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  Monday 2/8/16

Today was the official Lunar New Year, although most of the celebrations went on the past two weekends. So there was more noise of fireworks and drumming! Not too bad, though.

I got up about 7:20 because I had a conference call at 8. Then I stayed up until about 11. The dry cleaning man came around 10. I was really enjoying the cool weather. It was about 63. Later it got warmer, in the high 70's. Still nice, but warm enough in my apartment to open the lanai doors and put on the ceiling fans again. But my feet are cold, so I'm wearing socks. The rest is hot!

I didn't wake up again until a little after 4pm. I took a shower and then went to the ATM, McDonald's and Subway. I had 2 packages and mail to pick up, too. That was my exciting time out of the apartment today! :)

I worked on my site and did some laundry and other cleaning stuff. I was starting to feel really sleepy, but as usual, once I moved around a little, I woke up.

I'm cooking up some pork that I marinated all night. Hopefully it should taste great! Sure smells good. For once I'm the one  making the great smells in this building! LOL!  I over-cooked it a bit, but it's still good. I'm going to chop it up in the food processor and add barbecue sauce, so that'll be yummy.

It's supposed to get down to 68 tonight, which is fine with me.

I went to sleep around 1:30, but then I woke up a few hours later. My neck was really hurting me. Then I couldn't get back to sleep, from allergies, especially itching.

I had this dream that I was the Flash and that I was working with Leonard Snart and some other speedsters to prevent some gem from being stolen, but then it got stolen anyway, and I knew someone had betrayed us. Strange dream! This is the second time this month, though, that I've dreamed about being the Flash! I usually dream about being Superman or Supergirl, if I dream about any suphero (that's been true my whole life and hasn't happened particularly since I started watching the new show). I watch a lot of TV, especially scifi and comic book TV shows, so I'm just glad when it's not some weird, horrible, post-apocalyptic dream!

Argh! I'm mad at myself. I went to all the trouble to make this beautiful graphic for my site, for Lunar New Year and Mardi Gras, then I stupidly forgot to put it up...well, better late than never! Geez, where is my brain?

I went to bed about 1:30am but then woke up with neck pain (from my spine problem) a few hours later, then I couldn't get back to sleep because of allergies.

  Tuesday 2/9/16

I had breakfast, then I had two phone interviews. I finally went back to sleep around 11 and then slept for over 5 hours. I was tired!

I didn't hear from my friends about going out for Mardi Gras, so I just went to Downbeat to get takeout. They normally have Taco Tuesdays, so they had a special menu with Mardi Gras tacos (they just seemed like regular tacos to me, but they were very good). I went to Subway to get a soda while they made that order up. They were already setting up around the downtown for the festivities. I wish I'd had someone to go with because most of it was starting at 6pm, so it would be too dark for me to wander around by myself. I mean, I'm sure it was perfectly safe, but since it would be boring by myself, anyway, why bother? I was tired, anyway.

The tacos were kind of cold by the time I got home, so I warmed them up in the microwave after adding some cheese. They were really good. There was a little noise from the Mardi Gras stuff, but not too bad. Nothing like the Lunar New Year drums and firecrackers!

I just worked on my site like usual. I got very sleep around 10 and struggled to stay awake. I finally went to sleep around 11. I slept very soundly, until a telemarketer woke me up around 6:30. I just ignored his call and went back to sleep.

I had a bunch of strange dreams. First I had a long dream about vampires. It was actually a very interesting story and would make a good book. The second dream was that we were moving to a new town, and for some reason, David had bought a house without my input. We went there, and we discovered a few things. First, had pets in it. There was a hamster, some cats and a dog. Then we found out that there was this whole huge room out back where people were working on fixing it up. It used to be a Chili's and the sign was still there. They were remodeling it. It was like the town project and had people of all ages working on it (like something out of a Hallmark movie).  Some were decorating it for Christmas, too.  It was very strange because no one was paying them, but they made it very clear that they wanted to keep working on it to restore it. We didn't want to keep paying for it! Silly dreams.

