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  Monday 6/3/19

I can't believe how quickly this week is going by! I've been doing a terrible job of keeping track of things. I blame the traveling.

We're still in Atlanta!

This morning I woke up .... not too early... because I was tired. David had his work thing around noon, so he and I went downstairs to the hotel restaurant to see what I could get for lunch to go. I got a pretty good salad, and some snacks at the marketplace.

I went back to sleep while David went off to his meeting. His meeting went very well.

Later on, we took Lyft over to the Atlanta Fish Market in Buckhead for dinner. We went there years ago and really liked it. They have a pretty good GF menu. I had Peruvian seabass with an Asian-type sauce on it, and it was on garlic spinach. The sauce was excellent. The whole thing was great. We usually stay downtown, and getting to Buckhead meant a bit of a drive, or an expensive taxi ride. Now with Lyft, it's a lot cheaper.

We went back to our hotel room. He had a little nap while I got ready for karaoke again. It's been great having karaoke every night! We first went to Meehan's for some drinks. I had some wine...

A very drunk guy came up and started chatting with us. He seemed harmless (he was dressed nicely), but one of the people who works there made him go away from us (which was fine).

Which reminds me...During our trip, we kept talking about how Atlanta has changed... there seem to be a lot more homeless than there were 6 years ago. It's true in every city, I'm sure.

We went over to the karaoke place, Metro Cafe, around 8:30. Turns out that the Rob that was suspended was NOT the KJ that we knew so well before (who spells it Robb). He left here about 5 years ago.  This Rob is the other guy that we'd seen a few times. He's very nice, though, and didn't play the music too loud, so that's good.

There were not a lot of singers. However, the audience was FANTASTIC! Maybe the best I've ever had. They were loud, applauding and enthusiastic before I even started singing! I wish every karaoke crowd was like them.

I sang 4 songs, one from each decade. I had stayed up late the night before going through the songs I knew, trying to pick one or two that I'd never done before. Two of the ones I sung were ones I'd done before, but not for a long while. The other two were new (not "new," just new in the sense that I'd never sung them before in public!). First I sang "Black Horse and Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall (90's). That went very well and was a great one to start the night. I'm glad I did it again because I had tried it a few years ago at the place in Little Rock and messed it up. It had been awhile since I sung it, so I messed it up. So this time, I made sure to listen to it again and remember it.

My second song was "More Than Yesterday" by Spiral Starecase (60's). This is my favorite song of all time. I had to raise the key a little because the low part is too low for me. I started badly but got better. Then I did "Funky Town" by Lipps, Inc. (70's). I messed up a little bit, but it wasn't too bad.  Those two I'd never sung in public before.

For my last song, I did a crowd-pleaser: "Gloria" by Laura Branigan (80's).  It was a hit! I had so much fun this week. It was relatively slow tonight (many people there, but only a few singers), so I sang those 4 songs in just over an hour or so.

It may seem strange to some that we mostly do karaoke or eat out, with some occasional baseball games or movies. That's what we like to do. We do sight-seeing sometimes, but not when we've been to the place 10 times, like we have Atlanta.  We're not the type to go shopping much, either, or go do active sports-things. I would probably do more shopping, beach-stuff, theme parks etc. if it was just me. David's not really into that sort of stuff. He does a lot of walking, for exercise, wherever we are, so that's his outdoor adventure.

We went back to our hotel and stopped in at the hotel bar to get some more food and drinks. I ordered a pork belly dish that came with corn and spinach, with a curry sauce. It was outstanding, and we both loved it.

We didn't stay up too late....I think we went to sleep before 11.  We were both very tired.

I did pack up most of our clothes and stuff, though, so I would have less to do tomorrow.

  Tuesday 6/4/19

We got up early and just had breakfast at our hotel restaurant. It was a better buffet than the other one, but I still should have asked which foods were safe for me to eat. Ah, well. I never learn!

Hey, 50 years ago today, the last "Star Trek" episode aired! Wow! That's so cool.

After we got ready, we checked out and went to the airport. I don't remember much about it...I was very tired. We had TSA Pre-Chek for a change, so it was fairly easy.

We stopped at this little place called Grindhouse for lunch. It was set up a little bit like a 50's diner, but with weird stuff on the walls. I wasn't that hungry at first, so I went looking around the airport to see what kind of stores they had in our area. There wasn't much, but I found a lottery store, so i bought lottery tickets. We'd bought some in Texarkana, too. I won $4 total...ah, well. The MegaMillions is almost 500 million dollars. That sure would've been great!

The restaurant has these great burgers. I had one without a bun and it was still very good. We just sat at the bar. The bartender was a very funny, chatty guy. Two guys sitting near us were on their way to Las Vegas. One of them was wearing an "Empire Strikes Back" T-shirt.

After hanging out for quite a while, we finally boarded our plane about 11:30.

