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  Monday 9/26/16

A year ago I was living in Hawaii, taking guitar lessons and having a great time.  Things sure do change! Not that I'm complaining too much because I do love our new house, and the people here have been very nice and welcoming. 

I got up around 1pm, I think. I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately because of itching, and sometimes neck pain. UGH. That's the usual, I'm afraid.

The trash is supposed to be picked up today, but they left all of the broken up boxes and large pieces of Styrofoam! So I called the city waste disposal, and they got the guys to come back and pick them up again, thankfully. I was worried it would rain and make a big soggy mess. It didn't, though. We could use some rain, actually.

I put up a painting I did in high school of King Tut and his treasures. I found it in my boxes of stuff out in the garage and put it up in the small dining area near the kitchen. I think it looks ok. It's so hard for me to tell what looks nice or too tacky....

I got this nice bamboo vase that comes with fake leaves and "fox tails," and two fake magnolia flowers. I thought it would have more than 2 flowers, to be honest. It was kind of annoying to put together, but it was not that hard and turned out looking nice. I think I'm going to order some more magnolias, though.

David came to get me in the late afternoon, and we stopped at McDonald's for a quick dinner. Then we went to his office briefly. I brought my laptop and was working while we were there. Then we walked over to this building to watch the first presidential debate. They set it up so we could all watch it on a big screen with the students. They had quite a few, and it was an interesting debate to watch. Not boring, that's for sure! I was still working all the way through, so I got a lot done.  They had some snacks, too, so I had some cheese cubes and some Doritos.

Today it was very cool, in the 70's!  They had the a/c on in the buildings still, though, so I was freezing. I had worn long pants and a long shirt, but it wasn't enough. My feet and hands were very cold.

We went home afterwards... it was nice to get out and about during the week. I was very tired and went to bed around 1 am.

  Tuesday 9/27/16

I slept a long time and woke up in the afternoon. I got some more boxes today..I get a few more every day, mostly stuff for the house, and a few DVD's to watch. I was supposed to have a conference call today, but it was postponed until tomorrow.

David was interviewed today about the debate (since he's an expert on presidential debates) by SKY TV, which is a TV network in the UK. I watched it on the laptop and made a recording of it, so he can see it later. I also shared it on Facebook.

I've still been having problems with my computer freezing up sometimes (thankfully it didn't happen while I was recording the live news feed!). I need to find some time to try more things to fix that. Hopefully, though, I can get a new laptop next month.

I've been going through boxes in the garage. I was very pleased today to find some of the knick-knacks and other decor items that I had packed away 3 years ago, so I could put them up around the place. Now I don't have to worry so much about buying other decor items. I have a few things coming in the mail, and I'm sure I have a few more to unpack. I might need another large painting and that's it. We'll see!

I was also very happy to find some items that I had worried might be lost because I couldn't remember if I had mailed them to Hawaii or not. I'm glad I didn't, and now I have them again. Yay! I did some re-arranging of boxes in the garage as well, and brought more in to go through.

I've been doing laundry, but otherwise, not too much. I'm very tired... I was going to try to get to bed early again, but I started watching a movie instead. I didn't go to bed until 5 am.

  Wednesday 9/28/16

I was supposed to get up for a conference call, but I went back to sleep. I was very tired. Then after I got up, I had a lot of pain from my spine problems. I was very groggy for a long while and didn't do much. I took two Aleve, and then a muscle relaxer. I didn't start feeling better until about 7 pm. I might go to sleep early. We'll see

I got some more stuff today in the mail. Another plant, a decorative mirror, another decorating wall thing, a bird feeder, a chip-and-dip holder, and a large painting.

David was nice enough to bring me take-out. I really was in pain and not feeling well. I leaned back on the recliner and just watched TV. I did wash the bedclothes, but otherwise, I didn't do much. It feels a lot better but still hurts a little.

I went to take a shower, and it was not that hot, even when I turned it on full power. I turned up the temperature on our water heater, so maybe that will work. I think we have two water heaters, but I'm not sure. There's one little one in the guest bathroom that seems to control the bathrooms, but I think there might be a separate one for the kitchen. Anyway, I was very proud that I figured out how to adjust the controls. Thankfully, there were instructions and 2 screwdrivers to help me!

