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  Monday 5/27/19

Happy Memorial Day!

I woke up around 10 or so. I had to clean up the kitchen before I could make lunch. We don't have an outdoor grill. I considered using the George Foreman grill, but I haven't used it in a long while, and I didn't feel like figuring out how to work it again. Plus, you have to clean it afterwards. It's kind of a pain.

One of the reasons we don't have a grill is that we're very lazy about cleaning it. We used to get the cheapo $20 charcoal grills (back when they were that cheap!) and use them just once or twice, then we'd leave them there and have to throw them away when we moved (when they were all rusted and gross). That was back when we used to move every few years, but we may have also done that in Tuscaloosa, and we were there 8 or 9 years.  I would like to get a good one, one of these days. I love grilled food.

Anyway, I just fried up the burgers for our meal. I made bacon first.  We had bacon cheeseburgers. Since it's a special occasion, I also buttered the buns for him and fried them up in the pan. It makes them a little better. I had bought one small bag of Doritos, so we shared that. I had my burger on lettuce. It was great!

I found out that many paper straws have gluten in them. I don't like them, anyway! I'll stick with plastic, even if it means I have to carry them around in my purse.

Just a friendly reminder that the water you drink is probably not safe because there are many cancer-causing chemicals in it. Here's a recent article about the ones found in California and here's another one about water nationwide. This has been around for years, but no one talks about it. Even small towns like ours are not safe. If you have your own well, you're probably safe. I would have it tested, though. This is why I use bottled water. Filtered water is also fine. I don't even give tap water to my dog.

I did the laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. I stayed up very late doing the dishes.

You can find a lot of fun posts on my Facebook Page or Twitter.  There are many things that are not on here.

I've been very lazy lately. Aside from a little work on my site, and some posting on social media, I've done very little besides watch TV. Post-vacation blahs. OK, I did do a tiny bit of housework, and I unpacked. It took me days, though. I just keep putting everything off.

It's very hot and humid every day. I can only walk Brandy in the early morning or late evening. The sun goes down about 8:15 now, so I walk her about 7:45. It's still pretty humid and warm then, though, so I get too hot and sweaty, and I have to take a shower.

  Tuesday 5/28/19

I woke up really late... I've been trying to get up early, but it's difficult.

I don't remember what I did today. David went back to work.

Every once in a while, some guy tries to hit on me on Instagram. So stupid. If they just say something nice, I click "like" on it. Otherwise I will block them. I don't know why they keep trying! Also, I keep getting these pet sales places that want me to try their stuff and then have Brandy pose with it on Instagram. I would be happy to do that if someone wants to send me free stuff, but not if it's just a 25% off discount. Pffft!  No thank you!

It's been so hot and humid. Ugh! Last week I got my first mosquito bite. They really love me...

I've been making strawberry and blueberry smoothies. Yum! Almost as good as a milk shake.

I've mostly been watching TV, otherwise.

I cleaned up the house a bit, ran more dishes and got the laundry together. That's about it!

I stayed up pretty late. I was trying to stay up all night, so I could walk Brandy early in the morning before it gets too hot, but I couldn't stay up any later than about 4 am. I was too tired.

  Wednesday 5/29/19

I got up late again.

I was working on this blog, and I got my days confused (I left out a whole day), so I don't know what is what!

My back was hurting today, too, so that didn't help.

When we went for our walk, we saw 3 bunnies, all outside our door. Two of them came from our neighbors' garden. They're always trying to grow vegetables, but the deer, rabbits, birds etc. eat them.  Then when we were on our way home, there was a big brown bunny in our yard. Brandy really wished she could chase them all, of course! I wish I'd had my camera with me.

I went to bed early, for me, around midnight.

  Thursday 5/30/19

I had David wake me up when he left, around 6:30am. I wasn't too tired, amazingly.

Brandy did wake us up in the middle of the night making some weird noises. I think she was having a bad dream.

I got up and finished straightening up the place, started the laundry and did the dishes.  Then we had breakfast.

Trisha said she was coming by around 8:30 or 9, so I put Brandy in her room around 8:30. I watched TV and did some work until Trisha showed up (her son Tucker was with her). She showed me which of the plants in my yard are weeds.  Then she took me over to Wal-Mart so I could get a few things that we were out of. I also got some snacks for our trip.

