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  Monday September 7

Happy Labor Day!  We didn't do anything too unusual. No cook-outs or anything. David was off today, though, of course, so last night we went to Waikiki, instead of Friday.

I still post lots of photos on Instagram! Especially when we're near the beach.

Last night, as usual, I had a really hard time getting to sleep because of the itching. I got a new medicine last week from my allergy doctor, but it takes a few weeks to get into your system and start working. It's Singulaire, which is actually an asthma pill. I don't have asthma, but it's supposed to also help with itching. It's actually a mild steroid. Oh, joy, now I'm taking about a dozen pills per day :( I take 4 medicines for allergies (one's a nasal spray, one medicine I take twice per day), 2 for diabetes (one twice daily), one for cholesterol, one to protect my kidneys, and 3 vitamins. Too many, that's for sure!

Speaking of health, I haven't been very good lately about sticking to my diet or exercising (and I'm still about 50 lbs. overweight). It's just been so hot and humid, and we don't have a/c, so ice cream always sounds good... and I'm still struggling to get to an earlier schedule and stick to it. More often than not, I do a split shift where I stay up late and get only a few hours sleep, then I get up somewhat early and have a nap later. This is not conducive to wanting to go out and exercise because I'm always tired. Oh, and I do love the low carb ice cream bars, but Safeway is the only store that seems to carry them consistently. Wal-Mart sometimes has them and Times never does. I like to have the Sugar Free Popsicles a lot, but of course ice cream is better :)

David woke me up at 10, so I said, give me 15 more minutes. I was sound asleep when he woke me again to say that the fire alarm was going off. So we hurried to get ready, and we walked down 7 flights of stairs (hard to do when you're half asleep). We just went to the car in the garage (the alarm had already stopped by the time we got downstairs) and drove over to Zippy's for breakfast. It's only a block away, but we went to the grocery store afterwards.  I had eggs and spam (two of the few things I can eat there!). It's a big place (and there are zillions of them here), so we rarely have to wait to be seated, but it was a little more crowded than usual today.  Zippy's always has the a/c blasting, so we're always grateful to sit there, especially when it's so humid like today! It's been about 80% or above humid lately, and in the mid-80's.

We went to Times like we usually do on the weekend. It was really packed (because of the holiday, I guess). After we came back, I learned that someone had set off the smoke alarm with their cooking. No real fire, then. As I figured. I would hate to lose all of my business cards in a fire, not to mention all of my other stuff.  Mostly we'd regret losing that, the magnets, the computers, my DVD's, some scrap books, all our clothes etc.  Too much stuff we'd be upset about. On the other hand, we'd have to move to a different apartment (one with a/c!), which would be easy with all of our stuff burned.

Lately my chin has been breaking out. I don't know why. It just does that sometimes. I've had that my whole life. It's like my body doesn't know it's not 16 any more. I read that corticosteroids can cause it, so maybe that's why. I use Flonase for my allergies, which is a corticosteroid.

After we put the groceries away, we walked down to Murphy's, but they were closed for the holiday. We stopped by O'Toole's. I just wanted to sit in some more a/c for a while and have a nice cool drink. I had hoped to have some sorbet at Murphy's, too. Darn it!  The restaurants around here have really good desserts. O'Toole's doesn't have a menu and has no desserts. Sometimes on the weekend they have free chips or hot dogs etc. I was really tired, though, and achy, so we didn't stay long. I went back to sleep after that, but it was difficult to sleep because of the heat.

I had strange dreams. I dreamed Barbara was visiting, but my brain knows how dirty our place is, so I was like, "Nooooo!" Apparently I have a deep fear of people visiting when our place is dirty because I dream that a lot. Guilt/worry dreams, I guess. I keep trying to clean it, a little bit here and there, but it's hard, especially with this heat.

I had a little low blood sugar when I woke up, but we walked to Downbeat, and I was fine after having dinner. Someone there had a really cute little boxer puppy! It was so adorable and ran up and licked, tried to jump in my lap. So friendly and cute.

We walked to Subway after that, but it was closed, so I went to McDonald's for a soda. Okay, and ice cream! LOL!

My washing machine still has a mildew smell. I bought some white vinegar at the store, so I ran a load with that. Next step is to try soaking it with baking soda and vinegar. I didn't realize I was out of baking soda, so I have to go buy some more, and some more vinegar as well.

Now I'm doing laundry, and I have to clean the kitchen as well. We'll see after that.

My first guitar lesson is re-scheduled for this Thursday. Hopefully it will work out this time!

I got a lot of work done on my site, as well as the house work. As usual, though, I stayed up way too late (5am).

