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  Monday 2/23/15

I got up fairly early so I could do some work...not too late. I told you last week most of what we did on Monday.  Then I ended up staying up really late, like 3 in the morning. I just had so much work to do.

  Tuesday 2/24/15

Then I woke up around 6am with very bad itching, so I had to take a second allergy pill. I was supposed to get up at 8:30 because I had some interviews, but because of the medication, I just went back to sleep. I hate when I do that. I feel so irresponsible!

Then I slept in after 1pm ,and then I was sick from the gluten.

I have still been struggling with my diet and eating right. I had bought these sugar free, gluten free pastries at Not Just Desserts, but they're too good. I scarf them down and I don't eat healthier food. Even though they're not high in carbs, they're still higher than I should have. Rather than sugar, she uses fruit juice and agave. I guess it's too much for me. I'll have to make my own if I want any snacks. That way I can control the carbs better.

I had a sugar brownie for breakfast and then had another one later on. My last two! They're only 100 calories and so yummy.

I felt guilty after that, so I got dressed, since I was feeling better, and I went to the gym. It was a good workout, but I was so glad when it was over.

I came home and then David came home a little bit later. I had forgotten that he had an event that he had to go to this evening. I went out to get dinner at Downbeat and he left for his basketball game. He was competing in this HPU charity thing.

I had chicken quesadillas for "lunch" and I also got a Greek salad for later ("dinner"). I forgot to take my Glipizide today, though. Oops.

I recorded some more songs, for fun, for uploading onto Singer's Showcase and This Is Karaoke... I also had some more gluten problems. :(

David came home later on and we were going to watch our shows, but I realized they might mention the Oscars, which I haven't watched yet, so I went into the bedroom to listen to music while he watched them. I'll have to watch that tomorrow.

I've been doing too much late-night snacking, too.  SIGH.

I was very sleepy, and achy all over from the gym, so I went to bed a little bit earlier, around 1am.

  Wednesday 2/25/15

I ended up sleeping almost 12 hours! Wow. I was tired.

I had an appointment with the podiatrist at 2:30. It's not in the usual Kaiser place; it's quite a bit farther (5 miles) so David had to drive me (he usually does anyway, but I could walk to the regular one if need be as it's only about a mile). Fortunately, it didn't take too long. Originally I'd made the appointment in order to get new orthotics and orthopedic shoes, but in the meantime I bought the shoes myself on Amazon from Dr. Comfort (they'd supplied me with shoes last time, when we were in Tuscaloosa, via the podiatrist there), and I found that I still had one pair of orthotics left. He said they should last 6 months to a year and then I'll probably need new ones. It was a useful visit, anyway, so I could learn that and also ask about other options. He gave me the card of a place I can get nice-looking sandals, similar to my Teva sandals, but made so that you can put orthotics in them. Which is good since I usually wear sandals and not regular shoes. I do love my new orthopedic sneakers, though. They look normal, not like orthopedic shoes, and they're so comfortable. It's hard for me to get shoes that fit because I have a really high arch, short heel and wide feet. I didn't need to get my feet checked, apparently, for diabetes, because my regular doctor already did that (I don't remember LOL). But I have no damage on them. It will be nice to get better fitting sandals so I don't get calluses. No matter how tight I get them, I still get calluses without the orthotics because of having weird-shaped feet.

I went to Downbeat again for lunch. I got a cheeseburger. It's healthier from there rather than McDonald's, and I also get a Greek salad for later that way. Very yummy. All their food is great. I'm always so tempted there, though, because they have great milkshakes and home fries.

David had to go back to work for a while, so otherwise I'm just doing my usual working on my site. I was thinking about how I might use the Kindle sometimes to work on my site. I use Frontpage, which is an old program, but it suits my needs. I supposed I could just copy a webpage and then open it in some sort of Word-type program, edit it on the Kindle and then email it to myself, and then next time I'm on the laptop, copy the page and post it into the original using Frontpage. Kinda clunky but better than nothing.

I'm sure I'm not the only site out there still using Frontpage or older versions of Expression Web that use Frontpage Server Extensions. It would be nice if someone could develop a mobile HTML app that people like me could use to directly edit our sites from our Kindle or iPad. I would do it if I knew how!

I'm feeling guilty about not hitting the gym today. So far I'm eating low carb at least! I'm straightening up around the house, too.