We're going away tomorrow for a few days, to Little Rock. I hope my plants survive, and I hope there aren't too many packages left on our porch while we're gone. I had our mail held, but there's no way to hold UPS or FedEx packages.

I tried to go to bed early, but as usual....I wasn't able to sleep much.

I went through the boxes I had brought in from the garage and was very happy to discover quite a few knick knacks and prints etc. for the house as well as some things I thought the post office had lost! So that's great.

I did the laundry and dishes, and I packed some of my stuff for our trip. I moved around a lot of boxes in the garage, especially the empty ones that I've been saving in case I need them for sorting through my stuff or more storage.

  Thursday 9/29/16

I was happy today because I received a sunflower painting that I'd bought...Amazon had said it wouldn't be here until at least mid-October! Their stuff often gets here long before they originally say it will.

I put that and the other posters up on the wall. My sunroom is almost complete now...I just want to buy some more sunflowers for the window sill, so I'll do that next weekend. Hopefully I won't kill these.  The dining room is looking pretty good now, too.

I packed the suitcases with my clothes and other stuff, and I put the boxes away in the garage that I had gone through. I'm writing "Gone through" on all the sides and tops and putting the date, so I know that I already went through them and won't mistakenly bring them back in.

David came back around 4, and we loaded up the car and left. It's about 2 1/2-3 hours' drive to Little Rock from Magnolia. It was beautiful weather today, too.  Other than some cows and crows, we didn't see anything too interesting along the road.

He accidentally took a wrong turn off the freeway exit, so we had to go around...he was not happy! We were both very hungry and tired. We quickly checked in our hotel (same one as last time, the Holiday Inn Presidential) and changed our clothes, then we walked over to Dizzy's, a restaurant we'd liked before. I still think it's great. After that, we visited Dugan's for a few soft drinks and stopped at this great store next door to it. It has lots of gourmet snacks, a lot of it gluten free, so I loaded up with snacks.

We went to bed pretty early. He had to get up early for his work thing. I tried to go to bed early but couldn't sleep as usual!

  Friday 9/30/16

The alarm went off at 10:30, and I was very tired. I got dressed. My phone was dead! I guess I hadn't plugged it in the right place.

David came home around 11, and we went to lunch here at the hotel. I had some catfish. It was just okay. We also had salad, and that was good. I had plenty of snacks, anyway. I had an interview about 1:30 so I struggled to stay awake for that. It went well, and then I was wide awake. I briefly went back to sleep, but then David came back around 3, so it wasn't a long nap.

He drove me to Dempsey's Bakery, which is a great place down near the capitol that's all gluten free (also soy- and nut-free). I stocked up on goodies.  Some of them were sugar free, so even better. We went back to the room, and I ate some yummy cheesecake while he made some phone calls. After that, we went to dinner at this place called The Copper Grill. They didn't have a lot of gluten free food, but I had the sea bass, and it was very good. We were both kind of stuffed still from lunch.

We walked around the Riverfront area, and I took photos. It's very pretty there. We went to a store I'd read about called Ten Thousand Villages. It's a neat place. It has all sorts of gifts, decor, jewelry etc. from around the world, mostly handmade and fair trade. It wasn't all that expensive, either. I was surprised! They had a discount section, so I got some very cheap things that look beautiful.

We stopped in again at Dugan's. They have some yummy drinks. They have one that's very minty that I like, called a Leprechaun, and another one that's basically hot chocolate, Bailey's, and amaretto, with whipped cream. Delicious dessert! I stopped at that same store next to them, so I got more snacks.

We just went back to our room, around 9:30, and went to sleep pretty fast. I woke up a few hours later, but I'm planning to go back to sleep. We're getting up early.

I ordered my Christmas cards! So I will start working on those as soon as I receive them. I bought them from Walter Drake, and they're nice, plus personalized. I only got 100, though, so not everyone will get one. It was about $50, which isn't that bad, I guess, for 100. I had a discount code, so that helped.

I slept for a few hours but then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep for a long while.  I made sure everything was packed and my clothes laid out, etc.  I took a shower because I felt really grungy, then I think I slept a little bit more. The alarm went about 6:30am.

  Saturday 10/1/16

I can't believe it's October already!

