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  Monday 9/12/16

I stayed up until about 4am last night. No real reason...I just had a lot to do, and I had a hard time sleeping.

Last week was a good, healthy week...I was hardly sick at all over gluten issues. Eating at home more helps! I think I only got sick once, all week. Knock on wood! LOL!

Richard was supposed to come over to fix some things, but he called and said he'll be here tomorrow instead. I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until about 12. Then I rushed around because I forgot that I was supposed to print up a new return authorization for something I'm sending back to Amazon. I was supposed to leave it in the package on the doorstep in case UPS came. I thought I had missed the UPS guy, but fortunately- he came pretty late.

I had a panicky few minutes when I thought I had somehow ordered the wrong printer and gotten one that only is for printing photos because I just could not fit the printer paper into the pull-out cartridge thingy. Then I figured out -- there are two separate cartridges, one for photo size paper! D'oh!  Also, I thought it didn't copy, but it does. Whew! I hate sending things back, especially after I've already unpacked them and set them up.

After I got my package ready and left it on the doorstep, I checked the mail and brought in a few packages that were sitting on my doorstep. They were mostly Amazon boxes - things I've ordered for the house. There were two signs I ordered for the kitchen (for decoration) and one Paris painting. There's a pretty cover for the recliner out in the sunroom, and a table cloth for the new table I'm getting. Oh, and I got a pretty sunflower nightlight for our half bathroom. The wallpaper is orange and green stripes, so I'm happy to find anything that matches! LOL!

I had ordered what I thought were couch cushion foam inserts, but they were just pillow filler, and the wrong size, to boot. So I had to send those back, too, and order the right ones.

Oh, yesterday I put some plant food on some of the plants and watered some of them. I'm trying to get into the habit of checking the plants every day and talking to them. Apparently talking to plants and playing music for them actually does help them grow! Multiple studies have proven it.  Wow!

I unpacked most of my new stuff and put it up. I also got a hat/coat/umbrella rack, and a chair for my music room, but I haven't unpacked or put those together yet.

I know--anyone who's reading this probably thinks it's really boring. My whole life is kind of focused right now on getting furniture, and setting up this whole place to look nice! It's probably more interesting if you look at all the photos I post on Instagram  We're trying to decide whether to have people over on a Friday night sometime soon, or wait until October 8, which will be the first Saturday where there's no home football game.  We'll see!

Back in June, I went to the local ER for my bronchitis. We were still under Kaiser insurance back then. The hospital billed Kaiser, and that worked out fine. Then we got a bill this weekend from a company that represents the doctor who treated me. They said we owned them $450! So I called them. Looking at the bill, it appears that instead of sending the claim to Kaiser Hawaii, they sent it to Kaiser Southern California, so they denied it. I mean, they had my card, and my member ID, so how stupid is that? Anyway, I had to then wait until 1pm, which is 8am Honolulu time, so I could phone Kaiser Hawaii to get the information, and then call the other people back to tell them where to send my claim. Jeez, what a mess.

I also tried to call UPS to see if the UPS guy had been there, or when he had been there, but they were completely unhelpful. Without a tracking number, they couldn't tell me anything.  It was my day for dealing with idiots, apparently. He did come later!

Tomorrow this girl named Brianna is coming over to talk about weeding our yard and possibly planting some flowers outdoors for me. Hopefully she won't charge too much.

I have very little energy today. I don't know why! I just felt like doing nothing. I did manage to go out to the garage and look around at the boxes, and I brought a couple in to go through sometime. I need to do more. Also, we had our usual mile-long walk around the neighborhood (the weather was pretty nice). Otherwise, I've just sort of been tired and braindead.

I did do a one-on-one interview for my site and put the recording up, and I did a bunch of other work.

I managed to put together the metal hat/coat/umbrella rack that had been delivered (it was pretty easy). I wanted to do more, but I was tired. I watched TV and worked on my site, mostly. I stayed up until about 3:30.

  Tuesday 9/13/16

Richard called me about 9:30, so I got up and took a quick shower before he arrived. I had a list of things for him to fix, and he got most of them. I have to call the company that makes the garage door remote controls and opener because their instructions said to push a button on the thing at the top of the ceiling, which we tried, but there was no button. We both looked, extensively. He even brought over his tall ladder and still couldn't find it. Thankfully, he did notice that the white box in front of the garage door opener had a BIRD'S NEST in it!! So he took that out, and the garage door works much better now. LOL! But we still can't train the new opener to work until we can figure out where that button or whatever it is, is at.

I was a bit surprised, when I asked him how much I owed him, that he said $110, because previously I had paid $75 and $60. He was only here an hour. He said that he likes to charge for a minimum of 4 hours of work, but he never did before. He's supposed to come over tomorrow and get rid of the mold in my shower and recaulk it, but I'm going to ask him before he comes if that will be included in the money I already paid or not because that is a lot to pay, otherwise.  So we'll see what happens. He did fix all the rest of the stuff, so that's great. No more annoying things that are broken or don't work quite right, aside from the garage door.

