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  Monday 9/5/16

Happy Labor Day! We were finishing up our visit to Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana. We checked out and then went to brunch at the Horseshoe Casino Buffet (called "The Spread!"). It was good, but not as good as the one we'd had earlier at the El Dorado Casino. I actually ate pretty healthy, for the most part. I had salad, some fruit, some chicken, bacon, sausage and not much else. They had a lot of foods with flour that I couldn't eat. Their salad bar was not as good. They had a lot of seafood, but I wasn't really in the mood for that. They had an omelet bar, but there was a long line, so I didn't get that.  The hash browns were disappointing and not as good as any others I'd had. Their dessert selection was mostly cakes, pies, and cookies...not much for me to eat! I had a little bit of some kind of custard thing (it wasn't very good), and some of the insides of a sugar free cherry pie. That was it. There was no mousse, or ice cream, or creme brulee, or pudding, or regular chocolate. Bummer. But then again, it was healthier for me.

Our hotel did have a free breakfast, but it only ran until 9, so we missed it. Oh, well. We checked out of our hotel after that and drove back home.

On the way back, we stopped at the Ivan Smith furniture store in downtown Magnolia and looked at furniture. It's kind of over-priced there. I can find cheaper stuff online. We only saw one large dining room set for under $1000, for instance. I did get a few things. I wanted to get a desk with drawers for the living room, but they only had really big desks, so instead I got something that's about that same size, but it's more like a dresser. I got a console table for our entryway, and a floor lamp, and a table lamp (that last item I took home; the rest they're delivering on Friday).  They had a great sale on table lamps and had many for under $50. Mine was only $25. I got it for our guest room. I think we're going to buy the rest online.

I did some work on my site, but mostly I just shopped for furniture online. Later, I did unpack all of our things from the trip. I'll do laundry tomorrow.

I put up the little green hooks above the oven, and I put all of my pot holders up on them. It's starting to look nice! I also got some dark green quilted covers for the blender, toaster, food processor and mixer.

Later on, we went to Wal-Mart. I looked a little bit at decor items, but they don't have too much. I picked up a sandwich at the Subway there for dinner.

I really want to stay up until midnight, but I'm falling asleep here at 11... I decided to transfer David's photos and videos from his phone to my laptop because he's been getting some error messages about running out of space. That should kill some time!

I ended up staying up until about 12:30.

  Tuesday 9/6/16

I woke up around 11am. I guess I was tired!

For lunch, I had a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions (no bread). It was really great. I have a new frying pan that I really love. It's from Walter Drake. It's called a "Gotham Steel Frying Pan." It's a non-stick pan, but not one that gets scratched up easily, and you can even put it in the dishwasher!). It works great. I think I might have to buy another one. Later, I had a tuna salad for dinner and some of my gluten-free, low-carb brownies for dessert. I made it before our trip from a "Diabetic Kitchen Gourmet Chocolate Brownie Mix" that I bought on Amazon. I added some pecans and sugar-free chocolate chips to it as well.

I worked really hard today. I was finally able to hire a house cleaner/maid from the internet, so she'll be coming by tomorrow (hopefully). So today I had to finish getting the house ready for her. I first did the usually tidying up, like making the bed, starting the laundry etc. but I also finished sorting through the collectibles and pushed all of the boxes up against the wall, so that the rest of it could be cleaned. Then I cleaned up the guest bedroom, which had a lot of stuff, all over the floor. Amazingly, I was able to put it all in the closet! It's just there for now, so she can clean the room. We have no furniture in there, so otherwise, stuff goes on the floor. Just doing that much was pretty exhausting.

I found another box of DVD's (I had thought it was something else), so I put those away, too. I received some more house plants today that I ordered on Amazon, so I put those out.  They're supposed to be "indestructible," so we'll see.  I broke up some extra boxes I have, and I took the filling out of the new loveseat's cushion's so I could wash the covers. I'm throwing away the filling and buying new ones.

Tomorrow morning I have to get up early and make my bed, then get all my knick knacks out of the way, so she can dust. I might roll up the carpets, too, so that she can clean the floors easier, and then we'll roll them out again so she can clean them as well.

Of course, I also worked on my site!

I went to bed pretty early, but then I woke up and my leg was hurting a lot.. Right on the left side of the calf, on my right leg. It was throbbing. I took Aleve and a muscle relaxer, and I stretched my leg a lot, but it still hurt quite a bit, and it took me a long time to get to sleep.

