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  Monday 12/17/18

BrandyI slept very well last night with the cough medicine the doctor gave me! Ifront walk decorations at night coughed very little and slept about 10 hours. I got up after noon. I admit, maybe I overdid it a little yesterday because I'm still sick. I coughed up a lot of gunk this morning. I took Brandy for a walk, but I'm kinda tired, even after all that sleep. I was thinking of taking a quick nap, but instead, I got up and did some stuff, moved around...

I walked Brandy again later in the afternoon.  I love looking at guest room lightseveryone's decorations!

Last night I put up all of my outside lights and so forth. Today I put up Brandy againmost of the indoor stuff, including lights in the windows that you can see outside. It looks great. I stayed up way too late, though. I was trying to get it all done, but I didn't quite make it. I was too tired. Also, I need some things, like batteries, and more suction cups.Flying Burger

Poor Brandy is a bit freaked out by all of the new things in her house! She's been very good about not trying to eat any of the new things, though.

David wanted to go to El Compadre for dinner, so I went with him.  He took me to Flying Burger after that for takeout.  They're across the street from each other, and right down the street from us.

I put out the new flowers...I love these red ones with black tips. They look very festive!

new flowerslast week's flowers

  Tuesday 12/18/18

fog out the front doorI got up around 9, but I was very tired. It was really foggy out!  Trisha came by around 10. She took me to the bank. I thought I needed a new ATM password, but apparently mine still works fine. I'll have to test it outPeople's Bank Christmas Tree again and see what's going on. They sent me a new card, and I thought they also sent me a new password. At least, I got a new calendar, and I got to see the bank's beautiful 12 foot Christmas tree!

The bank person I chatted with had a huge jar of Hershey's kisses on her desk. I thought, no wonder she is so skinny, if she can have that sitting there and not be too tempted!  She was very nice, though.

Next, we went to Wal-Mart. I had quite a few things to get. I was also looking for stocking stuffers, but it was too hard to find anything, and I was too tired the house all decoratedto really look much.

I got a soda at the Subway, as usual, when we left.  We went over across the street because I was going to get a Verizon gift card for David. They only sell them online, or in their official corporate stores, apparently. The place here is not an official Verizon place.  When I tried to buy one online, though, it said I had to call a number. I'm giving up, for now.Mi-Del gingerbread cookies

Then we went to McDonald's to get some lunch. We took everything home and ate our lunch.  She helped me put up some more lights outdoors, and helped me break up a big box (the one that the TV came in).  Then she left.

I bought these GF gingerbread men online. They weren't bad. The box was crushed, but the cookies were just fine.

I took Brandy for her walk, too.

Even though I was very tired, I went ahead and put up all of the new outdoor stuff sleepy Brandywhile it was still light. I got a lot more of the net lights, so I could light up all of the bushes in front of my house.  It looks pretty neat!  I got more snow for the windows. I should have gotten 2 cans. Oh, well.dining room with new snowmen covers

I took a nap after that, and I intended to sleep for 2 hours, but I could only sleep a half hour. I couldn't get back to sleep. Weird! I felt more awake and had energy, so I did more decorating. 

We got our presents today from our friend Barb! We're going to open presents with her over the phone Thursday.

David and I went to the Japanese restaurant, Tokyo, for dinner. my mice collection

 Later, I went through my mice collection and put them out on the guest room bed. I had to clean off the bed first.  Then I putChristmas bears my Christmas bears up, too.  Everything looks great, and I feel done, finally.

I had asked "Stuttering" John Melendez on Facebook if I could new bear I got - it's a planterinterview him about his new book, and he said sure. Then after saying we should talk tomorrow, he never gave me a time or confirmed.. I figured he changed his mind or something (which has happened before).

I finally feel like I'm ready for Christmas!

I went to sleep around 2.

  Wednesday 12/19/18

BrandyBrandy woke me up around 12:30. I had a message from John Melendez that I should call him at noon! Whoops! Fortunately, he's in California, so I had a little time to wake up, eat breakfast and preparesugar cookies my questions.  It was a very fun interview.