I found some tank tops that were less than $7 apiece. After I got home and tried them on, I realized that the arm holes are really big! A little too revealing for me. I'll mostly just wear them around the house, and maybe use safety pins if I go out.

I saw Mr. Clawson (can't remember his first name) at the Wal-Mart. It took me a minute to realize where I knew him from! He and his wife, Galea, do our yard-work.

She drove us through Wendy's on the way home. That place has gotten very expensive. I guess it's because of the rise in minimum wage? If so, I have no problem with it. I got a Baconator meal, she got some baconator fries and a soda, and her son just had a Frosty. It was $17! Wow. That's a lot. Compared to McDonald's, anyway. We don't have a McDonald's right now. They shut it down and are renovating it.  I think it's supposed to re-open in the Fall. I really shouldn't be eating at any of them, but I'm weak!

After I ate lunch (and shared it with Brandy), I went back to bed for about 3 or so hours. I woke up a few times but went back to sleep.

I've been sick off and on all day, since Wal-Mart, and also very itchy. UGH.

Galea and her husband came over around 4 to cut the lawn, do the weeding, etc. They always do a nice job! The place looks great. I had a nice chat with Galea. She told me that we another rabbit den near our house. Yay! I like bunnies. I think I got a second mosquito bite while standing there...

Apparently we have some strawberries growing in our backyard. They are itty bitty little things right now. If we had them before, I never noticed! Or maybe Brandy eats them...

David came home from work a little early, so he changed into his workout clothes and went to the trail to exercise.  After he came back, Brandy and I went walking. It was fairly nice out at 8pm. After we got back, I watered the plants and flowers in the front yard. It rained a lot in April and early May, but we could use more rain now. I really don't like watering.  For one thing, the water spout is in this area behind a bunch of plants, and I worry about snakes. For another, the hose is all curled up in there, so it's kind of a pain to get out and water both sides without it getting caught on something or getting a kink.

In the evening, I think I mostly just did a little work on my site and watched TV.  I went to bed about 12:30.

  Friday 5/31/19

I had David wake me up when he left to go to the park for his walk. I got up and walked Brandy about 8:10am. It was very nice out. I need to do that more often. I just hate being up so early!

After that, I made breakfast; emptied the dishwasher and filled it; did some laundry; fed Brandy; packed; and worked on my site. It was a very productive morning.

David took Brandy in to the vet's to be kenneled while we're out of town.  He went into work for a little while.

Earlier in the week, I had bought some GF food from https://katzglutenfree.com/ They were having a short sale of some items for 99 cents each - some powdered donut holes, and some Twinkie-like things. They arrived today, so I brought one package of the donuts with me on our trip. They are yummy.

We went out later.  David had lunch at Taco Bell. I just had a soda. We finished packing and then drove to Texarkana (which is about an hour away).

We checked in at the Rodeway Inn (as usual) and brought our stuff in to the motel.  Then we walked over to Burger King so I could get lunch.  We went back to our room and had a short nap.  Then we got dressed and took Lyft over to this restaurant downtown called Pecan Point Gastropub and Brewery. They have great food and know about gluten. I had a duck dish that came with a delicious and somewhat spicy sauce, and grits with some kind of berry stuff on it (I didn't like that so much), and greens that were pretty good. It's Southern food, but with a kind of modern twist.  They make their own beer and root beer, too. We enjoyed it and will be back. They've been open since 2014, but I only heard about them recently.

We hadn't really been downtown before, so we walked around and took some photos of the courthouse and post office, which has been around quite a while. It is half in Texas and half in Arkansas! There are some other nearby statues and stuff, too.  We stopped at this pizza place to call Lyft, but Lyft let us down. No one ever answered on the app. We walked over to this pub called Hopkins Icehouse and tried again. Lyft still didn't answer, so I downloaded and installed the Uber app. I'm not really crazy about Uber, but the taxis here are not that great, either. We didn't want to walk back 3 miles to our motel! Thankfully, Uber didn't let us down.

We went again to Burger King, so I could get some food for tomorrow morning.  They often screw up my order, so I always make sure to check it before I leave. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, no bun, with lettuce and mayo only.  Instead I got a plain burger with lettuce. No bacon or cheese! LOL!  They fixed it. Usually they are very nice there, but one of them was kind of rude. I had an ice cream sundae (I didn't eat the whole thing). The woman just put it on the counter by itself. I asked for a bag, so she handed me an unopened bag. I felt like saying, "Hey, put it in the bag for me!" Geez.

