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  Monday 4/22/19

Now I have a lot of leftover ham from Easter. I love ham sandwiches, but I can't have bread. I've been frying up the ham and melting cheese on top of it.  Sometimes I put it in a lettuce wrap. I looked up leftover ham recipes, even keto ones, but they all required other ingredients that I don't have. Oh, well.

I don't mind Mondays too much this semester because David doesn't pick me up until 12:30. That gives me plenty of time to sleep in.

I've been doing a lot of work on my site the past two days. Sunday and Monday are always my busiest days. There's always more work, and I usually forget something, no matter how many lists I make. Then I always kick myself mentally!

A repair guy called me this morning, but I didn't hear the phone. I called him back later; hopefully he can come over on Wednesday afternoon.  He's supposed to replace a USB port on my main laptop.

I didn't feel like taking a shower today...too tired, despite sleeping in. My hair didn't look TOO bad...I dressed up a little, hoping no one would notice my appearance ;)

My class was at 1. It was fairly interesting. Some students gave their speeches. Lauren gave hers about piercing. I was kind of cringing throughout, especially when she talked about how you can get infections etc. I told her, I've always been glad not to have piercings or tattoos, and now I'm even more glad! LOL!  Thankfully, she didn't put any gross photos in her presentation.  Hers was from the previous batch. The rest did the job interview speeches. I get to do that one on Wednesday. I haven't started yet.

I reminded my professor to check on an internship for me at the local paper...hopefully he will do that soon.

I was a bit sick before and after class, from something I ate, that had gluten in it. :(

I had about an hour to kill after the class. I got another soda and then practiced my singing in Brinson, the art building (some of the music program is in there, too). I saw my voice teacher, briefly, and said hi.

After that, I went back to David's office. I chatted with the women in his office before he showed up, mostly about Sister Act.

On the way home, we picked up Brandy at the vet's. She was very excited, as usual. After we got home, I changed my clothes, and we went for our walk. It was pretty warm today, almost 80.  Once school is out, I'll need to walk her earlier.

I did more work on my site, and laundry.

I went with David to El Compadre, and I watched him eat tacos for dinner, as usual, while I had a soda.

We watched TV and did the usual evening stuff. It's great to have Brandy back.

I started watching the new season of "Bosch" on Amazon Prime. It usually takes me a few days. I love that show so much! I stayed up until about 3am watching that and doing work on my site.  I had a lot to do!

  Tuesday 4/23/19

I woke up at 9:15. I was so tired all day...

I was a little sick today from something I ate with gluten (the usual problems). I wish I knew what it was from. Possibly the breakfast at the hotel on Saturday.

Brandy and I had sausage for breakfast. I had the rest of my low carb, GF cookies, and a small piece of Awake dark chocolate (it has caffeine in it).

David came to get me about 11. I sat with the ladies in Reynolds. We always have interesting conversations. Mary's dog has some kind of obstruction and is at the vet's. Poor little doggy!

I did some work on my site and then went to my class around 12:30. Some of the students were playing loud music on the Quad and dancing (as they often do). This one song was a guy singing in a very nasal voice, "form a line, form a line, form a line..."  I looked over and one of the students waved at me. He's in my class. Very nice guy.

Class was fine...There was nothing due today. We just have an assignment next week, which is finals week. I still need to work on my speech for tomorrow's class. I'm also going to be making cookies for the students because that class has no final. Also, I will be saving some for my voice teacher on Thursday.  Then I will make more next week for the other class.

David came home, and after we had some food, we went back to SAU for a band concert. It was pretty good, but I was very tired, and the concert was a bit long. I had my sweater, but I was still freezing. They always have the A/C on way too much in the Harton theater.

The band director announced that they've hired a new band professor (to help him out). I believe they're also hiring a new choir director.

I stayed up way too late, until about 3am. First I wrote up presentation in Powerpoint, then I wrote up the speech (usually I do it the other way around).  After I had practiced it a few times and printed it out twice, I was finally done. Then I made cookies. They turned out great.

  Wednesday 4/24/19

Normally I can sleep in a bit on Mondays and Wednesdays, but David came to get me at 9:30, so I woke up around 8. I was very tired. We went downtown to a place called Bridget's on the Square. They have flowers, gift baskets, that sort of thing. We chose two for his assistants at work, since it's Administrative Professionals Day. 

Then I went to school, way too early. I left my cookies in the car so I could pick them up later.  I got a soda and then went to the library to hang out there. I was going to sort of doze there on my favorite couch, but my legs were hurting (which often happens if I don't have enough sleep).  I tried to work, but I was too tired. I got up and went out to the quad. I walked around the quad a few times, to stretch my legs. They felt better after that.

