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  Monday 5/13/19

I had chatted with Trisha (the woman who gives me a ride places and does some gardening for me) about getting together today or tomorrow, but I had expected her to let me know when she was coming by (truthfully, I should have asked her before going to bed whether she was coming or not). I had asked David to set the clock for 8, but I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep because I'd taken a muscle relaxer for my poor knee, which has been hurting.

Brandy started barking around 10:30, so I got up. I figured it was UPS or something, so I put on pants. Trisha was outside, so I let her in after putting Brandy back in the bedroom. She was here to plant some flower seeds I'd bought. After she did that, she took me over to Wal-Mart to use the ATM, and I got a soda.

After that, I had breakfast and watched TV. I did some work around the house, including cleaning up the kitchen (which was very dirty) and doing the dishes and laundry.

I walked Brandy twice today (as I've been doing lately). It was nice outdoors, but my knee started hurting again. I called my doctor to make an appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully it's nothing serious.  David's knee has also been hurting today, but probably for different reasons. Who knows?

I did some work on my site as well...

I made some keto brownies and also found some other great keto recipes. The brownies recipe should have said to use unsalted butter because they came out a bit salty. Still good, though. I found a YouTube person who has great keto recipes, including one for spring rolls. I'm going to have to try that.

I took some photos of the flowers when I was out with Brandy the second time around.

I had an Atkins' Beef Fiesta Taco Bowl for breakfast. I can't remember what I had for lunch! For dinner I had a cheeseburger, open-faced with lots of lettuce. It was very good. I went with David while he had dinner at El Compadre (as usual).

We watched some TV before he went to bed.

I bought a 3-drawer chest on Amazon when we lived in Honolulu, in 2013. It fell apart a year later when we moved from the 16th to the 7th floor. We still used it, but it leaned to one side badly, and the drawers were hard to open. Also, I had put a small TV on it (for karaoke) and it made the top sage. It was really a piece of junk, but it cost way too much. I got an email today from Amazon that it was being recalled because it killed someone! Apparently it fell over and killed a baby. So sad! Anyway, they said they were refunding money, but you had to have the piece still, and send it back to them. What a load of BS that is. Oh, we made this JUNK that falls apart easily, but if you somehow managed to hold on to it all these years, then you can go to all the trouble and expense to take it apart and mail it back to us for a refund. What a joke.

Here is an in-depth article about fake news and how to evaluate it. Short version: if it sounds too horrible, or too good, or too weird, to be true, then it's probably fake. Don't share it, or check first on Snopes. Use this method and you'll be right 99% of the time. Some people I know still post this kind of thing on Facebook (or worse, send it in Messenger of via email). It's aggravating that people just post stuff and believe it so easily.

I went to bed around 2:30.

  Tuesday 5/14/19

I had an appointment with my doctor because my right knee has been hurting a lot. Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night, in bad pain. I took a muscle relaxer as well as Aleve and hot shower, but it still hurt. Then yesterday it was hurting as well. It didn't hurt too bad when I woke up, but it got worse as the day wore on.

Needless to say, I didn't take Brandy for her walk.

I came across this great Doctor Who store and museum in Indiana. I want to go there someday!

Trisha came over around 7:45. First we went to the ATM so I could pay her, and I stopped there at the market to get change and a soda.  Then she took me over to my doctor's office at Southern Medical Group. Since it was just after 8am, there was a little bit of a line because they have Urgent Care there as well. The line didn't last too long, plus they got a second window open. I didn't have to wait too long out in the waiting room, either, which was good.

Oh, as I was getting out of Trisha's car, I opened the door,which is sort of heavy,  stuck my right foot out, and turned to say something to her...then the car door fell right on my bad knee! Ouch! No permanent damage, though.

My doctor said it's probably tendonitis or arthritis. She gave me a steroid shot right in the knee (that really hurt, too). She said if it happens again, she'll run more tests, but it's probably arthritis, given my age (she said that very nicely, but she didn't have to).  The shot helped a lot, though. Sometimes I forget I'm 57!

