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  Monday 6/24/19

It's my sister-in-law Susan's birthday today! She's on a cruise.

Next week is the start of the second session! Wow! I can't believe it's already here. The summer has gone by fast. This week I have to take this 1-2 hour primer on taking an online course. Wow, that should be interesting. Hope it's not dull. I have to buy some type of kit from the bookstore this week as well.

I wanted to get up early, but I guess I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. I don't remember! I woke up around noon or so. It was very cool after last night's storm -- only 70 degrees. But I wasn't feeling well, so by the time I was sick and got dressed, it had gone up to 75! Still, it wasn't too bad, so I took Brandy for her walk. At least it wasn't too humid out.

I had a lot to do today, so I'm been trying to do as much as possible on my To-Do list: Work on my site, finishing up some DVD's I want to send to my brother, and work around the house.

I had the rest of the cajun sausage for breakfast, and the rest of the mashed garlic cauliflower. It was really good. I also had an Atkins chocolate bar. Later on, I made another mug cake. This was a different recipe. It was much more moist than the other. Strangely, though, it wasn't that sweet (even though I put in twice as much sweetener).  Next time I'll put in more. I also made a really delicious buttercream frosting. Later on, I had the last burger with cheese on lettuce.

I went with David to watch him eat dinner at El Compadre. Later on, I took Brandy for her second walk. It was pretty humid then.

My crepe myrtles are finally starting to bloom! Yay! I've been waiting. Others in the neighborhood have been blooming for a few days now. Mine are just slow, I guess. The hydrangeas, unfortunately, have all turned brown.

I did dishes and need to do another load. I'm doing laundry as well. I'm preparing the house to get ready for cleaning tomorrow.

David's birthday is tomorrow, too, so I wrapped his presents.

I'm trying very hard not to scratch any more, so that my scratches can heal...especially those on my back.

I stayed up way too late, trying to get the house ready for tomorrow. I just gave up because I was too tired.

  Tuesday 6/25/19

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my husband!!

I had him wake me up when he left, so I could get up and get the house ready (I always move all of the knick-knacks, photos, coasters, bathroom stuff, etc to make it easier for her to clean). Good thing I did because it took me over 2 hours. I just barely had time to eat breakfast.

Yolanda came around 9:10 and stayed until 2:44. I went back to sleep a little, but Brandy kept barking and waking me up. I did the laundry while she cleaned and her granddaughter watched cartoons. When it came time for her to do the master bedroom and bathroom, I put Brandy out in the backyard. She kept barking her head off. Annoying dog! Eventually, I moved her into the sunroom, along with her toys and water. She behaved herself there, for the most part. Then I moved her back into the bedroom while Yolanda swept the back porch.  It's not that Brandy would bite them or anything. She would just get in their way and might pee on the floor. She gets too excited.

It started raining after they left, but it didn't last too long.

After they left, I started putting back all of the stuff. I got most of it done. I still have to do the music room, which is not exactly essential. I wanted it mostly to be done, for David's birthday. I put his presents on the table next to where he sits on the couch.

I was very tired, but I didn't take a nap. By the time I did everything, it was about 5:30, so I just sat in my chair, with Brandy nearby, and we took a little nap there until David came home.

He didn't want to go out to dinner or anything.  His boss and another woman he works with took him out to lunch, so that was nice. He just wanted a half a sandwich for dinner.

I took Brandy for her walk around 8, as usual. It was a bit muggy, but not too warm. It was in the 70's.

I ate too much. I'm still trying to diet, but that's not a good way to do it. Even though most of it was low carb. I made myself a nice salad for dinner, but it was the other stuff I ate that was the problem! ;)

David got some calls and emails from friends and family. That was nice.

I was in pain all day, and I'm not sure why. My right leg was hurting all day. It was just below my knee and slightly to the right. I took Aleve and a muscle relaxer, but it still hurt off and on. I might have to go to the doctor tomorrow if it's no better.

I was also very itchy when I went to bed. It was late.

Only 6 months until Christmas! ;)

  Wednesday 6/26/19

I need to start getting up earlier, and not take naps. I woke up after noon.

