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  Monday 5/20/19

I wanted to sleep in, but David woke me to do the laundry. He was concerned that he wouldn't have clean clothes for later tonight. It's OK, though, because I just put in the laundry, set the clock for an hour and went back to sleep. I did that all morning. Eventually I woke up.

Stephen had talked about coming over to keep me company, but he wasn't feeling well, so he didn't come over.

David and I had went to Koon Thai for lunch. We had gone there last year and enjoyed it. It's Celiac Friendly. I had the Pa-Nang Curry, which came with a little salad and some rice. It was very good. Again, the chicken was a tad overcooked, but otherwise it was great. The sauce was wonderful and just had the right amount of spice for me (I'm a wimp). It was some kind of coconut-flavored sauce and also had peanuts in it. I only ate some of the rice since it's not low-carb. The salad had peanut sauce. Yum! I would have tried the coconut ice cream, but we were running late. The service was pretty slow.

Then we drove back and hung out with Ira at the Denny's near Susan's house.  He had lunch. David and I just had snacks. I had fruit. It was nice to see Ira.

We went back to Susan's. It was a little bit drizzly. I took some photos of her flowers and planets in her backyard. She does some great work there. She has a couple of plumeria trees. She also has a lemon tree.

I had a little bit of time to rest. David went to the Padres game on the trolley. Susan took me over to Rubio's at Parkway Plaza, where I met Mary after she got off work. She brought her daughter, Marshalla, too. It was nice to see them both. Marshalla does some modeling. She just came back from the Phillipines, where she was in the Jewel of the World pageant.  Mary is gorgeous, so both of her daughters are gorgeous, too!  Her other daughter has also done some modeling but is a nurse for her main profession. Marshalla just graduated from high school, and I believe she wants to go into entertainment. She has a great singing voice, too.

I had never been to a real Rubio's before. For those of you who don't live in the San Diego area, it's a really good fish tacos place. It's basically fast food, but healthier than most. They have a good GF menu. I've been to the one in the airport, and maybe the ballpark.  It was very good. We had a nice chat.  Then we walked around the mall a bit. I got a new purse at Wal-Mart. Mine is getting frayed.  The new purse looks nice and it was only $10!  Can't beat that. I got a few other things as well. My knee was hurting, though, so we called it quits about 4:40.  Mary drove me home. It was so great to see her! We need to get more time to chat next time.  We were both pretty tired, too, I think. I forgot to take a picture of the three of us! Whoops. That tells you how tired I was.

I think I took another nap. I rested, at least. I finished the laundry. Susan and I had a nice chat.  She went to bed early, though, because she had to get up for some work she's doing this week. She's mostly retired, but she does some occasional work.

The Padres won, so David was happy. He came home a little while later. I made him a sandwich, and then he went to bed not too long after. I stayed up a little while, working on my site and such.

  Tuesday 5/21/19

We did sleep in a little, thankfully.  We met Susie, an old friend from high school, around noon at Black Angus steak house, also near the mall.  We used to go there all the time with my MIL, and I always liked it. Now they have a GF menu. Of course, one of the reasons I liked the place back then was their wonderful brown bread, which I can't eat any more! :(

Susie lives up in Oceanside. She went to our high school and was best friends with my other SIL, Eileen. She's very nice. We were in a play together 41 years ago! We did "Matchmaker," which is the play that they made into "Hello, Dolly." We had the whole 3rd act together, just mostly she and I. I played an old lady, Flora Van Heusen, and she played my maid, Gertrude. It was a lot of fun.  Our drama teacher always cast me as the old lady, though, because I could do the acting. I always wanted to be the star, the ingenue! LOL!

Anyway, Susie and I have only seen each other once since the 80's, when we met up a few years ago. It was nice of her to drive down to have lunch with us. We had a good time chatting, catching up.  Susan got off work early, so she was able to join us, too.

I think I like Outback better than Black Angus. The steak was OK, but not as good as Outback. Also, our waitress was a little bit rude. She kind of had an attitude. Nothing you could complain about, really. She just seemed to be acting like we were putting her out. It's hard to explain.  She wasn't outright rude or anything, just kind of off-putting. For instance, there was no pepper on the table, only salt. So we asked for the pepper. Without saying a word, she got the big pepper grinder and gave some to Susie, who wanted pepper for her fries.  Most waitresses would have said more and been more friendly or polite.  She was that way all the way through. Maybe she's just quiet, or weird, and we took it badly. I don't know.  Most service staff out here are generally very solicitous.