David picked me up and took me home around 9:15. After I got home, I went back to sleep for a while. I was very tired. I slept until about 1 or 2pm.

I had a little bit of a headache and was somewhat dizzy -- side effects of the shot. It didn't last long, thank goodness. My knee hurt a little, but then it was fine.

I still don't know what's making me sick a lot....some of it is definitely accidental gluten consumption. But even when I'm very careful, I sometimes get sick. Now, perhaps something in my cupboard is not GF like I thought it was. I looked up the side effects of every single one of my medications (I take about 9, not including vitamins), and they all have the big D as a side effect. So I called my doctor's office and left a message, asking her about that and suggesting that I get off all or most of my medications to see if that helps.  She hasn't called me back yet, so I'll call again after we get back from our vacation.

I'm determined to lose this extra weight and do better about keeping track of my blood sugar, too. I know, I've said that a lot. Starting now! I'm serious.

David came home later, and he took Brandy out for her walk, since I can't do it. I was told to rest my knee for a day. Fine with me!

I was reading "Entertainment Weekly" and they had a story called "Secrets of Avengers Endgame." I thought it was behind the scenes stuff, but it actually had spoilers for the new movie. They had no warnings of any kind. That really annoyed me. I'll probably go see the movie, anyway, but I really don't like to hear major movie spoilers before I go see the movie....it ruins it a little.

I did more laundry, and watched TV. I packed my clothes.  Tomorrow we start our trip!

  Wednesday 5/15/19

I woke up at 9am and actually got out of bed! :)

I walked Brandy. It was very nice out at that hour. There were some very loud frogs sounding off in the woods near our house. They make a strange noise, anyway, but this morning, they sounded like a bunch of small dogs barking at each other! This page has different frog sounds in our area. Pretty neat. I think the one I hear is the green (bronze) frog.

I saw this beautiful bird, too. it's kind of a light blue mixed with white. Very pretty. I've seen it a few times. It might be a nuthatch. It was especially pretty when it flew. It was a light blue on top and white on the bottom, but it had some white stripes or marks on the blue part and then its tailfeathers had a striped pattern. I just love seeing all the beautiful birds. Plus it gives me something to do when we're walking. I love seeing the cardinals and robins...I'm not too good at knowing what most of them are. I just enjoy the colors and the birdsong. Yesterday I think I heard a woodpecker out near our house, when I went outside. I couldn't see it - it was in one of the tall, leafy trees in the woods near our house. I could hear it, though.

The magnolia tree in our neighborhood was just gorgeous today! The whole thing was blooming. I wish I'd brought my camera.

I spent the day getting ready for our trip. I had to finish packing my bathroom stuff, and odds and ends,; run some of my soap transcripts, finish recording some shows for my brother, clean the kitchen again, and run the dishes one last time.

My knee is doing fine today, so that's good. Even though I managed to ram both of my knees into hard objects today! First, I somehow misjudged where the door jamb is, when I was walking into the living room, and I smashed my right knee (the one that was hurting!) into the door jamb, hard.  Then, not too long later, Brandy got in my way as I was walking (as she frequently does), and I rammed my left knee into her very hard head. Ouch!

I hadn't heard back from my professor about the internship, so I emailed the general manager (I had gotten her name and info from their Facebook page).  I told her the basics of my background and why I wanted to do an internship. To my surprise, the editor phoned me about an hour and a half later to confirm the internship. I was especially surprised because I thought it was my doctor phoning me back, and also because I didn't expect to hear back so quickly.