Oh, this is how tired I was. I looked at the tickets, which said row 26, but by the time I got to the seats, I remembered it as 28. So a family came up and said we were in their seats. Whoops! In all of our years of flying, I don't remember ever doing that before. Ah, well. It turned out great because no one had the window seat in row 26, so we had the three seats to ourselves and could stretch out.

It was a pretty uneventful trip.  I think we just slept on the plane. There was no TV in the seats. They had "Captain Marvel" playing on the screens above us, but we'd already seen that. I listened to my iPod when I wasn't sleeping.  I hate those tiny little screens, anyway. I doubt I would have watched it on that screen even if it was a movie I wanted to see.

The only thing I didn't like about the flight was that one of the flight attendants was wearing a really strong perfume, so it was horrible whenever she walked by! I mean, who does that when they work in close quarters with other people? That just shows you have no regard for other people.  Sorry, I'll stop ranting now...Well, about that, anyway. winky face

We had to walk a long way to get to our gate area, and they changed it on us by the time we got there.  That was annoying!

Atlanta had some interesting art displayed from Zimbabwe, so I took photos of that as we walked by in the moving walkway.

We had quite a bit of time to kill at Dallas. We sat around for awhile near our gate. I had my laptop and tried to work, but the free WiFi was not working very well. I went to find a soda, but most of the restaurants were sit-down places, not fast food. I finally found a fast food place, but it had a long line. I gave up, but as I was walking back, I found a little Blimpie's that had no line (it was not easily seen if you were walking the other way). I got a soda there. Yay!

I also found this little fish tank that they had, with pretty fish. It's pretty amazing, the things you can find in airports nowadays.

Later on, we went to TGIFriday's again, and I had the same Ceasar salad. It wasn't quite as good this time (the chicken was kind of dry), but it was still edible.

Our flight back to Texarkana was fine.  Here's a funny thing about American Airlines. Their little planes that fly from Texarkana to Dallas have big seat pockets. These are the type of jets with just 3 seats in a row; two on one side, and one on the other.  But on the larger jets, the seat pocket is small and tight. There's barely room for anything. I find that very weird...

The taxi driver had previously told us to call when we're just landing, so we did that.  When we got here, thought, there was no taxi.  We called again, and we were told that a taxi would be there in 15 minutes. We waited and waited, and I finally called them again after they were 10 minutes late (in other words, they had said they would be there 25 minutes ago), and was told they should be almost there. (These are the usual things taxi companies tell people...)  About 5 minutes later, the guy finally arrived.  An elderly couple was also waiting for a taxi, so we shared the ride with them.  Coincidentally, they had just come from San Diego!

We went over to Burger King again to get me some breakfast for tomorrow. We were very tired, so we went to bed pretty early. It had been another long day.

  Wednesday 6/5/19

We got up very early (6am) to drive back home. I had my breakfast, finished packing, and we left around 6:30. First we had to get Lyft, to go over to the airport and pick up our car. Fortunately, we found one. This was a woman who had picked us up last week (not the former actor again).  She's very nice.

All this week, my Instagram followers number was hovering close to 800. I wanted to make it go up past 800, so I followed a whole bunch of new people - especially those with dogs and other pets. That gave it the push I needed!  See, if you follow people, they will often follow you back.  It doesn't work if you follow celebrities too much because they won't usually follow you back unless you're someone they know or like.  Anyway, I'm thrilled to finally make it to 800! Hurrah!

This week is the 100 year anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment, which granted women's right to vote. That's very cool!  Even though it doesn't seem like it sometimes, we have come a long way.  Even since the 70's when I was in high school, society has changed a lot with regards with how it treats women. It's not good enough, yet, but hopefully we'll get there. It would be nice if we got a female president.  We came so close last time!

After we got back, I had a little more food, and then I went back to sleep. David went to work.

He picked up Brandy in the afternoon and brought her back, so I got up.  She was very excited to be home!

We got our mail this time, so that's good. They didn't make us wait a day like they usually do. I went back to sleep later. Also, I was sick a lot from something I ate with gluten in it.

We went to El Compadre so he could have his usual tacos... I just had soda. We stopped briefly at Flying Burger so I could get a soda.

My SIL Laurie passed away in April as you may recall. Today would have been her birthday. It's still so sad. She was just really too young to die. She was such a kind and fun person.  She was a nurse who helped a lot of people.

I wonder why they don't make edible dog toys? They make edible underwear and other stuff. Dogs love to chew up their toys, and it's not good for them if they eat pieces of it, like Brandy does all the time.  The durable toys are not made up of cloth at all.

We watched some of the shows on my DVR. Most of the shows are done for the summer. I'm enjoying this new one on NBC, "The In Between."  It reminds me a little of "Medium" but with a touch of "Midnight Texas."

I stayed up pretty late. I've had a lot to do for my site and around the house.

It was raining all night.

  Thursday 6/6/19

David went in to work. I got up pretty late, around 2pm.

I took some photos of the flowers around our house. We have a white gardenia bush just outside the front door, and there are some marigolds, too.

