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  Monday 10/10/16

I stayed up until after 10am (too much sleep yesterday). I was really tired! I left the money for the lawn-mowing guy out in the back in an envelope because I thought he was coming earlier, but he ended up coming later.

They didn't pick up our trash today! Apparently they skipped our whole area, for some reason. I phoned and they had no idea why, but they're supposed to come back tomorrow. They re-paved the road out front (Azalea), so maybe that's why, but they did that last Thursday, so I don't know why they would be having any problem with it now.

I woke up around 4:30pm. After some work and emails, I had some bacon and eggs for breakfast, plus strawberries. David came home around 6:30 for his dinner. I went over to meet the neighbors, but they were both sick, so the woman (Mary) called down to me from their upstairs window. She seems nice and advised me to stop by sometime for coffee. I told her about the trash pickup, too.

Mostly I just worked on my site. I did some more dishes. I have one more dishwasher load to go, then I'm caught up from our party. I took all of the Halloween and Fall decorations out of the garage, so I'll put those up tomorrow. I'm very tired and have been a little sick off and on.

I had some of my homemade chocolate ice cream as a snack. For dinner, I had a couple of turkey and cheese quesadillas on corn tortillas. I had some candy, too, which is a bad idea.

I got caught up on watching "Longmire" on Netflix. One of my favorite shows. I can't wait for season 6!

I'm going to bed around 3am, which is better than yesterday, at least.

  Tuesday 10/11/16

I slept way too late, until around 1pm. UGH. I made bacon and eggs again for breakfast, and I fried a corn tortilla in the bacon grease for toast.

Then I had a hard time waking up. I finally went and took a shower around 4, and it helped a little.

I've been brushing my teeth more, too. I still have that little lump in my mouth on my gum. I keep hoping that if I can keep brushing and flossing, it will go away for good. It keeps going way down to almost nothing, and then it comes back.  It's such a hassle because the dentist wants to send me to the periodontist, which is in Texarkana, an hour away, and they're only open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. David has to take time out of his work day for it

It seems like, I'm really tired and sleepy for about 10 hours, and then when it comes to actually going to sleep for the evening, it's too late...I'm not tired enough any more. I'm still groggy now and it's almost 9pm. But I'll bet if I tried to go to sleep now, I would sleep for about an hour and then wake up.

Why is it that whenever there's something really big, great and exciting, that afterwards everything is a big let-down? Just sayin'

We have a few problems with our TV viewing, but so far I haven't been able to figure out what the problem is.  For one thing, sometimes the sound goes in and out. It happens only occasionally, but sometimes more often than other times, and it happens not just on the DISH network shows but also on DVD's. Nothing I've tried so far has helped it.  And, also, I can't get the closed-captioning (CC) on The CW primetime shows (just that one station). It's there, somewhere...that is, I can get it on my bedroom computer where I run the transcripts, but it's not showing up on the TV at all. So when I watch the shows, I can't see it, which is annoying.  The transcripts are from the old non-digital CC; the rest does the regular modern, digital CC. I'm in contact with both The CW and the local CW station, so we'll see if they can fix it. They've been no help at all so far.

I finally sent in my application last night for SAU. They only have a few slots for colleges you've been to before, and I've been to 7, so I had to send them a separate email about that. I hope they get it. Also, I still can't get a transcript from Illinois State. They use National Student Clearinghouse, but that site is down. I emailed ISU about it, and they're looking into it, but in the meantime....??? They have no mail-in option like most universities. I'm contacting the site on Twitter now to see if they know when it will be back up.

I ate the last of the homemade ice cream I made this weekend...so yummy. I'm going to have to make some sugar free ice cream. I'm thinking maybe pumpkin spice!  I decided to go ahead and make it. I found a good recipe on the web and made it. I made it sugar-free, though. I had a can of pumpkin. It turned out great!

I also decided to finally take out my Halloween decorations and start putting them up. I have way too many, so I got tired and quit. I'll finish the rest tomorrow.

I still ended up staying up way too late.

  Wednesday 10/12/16

I didn't wake up until 1 pm again, and I was very tired all day, plus, I thought it was still Tuesday.