I had been worried about getting the internship because I have certain restrictions (such as dates I'm traveling, and not being able to drive), but he was very nice about it and said they're flexible.  Sounds like I'll be starting there after Memorial Day. I'll just have a few days before we leave on another trip. But anyway, I'm looking forward to it! Sounds like I'll be writing some, at least. Also, I sent the info to my professor, and he had contacted them a few times but hadn't heard back, so that's good to know. He gave me a glowing recommendation, which was very nice of him as well.  So I'll be doing that during the first summer session, and who knows after that. I told them I'm fine with working as many days as they need me. And then second summer session, I have the online bio lab to do. It should be a great summer!

I had written ta story based on an intense dream I had, a few months ago. It was kind of weird. Anyway, I had sent it in to a magazine to see if they would buy it. I don't normally write fiction. I used to, a long time ago. I got a formal rejection today. Ah, well. It was a long shot. I'll submit it somewhere else.  It may be too sparse. I might have to flesh it out a bit.

David came home around 3. The bags were all packed. He put the A/C on in the car, so it wouldn't be too hot for Brandy. While he checked the house one last time, I watered the flowers and plants in the front.  I hope it rains a lot while we're gone! Checking the weather forecast, it's supposed to rain a lot on Sunday and Tuesday. Good! Hope that's enough. This weekend is the Magnolia Blossom festival, which we're missing once again. Oh, well. At least it won't rain during that. Maybe next year I'll finally check that out!

First we dropped Brandy off at the vet's.  She'll be there until we pick her up next Thursday.  Luckily, she likes it there. They are very nice to her.  She gets so excited. In fact, when we took her there, and they took the leash from me, she peed on the floor in excitement! She does that whenever she sees anyone, really. She just does it out of excitement.  Fortunately, she had already gone at home, so there wasn't much. Plus, they're used to it.

David dropped me off at Reynolds. I dropped a letter off at the post office there, and then I bought some stuff at the bookstore, before getting a soda as usual. The student helper who was working at the coffee place during the year now has the whole place to himself.

I ran into Alain, who runs the food services there for Aramark. He's a nice guy from Belgium.  His wife is from Nepal. Nice couple.  She works in one of the offices on campus as well (registrar?).  She's my Facebook friend, so I saw that she wished him a happy birthday there, yesterday, so I wished him one as well. He used to live in San Diego.  We had a nice chat about that.

Then I went to the library and killed some time there, working on my site.

Despite how nice it was this morning, it was really hot in the afternoon. The last two days, it's been in the 80's.

Around 4:45, I walked over to David's office. In the back of his building, there are two magnolia trees. They are so beautiful! I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't know how much time I would have.  Turns out, I could easily have stopped and taken a few pics. Oh, well. I went into his office, but he wasn't there, so I chatted with Keisha, his assistant.  She's very nice and we chatted until he came back.

I realized this afternoon that I forgot a bunch of things I wanted to do/bring, and I'm kicking myself for forgetting. I forgot my NIMA gluten sensor, and the test vials. I meant to delete some shows off my DVR, too. I hope it doesn't fill up again while I'm gone. I left my contacts, too, which really annoys me. Now I'll have to wear my glasses during karaoke. I forgot to bring my foot lotion, or any lotion. This motel has none.  There were a few other, less important things...

David and I took off and drove to Texarkana. It was uneventful. He listened to me babble, mostly. We stayed at the Rodeway Inn that we usually stay at. It's cheap but usually clean. It has free WiFi, a fridge and microwave, and it's close to restaurants,  etc.  This one didn't seem as clean as usual. There were some big stains on the comforter, and the bathroom toilet was not exactly clean. I mean, it looked clean at first, but then if you looked under the bowl, it was pretty gross. Well, it's just for one night!

We went to Hooter's for dinner. David likes their wings, and I like their shrimp and spinach salad. (it also has blue cheese and bacon) It was good again (last time it wasn't). It was freezing, though, and the A/C was blowing right on us.  Turns out that the other side of the place is nice and warm! We should have sat there. Ah, well. I only know because that's where the bathroom is, so I noticed when I walked over there.

