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  Monday 12/10/18

Snowmen handle coversI'm still fighting this miserable cold. I slept in until about noon.  David brought me my prescription, and I made him lunch. I went back to sleep for a while after that. I felt lousy. I also got very sick from something I ate with gluten (that's par for the course).

I got these neat snowman wraps that I ordered. I have them for the kitchen handles and the one on the oven, plus there's a snowman countdown til Christmas. Love it!

After I woke up, I felt much better, so I started getting dressed to walk Brandy. As I was just about ready, I realized my blood sugar was low, so I ate something. I forced myself to take the walk, even though I always feel awful for a while when my blood sugar has dropped like that. It was quite cold out, in the 40's, but it felt great to me for a while because I always get very hot when my blood sugar drops, too. Also, my house was pretty warm from having the heat on. I just did a short version of the walk because I started to feel cold, as well as tired.

This is cute! I never buy chips

I took it easy for most of the evening... I just watched TV, worked on my site and did social media (not much else). David brought home McDonald's for dinner.

Later on, I cleaned the kitchen counters and did the dishes. Well, I did some of it. I have another load to run tomorrow. There's always more!

Trisha's flyerI printed these flyers out for Trisha. She's trying to get other people like me to pay her (mostly elderly) for doing odd jobs, running errands, yard work, cleaning etc.  Click on the pic to see the larger version with all the details (if you live in my area).

I had a low fever for a while, but it's gone now. I've been coughing a lot. I hope I can sleep tonight. I tried napping again, after dinner, but I wasn't sleepy, just tired.

I found out today that I got straight A's on all my classes this semester. Yippee! I'mmy grades very surprised because, in my marketing class, I know I got an F on the final. Who knows....it was a very strange class.

I almost forgot -- I have an appointment tomorrow with the podiatrist! I hope David didn't accidentally schedule a meeting during that time...

Brandy, playing with a torn up towel and my feetSpeaking of feet, Brandy sure loves to play with ours.

I wonder why Facebook doesn't have any holiday backgrounds for posts? They had Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter and Hannukah backgrounds along with all the rest, but nothing for Christmas or new year's. So strange.

This is a very funny video making fun of that holiday song that we all loathe...

Here's a neat video Facebook made, looking back at my posts and such (clearly, I post way too many selfies!).

  Tuesday 12/11/18

being sick meme

I've been very sick all week with this cold, so I haven't done a good job with keeping up the blog. Brandy's been very good, keeping me company in bed.Brandy on bed

David rescheduled my appointment with the podiatrist. He was very busy and, since I'm sick, he thought it was a good idea. Now my appointment isn't until late January, which kinda sucks. My feet will still keep hurting. I really need to get more orthopedic inserts.

I had a fever today, too. I felt really bad in the evening and had trouble sleeping.

  Wednesday 12/12/18

antibioticsDavid wanted me to go to the Urgent Care, but I didn't want to yet because so far, it's just been a cold. However, when I woke up around 12:30, I was hacking up a lot of gunk and some of it was green. I figured I better go, just in case I had bronchitis again. David was in Camden, so we went about 3. It took over an hour. The doctor said I had a sinus infection, not bronchitis. Well, I've had that plenty of times, too. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics, which I filled at the pharmacy. I forgot to ask for cough medicine. Brandy staring at me

I also asked her about my finger on my left hand (that I injured last week), which is still hurting a bit, and I can't bend it down all the way, like I can the ring finger on my right hand.  She told me to keep taking Aleve and showed me some exercises to do.

I got home around 4:45 and went to sleep for awhile. I slept off and on all night.  I had to sleep some in the chair because of coughing. I think I also took some time to put away the clean clothes and run the dishwasher.

  Thursday 12/13/18

I woke up around 2. I felt much better. I'm still tired, though. I finally did do most of the Christmas tree decorating. I still have a lot to do, though.

Scott and his assistant putting up my new TVThe electrician, Scott, came today, with his assistant, and they put up the new TV. It didn't take too long because he used the sameMy new TV looks great! bracket as was already up there from last time.  I gave him my older TV as payment. We made a good deal. I had no use for the other one, anyway. It was no trouble for me to set the new one all up and get things working, either. It's got a great picture and sound. I'm very happy!

rainyWe had a bad thunderstorm, with hail! It was very loud.