The living room has a tall ceiling, and you can't reach the lights without a tall ladder, which we didn't have... so he brought his and changed 3 lights for me. That was very helpful. I can see now! LOL!

After he left, I had breakfast and then went back to sleep for a little while.  Around 2, Brianna came by, and I showed her around, and we discussed what she'll be doing. She's going to be weeding every 2 weeks and will also be planting some flowers for me. Thankfully, she either didn't notice, or was kind enough not to mention, that my shorts were on inside out! Oops! I had thrown them on before she got there....I was not awake.  She's coming back tomorrow to weed.

While we were out back, I noticed a bunch of sticks stuck to the side of the tool shed, but then I realized it was a bug! It was one of those walking stick bugs. So cool. Later, it was still there, so I took a picture.

I put out 3 runner rugs that were delivered, and weighted them down with heavy objects so they wouldn't curl up any more. I'm only expecting 2 more rugs, I think. I still have these old mats in my kitchen that are super comfy to stand on, but they curl up terribly and I often trip over them. I wish I knew a way to fix that. I've tried weighing them down, and it doesn't help.  In the apartments in Hawaii, I taped them to the floor, but that didn't help much, either.

I tried to put together a living room chair, but some of the nuts and bolts were missing, so I have to wait for them to send them to me. It's a pretty chair, though. I also put together this small Indian wood table that I put out in the sunroom. It's so pretty.

I'm still trying to get all of the spots out of the dining room rug. It's much better, but I'm still spraying it with vinegar and baking soda.  I also sprayed the recliner in the sunroom, so we'll see how that goes. After that, I'm doing the love seat.

The 4 mosquito bites I got yesterday have been driving me crazy. The Benadryl Gel works well on them, but I ran out of it. I have the spray, but it doesn't work nearly as well.

We ordered Domino's Pizza for dinner... it was too good! :)  All I can say is, it's a good thing they have no gluten free desserts, too. Although at least I did order one of their salads.

Most of the rest of my time today, except for dishes, was spent working on my site. It's that time of year when it gets really busy for me, and I already feel so behind! I just put up our new Fall Schedule. I usually do that in August. Oh, well.

I've still got 2 office chairs and a bunch of barstools to put together, but that will be tomorrow's project, I think.

  Wednesday 9/14/16

Richard did come back and cleaned out the mold, and caulked the shower. I can't use it for three days. Good thing we have another one!

Brianna came by, with her sister, and they planted a lot of lovely flowers out front. They did a lot of weeding as well. They seem like nice girls! They're coming back tomorrow to do the back, bringing a weed whacker.

I went back to sleep once all of these people were gone! I was tired.

Lately I've been making some smoothies, sort of like Slim Fast but home made. They are really good. I make them low carb, in the blender with cream, a little milk, ice, cocoa powder, vanilla, cinnamon and a little spinach, a banana, and Equal. Sometimes I'll put in other fruit. It's not a protein shake. I will sometimes eat some meat as well.

Mostly I just worked on my site today... nothing too exciting going on!

We were talking before about possibly going to Las Vegas over Thanksgiving, and meeting my sisters-in-law there, but it doesn't look like that's going to work out...he doesn't want to spend the money. We have a lot of trips coming up, though. Last week of October, he has to go to Little Rock again, so I'll go with.  The last week of November, we're going to Arlington, where he has a conference. Then we'll probably go back to San Diego for Christmas.

I did finally get those dining room rug stains out, and the carpet looks pretty good!

I'm still having a few problems with my computer freezing up. Grrrr! I don't even time to deal with it right now.

It was raining tonight, so we didn't take our walk, unfortunately.

  Thursday 9/15/16

The college ladies came back and did a great job weeding the back yard.

I swept the back porch and took a lot of pictures after they left.

I got a new rug, but I'd ordered the wrong size. When I was measuring, I wrote down "4 x 12" but then when I typed it on my laptop, I typed in "4 X 2" instead. Oops!! I'll just use that rug for something else and then get another rug. If I can ever find one that size! I need either 4 X 12 or 5 X 12, and that is a weird size, so it's hard to find. Rugs seem to run either 4 X 8, 5 X 10 or 9 X12.

We went for a nice walk in the evening. It was very muggy out. I took a bath in my new bathtub for the first time!  I figured, since I can't use my shower yet until the caulking dries, I might as well try it out. It's pretty nice. I still have some bubble bath leftover that I bought years ago at Whole Foods.

I decided to take some time and do some more watercolors (I did a few in Hawaii). I painted four, but I only liked one well enough to put it up on my wall.

  Friday 9/16/16

David came to get me around 11, and we went back to the university to see a speaker for Constitution Day. I thought it might be boring, but it was actually really interesting!  This woman Nancy Hendricks, now a retired university professor, wrote a book about the first woman U.S. Senator, Hattie Caraway, who was from Arkansas.  She dresses up like Hattie and talks as if she's her, which is like a one-woman play and really makes the history come alive. She's very funny, too. There were quite a few students and faculty there. Afterward, we bought her book and she autographed it. She seems very nice. You can actually find some of her work on Youtube if you look under her name, or under Hattie's, or both.