I spent most of the evening making cookies. I stayed up too late again!  Tomorrow should be a more relaxing day. I always make cookies for some of the people David works with, and our neighbor. I buy these little round holiday boxes, with lids, at the store, and I fill them with 3 or 4 different types of cookies, and chocolates. I made blondies, sugar cookies, chocolate crinkle cookies and two-toned fudge. I was going to make some white-chocolate dipped pretzels, too, but I ran out of room in the boxes! I might make some more cookies this weekend, for myself.

After I did that, and got the cards together to go with the cookies, I wrapped David's gifts, and put them under the tree.

It rained all day, so poor Brandy didn't get her walk.

I sure wish we lived in Dallas or some other nice city (or near one). I really don't want to travel. I wish we could stay here at home, and go out to some nice restaurants for Christmas Eve and day. I mean, it'll be nice to get away and have fun. We'll be going to an NBA game and a hockey game, and I'll probably have karaoke. I like staying in hotels, too. But we're not staying at a really nice one (costs way too much), and I would really rather be at home. Oh, well. We'll be back next Friday, so it won't be that long. I'll have almost two weeks after that to relax before school starts again! I'm sure the time will go fast, though.

My phone has this neat future where you can take panorama photos. This first one is our sunroom. Click on this smaller photo to see the larger one.

Here's another panorama photo, of our living room. Again, click on the smaller pic to see the larger one.

  Thursday 12/20/18

I woke up after 1pm. I had a good sleep for a change. I did cough a little this morning, but I went back to sleep pretty easily.sandwich and cookies

I bought this delicious Schär Gluten Free Ciabatta bread and had a sandwich from it. So delicious!

I just took it easy most of the day. I did walk Brandy about 4:30. I was also sick a little again from something I ate.

tree with presentsHere's a funny video that Brandy and I made!

I have a long list of things I need to do, but I haven't done any of them yet.

SAU closed today for the rest of the year. Everyone was allowed to leave around 2pm. David came home a little while later and rested a bit before going out to exercise. We went to dinner around 5:30. We went to theBBQ BBQ place, since that's one of the few I can eat at without getting sick. It was very good. Actually, the ribs weren't quite as good as usual. Maybe because we usually get them first thing on Saturdays, when they're freshly made? I don't know. They were good, mind you, just not as good as usual. I had to stand a while before ordering because there were two Hiland eggnogwomen in front of me who didn't have their act together and were ordering a lot. Some people can be so inconsiderate!

I found this delicious eggnog at the store....it's GF. I emailed the store and they got back to me. Yum!

After that, we got home and called our friend Barb on Facebook Messenger. I tried to do it on my laptop, but it didn't work, for someBarb's presents reason, so we did it on my phone instead. It worked fine. We opened presents and chatted a lot, for about 2 hours.  She sent me a collection of Mel Brooks movies (which was on my list) as well as a Christmas Dear Santa...ornament and some other stuff. She always sends fun stuff.

It was chilly in the evening.... I watched a lot of Christmas movies I had recorded on my DVR.  Frankly, here is where I stopped keeping up on the blog again this week, so I'm only going to remember some of the things I did.

If you love musicals, you should love this!

  Friday 12/21/18Brandy

Happy Winter (or Winter Solstice)!

David took Brandy in to the vet's to be kenneled while we're out of town.

The Clawsons came by early to fix up our yard. They mowed, blew leaves, weeded and picked up after the dog. It looks great!

Here's something I've been meaning to do....Here are all the Christmas songs I like, more or less (sorta) in order. The first 6 I love.

Carol of the Bells
Now Is The Caroling Season
O Holy Night
Mary Did You Know
Christmas Waltz
In Dulci Jubilo
'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Ken Darby (choral)
The Nutcracker Suite
Do You Hear What I hear?
Mele Kalikimaka
Joy to the World
Silver Bells
Sleigh RideBrandy and me
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Angels We Have Heard on High
Caroling Caroling
Merry Christmas Darling
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Last Christmas
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
The First Noel
Silent Night
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
What Child Is This?
O Come All Ye Faithful
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Little Drummer Boy
The Christmas Song
Brandy looking shockedAll I Want for Christmas Is You
(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays
The Chipmunk Christmas Song
Feliz Navidad
Grown-Up Christmas List
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Winter Wonderland
It's the Most
Wonderful Time of the Year
The Bell That Couldn't Jingle (Herb Alpert)
Happy Holiday
Christmas in Killarney
Wonderful Christmastime
¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen
Christmas Time Is Here
Where Are You Christmas
Holly Jolly Christmas
This Christmas (Donny Hathaway)

Christmas tree with presentsThere aren't too many Christmas songs I hate, but there are plenty that I'm sick of or that I don't like much.