  Wednesday 9/7/16

I only slept a few hours before the alarm went off at 8:15. I had to rush around to pick up my stuff out of the way for the cleaning. I had tons of empty boxes still in the dining room, so I threw them into the garage just to get them out of the way. Later, I found room for them in the garage on top of the boxes I still haven't gone through (that were in storage).

This new housekeeper is really nice. She's my age but looks much older. She has a lot of energy, though, I guess. It'd be hard at my age to clean this house. I can't imagine how she does it!  She drives all over the area to jobs, too. She's very thorough..took over 5 hours. The house didn't even seem that dirty! I'm very exhausted, so I hope she leaves soon. For some reason, she had the impression that she wasn't supposed to clean the sunroom, so she was a little bit shocked when I reminded her to do that...but she got it all done.

My leg finally does feel better. Wow, that took a long time.

I got some more stuff I ordered, but I'm too tired to put it all up now. I have a new printer/scanner/copier, a new vacuum cleaner, and a few other things. I got a new shower curtain, but it came with no hooks or rings! So now I'll have to buy those as well.

After she left, I put a few things away, had lunch and then went back to sleep until David came home, about 4 hours later.

Later on, I set up some of the new things I got, like my new printer and vacuum cleaner. I had these square wooden cubes in our apartment back in Hawaii that I used to keep DVD's and other things in (much cheaper than bookcases; they're stackable and you can expand easily. Plus they look nice and are easy to put together). I used most of those in my music room, but I had one more to put together, so I put that together, along with another one I had found, and stacked them in the guest room, then I put the printer on it. Works well for now!

I have this old jewelry box, but it doesn't have a ton of space for necklaces, and I've been slowly acquiring more over the years, so I bought a jewelry tree to hang my necklaces on. It's very pretty. Here's a funny thing, though. When I was going through all of the collectibles, I found two necklaces I don't even remember buying! That's so weird. They're pretty, but I have no memory of them.

  Thursday 9/8/16

I was very disappointed today because I was on a conference call with William Shatner and Terry Bradshaw, but I didn't get to speak to either one of them. That happens sometimes with really famous people, but I sure wish they wouldn't schedule so many press people if they only have a half hour.  You know, I've been a Shatner fan since I was a little kid. I grew up watching Star Trek. I was only 5 when it came out, but I had 3 older brothers and a mom that were all into it, and then I watched it a lot in re-runs in the 70's. I had such a huge crush on Kirk! I've watched most of his other shows and many of his movies, too. I have dreams about meeting him all the time (is that weird? I dunno....).  His new show is great. Ah, well, hopefully I will get another chance, but it's not likely. I only get interview offers from a few networks, and he is 85, so who knows how many more chances there will be? Well, at least I did get to speak to Nimoy before he died.

Also, today was the 50th anniversary of "Star Trek," so it would have been really really cool! Yeah, I'm a geek, I can't help it. :) I just wish I hadn't gotten my hopes up. I should know better by now.

I've got a lot of new rugs, plants etc. that you can see on my Instagram I post a lot of pics on there, though, so you may have to keep scrolling down.

Because I read about this online, and the housecleaner confirmed it -- I put vinegar and baking soda on some spots on our dining room carpet. It was very stained. It worked really well! Yay! I used my new vacuum to vacuum it up, too. The house is really coming together.

We had Chicken Express for dinner, so that was comforting, at least, after my bad, sad day.

  Friday 9/9/16

The furniture I ordered last week came today, so that was great. I just got a floor lamp, a little dresser/console/desk thing, and a small table for the entryway.  I spent a lot of time today emptying out two boxes worth of stuff to put in the desk. So glad to have that all done.

My laptop has been freezing up a lot, and it got worse and worse. I called Lenovo, but they were not at all helpful. I have a warranty, but it only covers hardware, not software, which totally sucks. I really miss Dell. It was stupid of me to get a different brand. I ran a bunch of different scans and couldn't find anything wrong with it. I found a page that suggests different stuff to try, so I'm using that as a guideline. The last thing I tried was updating the video driver, and that seems to have helped a lot. I've only had it freeze up once since then, and only for a few minutes. Before, I had to bring up the Task Manager and force programs to close, and sometimes it still didn't work well and I had to restart completely. It's really annoying when that happens a lot. It wasn't jut one program, although Firefox is more likely to freeze up than the other programs. I also reset Firefox, and that has helped. Yay!

Today just wasn't a very exciting day, either! LOL! I did a lot of work on my site.

