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  Monday 6/17/19

I got up very late, after 2:30. Probably because I took an extra allergy pill last night. One doesn't make me drowsy, but two does!

When I finally got around to checking my email, I was shocked to discover a lot of spam messages! Gmail is usually really good at keeping those out. Apparently they're having some sort of problem. I hope I'm not missing any important emails because of it.

Last weekend I bought some organic, grass-fed, non-GMO beef, and also some turkey sausage, and some mild Italian sausage (I couldn't find any spicier sausage). I combined them all together, with some GF sugar free BBQ sauce, garlic and onion powder, salt, pepper, turmeric and cayenne. I had that for lbreakfast, along with some Bird's Eye mashed garlic cauliflower. It was yummy.

I was very sick most of the day from something I ate (probably yesterday's breakfast). I will try not to eat out for awhile. I just wish there were more places with salads here that I could eat without getting sick. Then I'd be OK.

I went with David around 6pm to El Compadre. I just had a soda, as usual.

I thought it was supposed to rain today, but we didn't get any that I could see.

Brandy and I went for our walk around 8pm. It doesn't get dark now until almost 8:30. It was a bit humid.  I watered our flowers and plants out front because some of them are looking a little brown.

I spent most of the night recording shows for my brother (and watching some for myself). I did some work on my site. Of course, too much time was also spent on social media :)

  Tuesday 6/18/19

I'm going to try to keep track more of my food and weight.  My weight this morning is 169. I need to do better! That's a BMI of 27.3, which is overweight (duh!). Blood sugar: 138.

David woke me up about 6:30 because there were internet problems. I had to login to our Suddenlink account, but I didn't have the account number (since we don't get a paper copy any more), and I couldn't remember which password I used, and I couldn't get the right security answer, no matter what I tried. Very frustrating. I tried calling, but then it took me through an impossible phone tree that didn't have any of the choices I needed! I tried their chat, but that wasn't working, either. I was ready to give up but tried one more time and finally got through.  A nice man finally helped me figure it out. Then I had to reboot the router. Finally, it works! Yay!

My breakfast was bacon on some lettuce leaves, like a BLT wrap without the tomatoes or bread.

I really hate Suddenlink because their service is so bad. It's very slow.

I started the laundry...I'm trying to keep up on it more.

Since I'm already up, I'll be taking Brandy for a morning walk.  We had a nice time. It was nice weather. You can tell it's going to be hot, though.

I had the same meat and mashed cauliflower for lunch that I had yesterday for breakfast.

I did some stuff today having to do with a secret thing...I can't mention it here until next week! :)

I picked up around the living room a little and did the dishes.

I took a nap from about 12:30 and woke up around 5pm.

I've been a bit depressed lately because of losing the internship. I was really counting on that to get me started getting published in other places besides my own site.  Especially after the whole disaster of working for the school paper a few years ago.  Today I started thinking morbid thoughts about the future. I don't usually do that, and I don't usually stay depressed for very long. I just don't dwell on things. However, having some relatively-young friends and relatives die lately has made me feel very serious about my own mortality. It's hard to face the fact that I may not be around in 20 or 30 years. That seems like a long time when you're younger, but it's really not. The OJ chase was 25 years ago and that seems like just a few years ago.

I kind of feel like I've wasted my life. You never know you're wasting your life while you're doing it. You always feel like you have all the time in the world. I should have gone back to school years ago and really studied voice and guitar. I would be in a much better place now. Of the many things that are hard about getting older, feeling your regrets is probably the worst.

Part of me wants to just quit everything and focus on what I enjoy doing. I don't know if I can really do that, though.

David picked me up about 6pm, and we went to the pizza/sandwich place in the Square. I didn't get a pizza this time because it's not on my diet. I got a salad to go. I'll test it later on and then have it for dinner.

Later on, I had the leftover salad from the restaurant. I tested the cheese with my NIMA gluten tester to make sure it's GF (which it is). I just used my own dressing on it.