By that time, it was almost 11, so I went back to Reynolds and sat with the women there while they had their lunch.  We had fun... I was showing them some funny pics I took with Snapchat filters. We got chatting about that, so I showed Carla, who had her phone with her, how to make the different filter pics with Messenger. I chose the bunny one but when I went to take the photo of us, my bunny ears didn't show up. LOL!

I was going to dress up for my speech, but today is denim day, to support rape awareness. So I wore my jeans, and since my speech was about my TV site, I wore my Luke Cage T-shirt with it.  I felt very fat today, though.

I went to the music rooms to practice my singing. I was so tired! I didn't have a lot of energy to sing. Mostly I just did my breathing exercises and a little warmup. A young guy in the next practice room was playing oldies: Bohemian Rhapsody, Faithfully, Don't Stop Believing, and House of the Rising Sun. I was singing along. I saw him and told him how great he sounded.

About 12:45 I went to David's office so I could get his keys and get my cookies out. He wasn't there at first, but then he showed up.  I chatted with his assistants for a few minutes. That place, Bridget's, did a great job with the gift baskets. They looked great. Better than I expected, in fact.

While I was going up to my class, I saw Katherine, the president's wife, sitting in a conference room, so I stopped to say hi. She's very nice, and always fun to talk to. She's a very busy woman, though.

I took the bag of cookies up to my class. I laid the cookies out so students could take them as they came in. I chatted with this one guy, Colby, about the new Avengers movie.  There's only about 6 people in the class, so I know them all. Too bad Brandyn was missing today because it was fun.

I had made some high protein, low carb cookies, mostly because this one student, Jesse, is an athlete, and he doesn't eat a lot of sweets or carbs.  He was in my marketing class and didn't eat any of the Christmas cookies I made, saying he doesn't eat carbs.  He was amazed that I remembered that. I felt like saying, dude, it was only last semester!  Instead, I jokingly said, "Well, I thought about just bringing you a protein bar..." That got a good laugh from the class.

Lauren, who sits to my right in both my classes, said she had spent 3 hours in the morning in the Verizon store because she'd drop her phone in water and had to buy a new one...UGH, when you buy a phone, it just shouldn't take that long!

Our professor brought us Biscoff cookies. I can't eat them, but David loves them.  Usually we bring treats on finals, but this class has no finals, so this was the last day. I'm sad because it's been such a fun class.

I gave my speech. I wasn't even nervous because I was just so tired. I think it went OK.   You can see the links to all my class work at my Class Page. Most of the students did a job interview speech, but since I'm probably never going to have another job interview, and I have my own business, I just did an "investor's speech," for my site. They had good questions afterwards.   My answers could have been better...but I was too tired.

David took me home at 2:30. Even though I was very exhausted, I took Brandy for her walk. I just wanted to get it out of the way.  I had lunch, and then I took a nap for about 3 hours.

I didn't do too much in the evening...I finished watching "Bosch." I hate when a great show is over for the season, and then you're just left, thinking, but I want to watch MORE!  Well, at least it's having a 6th season, so that'sll be awesome.

I don't remember what else I did. I went to bed around 11 and slept very well.

  Thursday 4/25/19

The alarm went off at 9, but honestly, I could have slept longer. I took a shower, had breakfast and got ready.

David picked me up about 11. I first went to the music building, Brinson, to warm up my voice before my lesson. I chatted with one of the music professors in the hallway while I waited. He's a very nice guy. His class had just gotten out.  Then my lesson started.  The lesson went very well. I brought some cookies to my teacher, too. I recorded him a little, with some of the vocal exercises we had done before, that I have trouble remembering.

I took a few minutes to take some photos of the great art work in Brinson. I hope all the students get to see it.

I went to Reynolds after that, to get a soda before my Media Criticism class. This is a bigger class than the Monday/Wednesday speech class, but it has some of the same people in it. Apparently we were supposed to talk a tiny bit about our latest blog post today. I thought he said we were just supposed to tell him what we were doing for the blog, and then we were going over them in class next Tuesday (finals week).  Either I misunderstood him, or he changed it and I didn't hear him say it. He does that sometimes.... anyway, there was a lot of fun chatter before class. Sydney, who sits to my left, was saying that she was going to give Jesse a hard time for not showing up to class because she saw him in an earlier class. I guess she thought he was playing hooky.  I said, "Well, maybe he's just late. He's late a lot." I remember that he came in late quite often to our marketing class.  The professor sometimes teased him about it.  So, not too long after that, he strolled in.  She turned to me and said, "You were right!" I said, "Yeah, see?" LOL! It was funny, but I think it was one of those "you had to be there" kind of moments.

So I didn't have anything up, but I hurried to put up an idea, at least, so when he got to me, I just said, it's not done yet. He's fine with that. Thankfully! I wasn't the only one, either, so that's good to know.

