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  Monday 11/10/14

I woke up around 9:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. There was some really loud noise outside my window that woke me up, and then that was it.

My (fairly new) friend Cynthia picked me up around 11am and she drove to Kailua. We went to the Whole Foods and had nice salads for lunch (they have a great salad bar - salad bars and buffets are not that big of a deal in my part of the island for some reason, and I miss them). They had hot foods as well, but we filled up on salads. What is nice there, too, is that they list all of the ingredients and any possible allergens. Now I want to move to Kailua! LOL!

We walked around the area a bit and went into Pier One and a lot of smaller gift shops nearby. Not sure if I've ever been inside Pier One before or if I did, it was a long time ago. We've never lived close to one. It reminds me of the Kirkland we used to go back in Alabama and Columbus. My mother-in-law would have enjoyed it. They have a lot of Christmas stuff up already, but I'm not quite in that mindset yet. I did buy a few Thanksgiving decorations, though. It was just really nice to walk around and chat. It was great to go somewhere different.

For those of you who like small, locally-owned bookstores, there's one there that is kind of neat. I saw a book trilogy there that I really want to add to my Christmas Wishlist :)

I tried not to buy too much... there was a lot of great stuff. We went back to Whole Foods to do shopping. I couldn't believe how many more gluten free items they have! I had to really restrain myself. I got a few veggies and fruits; some gluten free meatloaf in their meat section; and I saw a lot of great frozen and packaged gluten free foods. A lot of them were brands I'd never heard of her new varieties. I got some chicken nuggets, some fish sticks, some ravioli, some pizza, and some Indian food. Looks great. I got a few snack foods, but not too many. It's probably a good thing that we didn't live closer to the store.

I only bought one small dark chocolate bar, and it was so delicious! Wish I'd bought more. Lake Champlain Chocolates - Dark chocolate with Rum Caramel.

The drive back was gorgeous. You have to go through the mountains a bit to get there. The weather has been really nice the past few days, too. It's been in the low 80's and with nice breezes.

I had a little nap after I got home. David had some work event to go to, so he came home a little later than usual. We went to Epic for dinner. I forgot that tomorrow's Veterans Day, and David's got the day off! We had a nice leisurely dinner for a change at Epic. I wasn't all that hungry, since I'd had some food when I got home, so I just had some scallops....and then, shame on me, I had some mango sherbet as well. It was so good, though!

  Tuesday 11/11/14

I woke up around 11am. We went over to have lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory, which is in Ward Center. I haven't eaten there in decades, since we lived in Riverside. I always liked their food. They have a gluten free menu now. I had a small dinner salad and then some pasta with sausage and marinara sauce. It was delicious!

Then I had a nice long walk for about 4 miles. It was all flat, but it was still great exercise. We were having really nice weather, so it was a great walk.

After I got home, I was a little sick, probably from some bar snacks I had on the weekend (I always forget to ask about those being gluten free). Then I had a little nap. I wasn't that sleepy, but just from not feeling well, sometimes I have to nap.

Then we went to the Safeway, since we needed a few things.  And we had dinner at Murphy's. I really liked their turkey dinner. If you ask, they'll give you all dark meat. Too bad they're not open on Thanksgiving!

  Wednesday 11/12/14

I had a call at noon this morning, so I didn't get up until 11:30.... then I did a lot of work after that. I felt tired but couldn't nap, so about 4 I went out, to do a little walking and just get out of the apartment. I went to Ross and saw a dress there I liked - cheap, so I bought it. I was really looking around for any Thanksgiving decor but didn't see too much. Maybe I need to go back to that Party City store. Anyway, stopped at Starbucks after that to get a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino, then went to Walmart to get a couple of things. I stopped at Subway to get a soda, and to get the mail downstairs. Not too exciting!

We went to J.J. Dolan's--pizza for dinner.

Just did work for the rest of the evening...