I stayed up late as usual, working, and watching TV. Also, I did some stuff to try to make my laptop faster. I think it helped.

David accidentally woke me up when he woke up, so I got up to use the restroom. I felt really terrible, so I figured it must be low blood sugar. It wasn't super low, but it was under 100, and I think it was falling and that's why it made me feel so bad.  The medicine is supposed to bring it down, but if I don't eat much, then it brings it too low.  It's frustrating because I want to lose weight. I can't eat a low carb, low fat diet if I have to keep eating more carbs to keep my blood sugar up.

Anyway, I had some chocolate and then went back to bed.

  Wednesday 6/19/19

I woke up around noon. I had some of the mixed meat again for breakfast, with some cheese.  My blood sugar was high, around 169. I probably ate too much chocolate.

I picked up the house a bit and got the bedroom ready for Brandy. I put her in the bedroom around 1, and the pest control guy came a little bit after that. This was not the same guy as last time, nor was it Michael, the regular guy. Apparently he's working in the office now. Too bad, I always enjoy chatting with him. This new guy (I think his name is Matt) was very chatty. We talked about Dish/DirecTV, TV shows, Marvel movies, Star Wars, dogs and cats, another job he had working at the local jail, his opinion of guns, reading, and the quality of the drinking water.  Nice guy. He told a funny story about when he was a boy (he's younger than me, probably in his 30s?) living in Tennessee (or maybe Alabama, I can't remember). They had no running water for a while and got their water from a well. One time the water tasted funny so they looked in the well and found a dead possum! Fortunately, his mom had been mostly boiling the water, anyway, so it probably took care of most of the germs. I said, "Well, you lived!" and he said, "Yes, I lived, after drinking the dead possum water."  I said that would be a great title for a book, "Dead Possum Water!"

Brandy was very happy to be let out of the bedroom as usual. She doesn't like being away from us.

It rained a little this morning, but not much.  They keep saying it's going to rain all week, but then it doesn't.

I spent most of the day working on my site, watching TV and recording shows for my brother. Lately, that's all I've been doing.

Oh, I realized that I bought birthday cards for him, and my husband, and my SIL (all June birthdays), but I couldn't find them anywhere. I have a ton of papers to go through that are in the cabinets.  I keep putting it off. I went through about half the papers in there and finally did find the cards. Maybe I'll do the other half tomorrow....it would be nice to have all that done.

David got a birthday gift today from one of his sisters....very thoughtful. I have mine all ready for next week.

For lunch, I just had some turkey meat, and cheese, pan-fried. I also had some turkey sticks because I was still hungry.

David came home around 6:30, so I made him a BLT for dinner. I finished cooking all the bacon so I could have more later.

Brandy and I did our walk just before 8. There's a big thunderstorm coming, so the sky was really dark. It was also very humid out. Way worse than usual. We just did a short walk because it was miserable out there. Also, I didn't want to get caught in the rain. 

A little while later, our power went out! That's very annoying. I did manage to find two flashlights, at least. Our phones were both about 20%, so we couldn't use them much longer. So much for having the internet! :(  David went to bed not long after that, anyway. He gets up very early. Brandy doesn't seem too freaked out by lightning and thunder, so that's good!

Our electric company says that we won't get power back until 9am. Of course, that's just a guess. I hope they're wrong!  I hate that all the food in my fridge is going to waste.

At least I do have two laptops that have a few hours each left in each of them, so I do have plenty to do.

I had a salad for dinner. I cut up lettuce by flashlight! LOL!  I added in the bacon, blue cheese dressing, and some spicy pumpkin seeds. It was quite good. I had a low carb ice cream bar, too. I guess the rest will melt!

I'm typing up my blog offline. However, it's kind of annoying because, for some reason, the space bar is not working right. I have to keep going back and hitting it again.  I wonder if there's something wrong with it, or if it has something to do with being on battery power?

I typed up my questions for my interview tomorrow with an actress on "General Hospital."

