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  Monday 8/8/16

I woke up around 1pm. I called the computer place; I'm waiting to hear back about when someone can come over to hook up my desktop computer to my DVD recorder in the bedroom (for my site). Also, I'm still waiting for the repair guy to call me about coming over to put up the TV's.

I've been emailing and chatting with the moving company about finding my one missing box and about transporting the 2 extra ones I have back to them.  Hopefully that will work out easily with very little fuss.

Also, I'm waiting for my husband to call the doctor's office and make my appointment, since I don't have his schedule and can't pick a date/time without knowing if he's available to drive me over there. He did take my application over to them today, so we can make an appointment. As of today, I'm out of one of my prescription allergy medications.

I'm kicking myself because I should have taken the two bottles of the ones I'm almost out of over to the Wal-mart pharmacy this weekend to see if they'd refill them. Stupid!

I called the doctor's office and August 17 is the soonest appointment I can get. Oh, well. Hopefully I'll be okay. I did have a problem that my previous doctor said I should get checked out right away, but I guess another week won't make a difference...

I was a bit sick all afternoon. We would have gone for our walk otherwise...I hated not doing that.

Later, I did move all of the Christmas and Halloween decor boxes, as well as the empty boxes, into the main dining room. I also swept the living room area in front of our sectional sofa and rolled out one of the new rugs (the smaller one). That's not going to work there...too small and cheap looking. I put the other larger rug there and it looks better. At least I did get a little exercise with this!

I finally hooked up my DVD Recover/VCR combo unit, and my Roku and my Blu-Ray player, to the living room TV and DISH box.  The main DISH receiver is called a Hopper and it's in the bedroom. Then there's a little box in the living room called a Joey.  I wasn't exactly sure how to hook it up, so I called DISH Network. The person on the phone was completely useless and told me that it wasn't possible to hook it up. So I said, never mind, I'll figure it out myself, and hung up. I had it all working within five minutes! Their customer service and technical support is really hit-or-miss. Sometimes they're great, and other times....not so much!

I watched a bad movie that I have to review for my site...that was fun! Better than trying to watch the movie "Van Helsing" that's on my DVR...I love Hugh Jackman, but not sure this one is very good.

I stayed up until about 5am...mostly working on my site and some house stuff.

  Tuesday 8/9/16

I was supposed to get up earlier, but I slept in until after 2pm. Whoops!

I was sick again today....I know I keep saying this, but I think I'll just eat at home from now on, as much as I hate it.

I called the computer place again and they said their technician has been out all day, working a lot...I guess they only have the one guy. I found another place and filled out their support form. If I don't hear from them tomorrow, I'm going to phone them.  I still haven't heard from the repair guy, either.

I tried to set up the DVD recorder in the bedroom, but apparently I do need the S-Video cable for that one. I ordered one off Amazon that will hopefully be here Thursday.

I ordered some gluten free turkey sticks online and got those today, along with some other snacks. I also got some DVD's and other stuff.

I started unwrapping glasses and other breakables today....

We went for a mile walk around the neighborhood. It was very hot and humid. I'm very tired, so I might try to go to bed a little early tonight. If I can!

I had to eat a salad, even though I wasn't hungry because I'd eaten too much already, in order to take my pills so I could go to bed. Well, I had just finished my salad and was walking back from the kitchen when all of a sudden, I coughed up a lot of mucus and was having trouble breathing. Not really bad trouble, it was just annoying. So I ran to the bathroom to cough it up...and then because of my gag reflex, a lot of my salad came up as well. Ick. That was very gross. I woke up poor David, who always worries about me... I took some Pepcid and I've been drinking and sucking on cough drops. Hopefully I can go to sleep soon!

I think I went to sleep between 3am and 4am. Thankfully I slept pretty well after that and didn't wake up coughing or anything.

  Wednesday 8/10/16

Today is my mom's birthday. I don't remember what year she was born (sometime in the 20's). She probably would have been dead by now, anyway, but she died when I was 10, in 1972. It's sad, but that was a very long time ago. I can't really say I miss her because it's been so long. I definitely missed having a mom growing up, even though I did have a foster mom, a step-mom, and a mother-in-law. Actually, I had 3 foster moms, but only one matters because the others gave me back after a couple of months. They all did their best, though. People always do their best, but it's not always enough for those around them. You just have to forgive people their human failings and not hold on to feelings of anger and hatred. That's not easy for us to do, though.

We were going to take my empty prescription bottles into Wal-Mart to see if they'll refill them, but then I realized that the Metformin is not refillable, and that's the important one (for diabetes). So instead, we just went out to McDonald's for lunch. I just had 2 cheeseburgers, no onions or bread. I did buy a couple of salads for later on.