We took some photos and then parted company.  David and I went back to Susan's and packed a box with some stuff to mail back, so we wouldn't have to try to fit it in our luggage.  Then we mailed it at the post office. It was raining off and on.

Then we finished packing our stuff. I can't find my pill box that I use all the time. I hope I didn't lose it. I hope it turns up in our luggage when I unpack. I did finally find the Flonase! After buying two more bottles of it. Oops!

We packed up and said our goodbye to Susan and John. They were nice enough to wait outside with us, in the rain, while we waited for our Lyft driver. We went back to the Gaslamp and stayed at the same Comfort Inn with the tiny rooms. Most of the hotels and motels this time around were really expensive, so we didn't stay down there as much as we usually do. The Motel 6 was $180!!!

We used Susan's truck for some of our transportation, or we took Lyft or the trolley. San Diego has pretty good public transportation. We used to take more cabs, but Lyft is way cheaper (especially going back and forth between San Diego and El Cajon).

The only real downside to the trip is that David's mom has been ill. Hopefully she will get over her virus that she currently has. She's 91 and has dementia, so you can't really expect too much.

We took a nap at the hotel and then later met our good friends George and Beth, and their twins, at the nearby Italian restaurant Buca Di Beppo. The hotel is right near it, and it's a good family place, so that's why we chose it.  We've known George since the 70's. He was good friends with Susan, and later became good friends with us as well.  Their kids are very nice, too. The food was really good. I think it's better than the one we used to go to sometimes in Honolulu. I just had a salad, and some sausage and peppers. Their portions are huge, though. I took some of mine back to the hotel for later.

We had a really great time catching up. They're very fun.  We took some photos, of course. We stopped again at the French place, so I got another pastry. Then we went to The Field for drinks. They had a guy playing guitar and singing. He was pretty good. He was a tall, lanky guy... reminded me a little of my photography teacher.  David watched the Padres on the TV. They won! That makes 2 days in a row.

We went back to our room. David went to sleep, and I stayed up longer. I had the leftover food. Our room came with free water and microwave popcorn, so I had some of that. I couldn't stay up too late, though, because we left very early the next morning.

  Wednesday 5/22/19

I woke up around 3:30, but I hadn't slept too much. I took a shower and got my stuff together. I was so tired! We left our room around 4:20. We checked out and called Lyft. It was still dark out. I noticed that one old guy in a truck was emptying the garbage cans downtown.  ONE GUY! He was the driver, and he got out to empty the cans, too. I'm going to assume that they have more people to empty the big dumpsters. Otherwise, I don't know... San Diego might be in bad shape!

We went to the airport. It was bad. They were very unorganized at American Airlines. I can't believe how crowded it was at 5am, either. First we had to get in a line of about a dozen people just to use the self-serve check-in kiosks. There was a couple of women directing everyone, but they didn't do the best job. People would just walk up and start using the kiosks, or wait behind someone, rather than standing in the long line. They didn't even see the long line. The women caught most of them and told them to go stand in the long line, but at least one guy got by and they didn't even see him. We didn't make a fuss, though.  Then we stood in another line. That was like, the pre-security line. Then we got into the main security line, and it was long and took forever. Crazy! Especially bad at 5am and when you're very tired.

After that, we went to the Prado restaurant, which we've been to before. I had scrambled eggs and bacon, but they weren't very good. I went briefly to the nearby store and got some other snacks. Our flights were uneventful, thankfully. We flew to Dallas. I tried to watch a movie, "Bad Times at the El Royale," but there was something wrong with their system, so the movie kept stopping, and I had to click on the error message, then press play, then press "resume."  And at some point, it sort of skipped a part, which had crucial dialogue, so I tried to go back to hear it. Then it froze up. I talked to the flight attendant, who suggested I hold down the power button reboot it. I did that, but it didn't help. Others were having the same problem, as it turns out. I gave up and went to sleep.

We didn't have a lot of time in Dallas. After we took the tram ride, we stopped briefly at Dickey's Barbecue. I didn't eat much because I wasn't hungry. David had a sandwich. Most of their food is GF, so that's good. Next time, I'll know. I had a piece of his meat and it was really good.

We took the short flight to Texarkana from there, and we were both tired, sleeping on the plane. We got our baggage pretty quickly at the airport (it's very small).  Then we had some annoyances.