Brandy was acting funny tonight. I gave her a pair of old fluffy socks (they had a hole in them) and she spent most of the night sitting on the rug, mouthing them, and daring anyone to try to take them from her.  We did play with her a little bit, and she likes that. She wants us to chase her around and try to take the socks from her.  But Brandy's monthly bark box!even after David went to bed, and I was watching a movie, she still just sat there with the socks. Usually she would be playing with other toys, or going in and out, or sleeping, or asking me for attention. She was very quiet. It was weird.  Then the storm freaked her out a little bit.  Then when we went into the bedroom to sleep, she started playing with another new toy she has, that has a squeaker. She got the squeaker out and was chewing on it. I couldn't get it away from her (I tried), but I was concerned that she might choke on it. I got some cheese, and that made her drop the squeaker, so I did get it away from her, finally. It was half-eaten, though. Stupid dog likes to chew up and swallow anything. I hope it's not the death of her someday.  Dogs must have very good digestive systems, is all I can say.

Since I have the big TV now, I turned down the lights and watched my Blu-ray of "Ant-Man and The Wasp." It was cool to watch it, almost like being in a movie theater.  The film was so-so. It was not nearly as good as the first one. It was a bit of aClean drawer mess. They should have gotten the same writers. This one had way too many newnew tin soldier characters and boring villains (although I did love seeing Walton Goggins and Laurence Fishburne). The jokes are not as funny. Some of them were just awful. It had great action, but that's about it.

I was very proud of myself for cleaning out this kitchen junk drawer! Nice to be able to do SOMETHING.

I didn't have a ton of energy, but I'm feeling better than yesterday. I put up some of the ornaments, and then I took a break and put up more. I probably still have some more to put up... then I can add tinsel and put out all the other decorations.

  Friday 12/14/18

I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I kept waking up coughing. I didn't get up until after 4pm. I'm still feeling better, but I'm a bit more congested today because of all the mini pizzascoughing.  My poor nose is very red and scabby.

It's raining today, too. I hope it's sunny after that, as predicted.

I was sick again from something I ate. I'm not feeing nearly as energetic today as I was yesterday.

After awhile, I took a nap, and then I had some food, which made me feel a little better. I've been taking lots of medicine, too.

I finally finished decorating the Christmas tree. Yay! It wore me out, though. I have way too many ornaments and decorations! LOL! Here are two photos, one with the lights on, and one with the lights off.

My tree, with the lights onmy tree, with the lights off

Hopefully, tomorrow, David can help me put up the outdoor decorations and move some of the boxes back into the garage.

Argh. You know, we have these baby gates to keep Brandy from going into certain rooms, etc. and I sometimes will move it out of my way, but usually I just step over it. Well, just now I tried that and I accidentally rammed my knee into the door jamb instead. Ouch, that was painful!

Here is a list of the 100 Top Grossing movies internationally of all time.  I've seen all but about 38 (the ones in red) and there's a couple I'm not sure if I saw them or not (in purple).  These are not adjusted by inflation, though. You can find that elsewhere.

I stayed up pretty late, coughing, but finally I was able to get to sleep.

  Saturday 12/15/18

Brandy staring at meBrandy woke me up whining, so I got up a little bit earlier than I wanted to. I took a nice hot shower and had breakfast.  It was late, so we didn't go to lunch like we usually do.

I had a lot of energy and was feeling pretty good. Then a little later, I got sick from something I ate, again!

David took me to Walgreen's. I was hoping to find some cool Christmas decorations, and some stocking stuffers, but I didn't find much. Too bad. ISnapchat pic used to love the Walgreen's in Hawaii at Christmas time. They had better decorations than the other stores.  It's always really hard to find good stocking stuffers online because you can't judge the size of an item. Also, store websites make it difficult to buy cheaper items. They don't want to pay to ship them. Amazon is better about it than they used to be, but they're still not that great. Also, my husband is pretty hard to shop for. We took Brandy with us. She always loves riding in the car with us!

After we got back, I took her for a walk. It was around 5pm, so it was getting dark. It was nice to get out in the fresh air. I enjoyed it.  It did tire me out, though, and my Brandy having fun lying next to David on the couchtemperature went back up after that. Otherwise, my coughing and all that has been pretty good today.

