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  Monday 3/21/16

I was supposed to do a conference call this morning, but I stayed up really late last night, so I couldn't stay up. I had a really bad headache, too.

The dry cleaner called at around 9:35 as usual, and I exchanged bags with him. I told him not to come Thursday, since we'll be out of town. I went back to sleep until around 12:30. I wanted to keep sleeping, but I didn't. I was a bit sick from gluten as usual.

After a little while, recovering, I mailed a package at the post office, then I went over to Fort Street where they're filming some shoot-out scenes for "Hawaii Five-0" on the rooftops. You can't see too much on the ground...just crew, security, craft services, trucks, a crane etc. I got some food at McDonald's and then went back home.

I could hear the fake gunfire from our place - it was very loud! And then I saw many startled birds flying up away from it, every time. I looked out our window and saw some trucks, people and another crane up on the roof, two blocks away. I couldn't see much, so I got out the binoculars. I got to see them shooting some scenes, and I saw Scott Caan, who plays Danny.  He's got a very distinctive haircut and I saw him walking to the edge of the roof, facing me, after the scene ended. I didn't watch too long because it's kind of boring. They take a long time between shooting each scene. I was looking a while to see if I could recognize any other cast members, but I couldn't tell for sure. It was hot out, so I didn't want to stay out on the lanai too long. Still, exciting!

David came home briefly to get the car and go to the other campus.  He's been waiting for an important letter, too, and it finally came today, so I know he's thrilled about that.

I had donated some money to charity and in return I got a lovely T-shirt and thank you card from actor Rainn Wilson, whom I love, ever since his brilliant show last year, "Backstrom."  So stoked to get that!

We went to dinner at Epic. I had a steak...should have had a salad! Oh, well. Afterwards, at home, I did work etc. watched TV, all the usual stuff! Oh, and laundry.

I went to bed early, around midnight.

  Tuesday 3/22/16

Unfortunately, I woke up really early, about 5:30am. I might go back to sleep, though, in a little while.

Whoa, I just realized tomorrow is Wednesday...we're going to Vegas. I'm not ready! LOL!

I slept a really long time...oops....

I did a lot of work on my site and also recorded another video with the guitar! I wanted to record more, but it was really hard. It was hot, and my makeup kept melting. Then I kept getting really tired. Hopefully tomorrow I can do another song, at least. I didn't go out at all during the day, which is rare for me.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I had their turkey dinner as usual...that's what I have when I can't eat any of their specials....

We just watched TV for a while, and then I did more work on my site, and watched more TV. Just a regular night. Nothing too exciting going on yet!

 I had a hard time getting to sleep due to the usual problems with allergies and achy neck.

  Wednesday 3/23/16

I got up around noon and just had a chicken sausage. I was rushing around all day, trying to get ready for our trip to Vegas! I had to make sure all of my electronics were updated and charged; and I did the dishes, and some more laundry; and I had  to run my site's transcripts as well as delete some shows on my DVR, so I have room for stuff while we're gone.  Then around 2:30pm, I walked to my guitar lesson. I was so tired, but it was a good lesson. We went over my new songs, and my guitar teacher helped me figure out some strums and other things for them.

Then I stopped at Wal-mart for some things, and McDonald's. I was starving at that point!

Once I got home, I had to rush around to finish packing and other stuff.  Fortunately, our flight isn't until 10:30pm, so I had enough time for everything. Even more laundry that I hadn't planned for, and some working on my site....

I can't wait to go to Vegas, but It's a shame I won't be able to practice guitar for four days.  We're not big gamblers. David's family used to come here a lot when he was a kid, so it's something that he and his family got used to doing. We just play a few slots. It's just a fun, exciting place, with lots of lights and sounds... we usually love the food, too, and I also enjoy shopping there.  It's great to walk around and look at everything. This is a great time of year because it's not too hot to do a lot of walking. Also, he has a conference there to attend for the Southwest Social Sciences Association. He used to be president of that one year, too.

We left for the airport around 8pm. We had a few hours to kill after we checked in and went through security. We had the TSA pre-approval, so it was very easy to get through. We didn't even have to take off our shoes!

They have a mini-Gordon Biersch, so we ate there. They didn't have the full menu, so I just got some fish tacos. Normally they come with a crispy corn shell inside a soft flour tortilla, but I can't have the flour one, so they just brought it with the crispy corn shell, which falls apart very easily! But still, it was delicious.

Our flight via American Airlines was very quick and easy. I mean, don't get me wrong, it took 6 hours, but it seemed to  go by quickly. They have this little TV in the seat in front of you, and you can play games, or watch TV or movies. A lot of it is free. I watched "Birdman" starring Michael Keaton and John Cusack. It was a really weird movie, and I don't know if I understood the ending, but it was very enjoyable. Then I started to watch "The Judge," starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall, but I ran out of time. It was ok, but not as good as the first one. We had upgraded to the special seats that are in-between coach and business class. They have a lot more leg room.

  Thursday 3/24/16

We arrived in Vegas around 7 am. We couldn't check in to our hotel (Bally's) that early, so we stored our luggage and went to eat breakfast. We ran into an old friend from Texas Tech and chatted for a few minutes with her. We walked over to Bellagio, across the street, and ate at their coffee shop. They have a beautiful garden outside with many flowers. It smells wonderful. The service was very slow in the coffee shop, and the food was just so-so. Actually, most of the food was disappointing this time around for our whole trip.