I'm a little bit tired, even though it's not even 11. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep, though, especially since it's hot.  Well, I guess I'll try....

  Thursday 6/20/19

I was actually able to sleep, and I had about 10 hours' sleep. Amazing!

The bad news is that it's after 9am and the power is still not back on. I'm panicking a little bit because David is at work and I have absolutely no way to contact him, or anyone else. Even the land line is not working. I hope he comes back to check on me and doesn't think that the power is back. I assume that the university has a generator and has its own power; otherwise there wouldn't be too much for him to do there, anyway.  One reason I'm panicking is that I have an interview at noon. It was already postponed once, and I hope she won't be angry if she calls and I can't answer because my phone is still dead. Another reason is that I don't have a lot of food here that I can eat. I'm sure that all the meat in the fridge is inedible by now. I guess I'll have berries for breakfast. That's not the most healthy breakfast for a diabetic, though. I'm supposed to have balanced meals so that my blood sugar doesn't spike. Well, not much else I can do about it.

At least my laptop still has power for a little while!  Now I'm regretting that I didn't sign up for the hotspot when I had the chance, even if it WAS $50 more a month. It sure would have come in handy now.

I hope the power outage doesn't last long because it would be a major problem for us. We were out of power for 3 days when we lived in Tuscaloosa during Hurricane Katrina. Even though this was just a storm, it wouldn't surprise me at all if there were problems longer here because it's a small town, and who knows what happened.  We don't even have any good motels to stay in here, either. (I found out later, there's a Hampton Inn)

Oh, yay! I had the idea to look for these power banks that I have. Even though I haven't charged them in a long time, at least one works, so hopefully I can charge my phone and be able to contact David. Keeping my fingers crossed!

It was working, and I was just about to call David when he came home! Whew! Lucky me. I hurried to get ready, so I could go back to school with him. The power was still out all over the town and even half of SAU, but his building and many others had power. The latest alert from the electric company was that it would be out "indefinitely." That's not what you want to hear!

Since I rushed to get ready, I left a few things that I wanted to bring. I didn't have time to take a shower or brush my teeth. We left Brandy have the run of the house. I think she's old enough now to stay in the house all day without making a mess. At least, this iwas her big test.

I brought in the two laptops and all the cords and chargers.  We went to David's office, and I charged some of my stuff there. I took the big laptop with me because I needed it.

I had breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. I had the sausage biscuit, with cheese and no biscuit, and their hash browns (they're like tater tots). They probably aren't gluten free, but I don't know that for sure.  They're supposed to be, but as usual, I have to worry about cross-contamination. I didn't have much choice, though.  It was very good. I didn't have all of the hash browns. Those are definitely not good for my diet.

Then I went over to the library and sat in my usual place, on one of the couches by the window. I charged my phone and one of my power blocks (forgot the other one at home). My laptop still had juice, so I used it until it ran out. Then I plugged that in, too. I had to move to the nearby table because the couch is not close enough to the outlet.  It was fine, though. Their chairs are very comfortable, too.

The library was not as quiet as usual because there were many visiting Freshmen doing student orientation. They had a little mini-class where the computer area is (near where I sit) to teach them about Blackboard, logging in, etc. I never did student orientation, but I kind of wish I did. I had to find out a lot of things on my own.

They have very good A/C in the library. In fact, it's so good, that I got very cold after awhile. I was also very sleepy (The cold does that to me). I didn't wear clothes that were skimpy because I knew the library and some of the other buildings are very cold, even though it's very hot outside. I brought a sweater, too, but I was still cold. So I went over to Reynolds and got some coffee. I left my computer behind and one of the workers there said it was safe. I planned to put the password-protection back on (usually I don't have it on because I'm just at home), but I couldn't figure out how to do that in a short time. I took the risk and was lucky.

