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  Monday April 11, 2016

I somehow managed to sleep a few hours last night and then wake up around 7am for my conference call! Yay! David was feeling sick, poor thing. I went back to sleep, and aside from taking down the dry cleaning, slept until 2:30pm.

After doing some work on my site, we went to Epic for dinner. It's always good food there, and now they have a gluten free menu. The waiter told me they came up with it because of me! Glad I could help.

I stopped at Subway to get a soda, and then on the way back, I got to see and pet several cute dogs. This is always the highlight of my day!

Later, I made some gluten free, low carb chocolate chocolate-chip cookies.  They're very yummy! I didn't have any sugar free chocolate chips, but I just had half a bag of extra dark chips, so that worked well.

I practiced my guitar...trying to make sure to practice every day, but it's hard. Didn't do too much else besides work. Work, work, work!

  Tuesday April 12, 2016

I tried to go to bed early but ending up staying up again. I have a conference call at 7, so I'm not going to bother to go back to sleep. There's no point. I'll go to sleep for a few hours after the call. I'm planning to get up again around 11, so I can go to the ATM and buy some stuff at Wal-mart.  Then I'll go down to the Ward Warehouse area and do a little shopping, and have lunch, before I meet Tom and Cynthia for the movies.

So tired, though!

I slept for just a few hours...didn't do most of the things I planned to do! Too tired. I woke up around 12:15 and then went to the ATM, then grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald's before getting a cab down to the movie theater. I was sick off and on all day with the usual problems, but I didn't let it ruin my time (and thankfully I was not sick DURING the movie). I got there a little early, and I was a bit worried when Cynthia didn't reply to my text. I wondered if maybe they had forgotten or something! But then they got there. For some reason, her phone was not sending texts to me. Weird. Since I got there early, I got my ticket and then just walked around the lobby, taking photos of the movie posters.

The movie "Allegiant" is the third movie in a series. The first one, "Divergent" was very good and entertaining. The second one, "Insurgent," was ok, but not quite as good. This third one was somewhere in-between. There were some parts that I felt lagged or were a little slow. Thinking about it a little later, the plot was pretty dumb, especially the ending. Oh, well. At least it had a lot of action.

After the movie, they had to rush off. I went to Buca di Beppo and ordered food for take-out. Their food always has such huge portions! I got a small salad and lasagna, and they're humongous.

I would really love a nap, but it's 5:30, so I'm going to try to hang on for awhile.

We just stayed home and had the food from Buca di Beppo for dinner, and watch TV. I managed to stay up until about 11. I took a shower because my neck was hurting, and also, my ears are kind of plugged up. Even with the shower and with Sudafed. I hope they unplug soon.

  Wednesday April 13, 2016

I woke up a few times and finally got up for good a little after 4. I'm sure I'll be tired later and want a nap! Going to try not to nap, though, so I can keep going to bed around 11 or midnight and getting up no later than 9.

My ears are no longer plugged up, at least!

I'm just so tired of itching all the time, especially when I'm trying to sleep..

I went back to bed and then woke up, was sick, went back to sleep. Missed my conference call.  Ah, well. Then I slept in too late again.

I went out about 2:30 and got lunch at 'Umeke Market. They have a sandwich there that I love, a Mexican Club, which has a chicken breast, bacon, a spicy sauce on a gluten free bread. It comes with avocado, but I told them to leave that off. They put it on anyway! The woman at the counter thought I asked for extra guacamole! So I had to wait while they remade it.  Then I got some stuff at the store and went home.

It was a pretty dull evening. We just had dinner at home and watched TV.

I worked a lot on my site, and also on my Business Cards Page  and a bit on the ABCC site, which I also host. Someone in the club made some suggestions about how to improve the page. I did fix up the broken links and a few other things.

This kind of thing happens all of the time with my web sites. Someone will try to re-invent the wheel and think they've got great ideas (that they don't know I've already thought of), but then when it comes down to it, either their ideas are vague, or bad, or they're not interested in doing any work themselves. I try to humor them as best I can, but it usually comes to nought.

