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  Monday 6/20/16

I woke up with a sore throat and congestion. I could tell right away that I had a cold. Fortunately, it's a fairly mild one. Aleve took care of the pain and Sudafed helped the rest. It's not uncommon for me to get a summer cold, and between all of the stress and little sleep, I'm sure that didn't help.

Our room at the Wyndham Gardens here in Texarkana is very damp, especially the bathroom. I mean, the Kleenex and toilet paper are soggy! The floor is very cold and kinda wet. It's really odd. I asked the clerk downstairs about it, and she said it was from the humidity outside, but I don't know about that. We lived in Alabama and Georgia for 12 years and never had those problems. Neither did we in Honolulu where it's also very humid. I think it has something to do with the hotel's a/c. It was blasting when we got here yesterday. We turned it off, but it stayed cool. Even though it was very hot out, our room never got hot.

We both slept in really late. David is usually up early, but he woke up after 10am. We've both been exhausted and yesterday was a tough, long day of flying. Eventually, we got up and took a cab over to Orr Honda, the Honda dealership here. We'd had a Toyota Corolla previously, but I read that the Honda Civics were also very good, so we wanted to check it out.

The cab took 45 minutes to get there, so that was annoying. In the meantime, I phoned DISH and set up a time for them to come to our new home. The woman on the phone had told me Wednesday, but luckily I phoned back later about something else and found out it's Thursday! I'm getting their new DVR, the Hopper. It can record 14 shows at once. I doubt I'll need that :) That's pretty cool, though. I just hope it still works so that I can record onto my DVD recorder and also get the transcripts from the closed-captioning, for my site...

We went first to Ruby Tuesday to have lunch. They have a great salad bar. I ate healthy for a change. Then we walked over to Orr Honda, which is just across the street. We settled on a dark grey Civic and got a pretty good price on it. David likes it slightly more than the Toyota. Everyone was very nice. The sales guy has a pretty strong accent and talks fast, so I had to ask him to slow it down so I could hear him!

The new car is fine. It has a neat bluetooth thing that lets you answer the phone hands-free and head-set free. When David's phone rings, he can answer it from a button on his steering wheel and the person on the phone's voice is on the speaker. You can adjust the volume very easily, too, or mute it. It also has that new technology where if you back out, the little rearview virtual screen comes up so you can easily back in.  It also allows you to listen to music on your phone via bluetooth. We didn't get any extras, so all of this comes standard.  We just wanted a very basic sedan, not one that looks super cheap, but we didn't want to spend a lot, either. I don't think we even have GPS, and no CD player.  It is an automatic, but that's about it.

We finally came back around 5.  It was sprinkling... I just went to sleep. David brought me back some chicken wings for dinner. I slept some more and then woke up again. It's only about 12:30 now, but I'll probably go back to sleep.

   Tuesday 6/21/16

I have a health concern (besides the cold)...not going to go into detail here...hopefully it will turn out to be nothing. I'm going to a doctor as soon as his new health insurance kicks in, in July. That reminds me...I hope I can find a woman doctor in such a small town. I got so spoiled in Honolulu, having my choice of doctors.

I stayed up way too late last night because I forgot my laptop was still on the pacific time zone! LOL!

We went to Denny's for breakfast and then headed over to the Joseph A. Bank store so David could buy a suit. He will be buying some more in the next few weeks, since his older ones are not in great shape.

After that, we packed up our stuff in the hotel and drove our new car to Magnolia. We were not sad to leave that damp room with the wimpy shower.

The drive was fine. We first stopped at the realtor's office to pick up our house keys. It was nice to chat with them for a few minutes. Then we went to the Ivan Smith furniture store to buy a bed. They sure are expensive! We got a pretty cheap one for now -- just the mattress, box springs, and basic frame.  They're delivering it on Friday. Then we went to the utilities place to get our water turned on. They said we had to be home 3-5 for that.