We hung out in our room, watching some TV.

I'm pretty tired, so I'm going to bed early, around 11. We have to get up pretty early.

  Saturday 6/1/19

Wow, May took forever. It was one long month.

The alarm went off at 4am. I went back to sleep for a half hour. I didn't sleep very well. I'm still very tired.

I had my breakfast - leftover Burger King bacon cheeseburger and some of my Katz GF donuts. I had been dreaming about chocolates, like See's truffles. It was a very weird dream involving Nazis.

We finished getting ready and packed up, then headed to the airport. David left me sitting outside with the baggage while he parked the car, as usual.  Then we checked in, waited a while, and then boarded our plane.

Then they had some kind of mechanical problem, so we had to get off the plane!  Now we're waiting to see if it can be fixed or if they'll have to replace it.  I would much rather have stayed sitting on the plane because the seats are more comfortable and I could have napped.  This is a tiny, crappy little airport with no bar or restaurant, and the seats are not very comfortable. Also, they have the A/C on really high, so it's also cold. I'm so tired! Grrrr! I'm not happy about this. I hope we still have some time in Dallas.

Well, here's a long tale, but I'll keep it short. We were stuck in Texarkana for 5 hours!!! It's ridiculous. We were all very tired, of course, since it was so early. The airport is very small, only 16,000 square feet. That's the entire terminal. We were stuck just in the part where you've gone through security. They wouldn't let us leave, either. Not that there's anywhere to go. The whole place has no restaurant, bar, or anything. Just some vending machines. They had the A/C blasting, and the seats are very uncomfortable (sorry to repeat myself). I would have gone mad if not for the fact that I had my laptop, and my iPod. The were 20-30 of us stuck there, and one kid was very loud and annoying (he just wouldn't shut up). I don't know if he was a teen or a college student.

Anyway, they took way too long to figure out whether there was something wrong with the plane that could be fixed or not, and then getting us a replacement plane. They did give us some free snacks and lukewarm drinks, so that was good. Some of them were even GF! It was a pretty hellish experience, though. We had to keep changing our planes in Dallas because of the delays.  David had hoped to go to a Braves game that afternoon, but we got there too late for that.

After we finally boarded the plane, they did give us some free drinks, at least. They should have given us some free food coupons if you ask me! Or some discounted tickets. I believe they did email an apology.

I was working on my blog, trying to update the older ones from February with photos and such. Stupidly, I didn't save it as I go along, like I usually do. Probably because I was just so tired. Anyway, my laptop battery died, so I lost it all. UGH. So annoying.  What a day! By the time we got to our hotel in Atlanta, it was 7 pm, so it was almost literally a whole day of flying and waiting around.

The other flights were fine. Nothing to write home about. We really lucked out because we hadn't been able to get seats together, due to all the delays. I asked a woman if she would mind switching seats, so she did, no problem. Yay!

When we got to the Dallas airport, we were like, "Finally, a real airport!"  We had lunch there at the TGIFriday's. They have a GF menu. They have GF buns mentioned, but they were out of them. Oh, well. I had their chicken Ceasar salad, and it was really good.  We had plenty of time to kill in Dallas. 

I had too much sugar this whole trip, starting with the berry mojito that I had at TGIFriday's (it was delicious, though). I also had a little bit of Pinkberry frozen yogurt.

On the flight from Dallas to Atlanta, we had the little videos in the seat rest again, so I got to watch the rest of "Bad Times at the El Royale," which I had started on our previous flight.  What a good movie that is! It has a great cast, interesting plot that twists and turns, quirky characters, some really good music and a very satisfying ending.  Jeff Bridges should have been nominated for an Oscar for that one. At least he did get the Lifetime Achievement Award last year.

It took quite a while to get our luggage at the airport...I was worried there for a moment! But we finally did get it. We traveled relatively light this trip (for us). We just had one suitcase, and it wasn't all that big. We need to get a new suitcase because this one that he picked out is too small. We have a larger one, but it's literally falling apart. Then we have another one that we bought in Hawaii that's too large for some airlines, so we rarely use it.