There were a lot of students in Reynolds, too. I got a sugar-free latte. As you may remember, I don't really like coffee, and it bothers my stomach a little, so I just get a small coffee, but with only half a shot of espresso, and I have them put it in a medium (or "Tall") cup, only fill half the cup full and fill the rest with whipped cream. I also had him put extra Equal in it for me because it's never sweet enough. I really don't like anything bitter or sour, and coffee is very bitter. I usually drink it until I run out of whipped cream and then throw the rest out. OK, it's really more of a dessert than a drink! :) But it was good and helped warmed me up, and wake me up a little.

I also grabbed some snacks and more batteries at the book store.

After that, I started getting sick, as usual, from something I ate with gluten, so I was running to the bathroom in the library a lot.  This started happening right before my interview, so then I had to worry about whether I would make it or not. It worked out OK, fortunately.

I took all my stuff over to Reynolds about 1:45 and found a fairly quiet area upstairs for my interview.  She was supposed to cal lat 2, but she didn't. So I gave up on her about 2:20 and hit the restroom again before going back to the library. I was slightly relieved, in a way, since I didn't feel that good.  I also emailed her to ask if we had to postpone.

By the time I got back over to the library, she had emailed me back, apologizing, saying that her shooting ran over, and she was available now if that was OK.  Ack! So I asked the women at the library counter if there was a place I could go to do my interview that was quiet, but where I wouldn't disturb anyone. I didn't feel like lugging all my stuff back over to Reynolds again.  They have rooms, but since I'm not a student this summer session, the computer wouldn't let me sign a room out.  Even though I've been a student there for a few years, and I'm enrolled in second session and the Fall session! So dumb.  But I thanked them for trying, and I just had to go back to Reynolds yet again. Annoying!

I stayed downstairs this time, since the students had left. It was almost 3, I think, by this time. So then she called, and we did the interview. It went well, and she was very nice. I was feeling much better by then, too, so it worked out well.

David was free around the same time my call was done, so I walked back over to his building, Overstreet.  I left my laptops there to charge, and he took me home. I wanted to see if the power was back on yet, but he said that it definitely wasn't yet. I guess they were still texting him updates.  However, when we drove back, we could see the workmen clearing the road of the fallen tree and power lines, so we were hopeful.  The power was still out, though.

I grabbed some other things I needed and let Brandy out. We went back to SAU. I didn't bring a soda or water because I assumed I could get another one. However, it turns out that all of the food places close at 4pm during the summer. So by the time we got back, they were all closed. It was just one more case of bad luck or bad timing that I was having all day! I left my large laptop back in David's office charging, and I put the smaller one in my bag, so it was not quite as heavy. However, it was very hot and humid out at that point. Our car was really really miserable, driving back. The thermometer in the car said 108. I think it was in the 90's outside.

We chatted with some of David's co-workers in his building about the storm, the power outage and the heat for a while, and then I left.

I walked around the quad, looking for any place that was open, but they had all closed. The library had vending machines, at least, so I was able to get a cold water there. It was just awful outside, and it took me a long time to cool off.

The library closes at 5, but since I know the people who work there, they let me stay until 5:30 when they left. I chatted with some of them. I was too hot and tired, frankly, to do any more work. I was just charging my devices and trying to cool off. Even though it was hot, and I didn't get much done, it was still better than if I'd stayed home because there was A/C and electrical power.

I left there about 5:25 and walked over to David's office. I plugged more stuff in there. His A/C was not all on (he likes it hot), so I put on all the A/C (he has 3 units) and just cooled off some more while he finished up a phone call.

We left around 6 and went to dinner at the BBQ place. I wasn't all that hungry, but it was good, as usual. That place also has really great A/C, so that was nice. We got there right at the right time because there was no line. I always get the rib plate, which comes with some sausage as well, and two sides. It's a lot of food, so I take most of it home.  I also sampled a slice of chocolate pie, but I didn't eat the whole thing (and of course, not the crust). At that point, the electric company was saying that the power would be back around 8:30.

We went to Brookshire's briefly after that and got some food...nothing perishable, of course. At least I had a cold soda from the BBQ place.