My knee doesn't hurt, so that's good. Well, it still hurts if I touch it, but not otherwise.

I worked most of the day, getting caught up on some stuff on my site.

I was really craving pizza, so I convinced David to go to the Central Hub down in the Square. They have GF pizza there. I've been really watching carbs today, so I only had one slice and ate the toppings off many slices, then I took half of it home. They had karaoke tonight! Unfortunately, I couldn't go. David gets up very early, and I don't know anyone else who would go, that can also give me a ride.  I wish they would have it on the weekend, but they have bands then.

I took Brandy for her walk as always, around 8pm. It was very muggy.

He watched part of the first Democratic primary debate, and I heard some of it. It was pretty boring. We saw a commercial for the debate, it said, "Booker, Warren, Klobuchar....and more" LOL! Then we both sang the Gilligan's Island theme, "And the rest!" :)

It's really crazy to have two debates and allow so many people in them. They should have just winnowed it down to one. At least, leave out the mayors and anyone who's never held elected office.  Both parties should do that, from now on, if you ask me.

I can't believe it's almost July already!

I stayed up really late, working on my site and watching TV. I wasn't tired...

  Thursday 6/27/19

I stayed up and walked Brandy very early in the morning, around 6:15. It was nice and cool! I want to keep getting up early to do that.  It was daylight, and I could see the sun still coming up in the distance, but I could see the moon in the sky! That was weird. I'm not used to seeing that.

Even though I've been eating healthy, my blood sugar wasn't low this morning. It was over 200! Weird. I just ate some sausage and cut-up veggies with dip for breakfast. Later on, I had the rest of the pizza, but just the toppings (no crust).

After breakfast, I went back to sleep until about 4:30.

I was feeding Brandy some carrots, and I thought she was eating them, but then I found them on the rug. I guess she was just picking them up and moving them over to the rug. She did, however, eat some celery and cucumbers. Weird dog!

David picked up my kit for my online bio lab, which starts next week. It was $145! With tax, almost $162. Yikes!  Unlike a text book, you can't return it at the end of the semester, either. I haven't done much except open it, but it looks interesting.  I emailed the professor about it, and she seemed to indicate that the lab is not too difficult. I hope she's right!  I would really like to keep my straight As.

We went to Java Primo for dinner, but I wasn't hungry, since I'd already eaten. I ordered the pork chop with broccoli and fruit, to go. I had that later for dinner.

Galea and her husband came over and did the yards. They cut the lawn, did the weeding, picked up the dog stuff, and some extra trimming for me. I had them trim the hedges. I also had her cut back some of the plants in this one area, near where the outside water faucet. It's becoming difficult to get to it when I want to water the lawn. They did a good job...

We watched the second debate, too. It was slightly less boring.

I was tired and went to bed a little after 11pm.

  Friday 6/28/19

I woke up around 8:30am. I wanted to get up earlier, but, oh, well.... It was not too warm yet (only 79), so I walked Brandy.  We met one of our new neighbors down the street, named Grace. She just moved back in with her son. I met him a while back when I was knocking on doors about that dog that I found. He seemed very nice, and so does she. She has a little white poodle named Jack. It's very small but has huge ears. It's so cute!  I asked if her dog was friendly to other dogs. Apparently she hasn't had him very long because she said she didn't know for sure. She brought Jack over in her arms, and he and Brandy sniffed each other. Jack seems very calm and well-behaved. He's so tiny... about 5 lbs., she said. She asked me if it was a safe area to walk the dog. I wasn't sure what she meant, at first. I said, "Oh, yes, everyone is nice.  You just have to be careful of cars." But what she meant was, are there any aggressive dogs running around loose. I told her that the only big dogs I see running around are the ones directly across the street from her (the kids sometimes let them out). One is very big, and one small. They're not all that aggressive, though. We were scared of the big dog, at first, but they were fine, the one time they came up to say hi to Brandy. I forgot to mention that there are a few tiny dogs that the owners sometimes let out, but they're not threatening at all.  They just look at you, and back away if you come near them.

After that, I ate some sausages and some leftover fruit from yesterday.