The professor makes a big deal about the graduating seniors, so he gave them all these graduating seniors certificates, printed on nice, glossy, paper, suitable for framing. He also gave them "Game of Thrones" oreos.  Which is funny because he previously gave the students lava lamps. :)  Anyway, there's this one guy, Justice, who does a lot of his media assignments, especially in this class, about Spider-Man, so the professor brought him some Spider-Man-themed stuff. It was kind of funny because he kept pulling out more Spider-Man stuff, one by one.  He wanted to get a photo with all of the seniors, but Mary-Alice asked if they could do it next week, since she was dressed down. She said, "I look like a boy!" That was so funny.  She's graduating in August, though, and going on to graduate school at the University of Memphis. She's so lucky, that's a great town.

He let us out of class early. I went over to Reynolds to get a soda before Trisha picked me up. I was very happy to read today that they renewed two shows I like on The CW. Also sad to learn the Ken Kercheval (Cliff on "Dynasty") passed away.

Trisha planted some of my indoor plants outside for me, in the front yard so Brandy can't destroy them. Hopefully the deer and other critters will leave them alone!  One of them is a bamboo plant that has grown really tall. I think it'll do better outdoors.  Another one was an orchid plant I had bought. The flowers died, as tends to happen, but hopefully we can preserve it outdoors. The third one is a Nutan's "Queen's Tears" Bilbergia plant. It's the only one that hasn't died, that I bought our first year here. The only reason I'm planting it outdoors is that it was supposed to bloom and never did. Hopefully it will bloom outdoors.  And if the plants all die...well, they're just plants.  Trisha says I should water them every few days, so I will do that.

Meanwhile, the Dell technician guy came by as well. He put in my new USB port. It didn't take very long. He didn't seem like a very personable guy. Ah, well. At least he did the job.

Trisha and I sat and chatted for awhile, then she left. She's a fun person to chat with!  We get along very well.

I took Brandy for her walk. It's been cooler the past few days, but not bad. Sort of like San Diego weather. It has been somewhat rainy, but not too much so. Today it was a little warmer. I enjoyed the beautiful new red flowers that I passed by. Not sure what kind they are. Perhaps more azaleas?

I had lunch after that. I tried to take a nap, but it wasn't working. I was going to sing, but that didn't work, either. I did the dishes and some work on my site.

David had a later night than usual....some dinner he had to go to.

I tried to go to bed early, around 11, but that didn't work, either! Sheesh!

Well, it's 2 am now, so I'll try again. :)

  Friday 4/26/19

I didn't get to bed until after 6am! UGH. I slept in until about 12:30, then woke up. It was slow going, having breakfast and everything. I walked Brandy about 1:40.

I didn't do anything very interesting today...just worked on my web site and not much else.

Google sent me a free Google Home Mini. I haven't set it up yet, though.

I started the laundry....didn't finish it until Saturday.

The guy from Dyson called to say they got the part in, so they came and fixed my dishwasher. I need to call them next week because they charged us a lot. They should at least take some off, considering they came in February and said it was fixed, and it wasn't. At least it's finally fixed! I ran the dishes, which was great to do and not have it leak.

I made myself some keto chocolate chip cookies. Later on, I fried up some bacon and some of the leftover Easter ham (it's almost gone!), and I put it on a GF, low carb coconut sandwich wrap with some mayo, lettuce and shredded cheese. It was so yummy!

I was feeling very stressed out today! I'm not sure why. Lots to do, I guess. I still have one more blog post to write for my Media Criticism class. I have to make cookies, too, but otherwise I'm pretty much done.

  Saturday 4/27/19

David woke me up around 11. We went to Flying Burger for lunch.  My stomach wasn't feeling that well, so I only ate a little bit of my grilled catfish and salad. I took the rest home. Later on I was sick from something I ate that had gluten in it.

We stopped briefly at Brookshire's to get a few things.

I walked Brandy after we got home. I did laundry.

Again, not a very interesting weekend. Later on, we listened to the top 40 as usual, Casey Kasem's 70's top 40. This time it was 1979.

I stayed up way too late working.

  Sunday 4/28/19

David woke me up about 11. I rushed to take a shower and get ready.  Then I got a bit sick from something I ate that had gluten. I was sick later on, too.

We went to Java Primo as per usual, but there was nowhere to sit. We looked at some other places that were closed. We finally settled on the Japanese restaurant, Tokyo. Normally David gets sushi, but he wasn't interested in that today. We both ate from their buffet. I had very little because most of it has soy sauce or some kind of breading. It was a bit risky, and I'm sure I will get very sick in a few days from it.