We drove to the house and left all of our luggage there. Some of our packages that we mailed have arrived. I walked around and took more photos. David left after a little while to run errands. The sectional sofa they left for us has 4 recliners, so they're very comfortable. I tried to stay awake. No one ever knocked on our door, but we did  notice that the water was working, so that was good. I discovered that the guest bathroom has a skylight! I hadn't noticed that last time. The previous owners left a silver-dollar-sized hole in the master bedroom wall (next to where the TV holder is on the wall), so that was not good to find. They also left us a nice fountain in the backyard, but we'll have to clean that out because right now it's a mosquito magnet. There are also some bird houses in the backyard, and they left us birdseed. They also left us a couple of lawnchairs, one of which is a little broken.  At least they did leave us toilet paper and some soap, plus a few other little things. This place has so many closets and cupboards!

David later brought me food from McDonald's. I'm afraid that today's food was not very healthy. We packed up what we needed and headed back to our room at the Hampton Inn. We have no Wifi or TV or bed at our place yet. We both slept in the evening, which was a bad idea because eventually we did wake up and it was way too early.

I'm still sick and getting over my cold. The coughing makes it hard to sleep. UGH. I stayed up way too late, working on my site and whatnot. I keep trying to go back to sleep, but I'm also really hungry...I didn't eat much for dinner.

   Wednesday 6/22/16

I ended up staying until 6 am, then I went downstairs for the free breakfast. After that, I was able to sleep for  about 4 hours, although I did still cough a lot.

The movers from California called and will be here on Saturday! Yay!

I've been feeling pretty bad all day, but things have to be done. David signed us up for another night here at the motel.

We went out later for lunch at KFC. That's always good, and it's somewhat healthy for me, since I take the skin off and have just coleslaw with it.

I could only find two local stores that sell men's clothing, so first we went to one called Stage. However, the people there don't do alternations and they didn't have it in David's size at all.  Then we went to a better men's store downtown in the area called The Square. The store is called Khaki's and it was a decent store. They were really helpful and he was able to pick out quite a few suits, shirts and ties, and they will have them altered and order another one for him. Hopefully they will get it all done by the end of the month when he needs it.

A young girl was feeding some baby birds that they had rescued. They had fallen through the roof and they couldn't get them back in the nest, so they were trying to nurse and feed them. They were adorable little birdies.

I was starting to feel very tired, so I sat down for a while. After that, we went to Wal-mart and bought some TV's. I wanted to get a 55" RCA TV that they had on their website, which was less than $400, but they didn't have them in stock. So instead we settled for a 50" Visio, which cost a little more. It's still pretty big. We had to figure out how to put the seats down in our new car to fit it in! We also got a smaller one for the bedroom.  We also went back in and bought some groceries etc.  Then we took it all over to the new house and got the TV's out of the box. Tomorrow the DISH Network people are coming to hook everything up between 8 and 12.  David will do some other shopping without me.

I had a little nap but still felt sick. David got me Burger King for dinner. I'm so sick of this cold, and it's only been 3 days! My head and throat hurt from coughing so much. Although I'm very tired and low on energy, I haven't been able to sleep very well due to the congestion and coughing. I took Robitussin, but it can only do so much. I was wrong about it being not too bad of a cold...oh, well!

It's been pretty hot and humid here, so we've been using the a/c a lot in our hotel rooms and in the car.

   Thursday 6/23/16

We woke up at 7 am. I rushed to get ready, took a shower, then headed downstairs to get breakfast. Then I got an automated call from DISH Network, telling me the guy wouldn't be here until 9:15, which gave us a little more time. David drove me over to our house and helped me clean up the place a little. He went out to run errands while I waited for the DISH Network guy. He came on time, so that was good. He took a few hours to set it up.  He was a very nice guy and helped put the rest of the TV's together (I couldn't finish putting the stands or legs on because I didn't have a Phillips screwdriver).  The new DISH DVR, the Hopper, is very different from the one we had before. We're going to have to really learn it.  It seems to have a lot of nice features, though. We get our local stations from Shreveport, LA, which is 90 minutes away.