  Wednesday 2/10/16

I finally woke up around 10. It was great to finally get some good sleep and then wake up at a good time. I had spam and toast for breakfast. I really need to go get some groceries after I wake up a little more.

We're still having wonderful temperatures. It's in the 60's during the night and morning, then it goes into the 70's. It's really nice. Usually our place stays hot unless it dtops below 80.

I walked over to the cupcake place and got some gluten-free cupcakes, and then I went to Flower Fair, which is right near there, and bought some flowers to cheer up our place for Valentine's Day, as well as a big bear.

I was pllanning to also go to Safeway, but I just didn't feel that great, and I was still tired, so I went back to sleep. That's not a good idea, to nap when I've already had so much sleep!

David came home from his trip around 2, then he went to work for a while.  As if I didn't already feel very lazy...LOL! I did a little work on my site. After a while, I finally got up and played guitar a little, and picked up the apartment a little.

We went to Murphy's for dinner... they had a bunch of great New Orleans-themed dishes on the menu, but they all had flour or soy sauce, so....I had turkey. Ah, well. David said the jambalaya was very good.  It's very nice

We just watched TV, catching up on shows he missed while he was out of town....now I'm working on my site as always!

I stayed up really late...not that I wanted to. I just had trouble getting to sleep because I had too much sleep earlier today.  Then because I had spent way too much time on the computer typing, my neck was really hurting.

  Thursday 2/11/16

I only had a few hours' sleep in the morning because my neck kept hurting me, and then I was itching a lot, too. It was horrible. After the dry cleaner guy came, I took a shower, and that helped a lot. I had taken lots of medication, too, which probably finally kicked in. I went back to sleep for a few hours. UGH.

I was supposed to have my guitar lesson, but I was just hurting too much. I felt that walking two miles, and playing the guitar for an hour, probably would not be good for my neck/shoulder, so I phoned and canceled it. I hate doing that because he charges me if I miss without giving him 24 hours. But I was just in no shape for it. If I lived next door to the place, or within a few blocks, maybe I would have gone anyway, and just said, hey, I'm in pain, can't play too much today... but it's a mile each way.  I hadn't had much sleep, either.

I mostly stayed off the computer today, to rest my body.  Later on, we went briefly to Dolan's. I bought a salad there for later, and I got a soda at Subway. I've really wanted to go to the store for the past few days, but I've either been too tired or whatever.

I cooked us some gluten free pasta for dinner. It's not low carb, so I didn't have very much. It was really good, though. It was Pastificio La Rosa brand gluten free pasta...I don't think it's for sale yet online, though, or in US stores. Too bad! I got it in my monthly LoveWithFood box. It's a neat thing -- they send me a small box of yummy, gluten-free, organic, non-GMO snacks every month. It's like a little surprise! They also donate a meal to a hungry child with each purchase. It's only about $10 per box, which is not bad at all. I just wish there were more low carb snacks, but it's very hard to find yummy, gluten-free, low-carb foods...

I ended up going to bed fairly early, about 11. I was so tired!

  Friday 2/12/16

I kept waking up this morning, but I finally did get out of bed around 9am. I really needed sleep after yesterday's pain. I was sick for part of the day with my usual problems. At least I didn't take a nap!

I got a lot done today. I had a little bit of breakfast (just a Kind bar) and did some work on my site in the morning. I took a shower. My upper left tooth has been hurting. I hope it was just from grinding while I was asleep and there's nothing wrong with it. It hurt when I was eating breakfast but was okay later. About 11, I went to Starbucks and had lunch, then I went to the gym for a good half hour on the treadmill. Then I did more work, then I practiced my guitar. I also called the guy who contacted me months ago about being in his band. This is my second call, and I've always emailed him, so I said, this is my last call, I assume you're not interested if I don't hear from you. I had also heard from another guy, so I emailed him. Hopefully one of them will work out. Otherwise I'll have to place another ad on Craigslist. That's what I get for putting them off, I guess. I was just so busy during the holidays..