I was going to stay up after that, but I was sick again, so I went back to sleep. I had a really nice dream about being in Hawaii. I looked out our back window and the ocean was there! It was so blue and beautiful.  Just breathtaking. It didn't look real. The funny thing is, I've seen it like that in real life and thought the same thing. It's too blue! It doesn't look real! LOL!  But sadly, this was a dream. I woke up and went, oh, shoot, I'm not in Hawaii any more. That was disappointing. Ah, well. I also had a great dream earlier about my friend Mary. It was her birthday, and we were having a party at the Spreckels Theater in downtown San Diego and then going out to karaoke. I also dreamed that Abby from "Knots Landing" was a friend of mine, but she was being really mean to Mary! So I told Mary that Abby had no friends, and I felt sorry for her, so that's why I put up with her. What a strange dream!

I emailed my doctor in Hawaii to see if she'll call in a prescription refill here for me. I have an appointment a week from today, but the new doctor would not call it in for me.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Nothing much else going on today! Just the usual things like laundry.

The doctor at Kaiser did fax in my prescription refill, so that's good!

  Thursday 8/11/16

The computer guy came by at about 9:15 to help me fix up my computer, so that's working now. I just had a cable that I couldn't plug in because the little pins were bent, so he wasn't here very long. He was your typical computer guy. He did mention that he had been here before to help out the previous owners.

I went back to sleep after that. Then later on, David and I went to Wal-mart to get my prescription and pick up a few other things. I picked up a sandwich at Subway. They have these new Lays chips again, so I tried the ones that didn't have wheat. The Indian flavored one is pretty good!

I had a really irritating day, trying to get my desktop computer program to work right. First, I couldn't get the DVD Recorder to work right with the DISH Network box and my TV. I had it hooked up the same way as the one in the living room, yet there was no signal getting through. No sound or picture on the TV.  So then I tried hooking it up directly to my computer, and that did work, but still the ATI program was not putting out a transcript with the closed-captioning like it's supposed to. I kept trying to change the settings or the connections - anything I could think of. It just wouldn't work. Yet I did get about 2 minutes' worth of transcript, but I don't know why it only worked for that short time. In the end, I finally did get it to work on the DVD Recorder. I think the problem with the transcript has to do with the type of closed captioning. I found out that DISH does have a way that you can try different types of CC, so tomorrow I'm going to try changing it and see which one does work. Hopefully one of them will, or else I don't know what I'll do!

The last two nights, we went for a mile walk around our neighborhood. Exhausting but healthy. It's just so hot and humid out...makes it tough.

I cleaned out the whole dining area near the kitchen. There are some nice built-in shelves there, but they were really dusty inside, so I had to clean those out as well as the window sill and the floor. I put all my cookbooks in there, at least for now. Now the area is all ready for when we get our new dining set delivered tomorrow! I can't wait!

We had hoped the kid who mows our law was coming today, too, but he hasn't. I gave him a call and left a message...

I went to bed pretty early, around midnight. I did wake up itching, but I got back to sleep.

  Friday 8/12/16

I woke up with the alarm around 8:30. It was hard to get out of bed! LOL! I was very tired. I wasn't sure what time the furniture was being delivered, or what time the lawn mower kid was coming, so I had to get dressed and move out to the living room so I could hear the door. I tried to stretch out on the couch, but I couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up for a while, had breakfast, and did some other stuff. I straightened up the house a bit and swept the floor. After a while, I got tired again and just slept in my recliner. Eventually I woke up for good around 3.  I phoned the furniture store, and they said that the delivery guys were running late but should be here soon.

I moved some stuff out of their way and did some other stuff. They came around 3:30 and didn't take very long.  The lawn mower kid never came, so I'll have to call him back tomorrow. My guess is that he got confused as to which week he was supposed to come by, especially when we went out of town.

The new furniture looks great! The small TV stand we got for the bedroom is a bit too small, but it's just temporary, probably. We don't need anything too fancy for that room. It's really just a bedside stand, so we'll probably move that into the guest bedroom when we get something bigger to replace it.

So far I'm not having any problems with my allergies, stomach or other areas today. I hope that keeps up! I could use a nice, healthy day for a change.

David picked up Chicken Express take out for me today. Their fish fillets are supposed to be gluten free. They use corn starch or something instead of flour. They have good green beans, too!

In the evening, I moved all of the TV's, DVD recorders, cable boxes etc. onto the two DVD stands. It all looks great. A guy was supposed to come and look at the TV's so that he could put them up on the wall, but he didn't show up. This is getting ridiculous!

David emailed me this article about the lady who used to be his boss at CSU, Inessa. Very sad that she's been ill, although this story is uplifting. She was always very kind to us and a great boss to David.

