Texarkana.  Poor David has to take time off work to take me there.

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