I also spent part of the day arguing about Hillary and Bernie with other liberals! LOL!  One was a person on Twitter who just hates Hillary and thinks she's "right-wing."  Even if Bernie loses, this person is going to vote for some third-party candidate. I kept trying to explain that it's a waste of his or her vote to do that, but I couldn't convince this person. Oh, well.  The other person was my friend Thane on Facebook. He lives in New Zealand, so he can't vote, anyway. LOL!  We had a good discussion, though, but he's not too fond of Hillary because she was not in favor of gay marriage last time she ran (none of the candidates were). He and I have discussed it before, and he thinks Bernie has a chance, but I don't think he does. I really don't think America is going to vote for a 74-year-old socialist Jew with a strong accent, who never smiles, barely combs his hair, and just yells all of the time.  They both have a lot of negatives, but I think his are worse. I'm just worried, though, that either he'll lose, and his supporters will not vote, or vote for a 3rd party candidate (or worse, Republican); or that he'll win, and he won't be able to beat the Republican.  I don't remember there ever being such a close race with the Democratic Primary before. I mean, I thought Obama was going to win pretty early because he was not doing any negative campaigning and that seemed to work for him. Kerry won it fairly early on. Gore won it pretty easily and early. 1992 (if you can remember that far back!) had a lot of Democrats running, but it was mostly Clinton and Jerry Brown until March when Jerry lost it. That might be the closest one we've had until now. 1988 was pretty close, too, I guess, and there were a lot of candidates. Mondale won it pretty easily in 1984. I remember back then that I really wanted Gary Hart to win, so I was very disappointed. I don't remember much about the 1980 race very well, even though it was the first one I voted in.  I didn't like Jimmy Carter, so I think I may have voted for John Anderson. It doesn't look like Ted Kennedy gave him much of a run.

I know it may sound silly now that I didn't like Carter, since everyone loves him, but there was one reason I hated him. He brought back the draft registration. I was in college, so that was very important to me. We hadn't had a draft since 1975. I know it's only 5 years, but that seemed like a long time back then. Also, everyone I knew was the right age to be drafted, and we were really worried that bringing back draft registration would also mean bringing back the draft. And finally, as a woman, it bothered me that only men had to register. When I filled out the form for a student loan, I had to check the little box that said, basically "I'm a woman so I don't have to register." I had not really felt like a second-class citizen until then. Thanks, Jimmy.... And we still have it!! Even though there's no draft. No one has had the balls to get rid of it. Apparently, a few days ago, the House did propose a bill just a few days ago to abolisgh the draft registration. Wow, what a coincidence. Oddly enough, it was proposed by a Republican, one who has had a lot of military service in his life. Hope it passes!

Anyway...we went to Waikiki for dinner. We met our friends George and Lena at the Korean restaurant we went to before, called Seoul Jung. It's very good. Last time we went there, which was quite a while ago, I had a hard time communicating with them about gluten. It was hard to find anyone who spoke English, knew what gluten is, and knew what was in the food, and then I had trouble understanding them as well. I ate the food because they told me it was safe and had no gluten, but I wasn't very confident that we were understanding each other. This time, I tried calling, but I kept getting their voice mail, and they never called me back. I printed this up, that I had made from Google's translator:

I'm allergic to gluten. Do you have any food that is gluten-free? Gluten is in wheat, rye and barley, and most soy sauce has wheat in it. I will get very sick if I eat food with gluten.  Thank you!

나는 글루텐 알레르기 반응 입니다. 당신은 글루텐 무료로 음식 있나요? 글루텐 , 호밀 보리 이며, 대부분의 간장 보유하고 있습니다. 나는 글루텐 음식을 먹으면 정말 아픈 것입니다. 고맙습니다!

I was a bit worried that the translator might not be accurate, but it did help quite a lot. I figured if nothing else, they might read English a little better than they understood it verbally, and then the Korean would help fill in the gaps.  They seemed to have better English speakers this time, too.