We did a lot of walking around, and some playing. They let us in our room a litlte bit later, and we took a good nap. We met my sister-in-law Eileen and her husband Joe later on. We all went to dinner at Battista's, an old Italian restaurant across from Bally's. We've been there many times and enjoyed it. I had veal and it was very over-cooked, so that was not good. The gluten-free spaghetti that came with it was very good. They also give you two bottles of unlimited white and red wine, and cappuccino for dessert.

Then we went over to Ellis Island for karaoke. We managed to get a seat, but it was very crowded, so I only got to sing two songs. I did "One" by Three Dog Night, which was ok, but I kind of messed up toward the end. Then I did "Heartbreaker" later and that went well. Eileen also sang, but her song was in an extremely high key, which made it difficult. She still sounded great, though, as she always does. We had fun drinking and listening to the other singers. We walked around a bit after that...it was a fun night. I stayed up pretty late. I watched the rest of "The Judge" on Amazon. Good movie but really sad.

  Friday 3/25/16

The next morning, we got up pretty early. I had trouble sleeping. Then Twitter was alive with the "Ted Cruz Sex Scandal" rumors. He and the women he was supposedly involved with denied it, so it may not be true. It made the morning interesting, though, reading all of the funny tweets about it.

My allergies were really bad the whole time during our trip; the dryness and all the smoking in the casinos didn't help. We went to Mon Ami Gabi, which is my favorite restaurant, in the Paris. They have great food and lots of gluten-free options. I had a delicious hot chocolate, and a great ham and cheese omelet. The hash browns that came with it were the best I've ever had. And of course, gluten free toast! I'll have to go back there sometime for the gluten free waffles. I went back to the room. David had lunch a little later with his friend. I went back to sleep for awhile. He then had his panel in the afternoon and also did some other conference stuff.

We met up again with Joe and Eileen for dinner. We went downtown and had dinner at the Main Street Buffet. There was very little that I was willing to take a chance on; most of it was breaded or had gravy. Unlike many buffets I've been to in the past few years, nothing was marked as gluten free. Also, it is not as good as it used to be. Most of the meat was very dried out and overcooked. The salad and enchiladas were good. Also, they have sugar free pies there, which are yummy.

We walked around a bit, and and played. Because of it being a holiday weekend, it was very crowded and loud. They had many bands and street performers outside on the main part of Fremont Street. We had a good time despite the noise and crowd. David won $600 on a Godfather shot machine at Union Plaza, so that was fun! I was just losing and losing every time I played...

We went back to the Strip for awhile before going back to our room for the night.

  Saturday 3/26/16

We both woke up very early again. We walked over to the Walgreens so I could get some more socks, and some Sudafed for my allergies. My allergies are always bad, but they were way worse this week. My nose is all rough from rubbing and blowing it, like you get with a cold. It was pretty cold in Vegas, except in the afternoon, and I didn't bring enough socks, so that's why I had to buy more.

We stopped at the Planet Hollywood coffee shop, and I had a pretty good breakfast there of sausage and fruit. The fruit plate was HUGE. A little bit later, we met Eileen and Joe at the New York New York casino for lunch. We went to Nine Fine Irishman. We were both pretty full still from breakfast. I just had a salad. They have a gluten free menu, but I wasn't really interested in most of what was on it.  We did more walking around and having fun. We had planned to go to a karaoke place, the kind with the private rooms, but they all opened after 6pm and we were very tired. Instead, we went over to the Sam's Town area and investigated the new casinos there. We wanted to take a nap, but by the time we went back to the Strip, it was almost dinner time, so we just decided to stay up as long as we could, and then go to bed early. I wanted to have dinner at Serendipity 3, which is in the front of Ceasar's Palace, but we didn't feel like waiting 15-20 minutes, so we walked across the street and had dinner at Off the Strip in The Linq. We stayed at The Linq last time we visited Vegas, and we loved the food in that place. It was not quite as good this time. Like I said, most of the places were disappointing.

Then I finally won some good jackpots, after three days! I had been playing Megabucks most of the time because in the past, that's how I had gotten the larger jackpots of $100 and above. The one I played at Flamingo was a penny machine (one of those where you play 500 coins at once). I won $50, so that made me happy. Then, a few minutes later, I won $100 on a poker machine back at Bally's. Yay! It's definitely more fun if you win a bit. We got back to our room pretty early and conked out. We were both so tired.

  Sunday 3/27/16

I woke up at 2am and couldn't go back to sleep. I just did work on my site. David woke up around 4:30. I packed everything and took a shower. We got ready and headed over to the airport around 5:30. Too early!

We played a few more slots at the airport. I turned $20 into $60, so that was good! I think he won a small jackpot as well. I bought some Ethel M chocolates, which are always so good. We had breakfast at the California Pizza Kitchen. I had a really delicious omelet.

Our flight was not nearly as good as the one out. I was not feeling well. I had some stomach aches and my legs and neck were achy. I tried sleeping but couldn't. I watched "Mazerunner," a really fun scifi movie. I did sleep a little while after that. I bought a gluten free snack pack while on the plane.

When we arrived back in Honolulu, it felt SO warm and humid! It had been super dry in Vegas.

After we got home, I got sick from the gluten...probably that buffet at Main Street casino. After that, I took a nap. We got home around noon. Later, we had our usual dinner at Downbeat. Thankfully, it was open, even on Easter. Hope you all had a great Easter!

We watched some TV and ate some chocolate. I did a load of laundry. I went to sleep around 10:30 and then slept for 10 hours.

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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