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  Monday 6/10/19

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my brother Stephen!

I'm still working on putting photos in all the blogs...I'm back in March still. I hope to catch up soon!

I got up around 1pm.  I had sausages and scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast. It was really good, but my stomach was kind of upset.

I was sick a lot all afternoon from something I ate (from the usual accidental gluten poisoning).

Other than that, I just did work on my site.

My blood sugar was a tad low (not too bad) so I made a fruit smoothie. It was really yummy.

I'd bought an SAU garden flag on Amazon, but it was green instead of yellow when it arrived. Instead of giving me a regular return label, it gave me a code to scan and said to take it to a UPS office. Well, the nearest one is in Texarkana, an hour away. I phoned Amazon and the person there set it up so that UPS is coming by tomorrow to pick up the package. They will have their own label. Great! I had another thing to return yesterday, but I had a return label for that one, so I sent it out with David in the morning.

Later, David came home around 6, and we went out to Java Primo.  I just had a soda.

I took Brandy for a walk around 7:45 as usual.   We had a nice walk in our neighborhood! Fairly nice weather and we saw a cute little bunny hopping by. Brandy got to sniff and touch noses with the friendly ginger cat down the street! She behaved very well. So proud of her! She has really calmed down a lot since we got her. I sure wish I'd brought my camera!! It was a very cute moment.

After I got back, we watched some TV.  Then I put all of the laundry away. So exciting! :)

I spent a large part of the day recording shows to DVD and working on my sites.

I also finally put out the flowers that I bought yesterday in the nice face and put some of the older flowers in another vase. Also, I cut off some of the hydrangeas in the back yard and put them in a vase. They're so beautiful!  Our neighbor has some beautiful ones, too, including some that are pink.

I've been really trying hard to keep these blogs updated and to put in the photos of the older ones. Still working on it!

I had a bacon cheeseburger on lettuce. That was very yummy.

I'm very tired, so I think I'll go to bed.  It's only midnight, so hopefully I will be able to get to sleep easily.

  Tuesday 6/11/19

I slept very well. David woke me up when he went to work, which I'd asked him to do. I couldn't believe how cool it was! I got dressed before walking the dog. Normally I wear shorts and a tank top, but it was actually cool out, so I wore long pants and a regular top, plus a sweater. I checked the temperature out, and my phone said 59! Wow!! It's supposed to get up to 81 today. So weird.  It was a very nice walk.

I made sausage and eggs for breakfast again, with one slice of multigrain GF toast.

I have to be out here and ready for whenever the UPS guy comes. He will be here between 8am and 9pm! LOL!  Oh, sure, I'll just wait around here for 13 hours, then, shall I?

Yesterday I had to submit a withdrawal request for the internship class. I haven't yet paid my fees because we were waiting to see when the tuition waiver went through. I also sent a message to student accounts, explaining the situation. The reply I got was not good. Sounds like they still expect me to pay some of my fees since I'm withdrawing so late. This is upsetting. Hopefully, we can get it worked out. No student should have to pay fees to drop an internship class when it's not their fault or out of their control. This is like rubbing salt in my wounds. Not only did I lose the internship I was so looking forward to, but now I have to pay for it? I mean, it's probably not a lot of money, but it's the principle of the thing. Well, I'm waiting to hear back from a few different people.

I got sleepy, so I put the package outside, with a note for UPS, and I went back to sleep. I slept until about 12:30.

I watered my plants and threw one away that had died. I have a few more to throw away. I need to also fill the birdfeeders. I just haven't had the energy.  I was going to make pancakes from a keto pancake recipes, but I realized I have no butter. Instead, I had a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich.

Later on, David and I went to Santiago's, another Mexican restaurant here in town. I ordered a dish and just had a little bit of it. I was going to eat the rest later, but I tested it on my NIMA gluten tester, and it tested positive for gluten. Darn! So I gave the rest to Brandy.

After we got home, and I had a short break, I took her out for her walk around 7:45. It was still really nice out, in the 70's. Apparently it only made it up to 79 today. I passed by our next door neighbor, Mary. The family down the street was out with their dog, Kona, and playing basketball. Brandy and Kona had a nice meeting and played around for a few minutes. We were both holding on to our leashes....I guess she was afraid Kona might be too aggressive, because he has been with other dogs, but he and Brandy are old pals.  Still, I got all tangled up in their leashes. It was kind of like a cartoon for a minute!

