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  Monday 11/26/18

my dad when he was youngToday was my dad's birthday. He would have been 97!  He might have lived that long, too, if he hadn't smoked and drank heavily for 70-something years. His parents both lived a very long time. Both over 100, I believe (but my memory is not the best).

I wanted to get up somewhat early, but I went back to sleep after the alarm went off. I had stayed up working last night until aboutwater heater 5am. It was cold when I woke up, and I was too tired. I did get my holiday cards done, ready to send out, and a lot of my online shopping done as well.

I had some tomato soup, which really helped warm me up and was very filling. It's organice, GF soup that I got at the Whole Foods over tomato soupThanksgiving.

The plumbers called about 1pm to ask if it was OK for them to come over and fix our water heater (they got the missing part we need), so I had to get up and get dressed. David was also bringing Brandy home from the kennel, so I had to put all the baby gates out in preparation for that.

The plumbers took quite a while. When Brandy came home, she was too agitated, so I put her out in the backyard for a while. She kept barking, so finally I brought her flowersin and chained her up in the bedroom (like I do every night- she's used to it). It wasn't for very long, and they left. I had to pay them $285 to fix the water heater, and they said that the water heater is from 2002, so we really should replace it. I assured them that we would replace it if it breaks down again. I hope that's not soon!

Later, I discovered that they forgot to turn the hot water back on, so it's just coming out in a trickle. UGH. So they'll come back tomorrowBrandy! to fix that. Who does a job like this and forgets to double-check it? These guys are not too swift. They also lost their lighter thingy and had to borrow my matches last time, and today they had to light up some paper, which made the whole garage stink for a while.  We'll probably get someone different if we do buy a water heater.

After they left, I took Brandy out for her walk, which we both enjoyed. The weather wasn't bad at all. I just had a light jacket. It was a bit windy, some of the decorationsand chilly in the shade, but otherwise it was fine.

I was very tired all day and had a hard time getting going. Finally I took a shower around 4pm and starting doing more work. I did some work on my site, but I also had some other things to do. It's been a tough day, mentally. I've just been really stressed out with everything I I'm not yelling, I'm Irish!have going on. I don't know how I'll find the time for it all.

Later on, we went to El Compadre. I just had hot chocolate, which was very good.

I stayed up until about 3am. I got a lot done, but I still have a lot more to do.

I love this T-shirt on the left because it's so true of my family! And we are Irish, among other things.

  Tuesday 11/27/18

I had David set the clock for 8. It was hard for me to get up, but I really should have gotten up a little earlier. It wasn't enough time to get ready. I took a shower lastHappy that I got my cards done! night, but I still had to eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and get the room ready for Brandy. I was running late.

Nothing sounded good this morning, but I have these mini popcorn cakes I bought at Whole Foods. I covered a small plate with them, then put a little sugar free GF BBQ sauce on each one. I put half a pepperoni on each mini-pizzasand some shredded cheese. Then I microwaved it for a few minutes. It was pretty darn good! I had half a cup of hot chocolate, too. Full Recipe Here!

I mailed out all of my holiday cards at the post office. Good to have that all done!

I was very tired all day and had trouble staying awake. It was in the 30's, but it didn't seem that cold to me.

After class, my friend Sam was chatting with me for a bit. Then I went to Reynolds for lunch. I didn't really eat, just had soda and chatted with the other ladies. I wentprogram to Brinson after that. I had about 40 minutes free, so I was going to warm up and practice, but I got sick and spent most of that time in the bathroom. Oh, well. I just went early to my class after that.

The class was fine. I was very tired and having a really hard time. After class, David took me home. I had to call the plumbers so they could come back over and turn on the hot water. That didn't take long, thankfully. Then I let Brandy out. I was going to walk her, but she was very hyper, so we went out in the backyard first. I made her run around a little bit to work off all that excess energy. I was finally able to put her leash on, so we went for our walk. After that, I was really tired, so I took a nap. I had to chain up Brandy Brandy againagain for a while. I woke up to her whining, so I let her jump on the bed with me. She was pretty good after that. I woke up around 5:15pm, so I just had 2 hours' sleep.

I was sick a bit after that, too. Hopefully that's the end of it! I'm trying not to eat out at all, any more.

David came home around 6pm, and I made him dinner.  We left about an hour later to go back to SAU for the Jazz Ensembles concert. I don't know why they keep having all of these events at 7:30pm. It's too late, especially if you have to work the next day. It was a great concert, though. I loved the music.

After we got back, I let Brandy out again.  I put the laundry away, and then David went to sleep. He was so tired, poor thing. I am, too, but I have some things I want to get done before tomorrow.

Yolanda is coming early tomorrow to clean, so I want to get some stuff done tonight first.

healthy cookiesI ran the dishes (great to have my hot water back!) and baked some cookies for my voice teacher. He and I have discussed dieting etc. so I made him some healthy holiday cookies. I hope he likes them! I made these: chocolate chocolate chip cookies  except with 1 cup regular flour, 1 Cup whole wheat flour and 1/4 C. ground flax seed; with slightly less salt; and fewer chocolate chips; plus I added some peppermint oil and chopped pecans.