We tried the Lyft app, but there was no one showing up. I guess they only have a few Lyft and Uber drivers here, and they weren't there when we landed.  So then we called a cab.  They said 20 minutes, but it was a half hour.  The woman picked us up in a big van, but she'd been in an accident, so the back and one side door didn't open. We had a lot of luggage, so it was quite a trial getting it in there. It took a while. David had to sit up front because there was only one seat once we got the luggage in.  Then we got stuck behind a train for quite a while!

Then she dropped us off at the Rodeway Inn, where we had reservations again. The  lobby was open, but there was no one there. No one answered when I called. There was no bell or anything to ring. We waited and then called again.  Finally an older man came out. He said that he couldn't check us in, but the man who could was picking up his son up from school, so it would take about 10 minutes. We were annoyed, but there was nothing else we could do. We sat down on the not-too-comfortable couches that smell very dusty, to wait. it was more like 20 minutes, of course, when the man finally arrived. We checked in and went to sleep for a few hours.

We got up at 6pm and went back over to the nearby Hooters. As usual, he had the wings and I had the shrimp and spinach salad.  It was very good, again. And we stopped again at the Burger King so I could get some food for tomorrow morning. We're leaving early again because he has to go to work

The Padres won again tonight! That's three in a row! Wow!

Over the years I've noticed that the computers I use in Windows are a lot slower, just in two ways. 1) if programs freeze up and I press CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up Task Manager and 2) if I click on a folder that has many files in it.  Both used to be instantaneous, and they no longer are. I asked on Facebook and the people I know there told me it wasn't a Windows issue. I'm not sure what else it could be. It's not just on one computer. It's been on every computer I've had, for many years. I'm not sure if it dates back to Windows 98 or XP. I think the latter. It's very frustrating. At least one of them did tell me that CTRL-SHIFT-ESC should work better. We'll see!

I slept a little but couldn't sleep the whole time. I woke up around 10:30. I've just been working on this blog and doing other stuff. It's about 2am so I'll try again. I only have about 3 hours to sleep, I think. Then I'll probably doze all the way home after he goes to get the car from the airport.

  Thursday 5/23/19

I woke up around 5am when the alarm went off. I was so tired! I just got dressed and heated up my breakfast in the microwave.  We finished getting ready and packing.  We checked out and got Lyft over to the airport. We had the same Lyft driver as we did back when we came back from Chicago. This is the guy that tried being an actor for a while in California.  I'm just glad we got a driver this time! After we loaded our luggage into our car, we drove home. I slept quite a bit on the way.

When we got home and unpacked everything, I went straight to bed. David got dressed and went into work. We were both very tired.

He brought Brandy back about noon. I was still asleep. I went back to sleep. Brandy enjoyed being back and rolled around a lot on the bed. I got up to make sure she couldn't get into anything she's not supposed to, and to get her some toys for the bed. I woke up much later.

It was very today, in the 80's, so I put on the A/C when I finally did get up.

We had our mail held while we were gone, but it was never delivered. It was supposed to be delivered today. They always get this wrong. I'm not sure why! I tried phoning the local post office, but it was busy for quite a while. Then when it finally rang, I got their recorded message that they use for after hours. However, it was not after hours! It was only 4pm and they said they close at 4:30.  There was no way to leave a message, either. Typical. I tried phoning the main post office 800 number, but that takes you through a ridiculous phone tree, and then it said that it was a 17 minute wait. Never mind! I finally did email the post office. Who knows if we'll get our mail tomorrow? Sheesh.

I had a half-turkey sandwich for lunch, but I'm afraid the rest of what I had was not very healthy. 

The hydrangea bushes in the backyard are blooming! They look beautiful. I noticed that we have two more of them over by the side of the house.

I was going to take Brandy for a walk around 6, but David came home and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. We went to Central Hub, a new place downtown. I got GF pizza there. I just had one piece with the crust and ate some of the topping off more until I was stuffed. I took the rest home.

He tried to phone me before that, and he got my voice mail. My phone doesn't show that he tried to call me. Weird!! I wonder what happened??? I hope there's nothing wrong with my phone.

When we got back, I took Brandy out walking, and I took my phone to take photos of the new flowers. It was very hot and humid, even though I made sure to put up my hair and wear shorts. Too soon for Summer! Can I please go back to the cold and rain that we had last week in San Diego???