I helped an online friend, Dee, who was having trouble figuring out how to post a song to Facebook from this other site.  It's fun to help people sometimes! I enjoy it.

Other than that, I've just been working on my site and watching TV.

I had a bacon cheeseburger for dinner. It hasn't been a healthy eating day. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow!

I've been really itchy. They said today is a bad day for pollen (although, I think that's every day here for a long while).

I was reading my blog from 3 months ago (proofreading it and putting in photos), when I realized that I never heard back from anyone about jury duty, so I guess I wasn't picked! Yay!!! So glad. Whew! What a relief.

  Wednesday 6/12/19

I had trouble sleeping and had some weird dreams!

I started a new day of testing my blood sugar and being careful about not eating carbs.

I got up early again to walk Brandy. It was cool, but not quite as cool as yesterday, and it was a little bit more humid. It was still in the low 60's, though. I still had to wear long pants and a sweater!

We saw some bunnies again. It was great! I wish we'd see some deer.

We had breakfast after we got back. I just had sausages and some leftover bacon, and some fruit.

I went back to sleep later on and didn't wake up until about 2:30.

I just did some work and watched TV....

David called later. When he came home, he brought me a soda, so that was nice.

Brandy and I had our evening walk. She was very happy to see the kids up the street. They were playing on the lawn at the fireman's house. The fireman and his wife were sitting out in their lawn chairs, enjoying the nice weather. I gave the kids treats to feed Brandy. She had a great time, and they loved petting her.

I made my last bacon cheeseburger for dinner (I ran out of burgers). I shared my bacon with Brandy and David.

I got in a baking mood. First I had to do the dishes.  Then I tried a recipe for Keto Chocolate Truffles and these sugar-free lemon meringue cookies. They came out pretty good.

Otherwise, the day was kind of a blur. I went to bed about 4 or 5 am, just as David was getting up for work.

  Thursday 6/13/19

I didn't wake up early, so we didn't have our morning walk. We got up after noon and had breakfast. I cooked up the rest of the bacon and had a bacon and lettuce wrap. It was very good.

I went back to sleep after that! I've been very tired.

I woke up a few hours later.

Today is the 52nd anniversary of the case Loving v. Virginia, where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states can't keep black and white people from marrying. Wow!

We went out to dinner at the Japanese restaurant. He had sushi and I had edamame. As usual! They put a TV in there and it was playing "Wheel of Fortune." The place didn't have much ambience to begin with, but that's made it worse. Also, the edamame was not very good this time.

We stopped briefly at Brookshire's for a few things.

Brandy and I went out for our walk around the usual time. I saw an ambulance pull in near a house in the other cul-de-sac. It's the one that looks like a 70's house and has an elderly man (and his daughter, I think) and his yappy little dog. I hope he's OK! By the time we walked there, there was no one in the ambulance, but the door to the home was closed.

There's this one family down the street that is almost always barbecuing in their front lawn. The dad is very nice. I always say hi to him and compliment how good it smells. It was smelling amazing today.

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.

Later on, I made these keto pancakes. They're amazing! Just like the real thing.

I did the laundry today as well.

I mostly watched TV and did a little bit of work. I've been too lazy!

I was having a lot of pain today, especially my right knee. I had a lot of itching in the evening, so I took a shower before bed. That helped quite a bit.

I stayed up until about 4am.

  Friday 6/14/19

I thought David would wake me up for lunch, but he didn't. I woke up pretty late, almost 1pm. I had some more of the keto pancakes, and then I went back to sleep for a few hours. Too much sleeping lately.

Happy Flag Day!

I dreamed about living in Hawaii again. This is a recurring dream. I also dreamed that I knew Brooke from "The Bold and the Beautiful."

David was home today, but we didn't go out. He went out to do his exercising and that's it.  I made him dinner in the evening, after he got back from his walk.  Brandy and I had dinner, too. I had to wash her dog food dish, and I'm out of the wet food, so I just cut up some turkey lunch meat, and cheese, and gave that to her. She loved it, of course.