I've been trying to copy as many shows as I can off my DVR, so that when we move, the DVR will be empty! Wish me luck :) I'm not recording most of these shows to watch. I've already seen most of them. I'm recording them to DVD so that I can use them later for my site. I'm also running the transcripts like I do for the soaps, so I'll have those as well. So it's not like a huge big deal if I don't finish before we move, but I'd like to.

I stayed up way too late...I have a one-on-one interview tomorrow, but thankfully, it's not too early.

  Thursday April 14, 2016

My interview went fine. I slept before and after it...I'm actually getting used to all of the noise outside my window (yelling, drilling, hammering, sawing etc.). I can sleep through most of it. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

We went to Murphy's for dinner...it was ok. It's always a problem for us, finding a place that we can agree on for dinner... but I didn't want to stay home yet again for dinner, especially since I didn't get up early enough to go get any food anywhere else.

It was not a very interesting evening. I did a lot of work as usual. I'm looking forward to Saturday because I'll be going on a tour of the island with Tom and Cynthia, and their visiting friends. That should be fun!

It was really windy here tonight. I had to close the door to the lanai because the wind kept blowing around the blinds and making a racket.

I finally did the dishes. Woo hoo! LOL! I stayed up until about 5am.

  Friday April 15, 2016

I was happy to sleep in today and not have any interviews! I woke up around 12:40. I have my guitar lesson around 3. I moved my guitars and stuff into the bedroom, which is a better place to practice, but then it's like, out of sight, out of mind. I forget to practice.

I had a fair amount of sleep, for a change. I walked over there to my lesson. It was very hot today. I had a good lesson. We worked on some new songs I've had, and I asked him some questions about songs we'd worked on before.  We also talked about marriage and children! I told him that going to these lessons, he's almost like my therapist as well :)

On the way back, I was just so hot, and tired, so I stopped for a shave ice. I also picked up some more flowers for our place. I took a little nap after I got home. I was kind of sick this morning and this afternoon as well.

David had a work thing, and he ate there, so he came back later and I met him downstairs. We went to Duc's and just sat at the bar. I had some spring rolls and dessert, and I had their special to go : venison stew. It was really good.

I did a lot of work and cleaned up the condo. Nothing too exciting!  I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with certain things on my site.

  Saturday April 16, 2016

Our friends Tom and Cynthia had two of their friends visiting Hawaii for the first time, so they drove around the island, showing them some of the sites, so we went with them. They were nice enough to include us, since they know I've been wanting to do more Hawaii things before we move, especially near the beach.  I ran over to Starbucks first to grab coffee and breakfast, snf then they picked us up at 11.  Their friends seem very nice. I was the only one in the car without a PhD, but that's okay... I'm used to that.

We drove up the Likelike Highway (which is  pronounced lee-kay lee-kay). Our first stop was the Byodo-In Temple, a Buddhist temple and mortuary that is a popular tourist place. We hadn't been to it before, so that was interesting. It's very pretty. It's in the mountains, and there is a lot of grass, trees and flowers, and cool-looking building and statues. They have a big bell, a gong-like thing that you can ring. It's very picturesque. There are apparently peacocks, but we didn't see any. They have ponds with black swans and lots of koi. They had a gift shop, too. It rained quite a bit. I took many photos. They had some kind of tea-drinking ceremony as well. The others did that, but not me, nor David. Neither of us is big on tea. It seemed interesting as I sat nearby, though, and listened.

Then we drove a long way, around the top of the North Shore. First we went to the beach at the Banzai Pipeline. We got out, walked over to the beach, took pictures, etc.  One of their friends took her shoes off and walked in the water a bit. The waves were really high and amazing. I'd been there once before, but these waves seemed a lot higher. It was very beautiful, too.

Then we stopped at Laniakea Beach to see a turtle. There was one big one there, and they had roped it off so the tourists weren't bothering him. There were a lot of people there, taking pictures. The turtle didn't seem to care much.

We stopped for lunch in the Hale'Iwa town, another touristy place, but nice like, say, Del Mar (in California). We had lunch at a Thai restaurant that was pretty good. I wasn't all that hungry, so I just had some chicken satay and some delicious mango ice cream. I only ate half of that! We had a great time. I should have asked the waitress to take a photo of all of us, but I forgot. We were all kind of tired by then.