I had an interview at 11:30, and I had forgotten to write up the questions, so I had to do that this morning. The interview went well. I was a little bit sick off and on today from something I ate with gluten. Maybe that pizza. I hope not!

David had lunch without me, since I'd already eaten.  We went to Brookshire's afterwards for a few groceries. He brought me a soda when he went out to lunch.

After doing some work, I started the dishes and cooked sausage and peppers, which I'd never made before. I used to eat this in the cafeteria at Stony Brook. It was not a great cafeteria, but I really loved the sausage and peppers.  It was so yummy! David didn't like them, but he's picky, so I'm used to it. I know I'm a good cook. His loss! :)  I had two helpings of that, and a low carb ice cream bar. I'm going to stop buying those because I'm too tempted to eat them all the time.

After I made David something else to eat, I finished running the dishwasher and got ready to take Brandy for her walk. It was uneventful. It was way more humid today, but still not too hot.

After we walked, I went back out and watered all of the flowers and plants in our front yard. I hope it rains some more soon! I really hate watering.

I know I never talk about it, but Brandy and I play all the time, too.

I'm very tired and can't seem to focus on anything. I realized I hadn't had dinner, so I had some cut-up veggies with dip. That woke me up a little. I got a package ready for my brother of disks I'm sending him....TV shows I recorded for him.

I went to bed around 2am.

  Saturday 6/29/19

David woke me up at 7am. It was very cool out, so I took Brandy out to walk. That's a good time on Saturday...no one is out. During the week, you'd see a lot of people leaving for work.

I had breakfast when we got back. I just had some of the leftover sausage and peppers. Then I went back to sleep briefly. David was kind enough to pick up my prescriptions and mail my package.

He woke me up at 11. I got up and got ready, and we went to lunch at a new Mexican restaurant, El Parian (which means, The Market). I ordered the street tacos, which came with 2 pork and 2 steak tacos. They were really good. I had asked for grated cheese on the side, but the waiter didn't understand me, so he brought it with cheese sauce on it. I had brought my NIMA gluten sensor, so I tested the tortilla chips, the ground pork and the cheese sauce (I forgot to check the steak, so I hope it was OK). They all tested as GF. I had asked the manager about whether flour was used in the meat or the sauce, and he said they weren't. He did understand me, fortunately. It was too much food, but it was very good.

I went back to sleep after we came back. I'm still very tired. It's been a very lazy day.

We now have 5 Mexican restaurants in town. Last week there were 6, but one went out of business (and very quickly!). We really don't need so many! But I would say this one is good, and more authentic than the others.  It had more spice.

I'm still trying not to itch. It's very hard!

I didn't do much today that was worthwhile. I'll be walking Brandy again in a little while.  We had a nice walk. It was a bit humid, but not too hot. The neighbors behind us let their little dog out again. She was 2 blocks away from their house, wandering in the street. I feel so sorry for the little mutt. They're so irresponsible.

I got some more mosquito bites, probably from this morning. I have a bracelet with mosquito repellant, but I forgot to wear it. It made me itch all day. I had to keep putting Aspercreme on, and it was hard to sleep.

On Saturday nights, we always listen to the 1970's Casey Kasem Countdown. It was 1978. Too much disco music. I was very tired, but I stayed up until about 1am.

Earlier, while David was on the phone with a friend, I started this online primer that I have to do for my online class. It's very boring. Most of it is common sense. It takes 1-2 hours. SO tedious! You have to take little quizzes all the way through. It has subjects like, student success (I had to sit and listen to a graduate student talk about how I should make sure to keep up with the class assignments. She suggested putting all of the assignments in a planner. A planner?? I put all of my assignments in my Google calendar.), and how to deal with other students in an online situation (Oh, you mean I can't use emoticons and snarky comments? Who knew?), and academic integrity (don't cheat, basically).  You know, all things I already know....I took a break, but I have to finish it tomorrow when I'm a little less tired.  It's very poorly done. The kid that narrates it kept stumbling over the big words. He mispronounced "emoticons!"

  Sunday 6/30/19

David woke me up about 8am when he left to go walking. I got up and got ready to take Brandy out. I was barely awake!  It was not too warm yet.