We have these old blinds in our place, and the ones in the bedroom come down very easily. I've had them open lately just in one part, in front of the sliding glass door, so that I could open the door when it's hot.  Well, some of them fell down yesterday so now I have to pay a guy to come fix them. I know he's planning to replace some of them, which shouldn't cost too much. He's sick of fixing them! LOL! The problem is that they're just attached at the top by clips, and the bottom with these little chains, so when they fall, they twist and it's hard to get them back where they're supposed to be. If just one falls, that's easy to fix, but if a bunch fall at once, it makes it difficult. The clips are old. He tightened them before but... guess not enough.

  Thursday 11/13/14

Very busy this morning because I had 3 conference calls. I went back to sleep after the last one and didn't get up until after 1pm. Not a good habit to get back into.

I went out again to get a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (this time with espresso) and also did a little bit of shopping (not too much). I wonder what happened to Thanksgiving? It was Halloween and now all of the decorations and such in the stores, and the music, is all Christmas. It's not even mid-November yet!

I've been procrastinating, but I might have to start putting the Halloween decorations away so I can get out my few Thanksgiving decorations that are left, and then I can clean it, and after Thanksgiving, put up the Christmas decorations.

Looks like our band (Larry, Phil, Sonny, Bobby and J.J.) is going to rehearse after all. Not sure yet when or how that's going to work. We'll see! We're playing at Larry's place again in Mid-December if we can literally get our act together.... One of our members has been sick, but sounds like he's better. He might know a replacement drummer. That would be great! I've been to busy to think much about the band, but I do miss it. I hope we can get some Christmas songs together. I asked Larry to phone me this week because I have a ton of questions for him, and some ideas.

Tomorrow Leon is coming back to fix those blinds at 9am so I've got to clean up the place a bit. I hate having a messy or really dirty house when anyone comes here. I plan to stay up and not take a nap so I can keep to the earlier schedule. Also, I need to go back to the gym.

We got takeout for dinner from Duc's Bistro, my favorite restaurant down here. It's Vietnamese but a really really great place, fine dining and excellent food. I especially love their crispy spring rolls (gluten free!).

  Friday 11/14/14

Busy day today! I stayed up pretty late last night, cleaning up the house and working on my site, and then I had to get up about 8:30 and do a little more straightening up and cleaning. Leon came around 9:30 and stayed an hour. He fixed the blinds that fell down and also the guest bathroom towel rack (this is the 3rd or 4th time I've had someone fix it). He says the nails holding it in are too long for the wall. He also wants to replace the blinds. I told him next time he comes to fix something, he can take care of both problems. I just wanted to go back to sleep! But I went to the noontime concert (the HPU choruses were performing - I was in one of them last year) at the church down the street, St. Andrews. It was great! Both groups have gotten even better than last year.  Their big concert is next Friday night and we're definitely going to that.

I tried going back to sleep after that, and I was really tired, but I just couldn't sleep. Instead, I got up and recorded some songs. I was having bad allergies, so between that and the lack of sleep (only 3 hours sleep last night), I don't know that they came out too good.

David was too tired to go to Waikiki, so we just went to Murphy's for dinner. I had the turkey dinner again...

  Saturday 11/15/14

I slept about 15 hours last night! I was so exhausted. We went to Gordon Biersch for lunch. I love sitting there on the water. They have great garlic edamame.

I worked a little and then took a long nap. I was still very tired from yesterday.

Ever since I upgraded Firefox to the most recent version (as they prompted me to), this thing happens where the whole Firefox window blanks out, and I have to restart Firefox. Very annoying. I upgraded a couple of days ago and it's happened twice now.

For dinner we tried this new place Taphouse. It's on Bethel were Ra Kuen used to be. The new place is a bar with sandwiches and other food. They only had a temporary menu right now. I got their sausage and peppers, with no bread. It was okay. We both shared that.