Then we drove back and they dropped us off. The whole drive took us about 5 hours. It was fun and also a bit tiring. I laid down for a while. we went out a little later for drinks and to pick up dinner at Downbeat.

I was just so exhausted and went to bed around 8:40. I woke up itching later around 1am and got up. I couldn't sleep.

Here are 10 Things I Won't Miss About Hawaii:

1. Hawaiian slang, which is often called pidgin English. It's actually a Creole language. It's very interesting if you read the history and how it developed, but trying to figure out what people are saying and hearing them mangle English grammar is hard for me to take, especially when they leave out verbs or the S's on the end of plurals.

2. How expensive restaurants and houses/apartments are

3. No J.C. Penney's, Olive Garden, dollar stores, national banks,

4. Being in a very different time zone than the mainland

5. Soy sauce in everything

6. People taking off their shoes before they go into your place (or expecting me to)

7.  Hawaii Time - Slowness (worse than the south), latness and expecting you not to be impatient or in a hurry

8. Bad traffic and bad drivers

9. no overnight delivery to/from the mainland and stores won't ship certain items here

10. expecting you to hug and kiss people you don't know (that's hard for me to get used to)

It was actually hard to come up with 10. There are some things that only we experience or that are not island-wide, like not having a/c in our place, and how small and closed-in the places are downtown, and seeing the homeless everywhere downtown, and hard-to-find bathrooms because of the homeless problem.  There are more minor things like their new anti-plastic bag law, or the $130 fine for jaywalking. 

By and large, I love it here and will miss everything else - our friends, the food, how nice and friendly everyone is, the plants, flowers, and trees, the birds, the fish, the weather (mostly), the exotic nature of everything, the diversity of people, the convenience of living downtown, how mellow and laid-back everyone is. Although we certainly do have lots of traffic noise living downtown with our windows open, we rarely hear any cars honking. People just don't do that here.  People here are really into nature and very protective of everything, so you don't see too much litter or graffiti as you might in a mainland large city. We don't have too much violence, guns or gangs here, either. There are no billboards, and in many communities, they don't allow building of tall buildings or condos. No snakes here, either, but there are many lizards. Not too many mosquitoes considering how much greenery there is.

Well, I will really miss it here, but part of me is looking forward to exploring Arkansas and that area, and making new friends!

You see my photos on Instagram, but I'm also uploading them to an album in Facebook.

I went back to bed around 6am.

  Sunday April 17, 2016

Busy week coming up! David has some work thing today and then we're meeting our friends George and Lena at Gordon Biersch at the Aloha Tower Marketplace for dinner. Always great to see them!

Wednesday afternoon, we're flying to San Diego for a brief visit. Unfortunately, it means I'm going to miss the Cheech & Chong conert (Bummer, man) and the HPU spring music concert, both of which I was really looking forward to. No guitar lesson this week, either.

We went to Smith & King for lunch. My stomach wasn't feeling well, but it turned out I just needed to eat, I guess. They have a nice brunch there. I had half of an omelet and took the rest home.

Then I had a nice nap. I had a bizarre dream that Elvis was still alive and living in L.A.  My SIL Susan had entered a contest that he had entered (something to do with her car - they had to test it) and she won $91 million!  She was happy, but not nearly as excited as one would expect.  Funny dream!

It's pouring rain today. I hope it won't be too wet and cold when we go to Gordon Biersch!

Apparently I got a mosquito bite on my leg yesterday...it was probably while we were outdoors at the Buddist Temple because there were a lot of little ponds. Normally I don't get bitten too much here in Hawaii.

It was still raining quite a bit all night. I walked with my umbrella over there to meet David. We sat for a while at the bar until George and Lena arrived. I was just keeping him company because he had an event over there and didn't want to walk all the way back... anyway, they got there and we went to a table. we sat on their patio, but out of the rain. We had a great time! They're so nice. I probably should have had wine, though, because I was not in the most sociable mood... I couldn't even tell you why. We did have a great time, though.

Hope you have a great week!

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