We stopped at Burger King after that. I got a burger for tomorrow morning's breakfast. I have to have something with my pills. Also, there is no food place either in our hotel or at the airport. It's a very tiny airport.

I tried to go to bed early, but it didn't work. We're getting up at 4 am and it's almost 1. Well, I guess it's time to try again! That didn't work....I guess I'll be sleeping on the plane. UGH. I hate flying tired.

  Thursday 5/16/19

I just couldn't sleep, no matter what I tried. I ended up updating not only this blog post, but a few older ones. At least it was productive! Check out this blog post from late January.

I took a shower about 3:30am, and then I ate my Whopper breakfast. It was pretty good. It was all low carb -- just a burger, cheese, and veggies.

We got packed up and ready. We left a little after 5 and checked out, then headed to the airport. There weren't many people around at that time of day, until we got into the airport itself.  Even though it was very early, the nearby birds in the trees were very vocal!

It didn't take long to check our bags and check in, and get new boarding passes. I was very tired and barely awake. My stomach was not feeling well, and that continued on throughout the whole day. I was worried that I was getting sick again from something I ate, with gluten, but so far it's been fine, aside from some stomach pain and nausea. I slept most of the day, on the plane.

First we took the short flight to Dallas on the little plane. I listened to music on my iPod and dozed. We got to Dallas and had plenty of time because our other flight was running late. That was fine with us. 

We had a very long walk to our gate, which is not fun when you're not feeling well. We had to walk a long way, go up quite a few steep escalators, and take a tram a long way.

We went to California Pizza Kitchen, near our gate. They have a cauliflower crust that's gluten free and lower in carbs than regular pizza crust. I just ate one of the pieces with crust, and it was very good. I just ate the toppings off the rest.  Perhaps pizza was not a good idea when I was already having a stomach ache! LOL! I forgot how spicy it can be, and I couldn't find any Pepcid anywhere. Usually I bring some with me, but I didn't this time.

They had a Pinkberry, which I love, but I avoided it. That's not healthy eating for me. David left me and the bags by our gate, and he went off for a while. Even though I was sitting up, I fell asleep. I only jerked awake when a guy plopped down hard on the row of seats I was sitting on. David came up then, and the plane started boarding.

Our flight was fine, aside from screaming babies. Like I said, I mostly slept. They had the type of seats where you can watch movies, but I was just too exhausted to bother with it.

We landed and had to walk a little bit to get to baggage claim. It didn't take too long to get our bags. We went outside and across the street, to get a cab to our hotel. We're staying at the Comfort Inn. I didn't realize that the Rodeway Inn we stayed at is also now a Choice Hotel. Choice Hotel found my tweet and thanked me for staying with them. A little creepy, but OK!

We couldn't check in yet (it was only about 11am), so we left our bags with them and went outside. It was raining a bit, but I got my umbrella, and David's jacket had a hood. We just started walking a little and then found Le Parfait Paris, which is a French pastry bakery that I love. I decided we would go in and sit out the rain, and have a pastry. It was very good. Their macarons and other pastries are scrumptious. It's run by actual French people, too.

It stopped raining, so we walked over to The Field, an Irish pub that David likes. He had lunch. There weren't a lot of people there, even though it was noon by that time. There was a table of loud "bros" and us, not too many others. They looked and sounded like they were filming a beer commercial. ;)

After that, we went back to our hotel and checked in. Thank goodness our room was ready! It's small but fine. We had a long nap. I decided not to go to the baseball game tonight (which was our original plan), so he went without me.

Now I'm back to working on the blogs and putting in the photos. I was just reading about when I first started taking the hormone cream back in February. It's worked well. The only time I have a hot flash any more is when I forget to take it!

My doctor finally called back and said I shouldn't stop taking my medications. She suggested I make an appointment when we get back, to discuss it. 

I was hungry and had some snacks in the room. Too many, I'm sure. I went back to sleep.