When I make cookies now with regular flour, I use one of these masks. I bought ame with mask whole box of them on Amazon. They really help keep me from breathing in the flour when I bake. I wasn't sneezing and coughing like usual.

I'm just resting my feet now (which hurt), and then I'm going to start getting the place ready for tomorrow. It's almost midnight, and I'm so tired! I ended up staying up pretty late...

  Wednesday 11/28/18

I got up at 7, and I'd only had a few hours' sleep. I had a few things to do around the house. Yolanda got here around 8:45. I had been watching a TV show and eating breakfast, so I finished those, and then I went back to sleep in the bedroom with Brandy for a few hours.Brandy on bed with me

I kept dozing off and on. Yolanda left around 3. She showed me that the kitchen sink is leaking a little bit, so I called the plumbers.  They were out, so I had to leave a message.

Brandy is very happy that she found his favorite squeaker.

When the mail carrier came by, the guy told me that my mail wasn't delivered yesterday because someone was parked in front of it.  Trisha usually parks there in the morning, so I can see her out the door. Birthday card from SAUShe was only there about 10 minutes. Sheesh. On another note, I got some Christmas cards already!

I walked Brandy, and then I was still very tired. I was tired all day. I put some of the stuff back in the house, but mostly I was too tired. At night, I did my project for my class, and then I just struggled to stay awake. I went to bed around 9 or 9:30.

  Thursday 11/29/18

I woke up at 7, and I was still tired, but not as bad as the two days before.

When Brandy is on the bed, she doesn't like to get off. If I try to grab her by herBrandy on my lap collar, she tries to jerk away or nips at me. She tried that this morning, when she was on the edge of the bed, so she ended up falling off the bed, right on her back! Poor puppy. She seems okay, though.

Today is the last day of regular classes. Yay! We had our last presentation in my marketing course, and he answered questions about the final.

It's been cold lately, but today it's supposed to go up to the 70's. Tomorrow it's supposed to storm, so maybe that's why it's suddenly so warm. It's supposed to stay that way until next Tuesday, then top out in the 40's.

Lunch was fine, as usual. I had my last voice lesson, which went well. I gave myBrandy again voice teacher the cookies. I went over to Overstreet for my other class. It went well, too, but it was a little bit embarrassing. We do these blogs for class, and our 19th assignment was to critique other students' blogs. We could either do multiple ones or just one. My fellow students were really nice to me!!!

I got a drink, then went to the library. David took me home at 3. I missed the electrician guy twice...just my bad memory this week, too many things going on. We've been playing phone tag since last Spring.

I took Brandy for her walk. It was a very blustery but warm day. Many of my neighbors already have their holiday decorations up! Still many beautiful Fall leaves Shatner Christmas CDout, too.

I got some birthday presents today in the mail, including this William Shatner Christmas CD! Yay!

Brandy was annoying me a lot because she kept rolling her toys under the tables and couch. I was very tired, and my feet hurt. I went with David to El Compadre again.

David helped me get out the Christmas stuff out today, but I was too tired to do anything with it. I did more laundry and put all the rest of the Thanksgiving stuff back.jammed fingers

The leak under our sink is pretty big...what a mess. I had to take everything out and use towels to wipe up all the water in the cabinet and on the floor.

Brandy had a squeaker in her mouth and was chewing it to bits, so I went to get it away from her. She made a sudden move as I reached down to grab her, so my hand got caught between her and the wall, smashing it. It hurt a lot. I put ice on it, but it still hurt and was very stiff, a little swollen. I took two Aleve before going to bed.  I ended up staying up until about 4am.

  Friday 11/30/18

I woke up at 7am. My fingers still hurt. David took me to Urgent care around 8:40. I got X-rays and then had to wait a long time to see my doctor and then get an X-ray. taped fingersMy fingers are not broken, thank goodness! Just a bad sprain.  She taped them up, said to keep taking Aleve and to keep them taped up through the weekend.

Trisha picked me up from the doctor's office, and we went back to my house.  She helped me take all the Christmas decorations out of the boxes, put the tree together, and put the lights and garlands on, as well as helped me wrap the other little mini-pine tree plant on the porch with red ribbon.  She had an appointment, anyway.  We had fun and chattedChristmas tree a lot. 

I was able to give Brady a brief break to go outside, but then I had to put her back in the bedroom.  I couldn't walk her, since it's raining today.

Then the plumbers came. They're fixing the kitchen sink.

The plumbers fixed the kitchen sink. They did a much faster job than the other guys did when they fixed our water heater. 

Second birthday card, from Eileen and JoeI got some nice birthday cards today and the check from my Foster mom, Marianne.

I was very tired today. I took a little nap on the couch. Later, I ordered Domino's pizza. It took a while to get here because their computer system broke down. It tasted good, but I'm pretty sure it made me sick because of the gluten cross-contamination.