The odd thing is that the cupcake place, Let Them Eat Cupcakes, is now in there as well. Beer and cupcakes? Well, whatever :) I'm glad they make gluten free ones, but I try to stay away from them since they're not sugar free as well. Their cupcakes are delicious. Apparently the lady that owns the cupcake place now also owns the bar/restaurant. The guy who used to own it, also owned this other bar near the campus that we never went to, Mercury Bar. He was a very nice guy who bought gluten free soy sauce just for me.  Too bad. Oh, well. Anyway, the lady that owns Downbeat now owns that place. She's also a psychology professor and she's in a band! Busy woman. Wow!

We had a nice chat with a lady that works at the cupcake place. We know her because she also works at HPU in the business college (she just helps out her friends in the cupcake place).

I was very happy to discover that our Oceanic Time Warner Cable now has The CW on their "On Demand" channel that has the other regular networks. I don't know why it took so long!

Fridays there's always a concert at that St. Andrews church down the street, and this Friday is a concert called "The American Art Song" featuring a baritone and pianist. I hope it's good! Then that Friday night, at Central Union Church is HPU's 13th Annual Winter Concert. All of the music groups will be playing. I know it will be awesome! Last year I was in it, and it was a lot of fun.

  Sunday 11/16/14

I have such a hard time, sometimes, writing in this every day, and then I try to catch up, but sometimes I can't remember what I did two days ago! Grrrr!

We went to a sports bar for lunch, so David could watch the Chargers win. It's a good week for his teams-- both won. I just had a chicken salad, that was pretty good. I've been eating too many bad things lately, though. I had some chips later (I didn't buy them - they were there....). I was working in the afternoon and falling asleep. I didn't want to nap, so I walked over to Starbucks to get a coffee. I didn't realize that they're closed on Sunday (or maybe just some close). I tried to have a latte at McDonald's. Yuk. It was not good. Way too strong for me. They don't have Frappucinos and their workers are not good with changes in your order. Starbucks employees are great. You can throw anything at them and they get it, fast, without your having to repeat it.

For dinner we did our usual place, Downbeat Diner. I usually have the chicken quesadillas there. They're used to us by now and always bring our drinks right away when we walk in and know our orders.

I just mostly worked on my site the whole night, although I also did laundry. So exciting! LOL!

My site went down for a while... apparently there are Chinese hackers that attack websites all of the time (like, constantly) and my web host believes that may have contributed to the site's server having problems.

I put photos up of my Thanksgiving decorations! And a few other pics.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is already next week! My mind can't wrap itself around Christmas yet. I need to clean the apartment so it'll be ready for Christmas decorations. I need to get my Christmas cards out and start working on them.

  Monday 11/17/14

I phoned some places on Waikiki to try to find one that's having a Thanksgiving dinner for under $50 per person, and where they can assure me that the turkey and some of the sides are gluten free. Looks like it'll be Hula Grill. They have a great ocean view so that'll be nice.

David's laptop is still in the shop. They had to order a new screen, and the one they had ordered arrived, but it was not working, so they had to order a new one. Hopefully it'll be here soon. I hate sharing! LOL! Good thing he's got the phone, though, or it would be much worse. We also have the Kindle Fire, too, but it really hasn't been too much of an issue. He works so hard - he's hardly ever home, anyway! And he's usually sleeping when he is, or I am.

We had lunch at Subway and then I went to Starbucks... I think I'm definitely addicted to their pumpkin spice frappuccinos. I was sick a lot in the afternoon from the gluten thing.

Aside from working on my site, nothing too interesting happened during the day.

Tonight was Science Pub at Gordon Biersch. They have this every 3rd Monday during the school year. Last night was about the elections and voting, so David did a little talk along with two other professors. It was pretty interesting - more so than I expected! You can see the photos on that link above that I gave.

I haven't heard from my brother David lately.... hope he's doing okay!

I've been staying up too late again, until around 4 or 5 am, and getting up a bit later than I want to. That and the dieting is such a constant struggle. I hope you all have a great week.

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