When we got back, I took out the hose and watered our flowers out front.  The yard really needs mowing again.

I've just been watching TV, listening to music and doing a little work on my site. I've been too tired to do much! I did play with Brandy a bit, but that's all. Tomorrow I'll have to unpack, do laundry and all the rest.

Poor David was so tired when he came home, that he was falling asleep very early. He woke up for a while and then finally went to bed. Brandy was very happy to tuck him in and give him lots of kisses!

This new movie "Yesterday" looks really good. It's about a guy, a failed singer/songwriter, who wakes up after an accident and finds that the Beatles never existed. He becomes a big rockstar by using their music. Trailer

  Friday 5/24/19

It's summer, so David has Fridays off. The staff at the college work longer hours Monday through Thursday in the summer so they can do that.

I didn't wake up as early as I wanted to because I was tired. David came back after his morning exercise to wake me up. We went to Flying Burger. I had their burger with onions, no bun. It comes with fries, but we just had a few and left the rest. They're really good, but we're trying to eat healthier. I should have had the grilled fish like usual, but I was in a burger mood.  We ran into the chair of the Agricultural department, who was there with his wife.

We stopped briefly at Brookshire's for a few things we were out of.

I was tired but not sleepy. I played with Brandy. We walked about 7:45. It was very hot and humid today, so I didn't want to walk earlier.

I did water all my outdoor plants in the front, and I sprinkled some new seeds I got. Maybe it will work...we'll see!  If not, then we'll plant some another time. I also put up the Summer flag and took down the Spring flag. I was going to add an SAU flag, which I ordered online, but obviously the colors ran, so it was green instead of yellow. I guess I'll have to get one at SAU instead.

I got a little sick later from something I ate, too. And then at night I ate way more than I should.

We watched some TV. I worked on my site.  Nothing too exciting.

My SIL is on her way to visit my other SIL and their mom in San Diego...

  Saturday 5/25/19

I woke up around noon and had a half-sandwich for lunch. David went out to eat without me, which is fine.

It feels cool inside my house, but it's in the 80's outside. So weird!

I found this cool app called PictureThis. You can take a photo of a flower and it tells you what it is. Pretty neat.

We listened to the 70's music countdown as usual.

I haven't been good at keeping this up since yesterday. I've just been tired and relaxing after our trip. Other than doing a little work on my site, and watching TV, I've been very lazy.

I went to do laundry and got quite a shock. The detergent had sprung a leak, so there was soap all over the shelf above my washer. It was a gross mess to clean up. Then I stupidly left the bottle on the counter rather than putting it in the sink, so a few days later, there was another mess to clean up, and it had gotten on the floor. Duh! I finally did put the detergent in a container so it won't leak any more.

I got my first mosquito bite today, on my back. I was out watering the plants out front, so that's probably when I got it. Mosquitoes love me, especially if I'm standing still at all.

Apparently today is the 42nd anniversary of when "Star Wars" came out! Yay! I was 16 then....a much better age! ;)

  Sunday 5/26/19

We went to Java Primo as usual. I'm not going back there. It really sucks. I was hoping to try their gyro, without the bread, but it has wheat in the meat. I couldn't find anything else safe, so I just had their usual breakfast. It's not very good. They have the worst bacon I've ever had. They always put the eggs now on top of the potatoes and fruit, so it makes it difficult to eat, and the fruit gets warm. Yuck. David likes it, but I'm not eating there any more. The people who work there are VERY nice, no complaints there. Their food is very good, for the most part.

We went to Wal-Mart after that to get food. We don't have a grill, but I got hamburger fixings for tomorrow.

52 years ago, the Sgt. Pepper's album came out! Wow! I didn't have a lot of albums growing up, but this was one I had.

The hydrangea bushes in my back yard are looking so great. We have a couple over on the side, too. I think they're fairly new. I took a few out and put them in water, in a vase, for the front entryway. So pretty!

We're having a very low-key Memorial Day weekend. Which is fine!

Sunday nights we always go to Antigua's... David eats tacos. I have a soda. They give out little Andes Candies, which we love.

Mostly I've been doing well on being careful of what I eat and trying not to eat too many carbs. Apparently I left my diabetes test strips somewhere, during my trip, as well as my little pillbox for my purse (which I'm very unhappy about). I had to order more strips online, but they won't be here for a few weeks.

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