David enjoyed the game. The Padres won for a change! He came back to our room. I was sleeping, so I got dressed and we went out to dinner. I was hoping to go to Osetra, but they were closed. We went to Brian's 2/47, which is one of the few places open after 11. It's a diner. We've gone there before. I had the breakfast tacos, which are really good. I could only eat about half. Their plates are humongous. David ordered a salad, which was also way too big, so he couldn't finish his, either.

The restaurant insisted on keeping the front door open, so it was freezing. When I asked if they could shut it, I was given a lame excuse about why they couldn't shut it. The waiter said that the liquor licensing people have to be able to look in as they go by, to make sure they're not serving to minors. That's just BS. There's no way all of the bars and restaurants in San Diego are leaving their doors open.  How stupid.

We came back to our room. David was tired.  Hopefully I can go back to sleep at some point!

I've been really itchy all day, especially my back. Allergies weren't great today. SIGH.

Amazon notified me that some of my packages had not been delivered because I wasn't home. Well, we had our mail held at the post office, so they weren't supposed to deliver it! By the time I called Amazon, it was too late to call the post office about it. I did call a few days later, and apparently that is just a glitch in their system or some such, so my mail should be delivered as promised when we return. Crossing my fingers!

I stayed up way too late, until about 3am.

  Friday 5/17/19

I slept pretty well. We woke up about 9:20 and got ready to go. We checked out and then took Lyft to Susan's place in El Cajon.  Our driver drove 70 mph most of the way, except when he went 80 mph! Yikes! Then, as he was helping us with our luggage, he made sexist remarks. He's very lucky that I wasn't the one rating him. David doesn't like to give bad Lyft ratings or leave negative comments. He's nicer than me!

Susan greeted us at the door and helped us with our luggage.  Then we went to see my MIL at her retirement place, for a little while.  They are served lunch at 11:30, so we had to leave her then.  It's very hard to communicate with her because of her hearing problems. She has two hearing aids, but still, it's always been very difficult. It's too bad because I used to enjoy talking with her. We'll see her again before we leave town.

We went to lunch with Susan and John at Nicolosi's, an Italian restaurant here that we all love  They have a good GF menu, but I just had chicken marsala. It came with a salad, which was very good; and veggies and pasta as well. I didn't eat most of that, just mostly the chicken. It was a little overcooked but not bad. We had a nice lunch and conversation. Normally I would have had the ravioli or one of the other yummy pasta dishes, but I'm trying to eat healthier.

We stopped at the grocery store afterwards. I got some bottled water, sodas and some other stuff. The stores here are so great. I was a little sick towards the end, so I had to run to the bathroom. Otherwise, I probably would have bought some more fruit or veggies. I like to have food here in case I need it late at night when everyone else is asleep, so I got an Atkins breakfast entree; some celery; some deli turkey; sugar free popsicles; Pepcid (because I ran out); and some baked cheese crackers for David.

Tomorrow we might go get haircuts. I also need to find a couple of flash drives.

I'm a little sleepy, but I'm going to try to stay awake and not nap. I don't know if I'll succeed or not!

David and Susan went to walk. I would have gone, but I have to stay near the bathroom, just in case. Also, they walk very fast, and farther than I would.

So sad to read that Grumpy Cat passed away. Awww, poor kitty. I wonder if they'll still keep making the calendars? Probably. I like to get my Grumpy Cat calendar every year.

I was not sick any more, thank goodness!

David and I took Lyft over to downtown San Diego. We went to Osetra, which is one of our favorite restaurants. We just sat at the bar and ate lightly. It's very expensive. I just had a salad and a drink (can't remember what the drink was called, but it was very good). It was a yummy salad.

We stopped briefly at The Field, too. Then we went to the ballgame. We got there just as it was starting. We had a little bit of a hard time finding our seats, but then we found them. We were at the Field level, row 20, on the 3rd base line, past the netting.  They were good seats.  It was a pretty interesting game. We saw 3 home runs, so that was fun.  Unfortunately, the Padres lost, 5-3, to the Pirates. The seats were a bit irritating because the people to our right kept standing up in our way. 