We got home after that. I gave most of the leftover BBQ to Brandy (it's not spicy unless you put a lot of sauce on it) and put the rest in the freezer to keep it somewhat cold, so I could have it later.  It was pretty warm in the house at that point. The sunroom and dining room had light, but that made it hotter. The living room has no windows, so it was a lot cooler, but it had very little light. What a choice!

I walked Brandy about 8. There was a lot of debris from trees in the neighborhood. 3 or 4 of our neighbors had generators. Those things are noisy! It was very warm still, and humid. I chatted with one of the neighbors in the other cul-de-sac (Shanekqa), who was sweeping up a lot of debris in front of their house. We'd exchanged many hellos before, and I'd also seen her out walking. She has kids but no dog.  Anyway, we had a nice chat about Brandy and the weather.

After I got home, I really wanted to take a shower, but instead, I put the last of the laundry away while there was still a little light in our bedroom.  Then I took a nice shower. I was still very hot after that, though, and thinking that maybe I would take another shower at some point.  David had been out walking, too, but the heat doesn't bother him as much as it does me.

I had bought some Chinese bamboo fans while we were in Hawaii, so I got one of those out and was fanning myself and just trying to stay cool. I was getting quite irritable because I really wanted to go stay in a motel, but he didn't want to.

Then, finally, about 10 minutes after they said the power would come on, it finally did. Yay!! So glad that was over with. We were glad to be able to have our A/C and lights back. I through out all of the meat and some cream cheese.  We don't keep a lot of dairy products because they're not very healthy, and they tend to be high in carbs. We did have some whipped cream, but it was still cold, so I didn't throw it out.  Even though cheese, butter, veggies and fruit are refrigerated, they take a long time to go bad, and you can tell by the smell or look when they do. I found some old stuff that I should have thrown out a long time ago, anyway, so it was good to go through and throw things out.

I just spent the rest of the evening working on my site, catching up, watching TV, etc. It was very nice to have everything back! I really rely on the phone, laptop, TV and all that stuff so much. It's not much fun without it.  Although the A/C was definitely the most necessary of all these things.  If we lived somewhere cooler, that wouldn't be as important, obviously.

Today was the official start of summer! Woo hoo! Well, it's been summer weather here for quite some time.

I stayed up until about 2am. I very too tired at that point. I should have gone to bed earlier, but I was watching some stuff to prepare for my other interview tomorrow. It's so weird....I go months with no interviews, and then I suddenly get a bunch of them.

  Friday 6/21/19

David woke me up at 9am, like I asked him to. I'd wanted him to take Brandy in to the groomer's, but they didn't have any openings.

I had two hours to wake myself up, to prepare for my interview. It was tough, and I was very sleepy still. I just had a KIND bar for breakfast.

The interview went great. It was with another actress, who's on this new primetime soap "Ambitions" on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  She's been on "Grey's Anatomy" and some other things. We had a very nice chat.

David had gone in to work a little bit, so he came home after that. We went out to Wal-Mart to get food to replace what we'd thrown out.

I made us bacon cheeseburgers when we got home. His had avocado and a bun, but mine didn't. I had lots more lettuce. We shared a small bag of Doritos, too.

I just did work, and then I was tired, so I took a little nap. I woke up coughing from allergies. I've just been working on this, and now it's time to take Brandy for her walk! Hopefully it won't be too hot out there because it's in the 80's.

It wasn't too bad. Much nicer than the past 2 days, which were awful.

We had to clip the hair on the back of Brandy's legs, under her tail, because it's very long, and she tends to get it very gross there. Usually we don't have to because she gets bathed regularly at the vet's when we travel. We won't be traveling again until the end of July, over a month away!

We had turkey hot dogs for dinner (well, dinner for him, lunch for me). I had melted cheese on mine. Later on, I had a salad.

I've been doing laundry, some work on my site, and watching TV. Otherwise, nothing too exciting.

I stayed up until about 2:30am.