They apparently had put me on their cheapest, smaller channel package, since my account was on "pause" while I was in Honolulu, so right now we don't get many channels. I stupidly forgot to ask about that when I phoned to make this appointment. I just have to call them and tell them which package I want.

I felt really tired while the guy was there, so I didn't move around too much.  After he left, we had to go to some office downtown for some paperwork, then we went to Sonic to pick up lunch, and then we did a lot of shopping for stuff for the house. We first went to the Dollar Tree store, which was great. I missed that store. Hawaii has no dollar or 99 cent stores.  We got quite a few paper and plastic goods plus some soaps etc.  I mean, really, we got paper plates, plastic utensils and cups, a dish drainer, air fresheners, shampoo, mop, broom, toothpaste, air fresheners, dish soap, mayo and quite a few other things.

Then we went to Wal-Mart and got things like laundry baskets, a bath mat, trash can, sheets and a comforter, pillows, a stepladder, etc. as well as some groceries.  Whew!! My brain was not functioning very well, because of the cold, but I had a little more energy. When we got back to our house, I just collapsed for a while.  David decided we should spend one more night in the motel, so we moved to the Quality Inn. He didn't want to sleep on the couch or go without WiFi all night.

I had a little nap in the recliner, and then we went to the new hotel. I had been planning on doing laundry, but I put it off another day. Later on, I took my temperature and it was 99.1. For me that's a little fever because normally I'm much lower. I could feel it, too. I slept a lot in the evening, despite a lot of coughing. The medicines helped me sleep as did trying to sit up while sleeping.

I've been trying to edit the photos I took in the past couple of months, so I can upload them to Facebook, but it's taking me a long time. I get tired pretty easily.

I was just walking out of the bathroom, sort of drowsy, and felt something on my foot. I looked down and there was a big black bug! Probably a roach. I went, "Aaaah!" Not all that loud. I was just startled. It woke up David, though. I was sure wide awake after that. We should have stayed at the Hampton Inn, I guess...hopefully there are no bed bugs. Yuck!

Tomorrow we're supposed to be over at our place by 8 for the phone company guy, who's coming to hook up our phone and internet. That's from a company called Suddenlink. I hope their internet is as super-fast as they claim! Also, a fix-it guy is supposed to come by and fix a couple of small holes in our wall left by tht previous owners. I'm hoping that he will also be able to put our TV's up on the wall, too. Otherwise I have to find someone else to do that.

Then in the afternoon, they're supposed to bring our new bed! Yay! So we can finally sleep in our own house.

I was supposed to have a conference call at 2, but since I was so spacey from being sick, I forgot about it. It's just as well because I was feeling pretty lousy at that point. Hopefully I can do the one tomorrow.

August 11 is the 45th business day since the movers in Hawaii picked up our stuff, so if it doesn't come by then, I will start bugging them. UGH, that will take a long time... The other movers, from San Diego, are supposed to arrive on Saturday.

   Friday 6/24/16

This week has really gone fast!!

The phone installer was supposed to be here from 8 to 12, but then I got an automated call saying that he would be here after 10. We still hurried over to the house, though, in case one of the people came early. I had told the fix-it guy that we would be there... I was feeling terrible, though. When I woke up, it felt like my throat had been stabbed. I was very congested and coughed up a lot of green stuff. Uh-oh! I just sat around the house in the recliner. David went out to do errands. The phone installer didn't come until around 12:30. After he left, David insisted that I go to Urgent Care. He thought he had found one, but when we went there, they said it's not an urgent care and that I'd need an appointment. Whoops! David had dropped me off, so I had to run out to stop him from driving off. LOL!