They gave out Padres hoodies. They are very thin hoodies, though. It was pretty cold and rainy the whole time we were in San Diego. It's not usually quite that bad here, this time of year. It felt like Winter weather.

I had a kielbasa, which was pretty good. I tried some kettle corn but didn't like it. I thought it was caramel corn, but it's not that sweet.  It was pretty cool out, so I was glad I brought my sweater. I had borrowed Susan's scarf as well. It was not that windy, or I would have been a lot colder. My hands were freezing, mostly. Who thinks to pack mittens or gloves for Southern California in May? Not me!

We had a full moon, which was cool. Toward the end of the game, when it was pretty clear they were going to lose, we moved up, so I could use the restroom, and David could watch the end of the game. We were up high, near the Western Metal Supply building. One of the home runs was right near us, and the guy in the stands near us caught it, so that was neat! I was trying not to use my phone because the battery was running down....otherwise I probably would have filmed that.

I did take a selfie during the game, and they put it up on the scoreboard. They've been doing that for a few years now. You post a selfie at the ballpark on Twitter with a particular hashtag, and then they put you up on the scoreboard throughout the game.

As usual, the ballpark concession prices were ridiculous!

We went to the Dublin Square Pub (AKA the Dubliner) after the game. David had a snack, and I got some food to take home. I got corned beef and cabbage (but no cabbage, but they did give me potatoes) and a GF chocolate torte.  It was cold by the time we got home, and the corned beef was not very good. It's supposed to be very fatty, not lean! I put it in the microwave with some cheese, and nuked it. Then I added mayo. That helped. The torte was delicious! It was supposed to come with ice cream, but, oh, well....

My allergies have been bad...my nose keeps running. I probably should take the Flonase, but I keep forgetting. (Then I couldn't find it when I went to look for it)

I'm trying to organize getting my family together, but it can be difficult.... for various reasons! :)

This occurred to me: I like movies, but I've never seen any of these action franchises: Mission Impossible, Fast-Furious, Rambo, Mad Max, Transporter, Resident Evil or John Wick. I think I saw one of the Bourne movies...not sure. I have seen all the Bond and Die Hard movies, enjoyed them.

David went to bed after we came home. I stayed up a bit longer. I was really tired.

  Saturday 5/18/19

I got up around 10, took a shower and chatted with Susan. David and I decided to go to tonight's Padres game again. Hopefully they'll win!  So he printed up the tickets.

We got dressed and went to the Parkway Plaza mall. We went to the food court for lunch. Last time they had an Arby's, but it's all changed now. Such is life. Most of the places were Asian, so I couldn't eat at them. I went to Gyros World, and I got a gyro plate, no pita. It was huge and came with rice and salad. It was also expensive, but it was big and very good. The woman at the cash register was fairly sure it was GF. I hope she was right! It was delicious. I couldn't eat the whole thing.

We couldn't find a haircut place, so I went to the one in the JC Penney's. Surprisingly, they took me right away. I got lucky!  My hair stylist was a very nice beautiful woman from Russian (her family is Afghani).  She was a good listener and we had a nice conversation.  She also did a great job on my hair.  David went to the Wal-Mart for me while this happened. I'm looking for a cheap San Diego T shirt to bring back for Trisha. Strangely, he couldn't find one. He also got me a flash drive.

We went back to Susan's after that. He's taking a nap. I was sick from something I ate earlier this week with gluten in it. I'm kind of sleepy. I might take a short nap.

Wow, I fell behind again. Too busy having fun. I didn't take a nap. I ran out of time.

We went downtown. First we went to The Field and had some drinks. They were running the Preakness on TV. It was funny because one of the horses bucked his rider off at the gate (he didn't get run over or anything). Then the horse took off running, anyway. He ran the whole race. Sadly, he didn't win.