I was SO tired...but after I got dressed, I went downstairs and got breakfast at the buffet, then I brought some up back to David. We drove back home and stopped first at his office, where he had to do something. I just read on my phone and tried to stay awake.  Then he took me home, and I went back to sleep for a few hours.  In the afternoon, he woke me up again and we went to the football game.

It was Homecoming, so we went a little early to the tailgating (Mulegating, they call it).  We went a little later than we'd planned, so it was kind of breaking up when we got there. It was very hot, since it was earlier than usual. It was an afternoon game rather than a night game like the others we'd been to. It was not very humid, luckily. I had forgotten to bring any hat, so I was roasting. Good thing I don't sunburn easily!

There were quite a few people there, but not quite as many as the first game.  We bought our food at the concession stands before going up to our seats on the bleachers.  I couldn't really enjoy the game because this time, there was no shade, and very little breeze. I was just miserable.

Before the game, they introduced the homecoming court and announced the winner. The game was great, even though I couldn't enjoy it very much.

Partway through the game, we hear, "David, is that you?"  It turned out that one of the Deans was sitting right behind us with his wife! So that was fun. I got to know them both a little. We chatted quite a bit, which was nice. We left at half time, and I was so grateful to get out of that sun.

When we got home, I decided not to go back to sleep and instead went to bed about midnight. I was pretty tired. I just did work, for the most part. 

David watched the Alabama game...

We did have some packages waiting for us on the front porch when we got home from our trip, so we unpacked those. I got a bookcase that came fully assembled (Yay!), which I put near the front of the living room. I put some of our hardbacks and knick-knacks in it. I'll add more books as I find them in our boxes in the garage.

I put out the decor items I bought in Little Rock, too. I was glad to see that my plants are still doing well. The lemon tree even straightened up. That had been drooping since I got it.  Even the banana tree plant is sprouting.

I had gotten another rug before we left, so I put that out, too. It's under the dining area table, near the kitchen (not in the formal dining room, which has its own wall-to-wall carpet). Nice rug, but it kind of clashes with the wallpaper a little.

I had ordered a photograph that I took in Hawaii blown up and put on a canvas and framed. It arrived, and it looks very nice. It's a paint of two bright red hibiscus flowers that I took of some right in front of our building, Honolulu Towers. you can see some of the building behind it. David helped me put that on the wall. It adds some nice color to our living room, which is mostly brown and grey otherwise. Aside from our green plants!

  Sunday 10/2/16

That bump or growth is back on my gums. It never completely went away, just got much smaller, but now it's back to being larger, and painful if I touch it or when I eat. UGH. I'm going to give it another week and see if it goes away. Otherwise, I'll have to make an appointment with the periodontist in Texarkana.

I didn't wake up until almost 11, so I had quite a lot of sleep. We went to lunch at Larry's Pizza, which has great gluten free pizza.  They also have a good salad bar.  It was yummy. Then we stopped briefly again at David's office, where he had to check on a couple of things.  Then we went to Wal-Mart to get groceries.  I got a flower plant that came in one of those pots that hangs, so I put that out in our backyard. There are many places out there to hang flowers. I need to get more!

Oh, we're having a couple of professors that live near us over for dinner next Saturday, so I'm excited about that! They had us over for dinner, so we're returning the favor. I can't wait for the house to be ready so they can see it, and then we can invite others, later, too! Hurray!

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my site, and then later spent way too much time chatting on Facebook :)

Tomorrow we have an evening SAU thing to go to, some kind of lighting ceremony for fighting cancer. It will be a busy week. Tuesday the two girls are coming over to weed, and to plant more flowers. Thursday we have the play, and dinner with the president and his wife. Friday the housecleaner is coming over to clean. Then Saturday we have to go to the store and buy stuff for dinner Saturday night. In the meantime, I'll be doing more to fix up the house, and planning the menu for Saturday. Lots of work! But mostly fun.

I'm probably going to make fajitas for dinner next Saturday. They're pretty good and I've made them many times.

I've been having an argument via email with some people. Not fun!

We were considering going to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, but it looks like we're not doing that. David is trying to be responsible with our money and budget. Not that we've ever had a problem with that. 'Nuff Said! We will probably be going to San Diego for Christmas, though.

Have a great week!

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