We went to Wal-Mart after lunch. We just had a few things to get. I was standing at the deli counter, waiting for some turkey, when I saw Gigi, who works at SAU. I believe she runs the catering services there for Aramark. She was wearing a beautiful long black dress. I'm not used to seeing her so dressed up!

After I was sure I wasn't going to get sick again, I walked Brandy. It was a bit warm and very humid. We chatted with the neighbor's daughter, Tinnely, and the boy next door to her.  They were riding their scooters.  She said that she saw another dog wandering around the neighborhood lately. I asked her about the workmen working on her house because I was curious.  They have some nice kids here.

I walked up the street and the house across from there was having a party...lots of cars were around. There were two people sitting in one of them, with the window down. They asked me about Brandy and said how cute she was.  Walking up further, we saw this little dog. He was about Brandy's size, maybe a little bigger, but short-haired and much skinnier.  I called back to Tinneley to ask her if that was the dog she mentioned, and it was. They rode their scooters over to where we were. The dog was very friendly. He and Brandy sniffed each other and wanted to play together.  He was right outside this house where these new people had moved in a few weeks ago. I knocked on their door, but they weren't home. Tinnely said they had done the same thing.  As walked back to our place, the dog followed us, and so did the kids. I felt like the Pied Piper! :)

The kids decided that the dog should be called "Duke" or nicknamed "Yankee." I took Brandy into the house and came out with a leash and a bowl of water. "Duke" was not very interested in the water (probably because there is a lot of rain water around). I put the leash on him, and we walked back to Tinneley's house. We saw the lady next door to them and asked if she knew who owned the dog, but she didn't. She gave the dog a little tin of dog food, and he ate it right up. Apparently, he was hungry! Tinnely went to her mom to see if they could keep the dog in their yard, but they have another dog, Kona, who they said is not that friendly to other dogs.

I took the dog back to my house. He's a very nice dog, very sweet. He doesn't bark or bite. He seemed house trained because he didn't have any accidents in our house. I put a note on the door of that house, where we thought he might belong.  Brandy and he played a lot. Brandy loves to be chased, so they chased each other a lot. Brandy is really high energy, but this dog was much more low-key. I wish Brandy was like this! He also likes to lick you, and Brandy is not much of a licker.  They kept messing up my rugs, so I put them outside for a while. Brandy seemed a little anxious, having a new dog in her house, so I put him outside for a while. Brandy liked playing with him, though, so a little later, she scratched to go out, and they played some more. It was exhausting, frankly! Now I know, only one dog. I can't handle two. I hope one day, Brandy is more grown up and won't have so much energy. The dog enjoyed playing with me, and with Brandy's toys. He also came when I called (unlike Brandy)!  He even sometimes brought me the toy after I threw it. :)

I had lunch after that and considered my options. The shelter is closed on Tuesday, but I really didn't want to keep this dog around that long. I had very little choice. If I let it go, it might get hit by a car or starve. (Although, the dog seemed scared by cars, not chasing them like Brandy does) If I called Animal Control, they might kill it. If I kept it, what if its real owner was missing it? Or what if it really messed up Brandy?  I know David wasn't happy about having another dog around. Brandy is already hyper enough by herself. Having another dog around made her worse.

It was getting late, so I decided to print out a flyer with the dog's photo and post it on a nearby telephone pole. I started going door-to-door, with the dog's photo on my phone, to see if anyone had lost a dog. I knocked on about 7 doors (some weren't home) before the people down the street called me. They were the new people in the neighborhood, the ones whose door I had left the note on! I had met this guy before. He said that the dog was indeed his, so I rushed hom and got the dog and took him home. Yay! Success.

Apparently the guy and his family had gone to Dallas on Friday, and left that dog (whose name is Lincoln) and their bulldog out back. I assume they left them with food and water, or maybe had someone checking on them. I don't know. I didn't ask, and frankly, I didn't want to know.  Anyway, the one dog got out, but not the bulldog. They don't really know how that happened. They rescued this dog from the shelter about a month or so ago, and it had been abused, poor puppy!  His 2 little girls came out, too, to see the dog. They seemed nice.  The neighbor across the street also came over and introduced himself to us. He told the guy that he was there if they needed anything. He had seen the dog around the neighborhood, too, and given it food.

I was very tired from all the walking, in the heat and humidity, so I went home.  David had gone to some event at school, but he was back. We watched some TV. Brandy was exhausted from all of her running around and playing. I wish we knew some other dogs she could play with regularly. It's clear that she needs more exercise, too. I hope to go back to walking her twice a day.

I did more work when I got back.  Also, I think I got bitten by some mosquitoes while I was out all that time. UGH.

I watched some more TV and worked on my site. Tomorrow I need to do the dishes, put away the laundry, and write my last homework assignment.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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