Today I mostly worked on my site and did some things with my DVDs. Later on, I took Brandy for her evening walk. We saw the kids down the street at the fireman's house again (Well, the two boys).  I was telling the older one, Jack, about how Brandy had said hello to their kitty (named Donut), so the younger boy picked up Donut and brought her over to Brandy.  He and Brandy touched noses again and sniffed each other, until Donut got scared and walked away. It was so cute!  Maybe on day, Donut won't get scared, and he'll be best friends with Brandy! :)

Oh, I guess our elderly neighbor is OK....I saw him standing outside in his backyard with his little dog (his house is sort of on a corner, so you can see the backyard if you walk by on that side).  That's good!

I've been watching a lot of shows on my DVR because it's so full up with shows from the regular season that I recorded... I'm also transferring them to DVD for my brother. I wrote a bunch of stuff for my website, too.

This week went by really fast! I don't know where the time goes. June is half over already. Wow!

Later on, I had some turkey hot dogs with some GF Udi's multigrain bread.

My dishwasher is still leaking, so I have to put two big towels underneath it every time I run it. So annoying. I have to call the Dyson repair people again on Monday.

I had so much sleep that I'll probably stay up until dawn and walk Brandy then.

  Saturday 6/15/19

I did stay up. I walked Brandy around 7am. I was very tired, and my brain wasn't awake, but otherwise... I was awake. It was nice that early in the morning. I only saw one person - the fireman, who happened to come out of his house just as I was walking by.  Brandy is kind of annoying at that time of day, though, because she wants to chase every bird or other animal; and she wants to sniff at every flower, plant, tree, piece of paper, worm etc. that she sees. There are a lot of worms on the road that early in the morning! LOL!

After we came back, I had leftover pancakes for breakfast again. This was my last batch.

After awhile, I tried to go back to sleep, but Brandy kept barking at every little sound outside, waking me up.  David and I went out to lunch at the Italian restaurant. Well, he ate. I just had a soda, as usual. We stopped briefly at Wal-Mart afterwards so I could get a few things.

I was done before he was, so I sat and waited for him at the little arcade (it has a bench). There were no kids in there. The machines make these noises periodically. One of them, a car of some kind, kept playing a weird kid's laugh. It was a bit creepy!

The days kind of all blur together, since I'm not taking classes, and David has Fridays off.

After we got home from that, after a little while, I went back to sleep. Finally! I slept until about 4:30.

I'm very itchy today, so I took a shower to see if that helped. It did!

  Sunday 6/16/19

Happy Father's Day!

My father's long gone, and we don't speak to my father-in-law, and we have no kids, so it's not a big holiday for us. My brother Pat is a good dad, as are many of our friends, like George, Utz, Shaun, Doug, Chris, David, Bobby, Keith, and more. Sorry if I left anyone out!

We went to Java Primo, and I had their breakfast platter (never doing that again). It was not very good. They never get the eggs the way I ask for them, and their bacon is awful. I don't know how you make bacon bad, but they manage. It's too thick, and dried out, always overcooked, with very little fat on it.  It's almost more like jerky, to be honest.  Sometimes their potatoes are really good, and other times they're not. Mostly the latter. Their fruit is either over- or under-ripe. I don't know why it's so difficult. Their sandwiches and other things are pretty good. The only reason I eat there at all is David loves their sandwiches, and we don't have many breakfast places in our town.  I would rather go back to Mister James, where I got a fantastic omelet before.

We went to Wal-Mart very briefly, to get a couple of things I forgot yesterday.

One thing I've learned is that the more expensive dogfood is way better than the cheap stuff.  For instance, if you get the cans that are 50 cents each, they smell terrible and meat is not the first ingredient.  If you buy the $2-per-can dog food, it smells fine, just like people food.  Brandy is a very picky eater, though, so I never know what she's going to like. Sometimes she'll just let it sit there for hours before she finally gets around to eating it. Of course, she always wants people food! :)

I had a bacon cheeseburger on lettuce for dinner. It was so good! I bought some really good ground beef for a change.

It rained all morning, but it was nice after that. It's supposed to rain all week. My flowers can really use the rain. I water them every once in a while, but they need to have rain because I can't do it every day. I hate watering.

Brandy and I had a nice walk tonight! It was nice and cool once it let up. A little humid, but breezy. Beautiful evening. Almost San Diego weather.

Otherwise it's been the usual...working on my site, doing laundry and dishes, and watching TV. Nothing too exciting!

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