We got a cab from the airport to our hotel. We're staying at the Hilton. We usually stay there, but we've stayed at most of them by now. We used to live in Columbus, which is 4 hours from Atlanta, so we went there often, either to fly out or just have a short vacation. We checked in to the hotel.

David had a short nap while I got ready. I had to change my purse and get changed, to get ready for karaoke. I need at least a half hour to put on contacts, makeup etc.

After I woke him up, we went downstairs to Trader Vic's, which is a Polynesian restaurant that's been around a long time. They have some wonderful tropical drinks (more sugar!). They have a GF menu now, which they didn't have last time I was here. There are only 4 items on it, though. :( I had the steak. It was really good.

Then we walked over to the Metro Cafe, where we like to go for karaoke. Well, I like to go there, and he tolerates it. :)  The weather was very nice, not too warm or humid like we're having back home. We got very lucky on the weather.

I had more sugary drinks there that I shouldn't have had, too. Anyway, I heard that the regular KJ, Robb, was suspended, so I was disappointed because he was very fun. Well, you know, we haven't been back here for 6 years, so that's a long time. Things change. They had these pretty Russian girls that used to work at the bar, and they're gone, too (various places, I'm told).  The menu changed, too, although they still had nothing GF.  The KJ there was very nice, but the music was very loud.

Because we'd had such a long, tiring day, I just sang two songs: First I sang "Get This Party Started" by Pink. I was the first singer, so it was a good one to start off with.  The crowd loved it. It was a very good crowd.  Later on, I did "I Will Survive," which also went over very well.

I recorded my songs each night on my phone, and I will link them on here. The first night, I recorded from our table. We sit way in the back (there are no real tables in the front), so you couldn't really hear it.  On the other two nights, I moved my phone to the front of the room, near the singing (so it worked out better). 

A restaurant that I really used to love, Legal Seafoods, is closed down, so that was also disappointing. They're a chain, mostly in New England. I don't know why they even had one all the one down in Atlanta! But I love it because they have many great GF foods like fish and chips, and onion rings.

We stopped for a quick drink and some snacks at our hotel bar, too. They have a little market at our hotel which was very nice and convenient. They made sandwiches and other stuff, kind of like a snack bar, but they also had a bunch of pre-made stuff, and fresh fruit, and all sorts of snacks. It's much better than what you find in most hotels. I needed something to take my pills with, so I found a little snack pack that had boiled eggs, peanut butter , green apple slices and red grapes. It had some bread as well, but I didn't eat that, of course. It reminded me of one that I used to sometimes buy at Starbucks when we lived in Hawaii.

I stayed up quite late, listening to music and other things. I'm always hyper after karaoke, anyway. We stupidly got two double beds, and we put all of our stuff on one of them. A double bed is a little too small for us both.

  Sunday 6/2/19

I got up around 10. We went over to the Marriott and had their breakfast buffet, which was not very good (I mean, it was fine if you could eat lots of sugary and gluten-filled things!). Everything else was still closed.

We went back to the hotel for awhile. David went to a Braves game. I went back to sleep. After I woke up, I was sick a lot all day from something I ate...the usual accidental gluten poisoning.  David had a good time at his game.

Later on, after he came back, we went to Meehan's Pub for dinner. They have a good GF menu now.  I had this lamb sandwich that's kind of like a Philly cheese steak. It was delicious and came with yummy green beans. The bun on this sandwich was so good that I thought they had mistakenly given me one with gluten! That's how light and flaky it was.

We went back to our room so I could change and get ready again for karaoke. It started raining when we walked back, but it stopped again by the time we went out again, thankfully. Other than that, the weather was nice during our entire visit.

We had a different KJ this time - a woman.  She was very nice, but the music was way too loud.  There were enough singers, but not too many. I sang three songs this time. I stared with "I'm So Excited," which I haven't sung in a long time. I need to work on that one more. The crowd was very good, though, and liked it. Then I sang "Don't Speak" by No Doubt, which is a good 90's song that everyone knows and loves. Many in the crowd were singing along with me.  Finally, I sang "Respect" by Aretha Franklin. The crowd went wild! Seriously, they were a great audience and very appreciative. The KJ was also very kind to me.The KJ was also kind enough to take some photos of me, posing as if I was singing.

I stayed up pretty late again!

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