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  Monday 12/3/18

me in Snapchat modeToday is my birthday! I would have liked to sleep in, but I have way too many things to do.my poor hand

I got up around 8, and then Trisha came by a little while later to take me to Wal-Mart for some things I forgot to get yesterday!

I unwrapped my fingers, but they're still stiff, and a little sore. I called my doctor, and she says that's to be expected. I still can't pick up anything with my left hand.

Don't forget that you can see all these photos and many more on my Instagram page. I post on there quite often, every day. It is free and easy to sign up. You don't have to pay anything or even post anything. You can just follow me and look at my Brandy waiting for her walkphotos if you want! You should be able to see these photos either on your computer or on your tablet or phone without having to register. If you want to set up an account, that has to be done on phone or tablet.

 I walked Brandy...

I had to call the plumbers again, to have them come out and look at a leak in my kitchen. It's either coming from the fridge or theMcDonalds dishwasher, but they couldn't figure it out. That's very frustrating.

I found out that Mrs. King from CHS passed away. I didn't have her as Me, all dressed upa teacher, but I saw her sometimes because she was an art teacher who, I think, shared a classroom with my art teacher (Mrs. Kendall).  I think she was also an English teacher.

David came home around 6. We went to McDonald's for dinner. David's buildingWe were both kind of dressed up, so we stood out there. 

Then we went to the Percussion Ensemble concert at SAU. It was great! They did an awesome job. The whole caPercussion Ensemble programmpus was decorated in a very pretty way, with lots of lights. I tookBrandy waiting to eat the bear many photos.  After that, we stopped at Walgreen's so I could get a few more things, and so David could pick up a card and small gift for me.  It was pretty cold out tonight.

After we got home, David gave me my card and gift (A big stuffed bear).  Brandy wanted to eat the bear, of course. I put it in the room where all of my bears reside. Of course my big present was the new TV.

It was a nice birthday!my cardsbrownies

I stayed up all night, unfortunately, so I was very tired. I just couldn't sleep. My neck was hurting, and I didn't want to take a muscle relaxer because I was afraid I wouldn't wake up in the morning. I made a lot of cookies, made my cashew butterproject for my Mass Comm class, and I studied for my Marketing final. I probably should have done more studying as well as more sleeping. Oh, well, too late now!

I made cashew butter for the first time. That was kind of neat. You can easily find the recipe online, but it's just cashews in a food processor with some oil.

This is some pretty cool art...

  Tuesday 12/4/18

chocolate snickerdoodlesI had David take in one container of cookies, to his office, so I could pick them up before my Mass Comm class and not have to carry them all over the place. I Brought in a big bag with cookies for my marketing class, and for the professor, as well as plates and napkins. My first exam wasn't until 10, so Trisha picked me up around 9:15.sugar cookies

The bag was very heavy, so David came over from his office and helped me carry them into my classroom.  People liked the cookies, but they didn't finish them all, unfortunately. I left them for the professor's next class.

Professor Clark has to eat GF, like me, and he's also borderlinelemon bars diabetic, so I made him GF and low carb cookies.  They came out good, especially the lemon bars. He liked them a lot. (Later on he emailed me to ask me for the recipe so his wife can make them!) I just found the recipes online, so I got very lucky.  You can find all of these on my recipes page.

I was so very tired, and I kept falling asleep trying to take the exam. It was a long exam - 100 questions.  I don't think many people did well on it.

Christmas tree and other decorations in ReynoldsAfter the exam, I chatted with my friend Sam for a while, then I went over to Reynolds. I missed lunch with the ladies, but I got to chat with them a little. I had a little food, myself, and then I ran into these two professors I know, Jim and Betty. I think Jim's retired, but I'm not sure. We had a very nice chat. I had to leave about 12:40 to go to pick up the other cookies, and go to my other final.

My Mass Comm class was not a real final. We just had to do a project for our blogs, which we went over in class. It was a great class, and the people in it are very nice. I will miss them.  They really loved my cookies and were very grateful. Everyone seemed in a good mood, so there was lots of fun chatting.  It was probably the best class I've had here. Sometimes you just get the right subject and the right mix of people to make things enjoyable.