So then we went to the ER. I called Kaiser and they said that since there's no urgent care here, they would pay for me to go to the ER.  The people there at the Magnolia Regional Medical Center were very nice. I was feeling pretty lousy.  The doctor was the only one who wasn't really that friendly, but he was fine. He confirmed that I had bronchitis and prescribed me some pills for coughing (benzonatate) and an antibiotic (azithromycine) .  David took me home and then went off to get my prescriptions. While I was at the ER, the fix-it guy had come to patch the two holes in the wall, but he said he would have to come back to finish one of them.

The bed was supposed to be delivered any time between 12 and 5. Well, they didn't come, and we got a bit worried...eventually they did arrive around 5:30. They set it up, and left, and then we put sheets and pillowcases on it, and a comforter. It's nice to have a bed again!

I did phone DISH to get the package changed, so we now have the Top 200 package, I believe, plus HBO. I had to phone them again later because when we tried to watch some shows On Demand, they kept freezing up. They're sending someone out tomorrow to take a look at it. So far our internet is great. No complaints!

I stayed up pretty late, until about 3am. I was still coughing and not able to sleep much, but I didn't feel like watching any more TV or working on my site etc. I was very tired and my brain was foggy from being sick and taking all these drugs.  So I mustered up a little strength and cleaned up things. We had stuff all over the kitchen counters and the living room, especially the couch, so I put away all of the items we'd bought from Wal-Mart and took most of the stuff off the couch, etc.  Tomorrow I can hopefully have the energy to do the laundry.

I dozed a little in the recliner and listened to light instrumental music to try to help me sleep. Eventually I decided that I was not coughing as much, so I moved to the bed. Thankfully, I didn't wake David up with coughing and managed to sleep for about 4 hours.

Besides all of the regular medicine I take, and the medicine prescribed by the doctor, I'm also taking Sudafed, Mucinex, and Aleve when necessary, and at night I also take some Robitussin.  The ER nurse said it was okay...

   Saturday 6/25/16

Today is David's birthday! Too bad I'm so sick or else we would have gone somewhere and done something. Oh, well.

The DISH Network guy came around noon and fixed our problem by moving the Hopper into the bedroom and hard-wiring it into the router or modem. Yay!

We still don't have much furniture, but we're settling in. We may not need a dresser -- the walk-in closets have some nice shelves.  We're trying to be a little conservative with our money until he gets paid in August.

I spent most of the day sleeping, in the new bed. That's usually the only way I get better. Plus, that way I figure if I sleep during the day, I don't wake David up coughing at night. I can always sleep in the recliner again if I need to. I'm not coughing nearly as much as yesterday, and it's a much looser cough, not the dry hacking cough I had before. I still coughed up stuff this morning but my throat didn't feel bad. It's just much better. I did have a bit of a fever today, though, so I'm trying to take it easy as much as possible. I did have a slight fever during the day of 99.6, but it got better.

It's been hard for me to get the air-conditioner at the right level. It's either too hot or too cold. We actually have two a/c's, which is weird. One for the bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and the other one for the living room, kitchen, dining rooms, laundry room and half-bath. We need to figure out how to close the vents in the rooms we don't use much so we can save some money. He tried to do it yesterday but hit a snag.

I called Domino's for lunch. They have pretty good gluten-free pizza. That's another thing I missed in Hawaii! They only had one Domino's, and it only delivered to a small area, nowhere near us. There were two other pizza places that had gluten free pizza; one was nearby but their pizza is not great. Another was not nearby.  Neither delivered. Now, I did sometimes get pizza from California Pizza Kitchen via a delivery place called Aloha2Go, but it was really super-expensive and sometimes they would burn the pizza.

The movers from San Diego came and delivered our boxes (that we've had in storage for 3 years). I'm really not looking forward to going through those... it won't be for a while, anyway. I plan to wait until I unpack all the other boxes (the ones from Hawaii), since those are more necessary.  Then I will unpack the others and figure out where I want to put things, especially our collectibles. The boxes are very dusty and probably there are spiders and other insects. Also, they're in the garage, which is very hot. So we'll see how long it takes me....