I had a very frustrating day, trying to get the computer set up correctly in the bedroom to run the ATI for my site. I finally got it working, but it was really stressful.  Apparently the old ATI software/hardware only reads the old analog closed-captioning signal from the TV.  DISH Network puts in a newer digital CC that blocks the older one.  So in order to run my ATI, I have to turn off the DISH CC. However, for some reason, it only works for one show at a time. So every time I run the software, I have to find the show, pause it, then turn on the CC, then turn it off again, and then run the show, and wait to make sure the CC is showing up on the computer. If not, I have to fast-forward and rewind until it does show up, or else I have to either turn it on and off again, or turn the computer on and off again (thankfully, it does work most of the time). What a pain.

  Saturday 8/13/16

Wow, this weekend went very fast and we were very busy! I got up pretty early today.

We went to look at treadmills again at Sears, but they didn't have any of the cheaper ones we wanted, so we left.  We had thought they could order them online and ship them to us, and they would have people put them together (that's what the previous saleswoman said), but the guy there today didn't know much of anything. Later, when I tried to order them online at their website, it appeared that they won't ship to our Sears at all because they don't recognize it as a "real" Sears.  So I finally found one on Amazon that isn't too expensive, and they're shipping it to us. However, we'll have to put it together ourselves, or pay someone else to do it. That's very disappointing

We went to Larry's Pizza for lunch. I ordered the gluten free pizza, and it was outstanding. The best gluten-free pizza I've ever had. I got it with sausage, pepperoni and green peppers. We had salads there and he had their regular pizza. I only had a couple of pieces of pizza and took the rest home for leftovers.

We also did some shopping at Wal-Mart, mostly for groceries. I did get a small flowering plant, now that I have a table to put it on! I'm going to try really hard not to kill this one...

Later on at night, we went to the Tokyo Restaurant for dinner. I can't eat most of their food, but I had a small salad and then some crab sashimi. I don't like sushi, but this crab is cooked and very good. I had crab sashimi years ago, in L.A., and I didn't like it too much. It was all chopped up. This is in big chunks. I ordered seconds. I hope it's real crab because it's not all that expensive. (The fake stuff has gluten in it, so that would be bad)  I had a couple of glasses of wine, too. It was very good, but it really made me sleepy! I was already pretty tired, too.  I took a little nap for a while, and then we went out for our evening walk, which was nice.

Still, I went to bed very early....I was just really tired!

All week I called or emailed DISH to see if they could help me with my ATI questions, but they were not helpful whatsoever. After my call to them didn't go well on Monday, I emailed them several times. First they apologized for the poor experience I had on the phone, but then when I tried to ask them to help, their answer was: call for help. Thanks a lot...! Talk about the runaround.

  Sunday 8/13/16

It rained a lot all day!  We went to McDonald's for breakfast/lunch (just before it started raining) and we also stopped at Brookshire's to get a few things I forgot yesterday. I was sick a lot all day, unfortunately. Probably from the salad dressing at the Japanese restaurant, but who knows? At least, this Fall the company NIMA will come up with an instant gluten test I can use to figure out what has gluten before I actually eat it! That will be great.

I spent a lot of time this weekend unpacking. I finally finished unpacking all of the kitchen stuff and putting it away. I'm surprised that most of it arrived without breaking, especially some nice, fragile wine glasses.   Only one large bowl, one whiskey glass, and a couple of cheap old wine glasses (not the nice ones) broke.

I did hear back from the kid who mows our lawn...he had a family health emergency but is going to come cut it as soon as it dries out. That's the only problem living here in the South...it rains a lot!  That means the grass and other plants grow a lot, but it's hard to find a dry time to cut them.

We tried to go out for our evening walk, but it started raining again, so we came back. However, on the way out of our little cul-de-sac, we saw some deer! I just saw the doe, but David said he saw her fawn go into the forest, too.  There's a little forest next to our house. That's where they were heading. There's a much bigger forest across the street, so that's probably where they were coming from. Anyway, David and I had been chatting, and he suddenly said, "Look! A deer!" and I looked up, and it was just standing there, staring at us for quite a while before it bolted into the forest. That was so neat! I wish I'd had my camera. Well, hopefully I will see more. That was really cool. I've never seen deer before, except maybe in a zoo or on TV! I've lived in cities for most of my life. We're in a large town (not that large), but there's a lot of forest, and we're kind of on the edge of the town, so it's somewhat more rural than, say, if we lived next door to the Wal-Mart.

We went to the Wal-Mart (speak of the devil!) to pick up my prescription, and I also got a Subway salad. It was raining, too. UGH. The pharmacy was supposed to be open on Saturday when we went, but they were closed.

I also spent a lot of time working on my site this weekend.... a bit more than usual because I was doing someone else's work. I stayed up way too late!

I still need to post more of the photos from June and July on Facebook. Too much to do!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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