  Saturday 6/22/19

I got up around 7:30am. Wow! I walked Brandy. It was pretty humid for that early.  Afterwards, I watered my plants and flowers out front. I hate doing that, but it's been so hot that I worry about them dying. Two of the plants are pretty brown.  Last weekend they said it would rain all week, but aside from the big storm Thursday, and a few sprinkles, it didn't. It's supposed to rain tomorrow night and all week, so we'll see. Unfortunately, it's supposed to be pretty hot all week, too. It will get slightly cool tomorrow and then be a little cool Monday from the storm, but then it goes back up to the 90's. UGH. I'm glad the flowers will get rain, though.

I had some sausage I bought at Brookshire's. It's called cajun boudin sausage. It's made from pork, pork liver and rice. It didn't come with any cooking directions, so I just pan-fried it.  All of the recipes I found online said to bake it, so I wasn't sure how it would come out. It was WONDERFUl!!! Crispy on the outside and yummy within. A bit spicy.  So good!!!  I also had the rest of the smoothie I made yesterday, and a low-carb ice cream bar. Probably too many carbs there.

I went back to sleep briefly, and then David called me about 11 to get up. I got dressed and made Brandy get off the bed. We let her have the run of the house now while we're gone, for the most part, but I don't want her on the bed unsupervised, just in case she decides to start chewing on the sheets, blankets or under the bed. She's been pretty good, though. The only thing I block off is the front door and dining room because I don't want her jumping up and scratching the door or window. She gets very excited sometimes.

We went to Flying Burger. I wasn't hungry yet, so I just ordered some grilled fish and salad to go. I had a soda as usual.

Saturdays are pretty boring, and weekends are pretty routine for us.

I went back to sleep for a few more hours, after we got home.

I was checking out one of my professors on Twitter. I was pleased that he retweeted my blog for our class in early May. I hadn't noticed that before now. However, I was shocked to discover that he gave out some sort of excellence awards and that 4 or 5 of my colleagues received them. He didn't list the criteria for the awards, and I've never heard of them before, so I wonder what the point of them is? Maybe I will get one next year when I'm a senior.  Something to look forward to!

I started cleaning the kitchen...more to do. I'm being pretty lazy today.

I did some more work on my site, and then I walked Brandy. It's pretty hot and humid out there, even at 8pm. Yuck.

I cooked up bacon when I came back. He had a BLT. I put bacon in my leftover salad from Flying Burger as well as more dressing, cheese and pumpkin seeds. It was great!

It's 10:30 at night and still 81 degrees. That sucks. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

We're listening to Casey Kasem's Top 40 from 1975. Love those songs! Not the best time of my life, just finishing up 8th grade, but at least the music was good.

I stayed up until after 3am! I was very itchy all over this evening, and my feet were very dry and itchy when I tried to sleep. I had to use

  Sunday 6/23/19

I woke up early this morning, and my back hurt a lot, so I took a muscle relaxer. I didn't wake up until noon.  Then I went back to sleep for an hour in my chair in the living room. I'm really getting to be an old lady now...

For breakfast, I had more of the delicious cajun sausage and some garlic mashed cauliflower. For lunch, I had some pan-fried deli turkey with cheese. For dinner, I had another cheeseburger, this time with grilled onions, on lettuce.

I did work on my site, and then we went to Wal-Mart to get our groceries for the week. I wasn't feeling well, though, so I didn't get everything. I had to spend some time in the Wal-Mart bathroom, which is never fun. After that, while David rang everything up in the self-serve line, I got a soda and some low fat chips at Subway.

Later, I went with David to Antigua's. We did the usual -- he ate and I had a soda.

After we came home, I went back to work. It was starting to rain. Around 8, I tried to walk Brandy, but it started pouring, so we came back in. We were under Tornado watch and had another big rain storm. This is pretty common around here. At least we didn't lose our power this time!

We watched some TV and then I did more work. I have a lot to do.  David usually goes to bed between 8 and 9pm. I stayed up until about 3.

I made a mug chocolate cake with a few chocolate chips and whipped cream...it was very good!

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