There's this upcoming show called Last Man on Earth, about a guy who survives some worldwide plague and he's the last man on earth (or so he thinks at first). It's a comedy believe it or not. Not all that funny, but it's a clever idea. Anyway, the way he handles it, after he drives all over to make sure there's no one else around, is to become a big pig. Typical guy, I guess, so he's lazy and destructive. He does a lot of drinking and masturbating. They never say, but I guess there's no more electricity, and so he has no running water. At first he uses bottled water to flush his toilet, but after awhile, he starts using his swimming pool (yes, it's a gross show).  He spends most of his time playing, like bowling and having cars run into each other, or building a giant Jenga tower. It's clearly wasted on him. Now, me, once the shock and grief was over, I would first spend the first few years reading as much as I could. Imagine, all of the time the world to read as much as you wanted! Now, of course it would suck not to have company or have any electricity, but otherwise it would be great to have that much free time.

Now, if I'm wrong and he does have power then of course there would also be lots of time to catch up on DVD's. If there's still an internet, then there's even more video to watch.

If he doesn't have power, then he really should spend more time looking for food and potable water. I get that he's not the most survivalist person (and I'm not, either) but you do need to look for seeds and plant a garden because at some point, you're going to get very sick from lack of nutrition and things like scurvy. He seems to be subsisting on mostly alcohol and Twinkies! Again, typical guy, but he wouldn't live very long and would probably die a horrible death.

Now, if he's purposely being self-destructive, then that's fine (and at one point he almost kills himself). I can see just giving up and doing whatever you want and eating whatever you want until you get very sick, then you just kill yourself. But otherwise...you should plan your life, no matter what your circumstances.  I would probably just eat as many sweets as I could, too, until I died ;) but otherwise I'd love to have all that free time. I mean, he did travel around North America, but he did it in two years. I would go around and see as much as I could. Also, they didn't show any bodies, so that was odd. Did everyone just die in their sleep? LOL!

So first I would travel and see all of the natural sites like the grand canyon and Mount Rushmore. Like him, I would probably steal some souvenirs. It would be difficult, though, without photos. Maybe I'd steal a few video cameras at first, I don't know. It would be a problem if there's no electricity. Maybe first thing is to find a solar-powered generator? THEN I could watch all the shows and movies I'd want. That would take me at least a decade, I think. After the traveling. Not just to the US but also Canada. The press release says he went all over North America, but the show only shows him crossing off states in the US.

We had dinner at Epic...I wasn't going to eat much, but I ordered the special, a blackened opah. It was really delicious. I gave half of it to David, since I wasn't all that hungry.

  Thursday 2/26/15

All week I've still been struggling, like I said...to get up early, to remember to check my blood sugar, and to keep from eating too much (especially carbs). It's been really hard. I started keeping a little yellow pad next to my chair, where I write down everything I eat, and the times, and the blood sugar, and if I'm sick, what time I get up and go to bed etc. I think this works better than doing it online. I'm still doing it online as well. For now!

I finally got around to watching the Oscars...I always enjoy it, even though I haven't seen most of the movies! When I get to go with someone to a real movie theater, I watch something fun like scifi, fantasy, or comic book movies. I did watch "Boyhood" a few weeks ago, but otherwise I haven't watched most of the movies that were nominated. I was pulling for some of the actors I like, though. I like lots of different types of movies, but I rarely get to go or have time to watch them at home.  I do have friends here, but they're really busy.

When I was with Mary at Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill (the karaoke bar) a few weeks ago, they had a sign on the ladies' room that an oldies rock band was looking for a female singer. I finally got around to emailing them. It's been a bit nerve-wracking because I don't know them, and I've already got a band, although the other band doesn't perform very much. Although I like to think I'm fearless, I do get "nerves" and I sometimes really hate making decisions about things like this. Even when they're good! Makes me want to just curl up into a ball. I think it's going to work out okay, though! I'm meeting them back at the karaoke bar on Wednesday night to "audition." I don't expect it'll be too difficult of a process, but I do tend to get nervous. I don't know why! I'm already in a band! I've sung live lots of times! So silly :)

This is the day I stopped updating the blog, so I'm just guessing here on what I did. I don't remember! Terrible memory I have. It was only a few days ago, so you'd think I'd remember. Nope!

We did go to Murphy's for dinner; I remember that much!