We went to the Padres game. They lost again. Boo! We had different seats, so we couldn't see the big scoreboard this time. I did take my selfie, and I'm sure it was up there, but I didn't see it. Also, the seats were more covered and a bit further away than yesterday's seats. It was a little chilly, too, but not as bad.

I went to the gluten free area this time and got a hot dog and a fruit cup. I didn't eat most of the hot dog bun (it wasn't very good, anyway).  Later, I had some soft ice cream, but I just had a few bites and threw the rest away. I didn't want to eat a whole cup of it. I just wanted a taste.

They have these camera guys that scan the crowds between batters, and you see the people up on the big screen. The camera guy was focusing on a little kid near me, who was dancing around. I think I was behind him (on the screen), but I'm not sure. I was waving my arms around. It was very quick, so I couldn't see it very well up on the big screen.

There were about 5 guys and one kid directly in front of us, getting pretty drunk. They were mostly OK, but they stood up a lot in our way towards the end of the game. They didn't seem like they cared that much about the game.

It was fun to go, even though they lost. David was hungry after the game, so we found a nearby sushi place for him (Sushi Lounge on Market). It was a place with very funny decor.  Also, the bill came wrapped in a Japanese comic book, so that was bizarre.  The music was super loud, though. It was more a young person's place.  I just had edamame and some wine.  Then we stopped again a the Dubliner, and I got that little cake to go. I made sure they gave me the ice cream this time. I just eat a little bit at a time, so it's not so many carbs all at once.

They were having tornadoes in Arkansas while we were gone! We missed that. But I doubt they did anything to our part of it, or we would have heard.

I've been a little dizzy, off and on. I think it's probably due to low blood sugar, since I'm eating healthy. My medication brings my blood sugar down, sometimes too low.

I stayed up a tad late. My computer was being very slow because I filled it up too much with TV shows, so I had to delete some stuff.

  Sunday 5/19/19

It was in the 50's today, too cold! I woke up at 6:30. David's phone didn't change for the time zone, so it said 8:30. I thought we were going to be late, so I got up, and woke him up, too, until I realized it was two hours off. Then I never got back to sleep. UGH!

We met my brother David in San Ysidro, near the border. He lives in Tijuana now. We met at the Denny's there. The place was a bit crowded at the front, but they were just being slow to seat people. They had plenty of tables. I walked around the place, yet somehow I missed seeing my brother there, and he didn't see me, either. Then David came back in and saw him there. Oh, well. Anyway, it was great to see him, and we had a nice breakfast. I was a bit tired, though.

He gave me some books that he thought I'd like, and some business cards for my collection. We gave him a ride to the trolley station, which wasn't very far away. It was raining, and then it seemed to stop, so we let him out across the street. Apparently it started raining more and he got soaked. It rained quite a bit for us, too, on our drive back to Susan's.

 I feel like this whole trip, we were just rushing here and there, and not getting enough sleep. That's usually what happens, though. We say that we're going to have a more relaxing vacation, but we end up filling up almost every minute.

We did spend quite a lot of time during our trip talking to Susan, which was nice. She and her husband fixed up their deck. It was falling apart a bit, and the sliding glass door leading to it was not in great shape, either, so they replaced it all, with the help of a friend. It looks very nice.  She's into genealogy and was doing the DNA testing thing. I kind of want to do that now, especially for my mother's side because she was an orphan. We have no idea what our heritage is on that side.

I took a very short nap.  Susan and I met my brother at Parkway Plaza to see "Avengers: Endgame" around 2pm.  Zina was with him. She had given him a ride but just said hi to us before she left. She had some other stuff to do.