Before the talk, we stopped at Chik-Fil-A for lunch. The campus has that, Subway and some other place as their student lunch places.  I rarely get to have Chik-Fil-A, so it's always a treat (it's the only one here in town). I like it because they have gluten free chicken sandwiches and fries I can eat, plus they're really good.

He brought me back home after that, and I did go back to sleep.

More furniture arrived! I put together a new chair, a table etc. The place is really looking nice. I finally got the parts to put together the other chair, too. I put the plastic back over them for now, so they won't get dirty. They're more for company than for us, anyway. No sense in having them sit there and collect dust!

For dinner, we went to the Japanese place, Tokyo. This is the second time I had their dinner salad where the dressing was awful and the lettuce was all limp, wilted. I really wasn't in the mood for it. I had a little crab, too. David was nice enough to drive me through Burger King afterwards so I could get some more food. I was starving.

Later on, I tried to put together a little red desk chair I'd bought, but it was impossible. The little wheels wouldn't stay on, no matter what, so I stuck it back in the box and got a return from Amazon.

I had wanted to go to the rodeo, since I've never seen one, but he was too tired. Hopefully there will be more to go to at some point.

I spent a lot of time looking at photos, to find ones to print out and use on the wall. I got kind of sad missing Hawaii and our friends there. It was just so beautiful and so much fun!

  Saturday 9/17/16

We went for lunch at KFC and then went to Wal-Mart for groceries. It's a kind of laid back weekend for us. I bought a bunch of frames and then put some photos I had printed out up on the wall of some friends and family that I hadn't previously put up, and some Hawaii nature photos.

I finished vacuuming the recliner in the sunroom, and I put the new cover on. It looks very nice! I then put vinegar and baking soda all over the love seat. I'll leave that there for a few days to let it clean...The sunroom already smells MUCH better than it did.

I got some new shower curtain rings, so I put up the pretty blue shower curtain in the guest bathroom. It turned out really well -- the rings were cheap but look nice and actually match not only the curtain but really match the rug well. I had ordered some other, more expensive ones, and they were taking a really long time, so I canceled that order.

I had another office chair to put together, for the living room, and that went well. It was super-easy. I also took the barstools out of their boxes. They came pre-assembled. Unfortunately, they're too tall. I didn't realize they have different sizes. I will have to replace them eventually. They're fine for now.

The growth in my mouth (near my gum) has not gone away, and it bothers me now when I eat, so I'm going to have to call the dentist on Monday and make another appointment. I spent a long time reading about growths and bumps in the mouth, and looking at photos (most of them very gross!). I think it might be what's called a fibroma, which is basically harmless. I don't think it's from an abscess because I can't pop it and it doesn't have fluid in it. It's soft and the photos I saw of a fibroma seem to match.  We'll see!

I was worried about one of the little plants I'd bought at Wal-Mart because it was really droopy. I gave it a little water and BAM! it really perked up! It's so hard to know when to water and how much to give. I wish they all acted like this one does. My 2 spider ivy plants are turning brown. I gave them a little bit more water and moved them closer to the window, so we'll see if that helps...

Since it was raining again, I went on the treadmill for the first time, for about a half hour. It was great. I watched TV while I was on there and then took a shower (first time since it was recaulked).

I did a lot of straightening up the house, putting stuff away, doing the dishes etc. before I went to bed.

I've been staying up really late. I stayed up until about 6am (mostly working on my site).

  Sunday 9/18/16

We went to the Mexican restaurant near us, El Compadre, for lunch. It's always good there. We stopped again at Wal-mart to pick up a prescription and to get a few things I forgot yesterday. I didn't take a nap after we got home, so I could go to bed earlier tonight!

I mostly worked on my site. Later, we took all of the empty boxes out to the curb with the trash. Such an exciting day! :)

Here's a shock. I was actually cold last night and for a good part of today. I don't think it actually WAS cold, it was just me. I might have had low blood sugar last night. But it was raining today, so it was still cool. And then every place we went to was really over-air-conditioned, making it even colder. Brrrr! I finally did get warm later and put on the a/c.

I was having fun today, doing some more shopping online. I love to shop! I'm still mostly getting things to make the house look nice.

I tried to put the small bookcase I had ordered together, but the instructions were not good (only pictures, no words), and the back is particle board, which was partly torn from shipping. I was very annoyed and gave up. Then, I checked something and sure enough - it was supposed to come fully assembled! So I emailed Amazon about it; hopefully they can fix it and send me the right one.

I did the laundry, including washing the love seat cushion covers again because they still had a little smell to them. I stayed up until about 1 am waiting for it to finish.

I ordered new couch cushions (just the foam inserts) and only ONE showed up last week! I hope the other one comes tomorrow....

I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I think I wrenched my back a bit trying to put that stupid bookcase together. I was in pain and didn't get to sleep until very late.

Have a great week!

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