There was only ONE guy delivering our boxes. He said that he couldn't get another person to help him around here because we live in such a small town.  Then when he got here, he was very apologetic about the condition of the boxes. I guess he was worried that we'd blame him, but David assured him that we knew they were already in bad shape from before they were picked up.  The movers that took the boxes from Georgia to El Cajon stacked everything way too high.  This is funny - when David got the paperwork from the guy, the movers in El Cajon had marked on them: "Worst Packing Job Ever!"  LOL! Hey, buddy, you try packing up a huge house with only two weeks notice!

Every time we move into a new place, we wonder what surprises await us, in terms of something being broken. Sometimes the previous owners are not honest about the condition of the house.  There have been only a few little things here so far. First there were two small holes in the wall, hidden behind their TV sets.  Then, the guestroom bathtub has a few holes in the porcelain. Not a big deal, but annoying. 

I went to use the washer and dryer and had a hard time moving the knob on the washer. Usually you turn the knob on top and the one below it turns as well, to set up the timer. Well, the outer knob just turns easily and doesn't make the other knob turn, so it's difficult to turn the other knob. You have to use both hands to do it. Slightly annoying. I hope there are no more surprises! I'm glad to finally be able to do the laundry, although it's pretty much sapping all of my energy today. It's certainly better than the one in our Honolulu apartment that leaked!

Obviously, overall, I'm enjoying the place. It's very nice, and large, and I look forward to getting more furniture and settling in. However, there are always annoying little things about moving into a house. For instance, there are lots of light switches and you have to figure out which is which -- which switch turns on which light, etc.  So you stand there, switching the switches until you get to the one you want. Unless you label them or have a really good memory, you go through that every single time!

I'm so very tired of being sick. This is one of the worst cases of bronchitis I've ever had. I've had it many times!  This one came on really fast. I'd only been sick 3 days when I started getting that horrible cough. Usually I'm sick for a week or so before that happens.  I'm so tired of the coughing and being stuffed up. It's the worst.

Nothing else too exciting going on.... We're both very glad to be at home and not in a hotel or airplane.  He's really looking forward to starting his new job.

   Sunday 6/26/16

I'm feeling much better today. I didn't feel too bad waking up. I just had a little coughing up junk. I have more energy, too. Now if I can just quit completely coughing and stop my nose from running/being plugged up, I'll be fine!  No fever today, either.

I got up around lunchtime, I believe. David got me a chicken sandwich from McDonald's. Now, I've had this before, and it wasn't bad, but this time, it was terrible. I think part of the problem was that my taste buds are affected by my cold. I took it into the kitchen and started cutting it up. I planned to melt some cheese on it and add some mayo, but then my knife slipped and I knocked the whole thing on the floor! Stupid, clumsy me...oh, well! A little later, I made myself a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich instead, so that was very good. I had to watch our new dishes first.

I can't find how to turn on the little light over the stove, unless it's burned out.

I mostly worked on my site today. I had a lot to do. I also finally put away all of our clothes.

We went to dinner at this Japanese restaurant called Tokyo. It was ok. Then we checked out the Walgreen's and got a few things.

I was planning to hook up my computer to the TV so I can run my site's transcripts like I usually do, but then I realized I did something completely stupid - I didn't send any of the cables with it. They're all in the boxes that will come later in July or August. D'oh!

My site was down for a while, so that was irritating. I hope it's fixed now.

Earlier today I watched "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" while I worked on my site.  It was not that great. In fact, it was pretty disappointing. I thought the first one was pretty good. Ah, well. I do love Dylan O'Brien...

Tomorrow I hope to finish unpacking the rest of our suitcases and open a couple of packages I got. That's how little I've been doing. Usually I open packages right away.

I also want to finish going through all of the photos from the past two months. There are just so many of them!

Have a great week and Happy Fourth of July!

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