  Saturday 9/10/16

I got up around 10, and we went to run errands. I stopped at the post office to check my box. Only junk mail! We ran into Abe, one of David's professors, who's really nice. They invited us over to their place because they're having some kind of get-together, but David has a work thing we have to go to. We also went to the thrift store, Second Chances, behind the Sears. It benefits the local pet shelter. I had a box of clothes to donate.

Then we went briefly to the antique and collectible store downtown on The Square. I picked up a few decor items for the house. I could spend a lot in that place, though!

When I was getting into the car, I accidentally hit the back of my head really hard. That was painful. Thankfully, it eventually went away, and I didn't have a bump.

We just got lunch at McDonald's. David had to leave for his event around 2. I went back to sleep. Later, we went to the first home football game for his school, SAU. It was a lot of fun! They have a big tailgating thing beforehand, which they call Mulegating. If you've ever been to a pro football game, it's not at all like that kind of tailgating. People bring lawn chairs and bbq's and there are booths set up, and it's all on the grass. It's not really out of the back of the car or truck in the parking lot.  They were giving away a lot of food, actually, but the lines were long. They had bean bag toss and a bouncy castle etc. for fun. The band played and the cheerleaders had a pep rally. It was pretty neat. It was very humid, but not too hot, and there was a good breeze. Then we went to the game. The food there was really great. The bleachers are not too comfortable (metal benches), so we're going to need to buy some kind of seat cushions for any future games.  The team played well and beat the Oklahoma team soundly.  The SAU choir sang the national anthem, and they sounded awesome.  It was really fun. I'm not a football fan, but it was all very nice.

I ordered the rest of our furniture online, so I'm glad to have that done with!  Hopefully it will all get here on time, so we can have people over soon.

I got a few more plants and other things. I ordered this cheap little table/stand, so I put that together and put my DVD recorder, DISH box and other stuff on it, in our bedroom. I had been using a bedstand, which was really not wide enough.  I moved that to the guest bedroom and put the new cheap lamp I picked up last weekend on it. Everything looks really nice now. It's coming together, slowly but surely!

  Sunday 9/11/16

We went to lunch at Antigua's Grill, the Mexican restaurant near the university. It was really busy, but we didn't have to wait too long for our table. The waiter we had was the same one as last time, and he's a bit slow.  I ordered the brisket tacos, which were delicious, but a bit too salty for me. I asked him for cheese, and that took way too long. My tacos were cold by the time I got the cheese. Ah, well.  They tasted good, anyway.

Then we went to Wal-Mart and got groceries. I was kind of sick while we were there from something I ate, though, (Maybe from the game since I didn't ask there about wheat) so we went home pretty quickly. Also, David had another event to go to. He didn't have much of a weekend or rest time, with all of these school events. I bought a couple of new plants there as well, and some plant food, and a pot, and some fake flowers as well, for two vases I have.

When the house cleaner was here, she accidentally knocked my plant off the window sill. This is the one that might be an orchid and has been kind of dying, maybe...anyway, I put it in the new pot, with some more soil, and some plant food, so hopefully it will revive. If not, I tried my best.

I was looking out the back window and noticed that, high on top of this thing (maybe a tool shed?), there's this old planter, shaped like a squirrel. It's kind of creepy looking. I went outside and moved the birdhouses off the fence because I read that it's a bad idea to put them on the fence (easier for cats and squirrels to get to). There's some kind of plant hanger thing out there, so I moved most of the bird houses there. I thought this one thing was a bird feeder, but apparently it's a hummingbird feeder, which you need special hummingbird nectar for. I don't know if I'll bother with that or not. I guess I have to get a real bird feeder. Strange that the people who had the house before left us the birdhouses and all that, and a big can of bird sunflower seeds, but no bird feeder.

Anyway, I walked around the backyard a little and noticed this round stone thing (maybe a bird bath?), filled with sludgy gross water. Great, another fountain-like thing to clean out that probably is a big mosquito breeding ground. I should have covered up or used mosquito spray, but I didn't. I cleaned out the bird bath stone thing, getting rid of all of the water. While doing that, i got 4 bug bites on my legs. The other fountain, that I cleaned out before, is filled with water again as well, but I was too tired to do that again. I need to get some covers for those.

I posted on care.com that I need someone to help me with weeding, and planting flowers, so this one girl replied, Brianna. Hopefully she will work out and not be too expensive. Funny thing is, this other girl also contacted me after that, and she just graduated from UCR! Small world!

We haven't been doing our evening walks this past week, but hopefully we can get back into that. We were both lazy! :)

I can't believe that September is almost half over....Wow!! It sure goes fast.

Hope you have a great week!

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