I fixed up my music room this week, which you can see. This is a small photo. Click on it to see the larger one! I have all my instruments in there now, including my new big Casio that my neighbor gave me.music room

It was raining hard all day. I would have liked to do more work on putting up the Christmas decorations, or studying, but I was just too tired. I watched some TV and movies. I finally watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas," which my friend bath really likes. It's a pretty good animated flick. I hadn't seen it before, so I recorded it over Halloween.

I really couldn't do much typing because of my fingers being taped up. Even though they're taped up, it hurts if I try to type at all with my left hand, so I just gave up after a while. I'm not happy about it because I fell even further behind in my work. I have lots of emails to answer, too.

  Saturday 12/1/18

Brandy againOnly 25 days until Christmas!

I woke up at 9:30, took a shower, and didn't do much else for a while. Around 10:30, I put brandy back in the bedroom and got ready to go out. David and I went to the Post Office so I could mail a couple of holiday packages and the rest of my greeting cards. It's pretty cool, now that they have international forever stamps. You don't need to spend so much time at the Post Office. But of course, we live in apost office small town, so there was no line at all. Even though they were about to close.

We stopped at Brookshires and I got a few things, including some yummy goodies for myself.

Unfortunately, I was sick some of this morning because of something I ate with gluten. Probably the Mr. Goodbar I had yesterday, or something else I ate a few days ago. Around noon, we went to lunch at the Backyard Barbecue, which is the best restaurant in town, in my opinion. We got there just in time before a huge crowd came in after us. I always get the barbecued ribs plate, which also comes with sausage and 2 sides. I get cole slaw and beans... BBQall of the food is fantastic. David always gets fried catfish. After that, we drove through Dairy Queen, so I can get a hot fudge sundae. Yes, we're celebrating my birthday today!

After we got home, and I let brandy out again, I finished most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. I was literally falling asleep at my computer, though, so I went to take a nap.
some of the neighbor's decorations
After I woke up, around 4:30, I took Brandy for a walk. We've had really nice weather the last few days (aside from the rain). It's been in the sixties and seventies. So people were outside, putting up their Christmas decorations, or playing basketball with their kids, or raking their leaves, etc. I was really enjoying the beauty of all of the new Christmas decorations that people put up, but it made me feel sad about not putting mine up yet . However, it's only December 1st, so that's kind of dumb. It was a nice walk. Now I'm trying to study some, but it's difficult. I'd rather be putting up my Christmas decorations, baking cookies, or watching TV.

BAMA gameI had to change my bandage twice now, due to getting food on it...

David and I listened to the top hits of 1978 on DISH (Casey Kasem's countdown) while I unwrapped some of my Christmas ornaments. He also watched the BAMA game (they won!). Then I baked some cookies and watched some TV. I stayed up way too late. I still had trouble sleeping, though. I kept getting up and doing things.

I figured out that, I think, I already have a C in my marketing class, even before the final, so I should be OK.

  Sunday 12/2/18

Happy Hannukah!Brandy and me

David woke me up around 11, and we went to Java Primo so he could get lunch. I just had a soda and tried to wake up while he ate.

Then we went to the Dollar Tree. I got a lot of cool Christmas stuff there as well asThe wrong TV some other things.

We went to Wal-Mart after that. Before getting groceries, we looked at TV's. I wanted a 65" TV, but they were $600 and up. We settled on a 55" for about $300. To both of us, it looked bigger than the one at home. We should have measured the one at home. Turns out, it was the same size!

Anyway, we did the rest of our grocery shopping and went home. I bought a new 65" on the Wal-Mart website for about $500. We'll just have to take the other one back to get the refund.  This is my birthday/Christmas present.

Yummy tahini browniesI had lunch after we got home - leftover pizza from yesterday, and a couple of the tahini brownies I made. Then I walked Brandy.  I took some photos of all the Fall colors and the neighbors' decorations.

I was tired, so we took a nap after that. After I woke up, though, I shut Brandy up in the bedroom.  I was sick, probably from yesterday's pizza. I probably won't order from them any more. Too bad. Then I realized my blood sugar was low, so I had some ice cream. I felt terrible (from the low blood sugar - it does that), but I was OK.

David and I went to Antigua's. He had tacos. I had some chips and soda. They have decorated very well for the holidays.

After we got home, I took my last take-home exam for my Marketing class. It took me 2 1/2 hours and was very tedious.  Then I did a little work on my site (not too much, since my fingers are still taped up) and put away all our packages from earlier today. I'm doing the laundry, too.

I'm actually very tired, but I must make cookies!

I was washing dishes, and I forgot that the plumbers had fixed the waterChristmas cactus heater, so now the water comes out super hot if you're not careful. I burned my right hand on the water, but I stuck it in ice, so I think it'll be OK tomorrow.

The Christmas cactus I bought last week is doing really well and bloomed flowers!

Since my fingers were taped up, I used my phone's microphone software to dictate some of this blog. It's pretty cool. I only need to make a few slight editing adjustments.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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