  Tuesday September 8

I woke up at 1am when there was a loud siren or something outside (we get them a lot -- usually I can ignore them or go back to sleep). I decided to get up.

I phoned Verizon customer service because we keep getting these text messages, telling us that we've gone X gig over our monthly limit. Even though we weren't doing anything more than usual! They didn't find any reason for it, and their records only show us going over a little bit. Hope they're right!

I got a call recently from my SIL, Susan. She lives near my MIL, who's in a nursing home. Sounds like my MIL will be getting cataract surgery, which will hopefully enable her to see better. I hope it works out. I know she really misses reading, and watching TV. Her other eye can't be fixed, but at least she'll have one good one!

I went to Subway and got a sandwich and some chips. I had hoped they'd have those New York Reuben chips again, but they didn't. Too bad! Those are delicious. I think it was just some promotional thing they were doing.

With the holiday, it's been hard to remember what day it is all week!

I was very sick today. This is why it's so hard for me, with the food allergies. I only eat at places that have said the food is gluten free. Yet I still get sick. I don't get sick when I eat at home only, so I KNOW it's the restaurants making me sick.  So someone is lying or being ignorant or whatever you want to call it. How do I know which one? It's so frustrating. I seem to spend half my life in pain, in the bathroom.  Yes, I know I should just stay home and cook, and never eat out, but that's not very fun, either.

We didn't go out for dinner as planned because I was still sick. David didn't feel like getting take-out, so I just made him a sandwich after he came home. I didn't eat much until later, and then I just had some pork chops I'd bought. I buy the super thin ones and cook them up, with a little seasoning, then I can eat them for a couple of meals. I had bought some broccoli with cheese sauce, but it was not tasty, so I only ate a little and threw the rest out. It didn't taste good like the stuff I used to buy.

I watched a lot of TV, mostly on my computer. I get to watch shows from FOX and NBC ahead of time, as well as many DVD's etc. but this time of year there are just so many! I mean, I love it, but I also hate it :) It's good when I get to watch shows I love, though.

I just feel so fat, and out of shape, and sickly lately. UGH. I did resist having any ice cream today, at least. That's why I went to Subway instead of McDonald's. Thank goodness for sugar free Popsicles! I did try to make an ice cream-like drink last night, and it was good, but not quite as good as ice cream. I made it with Bailey's, vodka, cream, sugar free chocolate and vanilla, over ice.

I ended up staying up until about 6:30 in the morning. I just wasn't tired, plus I had a lot to do.

  Wednesday September 9

I slept in again. I wish I had gotten up. I had to put off several things. Ah, well. Hopefully I can go out for dinner tonight and not get sick. That would be awesome!

I'm still debating whether I want to get someone to come in and clean for me our not. It's just so hard to find the time and energy, plus it's just so hot. It's 91 degrees today, with 64% humidity. It doesn't feel super hot in the apartment yet, but I do have many fans going. Sometimes it just depends on how much wind there is outside as to how hot is really feels.

When I went to the allergy doctor last week, I don't know... I didn't like him all that much. He checked my nose and throat, and he said that he didn't see any evidence of post nasal drip. I had told him that I wake up coughing at night often from it. I felt like saying, "Well, do you think I'm lying or what? Maybe you're just not a very good doctor!" I mean, really!!! There wasn't really too much he could do for me since we live in a carpeted rental and we have to have the doors open all of the time in this heat (no a/c).  The pollen is everywhere, as is lots of dust, and the fans we use blow it all around. I'm already taking tons of medicine. Hopefully the new one he gave me will help. He said it takes a few weeks to start working. It has to get into your system. I'm still itching every night so far.  Cross your fingers for me!

Tonight I didn't do much except for working on my site and watching TV shows. Tomorrow I really need to do some more housework. I did way too much work tonight and stayed up too late.

  Thursday September 10

The dry cleaning guy came around 9:30 as usual, leaving us David's work clothes. There was a note on one, saying they couldn't get a stain out. I have no idea what that's about. I couldn't see any stain.

I went back to sleep for a while and woke up just before 12:30 when the alarm went off. I took a shower and then went to McDonald's for a bit. David met me there and then walked me over to my guitar lesson.

It was very hot and humid. Everyone here is really sick of the humidity. It seems worse than usual. I don't know, I had some a/c last year and didn't walk much in the heat. The guitar studio is about a mile each way. I put up my hair and worse shorts but still was really hot. I wore my orthopedic shoes, so I wouldn't have sore feet as well. Thankfully, the building is somewhat air-conditioned, has an elevator, and the studio is fairly cool. He has fans going.  It's on the second floor of this old building. The place is right near Punchbowl (if you know where that is).