I tried to make an appointment with the periodontist, but they're only open Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I have to get from David which days he's available.

I spent way too much time today trying to fix an annoying computer problem. It turns out that the studentclearinghouse.org site was working, but for some reason, I couldn't get on it at all. I turned everything off, like my firewall, my VPN, my ad blocker etc. but nothing helped. I called ISU, and they gave me the number of that site's tech support, but they couldn't help me, either. I spent a lot of time on it. I tried to reboot in safe mode with networking, but then it asked my password and wouldn't take my regular password. I must have somehow changed it without realizing it.  So finally I figured it out and got in, but then it couldn't/wouldn't see the wifi networks, so I couldn't get on the web at all. Very annoying. Later, I just got David to fill out the form for me at his office. What a pain.

I did some work on my site, too. I always have way too much to do. I caught up on a few emails and other stuff as well.

Then I spent a good portion of the afternoon and evening putting up all of the Halloween decorations. That was fun, but exhausting. I had way too much stuff for a small apartment, that's for sure! It works out way better in a big house. I had bought a lot of decorations for the windows and walls, but a lot of them were gel so they melted together. I had to throw most of them out. I hung some stuff up in the windows, but I ran out of suction cup hooks. There's no way to put in a regular hook or nail above the windows, unfortunately.  Still, it looks pretty good. I just need to get some more suction cups and batteries, some more lights, and a few other things. I did most of it. I just have a few more things to do tomorrow.

As if getting the transcripts from the various sites wasn't bad enough, now I'm trying to get my ACT scores. Their website is very confusing. I don't even remember which school I took it at (I have it narrowed down to two!) or which date or year, not even to mention some kind of ACT number they want. So I had to email them about it, and hopefully they can help me figure it out, so I can send this darn form in.

I have to call SUNY Stony Brook tomorrow and see if they have a record of my immunizations; otherwise, I'm going to have to either call some of the other colleges or re-take the vaccinations. I need to get a flu shot, anyway. That will be my last hoop, I hope, that I have to go through before being admitted. Well, I'll have to go to the finance office about my tuition waiver, but I don't imagine that's a big deal.

Oh, when I was putting back some of the Halloween boxes, I found my keyboard stand, so that made me happy. I've been looking for that. It was pretty dusty so I cleaned it before putting it in the music room, and putting the Casio on it. Yay!

Tomorrow I need to do the dishes and laundry, and then I may take out the Christmas decorations to look through them because I'm missing a few Halloween things that might have got put in the wrong box. We'll see how energetic I feel! Then after that, I need to start going through all of the boxes in the garage again to start sorting through them. I'm pretty sure there are more holiday decorations in there, too.

  Thursday 10/13/16

It's been a very slow day for me. I woke up around 1 pm again. I was sick a lot all afternoon from the usual gluten problems. I don't know what I ate...must be something I have in the kitchen that I thought was gluten free that's not. :( It's so hard because it makes me very tired.

I did manage to cook up a good breakfast because I was hungry. I had some leftover chicken from the other night, and leftover chopped veggies, so I fried them all up in some olive oil and herbs, and some shredded cheese and bacon. I have enough left over for later. I had the rest of my sugar free pumpkin ice cream, too. I have to make more after I get more eggs.

It was raining and storming all day, lots of thunder. It was chilly, and I really didn't even want to get out of bed. I had to go out in the rain to get the mail. Some of my Halloween stuff has fallen down. I'm glad it rained, though. It's been way too hot and dry. At least my flowers got a lot of water. I hope they didn't drown. The ones hanging in the back got almost no water because they're under the roof. Guess I'll have to water them tomorrow! I watered a few of the indoor ones today.

I called the periodonist's office about making an appointment, but I just got their machine, even though they were supposed to be there until 5, and I called around 2:30.

I went back to bed around 4 and slept some more. It was just a crappy day. David came around 6 and we have almost no meat left in the house. I made him some cheese quesadillas.