I had to leave around 3. I took the remainder of the cookies downstairs, and then David took  me home. Even though I was exhausted, I walked Brandy and had some food.  Then I took a nap for about an hour.Inflatable Christmas Yoda

I had ordered an inflatable Yoda with a Christmas hat online, and he arrived today!

David woke me up, so I put Brandy back in the bedroom for a while. We went to El Compadre. David had tacos and I just had a soda, as usual. After we got home, I wasn't up for long. I had some food with my pills, and then I crashed around 9.

  Wednesday 12/5/18

BrandyI slept for 9 hours. I woke up around 9:30. I had breakfast, and then the Miller Pest Control came by. He was supposed to be here at 1pm, but he came early. That's fine. He's lucky I was awake!

I walked Brandy after he left. I walked her again later on, around 4:30.

The post office was closed today due to Bush's death, and no mail was delivered, but the mail carrier did leave me package...however, he put it over by the garage. I would have been very mad if David had run it over with the car! He wouldn't have seen it, in the dark. I bought a metal tin soldier decoration, but they left out the little bolts, so they're going to have to send me more.

Every Christmas at least 3 or more people don't tell me their new address (even though I post on social media, "Let me know if your address has changed since last year"), so their card comes back, and I have to get their new address and send it again. A bit irritating but not that big of a deal...

An old friend actually sent me a birthday present! That is so cool. Unexpected gifts are the best.

I did very little today. I took a day for myself, to do nothing and just veg out. I watched a DVD, spent some time on email and social media, ate lunch, put the laundry away, straightened up the house a bit, cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. Hopefully tomorrow I can make more cookies and start putting up the Christmas decorations. I also have some work to do on my site.

I tried to go to sleep around midnight, but I couldn't sleep, so I got up again. I hope I can try again and fall asleep. It's almost 2am. I had a hard time sleeping all night...

  Thursday 12/6/18

I woke up around 9, but I was very tired.

I spent a lot of time today making Christmas cookies. I wanted to make a few more,Cashew butter cookies but I ran out of eggs. Well, I guess I have enough. I made about 3 different kinds of regular cookies and about 6 that were either GF or low carb. 3 of the ladies I have lunch with eat low carb or "keto."  One of them is also trying to eat GF. One of them also has to eat low salt. So I made cookies for all of them, plus the regular ones were for other people there that I have lunch with that aren't dieting or have any health issues.  I'm very with happy with how they all turned out.

Someone had posted a great recipe in the GF Facebook group that I visit. It's a peanut butter cookie. It's just peanut butter, sugar and egg. I made with with cashew butter that I had leftover from earlier in the week, and with Splenda instead of sugar. These are awesome cookies!!! I will have to make more, for me.Christmas cactus blooming

Brandy and I walked twice again. I did some dozing in my chair, too.

The Christmas cactus plant I got is blooming and looks really pretty! I didn't even know that it would bloom. I just liked it as a regular cactus. It's a neat plant because it doesn't require any sunlight or much water.

I didn't do too much else today besides walking the dog and making cookies. A little work but not much.

I was very tired and went to bed after midnight, I think.

  Friday 12/7/18

I got up around 9:15. I had a bologna sandwich for breakfast (with just one piece of bread), and a tiny piece of the rum fudge I made yesterday.Some of the Christmas cookies

Beth came by about 9:30 to bring more papers for David to sign. I gave her a container of Christmas cookies, too.

David came home around 10:15 to pick me up. I had all the cookie containers as well as my book in my backpack. He took me to Reynolds and dropped me off there. I turned in my book (it was a rental), which didn't take long.me as Grinch

I went to the cafeteria area. Sondra was there doing inventory, so I sat with her. I gave her the cookies I made for her. She loved them, so that's good. The cookies were a hit with everyone. Yay! I love sharing baked goods, especially during the holidays. At 11, we moved to a larger table. I gave out the specifically low carb/keto cookies to the ladies, and I had brought regular cookies for everyone else. It was like a little party, so that was fun. There were leftover cookies, so I took them back to the cafeteria and gave them out there to the workers.  The staff at SAU work really hard, so they deserve it. I wish I had the time/money/energy to make cookies for everyone on campus! I'm glad that the minimum wage will be raised in our state (we voted that in recently), and hopefully that means that the people above them will also be getting raises.