We chatted for a bit. I told him a little about my music history and what I'm looking for. He told me a bit about himself. He's been playing guitar since the 7th grade. He'd been in choir etc. and I think he said his dad played as well. He was in bands and played a lot, and in high school musicals, then he went to college as a music and theater major and learned even more.  He completely understood what I told him about the problems I've had over the years, getting a band together, and now having one that doesn't ever meet or perform. 

He seems very nice! He's a good teacher, very patient. This is a real adventure for me. I had considered taking voice lessons last year, but I'm so picky about those and only wanted to find a university voice teacher, but we live way too far from the University of Hawaii campus. It's kind of fun being a beginner again.

I have very tiny hands and fingers, so he showed me an acoustic guitar that is a 7/8 type. I guess it's smaller than the regular size guitar? It seemed to fit pretty well. I can tell I'm going to probably have some problems reaching around with my left hand. It pulls on my spine quite a bit. Maybe it's just a matter of using new muscles. We'll see. Anyway, he told me the different parts of the guitar, and showed me how to hold it. Then he had me hold down some of the strings with the fingers on my left hand while I picked with my right hand (with a guitar pick). It was fun but very tiring. I'll hopefully get used to that as I practice.

We also discussed what kind of music I want to do and how much practicing I'll need, etc. He thinks that if I practice every day for 6 months, then I should be able to learn how to play and sing a few songs. This way I can started on playing by myself and learning more songs. Maybe I can go to open mic nights. He knows other musicians, as well as having his own band, so he might be able to get me people to start another band. We'll have to wait and see what happens. It's very exciting! I have to buy a guitar, though.  Lessons are not unreasonable. About what I would pay for voice lessons now, I think. It's $80 an hour, or $65 an hour if I pay in advance for a number of lessons.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to buy a guitar online or go to a music store. I think there are two music stores within a fairly easy distance for walking. I'll want to try out the size, for one thing. I don't know if a 7/8 guitar will be small enough. I might want to try one even smaller. The one I tried today had nylon strings, which are easier on your fingers. Not so great for performance, though. Steel strings sound better but are difficult on your fingers. On the other hand, you just have to build up the calluses on your fingers, I think. Why spend over $100 on one now and then just have to get another one in 6 months? Plus I should get a case, a tuner, and picks.

It was so hot, walking back. I took my time and took many photos for Instagram, since I was in an area I don't usually go to. There were many beautiful plants, flowers, trees and some buildings. A lady tried to ask me something while I was taking this one photo, but I'm pretty sure she was begging, thinking I was a tourist (an easy mark), so I just waved her off and kept walking. It was too hot to talk to anyone, anyway, and besides, I don't know really know where anything is, so if she was asking for directions, there were plenty of other people around that could probably help her more than me. Most of the homeless around here leave you alone, but if you make eye contract or dawdle too long, they will bug you a bit. Fortunately, I almost never care cash, just credit cards.  I feel bad for them, but I'd rather give money to shelters or homeless organizations. I donate other stuff like clothes and food all the time. That way I know it's going to the needy and not to scam artists or lazy people or that the money is just going to drugs.

I stopped at Subway on the way back and got some sandwiches and a soda (and to sit in the a/c for a little while). It was so hot and I was so sweaty, that I took another shower after I got home. It really cooled me off. I posted my photos to instagram and then rested it a little. Then around 5:30 I went over to Dolan's and met David for dinner. I wasn't hungry, myself, but it was nice to sit in the a/c and have a cold soda.

I was really tired after I got home. After watching some TV, I went to bed around 10, just a little while after David did. I woke up less than 2 hours later, though, really hot. I had a pain in my right arm/shoulder/back, too. I don't know if it's from carrying my phone on the way back, or from over-use on the computer, or I was sleeping on it weird, or what. I took some pills and now I'm doing some stuff online. I might try going back to sleep soon. I haven't gotten too much done today.

  Friday September 11

Wow, I guess it's 14 years since 9/11... time really flies.

Lays has these new flavors of chips out for a short period of time. My favorite (really, the only one I've tried) is the New York Reuben. Please vote for it at !  They will make the winner a regular chip. The others are just temporary, for the summer. They sold them for a while at Subway, but now they're gone.

It was pouring rain again... stupidly, we went to Murphy's in the pouring rain. We did have umbrellas, but it was pretty wet, anyway. I had the turkey, which is almost always overcooked and dried out (even the dark meat). We were actually cold from the rain, for a change, so I didn't get dessert. It wasn't a very exciting Friday night for us! Although, the people there at Murphy's are always very nice.