I admit that I was irritable and cranky all evening. UGH. He went to sleep around 8; he was tired and didn't sleep too well the night before. I had some hot chocolate. It's really not that cold, so it's silly. It was in the 70's most of the day. Now it's later so it's 65. I've been taking off and putting on clothes all day. I get cold, then I get hot...LOL!

I finally got around to starting the laundry around 10:30pm. I had the rest of my stir-fry around 11:30 and then some yogurt. I've mostly been watching TV and posting on social media, and working on my site. I'll probably be up all night because of all the sleep I got today. Oh, well.

We've been talking about this, and I don't think we're going to get a dog for a while. For one thing, we're trying to be more careful of our money. You have to pay for the dog at the shelter and maybe get shots, then there's food, a bed, flea collar, leash, etc. Dogs shed a lot so we'll have to have the place cleaned more often. We've been traveling a lot due to his job, so that means we'll have to pay someone to watch the dog. And then, in the Spring, I'll be taking classes, so I might be gone a lot. It doesn't seem fair to do that to a dog. We'll see, though.

I did a lot of work on my site. I went to bed about 3:30. I slept only briefly.

  Friday 10/14/16

I woke up around 7am and couldn't get back to sleep. I got up and read some, and then I decided to do some singing and recording. I recorded 4 songs. I finally went back to sleep around 11am and slept for 6 hours. I was so tired!

After I got up and took a shower, I worked a bit on my site. David brought home McDonald's for dinner... one of the few places we both like, so that's why we get take-out there a lot (he's very picky).

I mustered up the energy to put away the clothes and finally do the dishes. I'm very groggy today. It rained again a lot today, but not as bad as yesterday.

I hope to get a new laptop soon...this one is just too annoying. It's always freezing up. We're trying to stick to a budget and be more careful with money, but this is kind of a necessity, especially since I'll be going back to school.

We had a pretty low key Friday night. I struggled to stay awake until midnight.  Then I slept for a few hours, woke up and couldn't get back to sleep! Story of my life lately, apparently.

I got a form to send to Stony Brook, to get the record of my immunizations. I found out I don't need to get them my ACT scores after all. At least that much is working out.

  Saturday 10/15/16

I went back to sleep around 6am and slept very well until about noon. David woke me up. We went to Antigua's for lunch. They have really good Mexican food.  Then we went to Wal-Mart for our weekly grocery trip. I looked at Halloween stuff, too, but they didn't have a great selection. I got a few little things. I meant to go to the dollar store but forgot. We have to go back tomorrow because I didn't get my prescriptions. The pharmacy was closed for lunch at a weird time.

I put up the rest of the Halloween decorations that I had...I'm expecting some more lights and a few other things in the mail. It looks very festive in here now! Next weekend I'll buy a pumpkin...I didn't want to get it too early and have it all rotted by Halloween. I got bitten by mosquitoes or midges while I was out on our porch for just a few minutes.

I made sure not to nap, so I could stay up and go to bed no later than midnight.

My TV site was down for a while, but that's all fixed now, thank goodness.

We got dinner at Chicken Express. I like their fried catfish and fries. Not that healthy, but at least it's gluten free. Oh, I did get green beans as well.

I was very tired and went to bed around ten, but then I woke up about two hours later and couldn't get back to sleep.

  Sunday 10/16/16

I was up until 6:30 am. I watched a lot of shows and wrote reviews for them and did some other things for my site. I went back to bed.

David woke me up in the afternoon. I slept a lot. We first went to the Dollar Store, where I found a few more Halloween decorations.  Then we went back to Wal-Mart, and I picked up my prescriptions and got us Subway for dinner. I took many photos of the Halloween decorations, which you can see on my Instagram

Later on, we went for our usual walk around the neighborhood (well, it was usual, but we haven't been going much in the past few weeks because of one thing or another).

As usual, I just worked on my site and watched TV. Same 'ol, same 'ol. It was a pretty laid back weekend for us. I don't think we have much of anything planned all week. We might go to El Dorado next weekend since there's an SAU football game there.  The weekend after that, we're going to Little Rock.

I think we're going to have some more people over in November if that works out...

Have a great week!

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