We were a little late because traffic was bad. I forgot it was a three day weekend, so I guess Waikiki was a bit more crowded than usual. I texted Lena to order potstickers. They'd never eat Korean before, I don't think, so I think they were a little reluctant, but I talked them into it. I figured they would liek the Bulgogi and potstickers because that's what we always liked. We don't eat anything too weird!  Well, David likes sushi, but not me. Anyway, I couldn't eat bulgogi, which is a shame, because it's delicious, but it does have soy sauce. However, I was able to eat Kalbi, which is a delicious short-rib dish that normally I can't eat. I didn't know it was Korean. It's very popular all over the island, but usually they marinate in soy sauce.  It was really good. I had it with rice and some sesame sauce.  The kimchi and other veggies were also really good.  We all enjoyed it and had a great time. It was nice to see them again...it had been awhile.

I've just been catching up on some work here at home. I'm staying up too late again! Too much to do. I'm determined to keep getting up early, though.

  Saturday 2/13/16

I went to bed too late, anyway, and then had trouble sleeping again because of my back hurting. I didn't really get to sleep until about 6am. David tried to wake me to go to the grocery store and to go get my blood sugar tested at Kaiser, but I wouldn't budge from my bed. Later, we went to Zippy's for breakfast. I went back to sleep for a little while, but sirens woke me up, and then my shoulder/arm was hurting again (because of that same spine problem). I felt better later. I usually take Aleve and that takes care of it.

In the evening, we had our Valentine's Day dinner at Duc's Bistro, which is our favorite restaurant downtown and it's right across from our place, too. They're always very nice to us there. We always have the crispy spring rolls, which are wonderful. I had the duck, as I normally do. I had flourless chocolate cake for dessert.  We walked around a bit and stopped in at some other places for drinks.

It was a nice evening, and I just spent a lot of time relaxing and doing some work on my site. We caught up on some TV this week, since he was gone part of last week. I tried to go to bed early, but it didn't work. I'd had too much sleep.

  Sunday 2/14/16

We went to lunch at Gordon Biersch, like we often do. Good service this time! LOL! Last week's was not so good, but that was an anomaly.   I stopped at the little store there at the Aloha Tower, but they were out of those delicious blueberry Greek Yogurt bars that I love. Then I stopped at Starbucks and got a Frappucino. Normally their strawberry frappucinos don't have any coffee in them, but I had them add half a shot of espresso because I was so tired!

We each went to Long's at separate times to pick up some last minute Valentine's Day gifts! We're so lazy....ha ha! Well, it's tough because neither of us really wants much candy, and he doesn't like flowers, so it's hard to know what to get. I got him a card and a small chocolate heart. It was the only one I could find, actually, that didn't say "may contain nuts."  He got me a little bear and a card. I posted all the pics on Instagram if you want to see them.

Oh, I ran into Sonny, the lead guitar player in my band, so that was nice. He doesn't live too far from here, but this is actually the first time we've run into each other. I ran into his wife once in the grocery store. This is the band I was in last year that never gets together any more just because....??? They're too busy or whatever? Weird. Anyway, it was nice to chat with him, although I always have a hard time hearing and understanding him.  He speaks quietly and very fast, and he has some kind of local accent. It was even more difficult this time because we were outside and there was traffic noise nearby.  Maybe I'll call him sometimes about getting together if the other bands don't work out. He's very talented as both a singer and player.

Speaking of which, I've been back to practicing my guitar...trying to do it every day!

David got me a lei for my Valentine's Flowers, so I had fun wearing those around town for dinner and drinks.  In the evening, we weren't very hungry, so we just went to Downbeat as usual. Then I had dessert at Murphy's

Later on, I noticed my back top tooth was hurting a lot, especially when I chewed. I was probably gritting it or grinding it while I took a nap.

Then I stayed up way too late. It's been a bit warmer the past few days, but with a lot of wind.

Tomorrow is Presidents' Day, so David is off work.  Also, the guys are supposed to come and repair our ceiling and wall. Tuesday I have an appointment with the endodontist (6 months check-up). Wednesday morning I have an interview. Thursday we might go to see "Deadpool," and then we're going to see some speaker down at  the Aloha Tower. Busy week!

Have a great week, everyone!

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