I had the last of my sausage and peppers for breakfast.

I went back to sleep for a little while.  Then David woke me up to go out to lunch with him. I was very sick all day from something I ate with gluten.

We went to the Italian restaurant, II Brothers. I can only eat the salad there, but I wasn't hungry. I just had a soda.  Then we went to Wal-Mart for our weekly grocery shopping.

After we got home, I had lunch. I just had some cut up veggies and blue cheese dressing, some potato salad, and some baked chips; I also had an Atkins bar. I shouldn't have had all those carbs because it made my blood sugar go too high.

Here's something really weird that happened. Yesterday I had posted this on Twitter: Sad to watch the finale of "Life in Pieces!" I enjoyed it. They should have given Sofia more to do. She was my favorites! Second favorite was John. Third favorite: Matt.  Then after I got home this afternoon and put on the TV, I went to my DVR.  It had recorded a Hallmark Christmas movie starring James Brolin (who played John) and the actress who plays Sofia.  I'm just a little bit freaked out. I'm 99.9% sure I didn't record that.  So it makes me wonder if someone at DISH saw my post and recorded that for me.  I'm not normally a paranoid person, but that's a bit creepy.  Here's the thing. I've had a DVR since the late 90's, and I've been online since 94. I'm not some newbie. I know technology pretty well. I wouldn't record something by accident. I did record Christmas movies back in December, but they were all movies that aired back then, not in June. I checked with David, and he didn't record it.  It's just plain weird.  And, no, I don't believe in ghosts!

I checked with DISH on Facebook, and that person claims that DISH has no access to my DVR (which I don't entirely believe) and can't make changes to my DVR.  Apparently, there's no way of telling when the timer was made. If I could see that it was made last December, then I would say, "OK, I must have recorded it back then." Although, that would still be difficult because you can't record shows in June from December unless you're setting it up as "record any time" which I don't do. Plus, that would mean I already had this movie or had watched it.  The woman who cleans the house, Yolanda...she brings her granddaughter during the summer, when she cleans, so I let her watch cartoons. It's remotely possible that she somehow accidentally recorded it....the Hallmark channels and the cartoon channels are somewhat near each other. I guess that's the only plausible, non-creepy answer.

I finished the rest of the primer for school. The beginning part was the worst. The rest of it wasn't too bad. It didn't take 1-2 hours like they predicted. Thank goodness!

I haven't received anything in my campus email yet about my online lab (when it occurs and where to find it).  If I don't receive any email by Monday, I'll email the professor.

We didn't get anything special to eat at the store on Fourth of July, so I don't know what we'll do.  He has Thursday through Sunday off, but he doesn't want to go anywhere.

I also did the usual Sunday work on my site, and I did laundry.

We heard a lot of thunder this afternoon, but there was no rain to speak of.

I went with David over to Antigua's. He had dinner, and again, I just had a soda.

I took Brandy for her usual walk around 8. It was muggy but not too hot by that time. It "only" got up to 90 today.  She got to touch noses again with the little ginger cat, Donut, down the street.  Then Donut laid down on her back and stretched. It was cute!

Today and yesterday we heard people already shooting off fireworks!

For dinner, I had a big salad: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, turkey, feta cheese, pepper and some spicy pumpkin seeds; and some Cool Whip for dessert.

Today I learned two different things about vegetables that I didn't know! First, I found out that tomatoes are low carb. I had no idea. For some reason, I thought they were high in carbs. Either someone told me that, at some point, or perhaps I was getting them mixed up with ketchup or tomato sauce (both of which usually have added sugar). I don't know, but they're not high in carbs, so I'm very happy to be adding them back into my diet. I love fresh tomatoes.

Secondly, I've apparently been pronouncing "cauliflower" wrong. I thought it was pronounced like "KOW-la-flower" but apparently it's "KAH" la-flower".  Some people even pronounce it as "KAH-lee-flower."  Well, now I know!

I watched a little TV. I've been working on catching up on the older blogs. It's almost midnight, and I'm sleepy. I kept trying to go to sleep, but it didn't work. I just wasn't tired enough!

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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