The only drawback was that I had also made cookies for the guy that works at the coffee place, but I forgot that one. It was kind of tucked away in the fridge. Now I'll have to find someone else to give them to.

It was cold today and pretty rainy. When I walked over to Overstreet, the tower bells played "Frost the Snowman!" That is so cool. I had no idea they did that.my new poinsettia

David took me back home. I couldn't take Brandy out walking, due to the rain. I just took her around the cul-de-sac, and she still got pretty wet. It looks like it may rain all day.

I'm hoping the guy who fixes our lights will be here today...we've been playing phone tag for half the year.

Also, Beth will be coming back to pick up the papers David signed, for life insurance.

I might do some more dozing in my chair! :)  I have a lot of work to do, but so far, I haven't felt like doing it. I am backed up on my site, and I have a ton of dishes to do, from all those cookies.

I'm a little bit worried about my left ring finger (the one I injured a week ago). It's still stiff, and hurts when I use it sometimes, and I can't close it all the way, like I can the other one. I guess I'll phone the doctor on Monday if it's not all better.

The electrician and his assistant came by to fix our lights. He says we probably don't have a short, so that's good. He also looked into our garage door opener, which hasn't been working, but he didn't know enough to fix it. He thinks that maybe it got struck by lightning. He gave me the name/number of a garage door repair person to call.  It's nice to have all the lights in the living room and bedroom working again!

Beth came by as well, to pick up the papers.

I've been very tired all day and haven't felt like doing anything. I was sneezing all night and being very congested. I think I might have a cold. I watched a lot of TV and didn't do too much else. I went to bed around 8:45. David was at graduation, so he came home a bit later than that. I got up briefly and then went back to sleep.

  Saturday 12/8/18

I had a pretty good night's sleep, although I did wake up briefly with some nightmare. I don't remember what it was, but I was yelling for help; but since I was asleep, I couldn't yell loud enough, and when I tried, I woke myself up.  I hate that kind of dream.Snapchat Christmas pic

I woke up around 9. I'm definitely sick. I'm tired, congested, and throat hurts a little. I guess I caught David's cold.

I've also been getting sick as usual from eating something with gluten. It was probably the nibbling of some non-GF cookies I made, but it could be that one of my ingredients at home is not GF as I thought. :( I think it's way too late to be from the McDonald's I ate on Monday...

We went to lunch at Flying Burger. I had a cheeseburger with onions and fries, no bun. Not healthy but delicious. I only had about half the fries.new TV

Then we went to Wal-Mart to take back the TV we bought last week that was too small (the same size as the one we already had). Fortunately, it had handles on the side, so we could carry it pretty easily from the car to the customer service area (in the rain!).  Then we picked up a few things at the grocery section.

When we got home, the new TV was delivered! It wasn't expected until Monday, so that's a nice surprise. I will have to text the electrician on Sunday to see which day he can come back to take down the old TV and put up the new one for us.

My brain is kind of muddy...I'll probably take a nap. I'm really not feeling well. I hope I can decorate the tree later tonight...I really want to! I have a lot of other things to medicinedo, too. I'm so far behind...UGH.

Poor Brandy didn't get to walk today because it was pouring rain all day.

I did not do any decorating yet, and I feel very guilty about that. I just haven't had the energy. I finished the laundry, but that's about it.

I've had a bad sore throat all day, so I got some Chloraseptic throat spray. That really helped a lot. Works way better than Sucrets or cough drops.

  Sunday 12/9/18

I wanted to sleep in, so we didn't go to Java Primo as usual. We wentchicken a la Parrilla to Wal-Mart for the rest of our groceries.

My throat is feeling much better today, but I'm still congested Brandyand feeling very tired. I didn't do much except watch TV and rest. I had a long nap.

In the evening, we went to Antigua's as usual. I was tired, so I had their chicken dish that I've had before, Chicken A La Parrilla. It's kind of like chicken fajitas, except the chicken is one big piece and it's covered in cheese. I had enough to take home for lunch tomorrow, and I hope it won't make me sick.

David's feeling better than I am, so he took Brandy for her walk, thankfully! I just wasn't feeling up to it.

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