Years ago I signed up as an expert on GH and other soaps at I still get the occasional questions. The site was taken over by someone else a while back and it doesn't really do anything to promote the site any more. Anyway, usually I get questions about some song played on the show, or a question about the history. Today I got a question about medical transcription! Clearly, the person asking the question had no idea that this was about a fictional TV show called "General Hospital" but thought it was a real hospital! LOL!  So funny.

  Saturday September 12

I've been kind of depressed...feeling fat and unhealthy...sick all of the time from allergies and the back problem. I decided not to wear a costume for the convention next weekend. I'm too fat, and besides, it's just too darned hot.

I'm kind of annoyed at myself for buying the whole weekend's tickets. Friday doesn't even start until 3pm. What a waste. I will probably only go for part of Saturday and part of Sunday.

We went to Smith & King for lunch. It's a nice little pub (it's on the corner of Smith Street and King Street, get it?). We'd only been there a few times before for drinks, but we decided to try it for lunch today and it was really good. They know which foods have gluten on their menu. They serve trendy comfort food. We had lobster deviled eggs, and meatballs. They were delicious. Then I had a great chocolate souflee (flourless). Yum!!! We will definitely be going back.

After having a nap, we went to Waikiki for dinner, but we weren't very hungry. We wanted to go to Giovanni Pastrami, but they had a long line.  Today was the big Hawaii Five-0 event, so that may have increased the amount of people on Waikiki. They expected 8,000 people, although they said that fewer came than usual because of the rain. It wasn't raining that much, but people are wimps. I wish I could have gone, but the prospect of sitting there for a long time just to save a good space didn't really appeal to me (especially by myself). I like the actors, but I don't even watch the show.

We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise instead. They're across the street from the other place. They have pretty good food. I had a turkey burger on a gluten free bun, with sweet potato fries. It was really good.

Afterwards we went to Kelley O'Neill's as usual. There were two young women in the restroom when I went in there. One was telling the other that she thought one of the guys in their party is gay. She said it had to do with a certain way that he gestured and held his hands. The other one agreed that he did seem gay. UGH. I felt like saying, "Hey, you know what, why don't you just ask him, rather than speculating? Or better yet, mind your own freakin' business!"  What a couple of idiots.

  Sunday September 13

It's been raining so much lately, that I feel like I live in Seattle! It's just crazy. At least it's nice and cool while it does rain, but it's very hot and humid all of the rest of the time.

We went to Gordon Biersch for lunch, and I had my usual, lemon chicken, but they overcooked it terribly (something that, as you can tell, is very common here).  David ate the rest of it for me. I just had some of the chicken, and some rice, and some fruit. I should have eaten more because I was really starving later.

I was going to take a nap, but it was just too hot. I did get a lot done today, though. We took some carts over to the Safeway and bought a few things.

We went to Downbeat as usual for dinner, but it was full up. That rarely happens. So we walked down to Grondin. Normally I can't get David to go there because it's not the world's most comfortable place (the small wooden chairs are just not very comfy), but he wasn't all that hungry, anyway, so we went. Yay! It's one of my favorite places.  They have several duck dishes that I like. I got the appetizer that usually comes in crepes, but for me they put it in rice. It's an appetizer but it's actually quite a lot of food. It's very spicy and delicious. I also had some of their delicious ice cream for dessert.

I did the laundry. I probably should have done the dishes, too, because the kitchen is a mess! I was just too tired, though. I tried to go to bed relatively early, but itching kept me awake. I really didn't get to sleep until almost 4 am. I sure hope that new pill the allergy doctor gave me starts working soon because it's been really horrible. You should see my back. It's all red and cut up from scratching. I take so much medicine, too, and it doesn't seem to do all that much, especially with regards to the itching.

Apparently our hot water isn't working. The building's water system is run on some computer software by Honeywell, and I guess it's messed up on the first 20 floors of our building. They're trying to fix it, but who knows how long it will take? Good thing it's hot here because taking a cold shower won't be nearly as bad as it would have, if it were cold outside.

The clothes are smelling mildewy again, but it might be due to the cold water, so we'll see. I really need to run to the store again and get some baking soda and some more white vinegar to try cleaning it again, once the hot water is back.

David collects campaign buttons and stickers etc. I collect regular buttons, stickers, pens etc. So I ordered some this past week from Hillary, Bernie, Trump, Bush, and a few others. I'm glad I did because Perry already quit! I got in there just in time.  I wish they all had pens, but few do.  Trump doesn't even have buttons for sale on his site. I didn't order from all 20-something candidates, just about 8 of the top ones. There's too many! LOL!

Other than all this, I've just been working on my site and watching a ton of TV, and feeling guilty for not doing more cleaning, and not singing much, and, you know...being sick. Sorry for all the whining! Next week, things should be more interesting. We have a lot of events to go to.

Happy Roshanah to my Jewish friends!

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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