I unpacked our suitcases and put almost everything away. I still need to do dishes and laundry.

I had a sandwich wrap for lunch. I love the coconut wraps by Nuco. Unfortunately, I still have way too many sweets in the house to tempt me. I finally got my blood sugar test strips in the mail, so I need to do better.

We went to the Japanese restaurant later on. I just had edamame as usual. We stopped at Brookshire's afterwards for a few things.

I've been watching a lot of TV to get it off my DVR as well as the other things I mentioned.

My laptop has been pretty full, so I moved a lot of video files to an external hard drive. Once I catch up a little on this blog, I can move more files.

Brandy and I had a nice walk. We go out about 7:45 or so, when it's cooler. I'm missing that Atlanta weather. It's been too hot and humid here.

  Friday 6/7/19

I stayed up very late. I tried to sleep, but it just wasn't working, so I just stayed up al night. I took Brandy out for a morning walk around 6:30. It was very nice at that time. It was raining again all night, so it was a little humid, but not too bad.

I had breakfast, and then I went back to sleep.  Brandy took a little while to settle down.

David had a meeting to go to, but then he came home and took a nap. I finally got up around 2:30. He went out later to run some errands and do his exercise. I've just been working on this blog and on my site. Back to our dull regular lives! winky face We went to Central Hub for dinner. I had their GF pizza. I mostly ate the toppings because it's too many carbs for me otherwise.

Brandy and I are going to go do our walk now. I hope it's not too humid. It was pretty miserable a few hours ago when we were out.

I got a lot of work done on my sites and started the laundry. Progress!

I was tired but couldn't get to sleep early as usual. I had a lot of pain my back, legs and feet. I guess I overdid it earlier on the computer. I went to bed about 5am. I had to get up to take a hot shower, which helped. I had also taken Aleve and a muscle relaxer, but the shower worked best.

  Saturday 6/8/19

I woke up at 9 so I could walk Brandy. It was a nice walk. Not too warm or humid yet.

I stayed up for a while. I had 2 pieces of leftover pizza with some added pepperoni and cheese. I went with David to Flying Burger. I just got a soda. I was very tired and having trouble staying awake.

We went to Wal-Mart. I just stayed in the car while he got his hair cut and picked up a few things for me. I just dozed in the car. It was warm but not too bad.

I went right back to sleep when I came home and didn't wake up until about 2:30pm.

I've just been watching TV and still backing up my computer. I've also been recording some shows to DVD for my brother.

I walked Brandy again at our regular evening time, 7:45. I saw 2 bunnies. One was right near our house. Brandy didn't see that one because she was turned away, but she saw the other one. It was just sitting on the porch of one of our neighbors' houses.

I had to get a new phone cord because my old one is fine for charging, but it didn't work for transferring photos and videos from my phone to my computer.  The new one worked great! I'm glad I was finally able to back everything up. I worry about losing the photos...I know too many people who've had that happen to them.  My phone is a few years' old now, too.

In my spare time (ha!) I've been downloading some shows for my brother and trying to update my older blog posts with links and photos, as well as proofreading them.

I was very tired, so I went to sleep around 10pm.

  Sunday 6/9/19

I was very tired, I guess. I slept 13 hours! Wow!

I got up around 11 and got dressed. We went to lunch at II Brothers, the Italian restaurant here. I had a salad, but my stomach wasn't feeling well, so I just got it to go.

I received some very bad news. I was supposed to do an internship this summer with the local newspaper (well, one of them. This is the only one that publishes a paper copy; the other one is online only and run by one guy). I was all set to start this week and looking forward to it. I hadn't heard back yet from the editor via email, so I asked him on Facebook Messenger if he'd received my email. He said that I can't have the internship after all: "Unfortunately, I have jumped the gun on bringing you in for an unpaid internship. I was recently informed that our company is unable to entertain unpaid internships of any kind. It was something management was looking into revamping with school programs, but other priorities took the lead. I am terribly sorry to respond with this news, but at this time we can not bring you on." Well, shoot. That really sucks. I'm very disappointed.  I really wanted to see how a newspaper worked, get the experience there, and possibly get some articles published. sad face

I admit that it kind of ruined the rest of my day...but I don't let things upset me for very long. It's not like I don't have plenty to do this summer. Between trying to keep up the blog, work on my TV site, keep practicing my songs, walking the dog, trying to keep in shape and keep control of my blood sugar, and keeping the house uncluttered, as well as traveling...plus, I'm taking an online course in the summer session, which will be here before I know it.  Really, it's all more than I want to think about.

We went to Wal-Mart for our usual grocery shopping. I had a cheeseburger (with GFbread) and some Doritos at home, to make me feel better. Later, I had the rest of the salad. I also had some tuna salad on my low carb GF wrap. Yummy!

I finally got around to doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I worked on my site and watched a lot of TV. As Scarlett O'Hara used to say, "After all, tomorrow is another day!"


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