I think I recorded some more songs, for fun.

Also, I stayed up way too late working...I had a conference call at 6am, so I just stayed up for that. That really threw me off for the rest of the week.

  Friday 2/27/15

I got up very late, around 3pm, but I felt guilty, so I went to the gym and worked out.

David and I went to Hatsuhana in Waikiki (in the Hilton Hawaiian Village), which is always a good place.

I spent a lot of the weekend working on my site and trying to catch up on DVD's and other shows that I need to write reviews for. That keeps me pretty busy. Along with everything else!

The weather has mostly been nice, but it's always hot sitting in our apartment, with the laptop on the desk in front of me...so I always have the fans on. Ah, well :)

  Saturday 2/28/15

We went to Hooter's for lunch as always....I didn't feel like my usual chicken salad, but I should have stuck with that. Their burger is not very good, without the bread. I should know better because most restaurant burgers are not good without the bread.  David always loves their chili.

We had an event to go in the evening over at the Dole Cannery (which is about a mile from us). This is mostly a movie theater and arcade. Upstairs they have meeting rooms etc. so that's where we went.  I'm sure if I explained the event, I would get it wrong, but suffice it to say that they were awarding some money to two groups of entrepreneurs that are starting farms on the islands to help it be more sustainable. It was a charity dinner, basically, and we were invited by some banking executive that David knows, so we were at a table with these bankers. They were all very nice people, and the food was delicious. They had a band playing some great Hawaiian music, too. I had to ask them to make the food gluten free, of course. Their regular plate was some beef tenderloin and some mahi mahi. Well, I couldn't have the fish, so they gave me two pieces of beef! Which I like better, anyway, and it was wonderful. They had my favorite dessert, too, panna cotta.  The woman sitting next to David lives in our building, so that was a funny coincidence.

It was fun because they had a real live auction, and I bid. I lost, but it's okay, it was just fun to bid. I've never been to a real auction before, let alone bid at one. It was just like on TV! LOL! They had a silent auction, which we lost. We only bid on one item. Most of the things were nothing we really wanted. The regular auction had some trips etc. so I bid on one. It was me and this other person on the other side of the room! I would have gone up to $1,000 but David disagreed, so the other guy won it for $900.  It was a lot of fun. Plus, at the end of the evening, we did get to take home the centerpiece, which was a nice plant. It was a fun night.

I was tired and went to bed really early, and then I ended up sleeping for a very long time.

Now I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself because I just realized that I've not only been spelling entrepreneur wrong, I'm been pronouncing it wrong, too. EEEEK!

  Sunday 3/1/15

I can't believe it's March already!

As usual, we went down to Gordon Biersch for lunch. I was tired of their fish tacos, so I had their sliders with no bun. They were just okay. I guess I should stick to the same old foods I'm used to because the others are terrible. LOL!

For dinner, we went to Downbeat and I had a ham and cheese omelet. At least I know that all of the food there is outstanding! I got a Greek salad to go for later.

I spent most of the day working on my site. Nothing too exciting.

I've been emailing back and forth with Jack from the new band; looks like we're getting together on Wednesday at the karaoke bar so they can hear me sing. The new band is called Oldies And Goodies. The old one is called All Natural Band. Where do they think up these names? LOL!

I stayed up really late again. I did try to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, but it was too hot and I wasn't tired enough, so I ended up staying up until about 5 in the morning. I did get a lot of work done, though!

  Monday 3/2/15

I got up several times this morning, for various things, but I didn't get up for good until after 3pm. UGH. I felt very lazy today.

I did work a lot on my site and also managed to work on some songs...a little bit, anyway! Also, I did the laundry.

I had emailed the accounting firm that does my site's taxes Feb. 18, so I emailed today and asked if they received it. I got the reply, "Yes, we've been trying to call you. Please call the office tomorrow."  So of course I got really worried! What a terrible way to reply. And why wouldn't they have my phone number since it's the same one as I've had for years? But it turns out that my taxes are just ready. Sheesh. He couldn't have just said, "Yes, we got your taxes done. Please call so we can arrange for your signature."  That would have been better!

I didn't leave the house all day until around dinner time. We went to the Tap Room for dinner. Not the healthiest choice. The food there is good, though.

Then I ended up staying up until 6 am.  Hopefully I can fix this soon.

I hope you all have a great week!

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