I went with David to Java Primo for lunch. I had already eaten. He took me to Wal-Mart, too, I believe, to get a few things.

We're getting a lot of last minute gifts in the mail today, plus cards, and things I ordered, including some ornaments and decorations I ordered online.

I stayed up late, and one of the things I did was make sure that my stocking stuffers for David fit into his stocking. The candy and stuff that doesn't, no big deal. I'll just save them for him, for later.

I cleaned up the house really well and took many videos of the decorations, so I could post them on Instagram.  You can see the videos here!

I discovered that you can use the Alexa App on your phone. You don't actually need an Echo or any of those other Amazon devices. It can do some cool things.

  Saturday 12/22/18

Today I caught up on laundry and dishes, and did some packing for our trip. I got some timers for our lights, so I put them on. I'm not sure I know how to work some of them, so we'll see how that goes.cookies from Marianne

Marianne sent me a tin full of gluten free cookies and candies! Her granddaughter started a baking business. They are so yummy!

I did a little singing online...but something is wrong with the site I normally go to. It's got weird sound for some reason.  I stayed up way too late and had trouble sleeping.

I wrote another article that was published in Karaokescene magazine. Hope you can check it out!

Here's a pic of all of our house and yard decorated and lit up! Click on it to see the larger version.

  Sunday 12/23/18

view from our carI got up around 7, but I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night.  I finished packing and had breakfast.  We left at 8am to drive to Dallas,Very Texan rest stop which is 4 hours away. I slept a bit on the way. We stopped in Mount Pleasant to use the restroom, stretch our legs, and get a soda.  I was very tired.  My legs and feet were bothering me.... I was itchy and also had some pains.

waiting outside our door with luggageWe checked in to the Crowne Plaza (We've stayed here before -- it's OK). David parked the car while I checked in and took everything upstairs. My key wouldn'tY.O. restaurant work, but fortunately he wasn't far behind me.  The room smells a little weird, but we got used to it.

We walked over to Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, which is good. I had the pistachio crusted chicken, which was really yummy, and he had the pistachio crusted chickenchili.  We'd had breakfast and snacks, so we weren't starving.

Then we took a long nap. After that, we went to the Dallas Stars hockey game at the arena (as we usually do when we come here). I really don't like hockey that much. It's always way too cold for me, and the game is boring. Almost no one scores.  I was literally falling asleep. It got a little better the second part of the game, but then the Stars lost. It was close at the end, but they lost, 3 to 1. Oh, well.us at hockey game

When we first got there, I wanted to find something to eat, of course. I asked about the hot dogs, but the people there had no clue. I asked at guest services, and the woman there told me that someplace in gate 104 had some GF foods as well as a place upstairs. Well, 104 had just one little display of GF snacks, and it was half empty.  The place deviled eggsupstairs turned out to be a buffet, and the game was starting soon.  So I went back down to the hot dog place. I looked up their brand (Eisenberg), and their web site said it's GF, so I just got 2 hot dogs and a bag of Lays.  Unfortunately, the hot dogs were in the buns ahead of time, so I had to scrape pieces of bun off the hot dog (not ideal).bar at Freddie's

After we left the game, we were looking for a place I had found online that is a tequila bar called El Jimador. Well, the map was not very good, but we found this other place called Billy Can Can.  We sat at the bar and had drinks, and some really delicious appetizers. We would go back berry drinkthere again -- the food was very good.  We stopped at another place near our hotel called Freddie's, before heading back to our room. I had a very yummy berry drink there.

I did some work and then planned to go to sleep, but I couldn't sleep. Here I go again! I spent a lot of time online trying to find karaoke and other stuff to do.

I tried to find some Christmas caroling, too, but I didn't succeed. Oh, well.

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