I just took it easy most of the rest of the day, listening to Christmas music, watching bad Hallmark movies, napping, and surfing online. Later on, I put up more Christmas ornaments I found as I went through the boxes, sorting and organizing. More exhausting than it sounds!

I had a hard time sleeping again because of coughing.

  Sunday 12/16/18

I woke up too early, around 10.  I had breakfast (the rest of my pizza crust with my own pepperoni and cheese), and I got dressed and ready, and I put Brandy in the bedroom.

I was surprised to see the mail carrier bringing a package. I had no idea that they worked on Sundays! Apparently they do now.urgent care

David and I went to Java Primo. I had a soda while he ate his sandwich. Then we went over to the Urgent Care near the Wal-Mart (a newer one, not the one I usually go to - this one is open on the weekend).  They don't open until noon. It wasn't much after that, but their small waiting room was already packed. I found the only available seat, elbow-to-elbow with other people, so I could fill out their forms with my info. David has been there before, but not me.

There was a really long wait in the waiting room, and then once they put me in the inner exam room, there was more waiting. It was over an hour. The doctor asked me a few questions and then prescribed me some cough medicine, so I could sleep. That's all I wanted. I was very tired. In fact, I was practically falling asleep in the waiting room.

Hallmark BB8 ornament that I got at Wal-MartWhile I was in there, David got new shoes next door at the Payless, and he shopped for some of my Christmas gifts at Wal-Mart.  He picked me up, and we did our regular grocery shopping at the Wal-Mart. Of course the pharmacy closed for lunch early, so he had to bring back the prescription later and wait to pick it up. Not the first time I've seen them do that...take their lunch at a different hour than they're supposed to (or take a long lunch).

I watched a few Hallmark Christmas movies this weekend...always fun!Schär cookies

I tried these Schär cookies that some had mentioned online, but they aren't very good, IMHO.  David thought they were OK. I love their bread. 

I was very tired still, but I didn't want to take a nap. I want to go to bed earlier than 5am. After a brief rest, I took Brandy for her walk.  Then I rested some more, and then I decided to put up the outdoor Christmas my inflatable Christmas Yoda!decorations. Aside from being tired from not enough sleep, I feel great. No fever today. I put up a ton of decorations. I decorated the two mini pine trees on either side of our front door. I put up lots of lights. I sprayed fake snow on the windows, and I put up some other things that light up and get stuck in the ground. Also, I put up our new Santa Yoda. It was quite easy.

Besides Yoda, I bought tons of these net lights for the bushes (although I could use about 5 or 6 more!), and a little sign that says "JOY," and the O has some candles in it that light up (battery powered and on a timer).  These things and the snow are new. Most of the rest I had last year. I have to admit that it looks really nice. I have more to put in the windows, though. It'll go up inside.  Click on the pic to see the larger one. house all decorated

The only problem with all these lights is that they're all connected, and the Santa Yoda is also connected. So when I turn off the lights at night, I think Santa Yoda might deflate. I'm not really sure. I'll have to check out tomorrow during the day and see if he deflated.  The only other way to do it would be to move the Santa Yoda closer to the porch and give him a separate extension cord. Well, we'll see.

I was looking to see if I could buy some more of the solar candy canes that I bought a few years ago, but it looks like they don't make them any more. Too bad because they're really pretty, and easy to put up.  After they absorb the sun, they not only light up, but they blink.  It would be neat to have them all along the walk way.

Christmas cards

I rested some more. David came home from his exercising and moved a bunch of boxes back to the garage for me.  We went to Antigua's as usual for dinner. I was hungry, so I had their brisket tacos, which are always good.  They were even better tonight. Sometimes they put way too much salt on them.  Not tonight!brisket tacos

After we got back, I rested a little more. We listened to the Casey Kasem 70's Countdown that we recorded this morning (we forgot to record it Saturday morning).  This week in 1976 was pretty awful.

I did the laundry and dishes, and I put up some more of the decorations in our house. I hope I can finish it tomorrow.

My husband pointed out that I'm doing all this work to make the outside of the house look Christmas-y when almost no one else will see it (because we live in a somewhat-secluded cul-de-sac).  Well, it's true, although I think I would still do it even if we lived out in the country where no one would see it.  But we do get postal and other delivery persons, garbage collectors, street cleaners, etc. as well as some neighbors who walk their dogs or exercise in our cul-de-sac.  So probably about 20 people see it...

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