We got snacks and took some photos before the movie started. We got there a little too early, anyway. It was a very good movie. I enjoyed it a lot. Even though it was 3 hours long, it didn't drag much. It was a little slow near the beginning but got better.  Zina came to pick up Stephen before the credits were over, so he left.  Susan and I stayed to see the next "Spider-Man" movie trailer. The actor who plays him had come on the screen before the movie to say that normally, they would show the trailer, but they didn't want to have spoilers for Endgame, so they were showing it afterwards.  It was interesting because I saw a Spider-Man trailer when we saw "Captain Marvel" a while back, but it was a completely different trailer and didn't reference anything in Endgame at all.  It was good, though.

After using the restroom and getting another soda, we went over to Wal-Mart so I could pick up another flash drive. The one I got before wasn't big enough. I have a lot of TV shows on my computer to give to my brother. I gave him a bag of DVD's that I had recorded for him from my DVR, but I also had ones I had downloaded online. He and I like the superhero, fantasy and scifi shows, but he doesn't always have cable or WiFi. I'm watching them anyway, so I just record them for him, and take out the commercials.

The Wal-Mart here has way more security than any others I've seen. They put flash drives, makeup and a lot of other stuff behind glass, and you have to get someone to open it up with a key. I guess they have a lot of theft.

Anyway, it was 4 hours by the time we got back to Susan's. We were all hungry. David, Susan and I went to this nearby Irish place called Hooley's for dinner. They have an Irish-Mexican type of food. It's really good. I love their corned beef tacos. This time, though, I just had a salad. Their menu is "gluten-less," which is a weird way to put it. It doesn't instill a lot of confidence in me that it won't make me sick. Also, they had to remake my salad because the first time, they made it with balsamic vinegar by accident. D'oh! It was very good, though, and I took half of it home because it was so big.

After we got back, I barely had enough time to get ready for our karaoke night out. I did my makeup, brushed my teeth and changed clothes.

David had decided not to go to the game that afternoon, but he did go visit his mom again.

I never know who's going to show up at these gatherings. I invited a bunch of people. This time we had Stephen, Zina, Martin, Mary and her friend Marty, and a person I haven't seen in about 30 years, Koba. Anyway, it was great to see her, and we had a lot of fun.  The karaoke was at Henry's Pub downtown.  They had trivia at 8, and then the karaoke was at 9.  Last time we were there, we were sitting near the stage, and it wasn't very crowded. It was very crowded this time, and we had to squeeze together in a booth in the back. Also, it was super loud. Loud music doesn't bother me, but it does bother David and some others. The only problem with it, for me, is that it makes it hard to talk. If you're screaming, trying to talk to someone right next to you, that is not good. We probably won't go back there.

I wasn't planning to drink tonight, but I did, I confess! It's just more fun when doing karaoke and hanging out with others who're drinking...

I forgot how expensive the drinks and food are there! Wow! And parking is difficult for people, too. It's the Gaslamp (tourist area), so that's why.  David said he wanted it on Sunday, though, and that was the only place I could find that had it on Sunday. Ira was going to join us, too, but he couldn't find a parking space.  Well, there are places online that will tell you where the free spaces are, and you can even reserve a place ahead of time....  but I guess a lot of people don't know that.

I sang 2 songs by myself, and I had a duet with Martin, and we did a group song. I was going to sing "Shop Around" by Captain and Tennille, but they didn't have it. Instead, I did "Heatwave" by Linda Ronstadt. It went over very well. I usually record my songs, but I didn't open the app in time for that one. Darn it! Later I sang "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar. Martin and I sang "A Whole New World," and it was fun, went over well.  Then about 5 of us got on stage and did "Bohemian Rhapsody." That was great fun, and the crowd was singing along. It was awesome. You can hear a lot of crowd noise if you listen to the recordings.

I was also having fun with doing silly photos with Martin and Koba, using Snapchat filters, too. You can see them on my Instagram You might have to keep scrolling down to see them.

We didn't stay out too late. David and I went to have a few more snacks and drinks at The Field before heading back to Susan's. It was a great, fun weekend!

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